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Accidental Cousin Part 2:

I had just found out that the hot girl I fucked over Spring Break was in fact my cousin.
Now sitting at my Aunt's house trying to listen to conversations and answer questions was really trying.

After about an hour, my Aunt emerged from the kitchen and asked Cara if she would run to the store since her car was easiest to get out.
Cara agreed and went to get her shoes and keys.
When she returned, she looked over at the group and asked “Anybody want go with me?”
I noticed that my mom was knitting away in her seat as usual while talking with my cousin Tina and my sister was having a financial discussion with my Uncle.
So, I piped up and said, “I’ll come along.”
I saw Cara get a big smile on her face and we headed out the door.
I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say or do for that matter as we pulled out of the driveway.
Cara broke the silence first. “So, were you as surprised as I was” she asked?
one way to put it” I replied. But I had another question that was churning in my head.
“So” I started, “what happened that last night in /> Cara went on to tell me how sorry she was. She was really hoping to see me again, but two of her friends met some guys on the beach that wanted them to go to a different club. Since she was out voted and had no way of getting a hold of me, she had little choice but to go along.
We pulled in to the parking lot of the grocery store and parked the car.
Cara then leaned over to me, put her hand on my upper thigh and whispered in my ear, “I’ll be happy to make it up to you later, if you like.”
I like, oh I like a lot!
I looked in to Cara’s eyes and a soft “I’d love it.”
Then we exchanged a quick kiss and got a nice squeeze on my thigh.
she smiled. “We don’t have time before we’d be missed.
I felt a slight let down inside, but knew she was right.
We quickly went in and got the things we were sent to get and drove home.

We pulled in to the driveway and Cara turned off the car then leaned over to me.
“You know” she started, “finding out the guy I fucked in Florida is also my cousin only makes it hotter, don’t you think?”
I sat there with a big grin on my face. I knew exactly what she meant; it did make it somehow hotter.
But, before I could answer, she opened her door and hoped out and sashayed to the door.

