When i became a woman – chap. xv – being janice

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School got out at 3. You know, Deedee, I’m in 7th grade now, and all of fourteen years old. Just to catch up (like in case you forgot LOL), I’ve gotten my period, been to fourth base, grown boobs that fit a 32A bra and I even have puffy orioles now. I think I know just about everything there is to know about S-E-X, coz my parents have been very responsible to teach me what I need to know as a young growing daughter. I love them, and they love me, and we are the most happy family.

I could tell you volumes, Deedee. I aspire to be a real writer, you know, and I really like those 19th century writers we learned about in Literature class, who could go on for a whole paragraph with only one sentence. Sometimes when Daddy fucks me, it’s like a whole long sentence blowing up right through my head and then we come to the end of the paragraph that just EXPLODES!!! I’d love to share this with Mrs. Carmichael, our Literature you know how it goes, Deedee.

Well here I am now home from school and I went in the kitchen to get some ginger ale and on the table was a note from Janice – “Unexpected meeting out of town. We’re headed out now and I’ll be back tomorrow. Have fun. Food in the fridge, just nuke something. Love you lots, Mom. P.S. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I read this and thought that’s just great, now I’ll be spending the night all alone. Hey, that’s not so bad, I can watch whatever I want on TV after I finish my homework. So I looked in the freezer to see what I might want. Tai Pei Chinese TV dinners, which is Daddy’s Marie Callenders and Lean Cuisine. It all sounded okay, but I wasn’t really thrilled.

The front door opened and Daddy came in. OMG! I thought he and Mommy were going together! Boy, was I surprised. He came in the kitchen and found me staring in the freezer. “Hi, Cassie. What’s up?” I showed him the note and told him I thought both of them were gonna be gone and I’d be alone. He kind of laughed and said no honey, just Mommy. Deedee, I was SO GLAD. Now, I know that you know I’m a Real Woman and all, but still, it’s kinda scary to have the whole house for yourself all night and be responsible, you know what I mean? What if there’s a fire, or a burglar breaks in? So I’m glad my Daddy was there.

He said he was going upstairs to change out of his suit and what were we gonna have for supper, and I went I don’t know, and he looked in the freezer too and said this just don’t grab me and I went me either Daddy, and he went why don’t we go out somewhere and I went where and he went where would you like to go and I went something fancy, sort of, and he went well let’s just do a smorgasboard thing like Golden Corral or something and I went yeah coz you can get anything you want at them. He took off upstairs and I did too and I totally forgot all about any homework, Deedee. It was me and my Daddy!!! As he ran upstairs, he said for me to change into something pretty and sexy.

He found a place that had some low lights and tons of food on the seven hot tables. We filled our plates up with salad and soup and other stuff. It was fun following him to see what he took. Our table at the end of the room was arranged so that it was not an odd thing for both of us to sit side-by-side and watch everyone else out there in the room at their tables. I had on a black dress with a high neck, it came down just to the top of my knees, and Daddy had dressed casually with dress pants and a white shirt. We dug in. Boy, was all that food delicious! It reminded me of a place he used to take us that he called The Hoof & Heifer. The waitress was about 19, I think, and she gave us pop and water and asked if there was anything else she could do, and Daddy said no, but after she left, he told me that if she wanted to give him a BJ, that would be fine. I pretended I was shocked that Daddy would say something like this, but secretly, Deedee, I just imagined her climbing under our table and sucking Daddy off. I promised myself that some time at home, I’d pretend I was the waitress and would say this same thing and then do that. I don’t know if Daddy noticed the huge smile on my face or not.

Finally, after another plate of food for him and a big piece of cherry pie for me, we were stuffed. Daddy relaxed back in the booth and slid his hand under the table on my leg. I moved my hand under there, too, and put his hand right up on my crotch. Nobody noticed us at all. The waitress came around again and said can I get you anything, and Daddy didn’t embarrass us. He just said no thanks and she went away. I think I know just what he was thinking, though, Deedee. Aw, c’mon, just think about it.

When we got home, Daddy said, “If you want to sleep in my bed tonight, do your homework and then come up to the bedroom. I’ve got some email stuff to do. Maybe I’ll be done by the time you finish yours. Okay?” Well cripes, of course I said okay. He said “You can be Janice for tonight if you want to.” I looked Daddy square in the eye and said “Hey Mister, have you forgotten I’m a Real Woman now?” He just grinned and went upstairs.

I can tell you, Deedee, I’ve never done my algebra homework so fast in my life. I only had 20 problems to do and they weren’t that hard other than it was kinda hard to concentrate on them. I was imagining Daddy upstairs sitting around waiting for me. Um…waiting for Janice!

