Truth or dare – part 2

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A week had passed since that fateful night when we played ‘Truth or Dare.’ Liz, Jen and I were way more then friends now. The problem with our game though – as is the case any time ‘Truth or Dare’ is played – is that it bred escalation. Just as each subsequent was more revealing than the last, each ensuing was more dangerous than the one previous.


So once again it was Friday night, and once again we all went out for a night on the town. Brad came with us. He had absolutely no idea what had happened just one week ago. I had a feeling he was going to be used for a future dare.

We walked along the main strip looking for a good bar to go into. We were underage so we needed to find a place that wouldn’t look too closely at our fake IDs. Liz thought that to avoid suspicion, we should go in one at a time instead of as a group. I didn’t really agree with that idea, but when you’re 17, it’s hard to argue with a girl willing to give you head.

Jen went up first and was let in without any issues. When it was Liz’s turn, the bouncer looked at her ID for what seemed like forever. I wasn’t too concerned though. This happened to Liz all the time. It was just a way for the bouncer to get a good long look at Liz. And who could blame him? Liz was wearing a tiny white skirt and an ultra-tight V-neck T-shirt. The combination of no bra and a light-blue color made it possible to see her breasts through her shirt if you looked hard enough. And believe me, the bouncer was looking.

When Liz was finally let in, I was next up in line. I flashed my ID and was let in right away. I looked back at Brad and stepped inside where Liz and Jen were waiting. We waited for Brad near the entrance for about 15 minutes before my cell phone finally rang. It was Brad… Apparently the bouncer caught the fake ID and booted him out of line. I asked if he wanted us to come back outside and he disagreed. “I didn’t really want to go out tonight anyways,” he said. “You guys just have fun okay?”

If only he knew…


I hung up the phone and before I could say anything Jen turned to me and said, “truth or dare?” From that statement alone I started getting a hard-on. I looked over at Liz who had a huge smile on her face. Looking back at Jen, I could tell she was just as giddy. This was going to be a good night…

I said. I wasn’t going to waste any time on any truths. I was ready to get this party started! Jen leaned closer towards me. But I was disappointed when all she did was grab my hand and tell me to come dance with her and Liz. Feeling let down, I dutifully agreed and the three of us made our way to the dance floor.

The music was awesome. The DJ was really rocking the house that night. Each song made girls dance more vigorously than the last. My previous feeling of being let down slowly went away with each pair of bouncing boobs I saw. The best of which were of course, Liz’s. Her movements made her breasts jump from side-to-side, up and down and all over the damn place.

Jen’s breasts were small so there wasn’t as much jiggle. She made up for it by grinding up against me. She ran her hands up and down my chest and back. She turned and ground her amazing ass against my crotch. She could definitely feel my hard-on, but that only seemed to make her more intense.

Like Liz, Jen was also wearing a short skirt. Each time she swung her hips to the music I could see her pink thong underneath. This just made things worse for me. How the hell are you supposed to dance when your cock is pressed up against your pants? On top of that, Jen was wearing a sheer white shirt with a pink bra. This was the most T&A I’d ever seen from these two girls (aside from a week ago, of course) and there was no way I was going to argue with it.

“Truth or dare?” Liz suddenly shouted to Jen over the music. Without even hesitating (or stopping her grinding) Jen shouted back that she would accept a dare. Liz looked at me then back at Jen. “I dare you to fuck him right here and right now.”

Jen’s jaw dropped and she immediately stopped grinding. She looked around at all the people dancing all around us. The music was loud, but in that moment I wasn’t paying attention to anything other than Jen. I waited for her answer. She looked at me and then over at Liz. A sly smile slowly crept over her face and her hips began to once again move with the music.

shouted Liz. She continued to dance but moved in behind Jen. Jen ground her ass against Liz while Liz ran her hands up and down Jen’s back spanking her each time her hand got close to Jen’s ass. Jen turned to face Liz. They danced in front of each other for a while swaying their hips back and forth and throwing their hair. Jen slowly crouched in front of Liz. As she gradually rose, she ran her hands up under Liz’s skirt and grabbed her ass.

