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I work a non-de office job where I am tied to a desk from nine to five each day and am reachable by phone and email the rest of the week. It is easy work and I don't mind it, but at the end of the day I go home feeling dead. My girlfriend of six years moved out over a year ago with no warning and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get back into the dating scene. I have a few friends, whom I couldn't live without, but they are in the same daily grind as the rest of my generation so we don't do much more than game online together.

At this point in the story there is typically some sort of deion of my character, so be it. I am average height, an athletic build without being all muscle-ly kind of guy in my late twenties. My hair is unkempt, beard is stubbly and under my button up shirt I am as hairy as a freaking monkey. Doesn't get any less hairy under my belt. I'm something like 5 inches down and something like 8 up; where it all hides, I haven’t a clue. I have been mistaken for everyone's brother, cousin, friend of so-and-so, and so forth (face wise, not dick wise) having spent most of my formative years blending in to the point where I no longer know how to stand out. Makes it kind of hard to pick up chicks.

On a random Wednesday, midway through fall before weather became a factor, I got the urge to stop by a bar on my way home from work. I say urge, but really, I didn't have anything in my fridge but condiments. It was a dive bar, dark, sparsely populated, no fancy drinks, no loud music, a broken arcade machine and a dart board without its darts. In a word, perfect. And so was the bartender, or barista, whatever.
Slim little vixen, long deep-red hair, well curved with apple sized breasts. Low cut shirt to show them off, tight jeans to show off a magnificent ass. I made a note to come back to this bar when I didn't feel like I'd been run over.

She was looking at me funny, she must have said hello and asked what I wanted. Crap, I didn't hear. "Whatever you recommend on tap; lager, the darker the better." Winging it.

She smiled and I almost fell out of my seat. Thankfully she had already turned her back and was pouring something black into a glass. When she handed it back to me she smiled again and I quickly said thank you while getting to work on the beer before my blushing could become obvious. Her smile turned knowing but she went back to work tending to a group at the other end of the bar that must have been regulars as they chatted a while.

"My name is Lisa by the way". Damn it, I'd been somewhere else and that incredible smile almost made me fall off my stool, again. I introduced myself, offering my hand as I realized the regulars had left and my beer was fuller than I had thought. Lisa firmly took my hand and shook it; she must use moisturizer or something, feels like silk. I mentally shake myself out of it, she’s asking another question.

"Do you need another? If not I can close out, it looks like it’s going to be an early night." I look around and realize I am all that’s left. Wednesdays. I hope it’s still Wednesday. "No" I say adding that I'd rather not keep her if she was really waiting on just me.

That smile again, she said okay and rang me up. I'd had quite a bit. I downed the last of what I had in front of me and attempted to make my exit. The floor shifted funny and I stumbled. Food, I hadn't eaten. Glad I used the tram rather than bothering with a car.

"Wait!" I spun around, another mistake. "Are you going to be alright getting home?" She was expressing legitimate concern. My mind raced, "No", damn it, wrong word. Play it cool, "I'll manage though." Smooth.

"If you hang on another minute, I can give you a lift, where do you live?"

"South, 35th and Wright." And now she knows where I live.

"Oh, the nice part of town!"

"A street over from it, and they keep up a big fence."

She is laughing too easily. Had I been flirting? She had to have refilled my drink a couple times to match that bill, must have talked. Wonder what I said. Hopefully not that line about how words per minute correlates to finger dexterity.

We got in her truck. Of course she drives a truck. Directions were simple and we pulled up to my flat after a few minutes.

"Do you want to come in for coffee?" Damn it, I had been flirting.

"Sure, but only decaf, I have to get up in the morning to go to class." Must have said something good before, pity I don't remember what.

I get started on the coffee, French press; could do it in my sleep, normally do. I hear her fiddling with the stereo, CD's being swapped around. "You still use CDs?"

"I'm old."

"Looking pretty good for an old guy." I almost dropped the mugs; been too long.