It was about 9 o’clock when I finally finished and I was so glad to be going upstairs to find Daddy and see what would happen next. I knew it was going to be a glorious night of S-E-X, Deedee. For a minute, I wondered if Mommy had deliberately set this up for Daddy and me, but I knew she sometimes had meetings late she had to attend for her job, dinner meetings that was business in towns a good trip away. Just like Daddy sometimes had to. Me and Mommy have had some real good times together when Daddy was gone on a trip.

The bedroom door was open, so I just walked right in. I had on a tshirt and shorts, barefoot like I always am around the house. Daddy was sitting at his computer. I looked and oh my gosh, there was two naked girls on the screen laying on top of each other and kissing! I said Daddy what are you looking at!!!? And he said come here, baby, and watch, so I did and he sat me on his lap and we both watched these two girls kissing and hugging. I was kinda shocked, Deedee. I didn’t know stuff like this was on the net. Daddy said you can find just about anything you want on the internet, baby, is there anything you want to see? I was majorly shocked, I can tell you that. I couldn’t imagine people would want everyone to see them doing these things. I told him no, and he just kissed my neck while we watched some more. They were doing things Mommy and I had done together because she was teaching me to be a Real Woman, but I never thought girls would do this on the net for everyone to see. Why would they do that?

Daddy said well you know Cassie, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, and I said Daddy I know and he said what do you think about showering with me, and of course I said let’s. Mommy would say that, and now I remembered I was gonna be as much like Mommy tonight as I could, coz I wanted to make Daddy happy with me alone tonight. He turned my head and kissed me. Oh Deedee, Daddy really kisses great. He popped me off his lap and headed for the bathroom in their room. “I’ll start the shower so it’s nice and warm, and then you come in when you’re ready, okay?” he said, and I said you bet, Mister. I watched the girls for another minute, one was on her hands and knees and the other was kissing all over her butt. I went to my bedroom to get the shampoo that smells like coconut. It didn’t take me long to strip off my shorts and panties, and then my tshirt. I thought for a minute, then laid down on Mommy and Daddy’s bed all naked with my shampoo bottle and rubbed some of it over me coz I love that smell so much, I thought Daddy would, too. The plastic bottle is shaped thin at the top, so I got real wild from watching those girls doing it together on the internet screen and tried to see if I could push it up in my pussy. I got it a little way in. I wonder if Daddy would like to watch me do this.

I set it on the nightstand coz I could hear the shower going. I was hot by now, Deedee. This was gonna be a real good time pretending I was Janice for Daddy.

I went in the bathroom all naked, pulled back the shower curtain and said, “Hey big boy, I hear you liked those strappy heels – wanna fuck me now?” Daddy was surprised. The water was just pouring all over him. He said, “Come on in, Janice. Scrub me up.” He caught on real good, Deedee. That’s my Daddy! I saw his dick all soft right then. I climbed in and he put me under the shower so the water was hitting my back. He hugged me real close, and I could feel his new erection pressing right on my stomach. I put my hands around him and pulled his butt tight into me and then I lifted up my face and said, big boy, be my husband. Kiss me like you know you want to.” I’ll tell you, Deedee, I was real brazen. That’s a new word I learned today. It means you just go all out and you’re not embarrassed at all. I thought if anyone would be brazen with Daddy, it would be his wife!

Of course with my hands squeezing Daddy’s butt to me, and his cock stood up against my stomach, he planted his mouth right down on mine and he was really putting the good lovin’ on me. I loved it especially since that warm water was hitting me right on my butt now. He was murmuring Janice, Janice, and holding my head and I couldn’t even speak coz his lips and tongue were just all in me and it was wonderful having my Daddy like this all to myself in the shower. I REALLY like holding Daddy’s butt like this, and I still had the picture in my head of those two girls. I pulled my mouth away from him and said he should scrub me up real good so I can be clean.

Well, Deedee, he did just that with his soapy hands all over me, and then I did it to him and I can tell you, his cock was hard the whole way through. He really liked it when my hands came around and soaped up his tentacles.