Liz then began to slowly crouch in front of Jen. As she did so, she ran her hands up Jen’s skirt. The only difference was that instead of simply grabbing Jen’s ass, Liz took Jen’s thong off and let them drop down around her ankles. Liz then slowly rose running her hand up into Jen’s crotch. Liz’s hand paused there for a while. Jen’s eyes rolled back and my cock throbbed. When Liz finally removed her hand I saw the juices on her fingers glisten in the light. She stared deeply into Jen’s eyes as she sucked the juices from her fingers. Jesus! I nearly came…

Jen then turned slightly and bent down in front of me. I could clearly see her pussy staring back at me, the juices practically dripping from the lips. She reached down and took her thong from around her ankles. Standing up, she danced to the music and swung her thong around on her finger above her head. She looked at me and then threw her thong out into the crowd. I watched as it fell on some anonymous guy’s shoulder. He grabbed it and looked around for the owner. I don’t think he was looking that hard though. He coolly put it into his pocket and kept on dancing.

Meanwhile Liz moved in behind me and was grinding herself against my back. I could feel her pussy against my ass and her breasts on my back. Her hands ran up and down my chest. Jen then moved towards me and starting grinding her ass against my crotch. She reached back behind her and grabbed my hands. She guided them in front of her and made me grab onto her tits.

I danced with the girls, running my hands up and down Jen’s body, stopping only to squeeze her breasts. My cock pressed harder against my pants desperate to get in on the action. As if hearing my call, Liz slowly moved her hands down onto my crotch. She undid the button to my jeans and slowly unzipped me. Thank God I didn’t wear underwear! My dick sprung out of my jeans and made a barely audible slapping noise against Jen’s back. Jen moaned slightly.

I looked down over Jen’s shoulder and noticed that she had slid one of her hands down inside her skirt and was rubbing her pussy to the music. She swayed her hips back and forth side-to-side against my aching cock. Liz was gently stroking me while continuing to grind her tits into my back.

I couldn’t take it anymore. This was torture. I reached around and grabbed Jen by the breast pulling her back into me. She was so wet my dick slid straight into her. Jen moaned very loudly. The people beside us looked over and shook their heads, laughing. They couldn’t see what we were doing, but the position we were in was just as provocative.

The 3 of us continued to grind to the music. Jen wriggled her ass against my cock while Liz reached around the both of us with one hand to rub Jen’s clit, and continued to stroke my cock with the other hand. I continued to fondle Jen’s breasts while slowly rocking my cock in and out of Jen’s pussy. Jen continued to moan.

Jen closed her eyes and started to rock herself back and forth more vigorously. She grabbed at her tits and threw her head back. Her other hand moved back down to her pussy and began to rub it in enthusiastic circles. I could feel both Jen’s and Liz’s fingers stroking Jen’s pussy and it felt amazing.

Jen’s pussy was incredibly tight and I could feel the muscles clenching my cock. I rammed my dick further inside. The warmth and the wetness felt incredible. Jen’s pussy juices were now running down my cock and down her legs. As she continued to rub her clit, Jen’s legs began to get weak and I had to start supporting her weight.

Suddenly, Liz moved her hand from Jen’s clit and around to Jen’s ass. Soaked in Jen’s pussy juices, Liz’s fingers easily slid into Jen’s ass. The combination of my cock and Liz’s fingers was too much for Jen as she suddenly had a massive orgasm. Unfortunately, because there were so many people around, she had to stifle her screams as she came. She quivered against me and pressed her ass harder against Liz’s fingers.

In turn, Jen’s orgasm was too much for me to take and I came inside her. I moaned, groaned, and sighed. I too had to be quiet, so I grabbed Jen’s tits and pulled her closer as I emptied my entire load inside her. She bit her lip and turned around, kissing me as my cock slid out of her pussy and Liz’s fingers pulled away. My dick was now in plain view so if anyone was looking… Realizing this, Jen continued to dance to the music and crouched down in front of me to zip me up. But before she did, she made sure to suck up all of her juices and all of my cum off of my cock.