She hooks her legs up over mine stretched out on the coffee table as she sips decaf. Something low key and base heavy is playing but I am focused on her lips pursed around the rim of the mug. We talk and every once in a while she scoots closer to me. She’s pressed pretty close and without thinking I put an arm around her.

The mugs are empty and to the side, the music goes a bit quicker and everything shifts again. I don't remember how her lips found mine but I don't let her back out and her hands are holding mine to her hips. She pulls me down a bit towards the couch and I support her as I run kisses down her neck.

She's pulling at the buttons of my shirt and somewhere in the mix hers came off as well. Frilly bra, snaps in the back; my fingers unclasp it without thinking. I pull back to get a look at her, smooth skin, pale, radiant, hair already a mess. Perky, hard nipples. She smiles again and nearly pulls my head off bringing our lips back together.

One hand comes up to cup her left and my mouth trails down to bite and kiss her right. She moans running her hands through my hair. My hand leaves her breast, runs down her back and around to the button of her jeans. She helps me, leaving her laying there in just her panties. I smile, the first genuine one in ages. She pulls me back to sucking at her nipple and I let my hand wander below the elastic band.

Hairless, smooth, wet. Dripping. I was going to have a stain on my couch. Good. My middle finger found its target, a stiff little clit peaking up under a fold of skin. I ran my finger up and started slowly stroking the little nub. She moaned loudly into my ear and put her hand over her panties over my hand making sure I didn't try to escape.

"Don't worry; I won't stop till you beg for more."

She moaned again brining her mouth up to my ear and running her tongue along the inside. I shivered and increased the persistence of my finger against her clit. She clawed at my back and moaned in my ear, I picked up the pace.

her whole upper body coming up off the cushions. I eased up a bit, letting her catch her breath but her hand didn't let go. "Again" she said, />
I smiled, kissing her again. "As many as you'd like" I added as my finger went back to work, faster now. She smiled before closing her eyes and tilting her head back. My tongue went back to her nipples, circling around and occasionally moving out of the way so I could bite down.

As her body tensed up for another orgasm I changed to running my full finger over her clit while my finger poked into and back out of her pussy. Her whole body started bucking and I had a hard time keeping my fingers on task as she pulled me close.

"OOooohh, yeessssss, followed by a few short shrieks and that smile. "More" she gasped.

"Hey, I still have my pants on." her hand reaches for my dick and realizes I am right. Quickly she pushes me up and off before pushing me back and down laying down on top of me. She unclasps my belt, undoes the button and almost doesn't clear the zipper before trying to yank the pants off me. My boxers go with and she’s looking at me hungrily.

"You're kind of hairy"

"And you're />
She leans in again, breasts running over my chest, kissing me again. My hands find her shoulder blades and rub, kneading her into me. Another moan into my mouth. She pulls back, kissing my nose. Her hips shift back and forth as she moves herself down over my legs till she is straddling my knees.

"You don't have to do that if you—" I forget what I was trying to say. Her mouth pulls me in and her tongue feels like it’s all over. I can barely hold. Her lips close lower and lower down my shaft as her tongue works harder. I piece together "I hope I can return the favour, I'm dying to taste you".

She lets me plop out of her mouth, smiles again and stands up. Thumbs in the elastic of her panties she bends down low taking them off before turning.

My eyes instantly latch onto the blue plastic like circle covering her tight little asshole. "Huh." is all I can manage before she crawls back over me straddling my face.

I am eye to eye with her plug so I do what comes naturally. I run my tongue up her slit with emphasis on her clit and getting my tongue as deep as I can. With a free hand I reach up and start working the butt plug in and out slightly. She is moaning as she sucks on me, managing to get me all the way in while keeping the licking sensation going. I was getting close but I didn't want to finish there.

I felt her tensing up again. She sat up a bit arching her back, her clit pressed into my mouth and a fresh spray leaking down. She tasted great. I lapped up everything I could get my tongue on.

As she relaxed she turned back around, straddling my hips, outside of her pussy pressing against my cock. That smile again. "Mmmm, no one has done that good with their fingers and their tongue" she said staring into me.