Finally Daddy said, “Janice, let’s dry each other off, okay?” and I went “You got it, Mister.” I shut off the water and we climbed out drenched like that and he took the big towel and started rubbing my hair out, and then moving down. Daddy kissed me in those places after he dried them, and I’ll tell you, he spent more time in some spots than others. I always like it when he’s kneeling in front of me and he buries his face at my crotch. That’s about the sexiest thing. When he finally got down to my feet, I said “Hey Mister, it’s my time to dry you off.” I stood up on the toilet seat so I could towel off his hair. I know that my tits were right at his mouth level then, so I leaned close but not close enough so he could suck on them. I really just wanted to tease him, Deedee. I dried his face and his neck. I hopped down off the seat and said “you stand up on it now.” He climbed up there and his cock was right at my mouth level. I rubbed his chest and stomach and just refused to touch his long cock sticking right in my face. I don’t know what Daddy was thinking. I rubbed down his penis and his balls, of course, and then his legs and feet, and then I told him to turn around. He did carefully so he wouldn’t fall off the toilet, and his nice tight butt was right in my face. I got another idea then, Deedee. I said, “Wait a minute, climb down off there, Mister,” so he did and I said for him to bend over so I could dry his butt. Well, he put his hands on the toilet and bent over real good, so I knelt down and started toweling his wet ass off. Hey Deedee, by this time, I was way past hot, so I just started planting kisses on Daddy’s butt like he had done to me not long ago in the living room. I made a couple of hickies and he was saying Janice, oh Janice, and I spread his buttcheeks apart and started licking all the way up and down. He really liked that, and I did, too, especially coz I could see his little puckered butthole. This was a new thing for me, but I’d seen Mommy do this, too, and it always makes him moan. She calls it his sphincter coz it can open and close, and sometimes she just talks about Daddy’s anus turning her on, too. I think that’s a stupid word. I’d never call it that.

I finally had my fill of doing this and told him “Okay, you’re dry enough, go in the bedroom and lay down. I’ll be there in a minute.” I had plans. He left, all naked. I wrapped the towel around me like women usually do and walked downstairs to the kitchen, filled a glass with water and icecubes. I’ve seen Daddy and Mommy fuck many times and then she goes to get a cold glass of water for them. I walked in their bedroom and Daddy was sitting up with the sheet covering his lap. I put the glass on the nightstand and told him this was for later and winked at him. He laughed and said, “Janice, you He said, “Honey, it’s your ballgame. Whattaya wanta do?” I decided Janice was gonna be real brazen, so I whipped the sheet off his lap and said, “Turn over on your hands and knees,” and he did. I slapped Daddy’s butt and said, “Put your head down on your arms so your cute butt sticks up in the air.” I wanted to do what the two girls were doing, I like kissing Daddy’s butt. I slapped his butt again and he said OW and I went “spread those legs, big boy, so I can see your dick,” and he did. I knelt down behind him and reached under and grabbed it and started stroking while I was smooching his butt. I gave him another hickey and I know he liked it coz he was making those soft humming noises. I started sliding my wet tongue up and down his crack, then I thought this would be more fun if I spread his cheeks. I did that and just watched his sphincter for a minute. I think he knew what I was doing coz he was squeezing it and then letting it go and I thought that was funny. I reached over and got the glass of water and drank some, then I put my lips right on his butthole and he scrunched up then, I’ll tell ya. OOOH, he said. “I see what you’re up to now, stop, baby.” So I took another drink and got an ice cube in my mouth. Started kissing there again, licking it real good and was pushing my pointy tongue on it, then making my tongue go flat and slimy and licking all up and down. Daddy reached back and even held his buttcheeks apart for me then. I pushed the ice cube against his butthole and he kind of shivered but I kept pushing with my tongue and mouth and then what do you know, it just all of a sudden popped right in, Deedee! Thunk! And it was gone! I had to stop then and giggle, and I’m pretty sure Daddy knew just what happened coz he said Janice you’re such a slut. Well, I went back to kissing his butt all over some more and finally he said hey don’t I get a turn and I went oh alright I suppose so.

He had me get in that same position and said he was going to do the same thing to me and see how I like it and I went go ahead big boy I can take it if you can. So there we were with my butt up in the air and legs spread out and his mouth all over my butt and then his cold lips right on my butthole and to tell the truth, Deedee, I liked that a lot, and then I felt that cold pushing down there and then my butt just popped the ice cube inside and hey, I didn’t even feel it anymore after that! I was really surprised about that. I said, “Oooooh, Mister, do that again,” and so in another minute POP there goes another ice cube in my butt. I told him I couldn’t even feel them after they went inside and he said the same thing. It was just like when he put that other ice cube in my pussy the other day when Mommy came home and it started dripping in my panties like I peed myself.