We stayed on the dance floor for a couple more songs after which the 3 of us walked off and found a table. We laughed and talked about what just happened, astonished at what we had just done. Jen talked about how great it was and how amazing it felt to have my dick inside her. She blushed a little and confessed to Liz that her fingers in her ass felt pretty damn good too.

Jen went on to explain that the best part was when I came inside her. She admitted that all the other guys she’d been with always wore a condom, so this was the first time she actually felt sperm inside her. She blushed again and pointed down to her panty-less crotch. “There is still some escaping,” she laughed.

Liz and I looked down at Jen’s pussy and saw small droplets of white juice dribbling out of her cunt. I looked over at Liz just as she licked her lips. It was my turn to give a sly smile… “Truth or dare?” I asked Liz.

she stammered as she snapped out of her gaze. Jen just laughed. Liz came back to reality and answered, Then she looked back at Jen’s pussy, knowing what I was going to ask. Hell, before I could say anything, she dropped out of her seat and under the table! I couldn’t see her, but I knew where she was going…

Jen suddenly shot up in her seat as Liz’s face emerged between Jen’s legs. Jen laughed, looked around, and adjusted herself for easier access. Liz slowly began to kiss Jen’s thighs. She moved higher and higher getting closer and closer to Jen’s crotch. As she reached it, Liz looked up at me and asked, “is this what you wanted?”

I looked down at her and up at Jen. Both girls looked at me as if begging me to say yes. I looked back at Liz and responded, “Yes. I want you to eat all of my cum from Jen’s pussy.” Both girls smiled happily and Liz went to work.

Liz began my licking and kissing all around Jen’s pussy. She played with the cum using her tongue. She sensually pressed her lips against Jen’s labia. Once all of the cum and pussy juices had been cleaned up, Liz reached up with her hands and parted Jen’s pussy lips. Jen’s juices were flowing more than ever as more liquid poured out. Liz accepted it and stuck her tongue deep into Jen’s pussy.

Jen moaned loudly and turned her head towards me. We were in a dark, somewhat secluded corner – not to mention no one could hear us over the music – so we could be as loud as we wanted (or so I thought). Liz groaned with equal pleasure as she ate out her friend’s pussy.

Jen squirmed in her seat. She reached down and grabbed Liz’s head and pulled her further into her pussy. Jen threw her head back as Liz continued to ravish her pussy. Liz then reached up and ran her hands up Jen’s thighs. As she reached Jen’s mound, Liz slowly inserted two fingers deep into Jen’s pussy as she tongued Jen’s clit.

Jen was now getting more vocal, screaming “Yes! Yessss!” as Liz rammed her fingers in and out of her pussy. Jen looked over at me and lifted her shirt. She pulled down her bra and exposed her breasts. “Kiss me!” she commanded. I complied and moved in. I ran my hands over her breasts and allowed my tongue to glide all around her nipples. she screamed again.

Liz then inserted two fingers into Jen’s ass. Jen rocked back and forth in her seat as I licked her breasts and Liz stuck fingers into each of her private parts, all the while licking Jen’s clit. Juices began to flow freely out of Jen’s pussy and onto Liz’s hands. She screamed. People were starting to notice and looked over to see what was going on.

Suddenly Jen had an explosive orgasm! She arched her back and flung her head back. She grabbed Liz’s head and rammed it into her pussy. Liz removed her fingers and Jen’s juices squirted everywhere. she screamed, “OH GOD, YES!!!” her juices exploded out of her and all over Liz!

As Jen’s orgasm subsided, she looked at Liz and I and smiled. “Man I love you guys.”

No sooner did she finish her sentence did the bouncer show up. He took one look at us and shook his head angrily. Jen’s breasts and pussy were still exposed and even though Liz was no longer under the table, Jen’s juices were still all over her face and had run down her shirt, soaking it. Her breasts were now clearly visible through the fabric.

The bouncer kicked us out.


As we walked down the street to go back home, I looked over at Jen. She had a huge smile on her face. I looked over at Liz, still with Jen’s juices dripping from her chin. I felt kind of bad that she didn’t get a chance to get off that night. But then I felt a stirring in my pants. That old familiar feeling coming back for more.

“Truth or dare?” asked Jen…

To be

story by: Marcus

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Author: Marcus

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