"Not going to lie, I was almost afraid it wouldn't work."

She leans in; another kiss to the nose. "I usually don't cum that hard even when working myself."

"I'd show you how, but I'd rather keep it to myself."

"Is that so?"

She moves her hips up, a hand reaching between us to position me where she wants.

"What if I do this?"

Her body moves down and she moans deeply as I slide all the way into her. "Ohh, fuck yes."

I run my hands up to pull her down to me again. Her lips find mine and she tastes herself on my bristles. "I want to taste us" she says. I get a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I push it aside and focus on forcing myself deeper into her soft pink folds. I can feel the plug in her ass pushing against the wall of her vagina and I shift around so I can get a hand on it. As she picks up speed going up and down on me her hands reach up for her breasts and mine hold the plug so she is fucking both me and her little blue toy at the same time.

She starts going faster, eventually resorting to propping herself up on my chest as she switches to grinding her clit against the base of my cock buried within her.
oh, oh, oh, oooooOOOoooooo, mmmmm, hu, hu, mmmmmMMMM" another wave breaks, feels like two and she falters keeping herself on her elbows still digging into my chest.

I pull her close and kiss her again, hands returning to kneading her back. She starts grinding again, very focused on keeping her clit on me. Our eyes meet and she gives me a hungry stare. I am missing something.

Slowing down to a point where she has not stopped but not running the risk of getting me off she asks if maybe I want to move this to a bed. I take stock of the fact that I have almost fallen off the couch and agree to the idea. She leans forward and I fall out of her. I am about to get up when she moves down and takes me into her mouth again.

She’s more vigorous this time and I hold her in place bundling up her flowing red hair in my fist. I feel like I am getting close but she lets go and pulls me up off the couch. she asks and I take her by the hand to the bedroom.

She pushes past me into the room bounding up to the bed. She bends over at the end, swishing the little blue toy back and forth. "Ever done this before?" she asks seductively looking over her shoulder and shaking her ass at me. "Only when I did something really nice, or />
"Well, you don't have to hold back with me."

Not sure I could. But I don't say it. I just walk up and grab the rim of the plug while reaching down to stroke her clit again. "MMmmmm, don't start…. that…. again…"
I smile and slowly pull the plug out of her tight little hole. I let it drop to the side and she looks back again with need. Eye brow raised I ask, />
she begs "that toy was not enough."

I rub my cock up her still dripping slit and point it into her ass. I push in and feel her tighten around me reflexively. I go slow, going for the full depth. She's got other plans and starts pushing herself back onto me. her moans fill the room.

Her hand reaches down and I can feel it rubbing her clit and occasionally reaching back to fondle me as well. I grip her hard around the waist as I start to build up speed. Her moans get louder, interspaced with shrieks and pleas for me to go even faster. I keep forcing myself to not finish just yet, but I am getting close.

I get an idea and pull out. She turns to look at me like I am crazy and I turn her to face me kissing her before tossing her onto the bed. I motion for her to get propped up and follow up by climbing between her legs.

She pulls her legs up and rests them on my shoulders before taking a hold of me again and guiding back to her waiting ass. I push into her again and use the bed springs to bounce her into my crotch while dropping down causing her to moan even louder than before.

That does it. I can't hold on and in a few minutes I am groaning and probably making a face as I feel several months of pent of drive spill out. She feels it and I can feel her whole body tense up as she makes it over the edge one last time.

I kiss her again before rolling off and out with a bit of a plop. She quickly rolls into me, face nuzzled into my neck. I remember pulling the sheet up with my leg before I finally drift off.

The next morning my alarm goes off and my head is pounding. I down a few aspirin while I wait for water to boil and it’s not till I am in the shower that I realize I woke up alone. I wonder when she left. I get out of the shower and keep getting ready for another day at the office. There's a note on the inside of my front door.

"I told you I had class. –L”

story by: drunkmonster

Tags: fiction blowjob male/female anal sex story

Author: drunkmonster

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