Well, Daddy said flip over Janice and let’s fill up the other side. This sounded pretty exciting to me, so I’m over on my back and Daddy lifts my legs up so my knees are up by my shoulders and he’s got my legs real spread out and I know my pussy is just wide as wide can be. I held my own legs up there so he didn’t have to. He got another drink of water and of course an ice cube and then uses his hands to spread my pussy and I can feel Daddy’s cold lips right inside on the pink tissue at my hole and then POP there it goes. fun, do it again,” I said, and he did it twice more, which was all the ice cubes that were left. I couldn’t believe it, Deedee, my Daddy popped two ice cubes right up my butt and three in my cunt!! I thought boy I’m gonna be real good now.

I said “Hey Mister, are you ever gonna fuck me?” He just grinned real big looking down at my pussy and then he climbed on me and rubbed his dick up and down my slit and then just slid it right in and WOW his pubic bone was just pressed right up against mine! The whole thing was in me. I couldn’t hardly believe it since I already had three ice cubes in there! I said can you feel them, is your prick cold in there and he said I can feel ‘em on the sides and it’s different but I like it. He was leaning over me now and my legs were still up in the air, this was a new way for me. Daddy started kissing me and making his cock go a little ways back and then in again, but slowly, so that was just sending waves right up to my stomach and it was like heaven. I was saying fuck me, baby, fuck me, coz Mommy would say this sometimes right in the middle of everything and I think it really turns Daddy on.

He started doing something different. His pubic bone was right smack against mine with his big dick entirely in me, and he started moving his hips around in a circle. It was rubbing right on my clit that way. He said baby we’re gonna come at the same time, you and me together. I knew I was gonna come coz it was making me breathe in short gasps now and I knew what that meant. Daddy started that way too. I locked my legs around his back and just pulled him as close as I could to me and he kept it up and pretty soon I felt that big wave of heat come over me and just shouted out OH GOD and did that OH OH OH thing Mommy does too and then Daddy started going UH UH UH and pushing and I could feel his swimmers shooting off real deep inside me like clear into my stomach and he was like holding his breath and I could feel him shoot it seven or eight times. I almost fainted, Deedee, I really did. Finally I quit shaking and twitching and I could feel Daddy was done and we just laid there all tired out and breathing real deep and trying to get our air back. He said Janice I love you and kissed me again and I said I loved him and stuck my tongue out so he could suck on it.

He said you really know how to fuck just right, Janice, and I said well you do too and that’s why I married you. He said wait ‘til Cassie hears about what we did with ice cubes and I said we’ll have to SHOW her how you made us both come at the same time coz that’s the best, and then we both giggled while we were still hugged up so close together and I still had my legs locked around him and his cock all the way up my cunt. I wanted to keep it in me forever, Deedee, it felt that good.

Well, darn, it couldn’t last, of course, and pretty soon I could feel Daddy’s prick kind of disappearing inside me and then it did slip right out coz it was all soft and small again. I certainly have felt THAT happening before. I could feel water or something dripping down through my crack. I guess this was what Mommy meant when she said something about a wet spot once. Oh boy, we were both real tired. Daddy just laid over on his back, so I crawled into my favorite spot, right on his crotch, and got his little bitty penis in my mouth coz you know I like it this way, Deedee, when I can get it all in my mouth. It was real wet and I could taste his come, too. I had my head resting below his stomach and I just let his penis lay there inside my mouth coz I was still trying to get my air back too. We’d already drank all the water.

All of a sudden Daddy’s cell on the nightstand started ringing. It was about 10 o’clock and I thought everybody should be sleeping now. He picked it up and said hello and then the way he was talking, I knew it was Mommy checking in. Here’s how Daddy’s conversation went: hi there…. Yeah, kinda sleeping, Janice and I are in bed….I think she’s awake now, I got it that Mommy caught on real quick to the game. “she can’t talk right now, she’s got her mouth full … oh, you got that right, Cassie Lee…. A game with ice cubes…. Janice said she’d be glad to play it with you … Was your meeting good? …. Ah, good… I see…. Yeah, Janice and I had some good fucks just now….yep, at the same time…. Five ice cubes….at first, but then I just didn’t even notice it…oh, before you go, Janice and I watched two girls making love on the net. I wanted her to know about these things…. I’m pretty sure she did….okay, why don’t you ask her tomorrow when you get back?…. bye, Cassie, love you.”

While Daddy was talking, I just started sucking on his cock coz I knew he was wide awake now talking to Mommy. It got a little bit longer and so I just kept his bulb in and using it like a baby nursing on a bottle. I love doing this, Deedee. Well, he finally hung up, so I just twisted around and laid on top of Daddy again with my head on his chest. He put his hands on my butt and just relaxed like that, and that’s the last I can remember of my night of being Janice. I love this game.

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Author: madhatter62

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