We finished eating a late dinner and sat around talking some more. There were questions about places I’ve been in the military and what I was hoping to do in the future. We talked about what was going on with my sister and my other cousin Tina.
About 10pm my mom, aunt and uncle decided to turn in. My sister was talking with Cara for a little bit and Tina and I were exchanging stories from her summer trip to Europe.
About 10:30pm Cara announced she was going to turn in and headed for her room. My sister decided to call it a night as well.
In the mean time, Tina and I talked for a little longer. She had met a guy that was in the military and had some questions about what life was really like in the service.
Around 11pm I finally headed down the stairs to the basement. The basement is really like a mini apartment.
It has two bedrooms separated by a fairly large bathroom, a kitchen and a small living room area.
My sister and my mother were sharing a room and I had the other all to myself.
I went in to the bathroom and got ready for bed, then headed in to my room.
I quickly undressed down to my boxers, turned out the lights and crawled under the covers.
I started to think about my ride with Cara and wondered what she meant by making it up to me.
Images of her and me in Florida shot through my mind and I felt my cock starting to grow. I slowly reached my hand down in to my boxes to do a little masturbating when I heard my doorknob turning.
I quickly removed my hand in case it was my sister or somebody coming to check on me.
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a familiar figure walk it. I knew right away it was Cara.
She walked in and in the dim light I could make out that she had on, what looked like a large t-shirt.
Cara walked over to the side of the bed and removed her shirt. I felt my cock grow even harder as I could make out that she was standing completely naked.
Cara pulled the covers aside and got in bed next to me.
“I thought you two would never stop talking” she commented.
And with that she leaned in and kissed me. I pulled her in to me as we kissed and our tongues played.
I felt her hand reach down and grasp my shaft. “Looks like somebody’s happy to see me” she grinned.
Cara then pushed me back on the bed and pulled my boxers off. Then she lowered her head and took me in to her mouth.
I was soon softly moaning in pleasure as she once again delighted my cock. The feeling of her sucking and stroking me was only intensified by the realization that she was my younger cousin. There was a desire building in me since I had arrived tonight and I now felt it building in my balls. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. I had a feeling Cara knew exactly what she was doing and I decided not to hold back any longer.
I relaxed a bit and let the pleasure take over my body. I could feel cum racing from within me, through my shaft and with a guttural moan explode in to my cousin’s mouth. My legs twitched as she slowly milked any remaining fluid from my slowly deflating member.
Then she released it from her mouth and moved up to kiss me.
Her lips were slightly salty to the taste. She broke off our kiss and confessed, “I wanted to taste you since I fucked you in /> I smiled back at her, happy to have obliged. I pulled her back in to me and we kissed again.
Now it was her turn.
With Cara still on top we kissed. Then I slowly lifted her up so I could reach her breasts.
Cara moaned softly as I sucked each nipple. I placed my hands around her waist and lifted gain.
She quickly understood what I meant to do and moved herself up along me, allowing me to kiss along her chest and stomach, down along her pelvis until she was hovering over my mouth.
She then lowered herself until my tongue barely touched her slit.
Her body jerked as I flicked along her folds.
I could see up along her body, her breasts jutting out, and hands gripping the top of the headboard.
I would lick along her slit, playing with her clit and parting her folds. As her body twitched in pleasure and tried to rise away from my pleasuring I would pull her back with my hands.
I wasn’t long before I could her louder and louder moans. I could see her biting her lip, then bit her hand as she tried to muffle her moans.
Finally, she gripped the headboard with both of her hands; I felt her body tense and she let out a groan that might have been a little loud given our circumstances. I continued my tongue assault as I felt her body tremble through her orgasm.
After her last few spasms, she sank down and kissed me again. He was breathing heavy and pulling me in passionately. I continued to run my hand along her sexy body as I felt know only my cock starting to harden again, but her hand roaming to find it.
Once again I rolled her over and entered her heavenly void.
After emptying the remaining contents of my balls in to her and her screaming in pleasure in to a pillow, I rolled off of her in a sweaty heap.
Cara snuggled herself in to me and held me tight.
“Mmm, I could stay like this all night” she murmured.
“Um, won’t they be a little suspicious when you walk out of here in the morning” I questioned?
worry” she assured me, “I’ll be out of here before they wake up.”
We drifted off to sleep somewhere around 12:30am.
I woke when I felt Cara moving next to me. Not moving away but down my body.
Cara quickly found my semi rigid member and sucked it in to her mouth.
I lay there in the early morning enjoying every move of her mouth and tongue along my cock.
In just a short time I felt the familiar build up and I let myself go with it.
Once again, Cara milked my shaft until she was sure nothing else would come out. Then she moved up, kissed me and said
With that, she got out of bed put on her shirt and left the room. I looked over at the clock; it was 4:45am.
I fell asleep for another 2 hours.
I pulled myself out of bed got dressed and headed up stairs. As I entered the main house I was greeted by the smell of fresh coffee.
“You look pretty tried” my aunt commented.
“Yeah, must just be a sleeping in a strange bed” I replied.
I looked over and saw Cara sitting at the counter with a big smile on her face.
worry” she said, “I’m sure you’ll get used to it.”
I couldn’t help but smile.
Cara delighted me with late night visits during the rest of my stay.
After the holidays, I had orders sending me to Korea for a year.
I kept in touch with Cara through letters. She even sent me a few to get me through the year.
When I returned to the US, I got stationed at Fort Bragg. I made it home over the summer to visit my mom.
Luckily for me, my aunt and cousins decided to visit with my mom that summer.
When my aunt found out where I was stationed she pulled me aside.
“Cara is going to be transferring to a college very near your base this fall semester” she stated. “I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”
What came next really floored me.
“Would you watch over her while she’s there and makes sure she doesn’t hook up with any Army guys” she asked?
Would I? You better believe it!
She then did a quick explanation of how she found out that Cara had met up with some soldier down on Spring Break a couple of years back and didn’t want to see her getting mixed up with some random guy that was just going to use her.
I wondered how she would react if she knew that soldier was sitting right across from her.
I quickly agreed to do whatever it took to keep those other Army guys away.
She thanked me and went off to talk with my mom.
As the sun began to set, Cara asked me to show her around a little since Tina and my sister were still out shopping or something. I asked her if she wanted to go see a beautiful site.
She quickly agreed and we hoped in the car.
I drove a few miles up toward the mountains. I quickly found the almost hidden dirt road that I had been looking for. I drove up the short path the opened in to small bluff overlooking the valley below. From our secluded spot you could see all of the lights sparkling across the valley.
“Wow, it’s beautiful!” Cara exclaimed.
“Almost as beautiful as you are” I replied.
Cara slid over and we kissed.
When our lips parted I decided to tell Cara the news.
“Your mom asked me for a favor” I told her.
Cara looked over at me quizzically “A favor?”
“She wants me to watch over you while you are at college; to make sure you don’t hook up with any soldiers” I explained.
“Oh? And what was your response?” she asked with a devilish grin.
“I told her I would do whatever I could to keep you from hooking up with those other soldiers.” I replied.
“And who is going to keep me from hooking up with you” she asked as she leaned in and kissed me?
“Your mom didn’t say anything about keeping you away from me” I said with a smile.
Cara slid over and straddled me as we kissed.
She then pulled her shirt over her head and tugged at mine.
Somehow we wound up with the front seats reclined all the way back, the windows were fogged, we were both naked, sweaty and Cara had several fluid ounces of my cum inside of her.
That fall, Cara arrived at college. And true to my word, I kept the other soldiers away.
Being an infantryman was a little hard, since I spend a good deal of time in the field. But Cara said she didn’t mind, as it gave her time to study. But when I did come out of the field we would spend many nights and weekends entangled in each other.
That’s how it went for almost 2 years, before I got orders for Europe.
Cara was sad to see me go, and I was sad as well. I truly cared about my little sexpot of a cousin.
I did laugh when I got a letter from my aunt saying how happy she was that I spent so much time with Cara and kept her safe.
If she only knew the truth, I don’t think she’d be so happy.
I spent the next two years in Germany doing the soldier thing and dating a few fraulines.
I got a letter from Cara hear the end of my deployment saying how she had found a boyfriend and he reminded her of me. She told me she was looking forward to me meeting him.

Part 3
I finished my tour in Germany and got stationed back at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.
Being a single NCO I put my name on a waiting list for post housing and quickly found a one bedroom apartment for the interim. During my in-processing time I made a call to Cara to let her know I was back in town. She sounded delighted that I was back and was hoping to see me sometime soon. She followed up with asking me if I knew my rotation and vacation schedule. I told her what I knew and she thanked me. Then she told me she had to go and we’d get together soon.
The following 2 weeks were then spent in the field. I had a day and a half off over the weekend followed by another 2 weeks in the field. Such is the life of an Infantryman.
When I returned from the field and back to my apartment I had a letter from Cara. Actually it looked more like a card than a letter. When I opened it I sort of felt numb. Not only was it a card, but a wedding invitation. I guess her dating turned in to much more.
I looked at the dates and noticed it was during one of my vacation rotations. “Pretty convenient” I thought.
My hold baggage arrived a couple days later and I busied myself with unpacking my personal things.
I tried my best to get the whole wedding thing out of my head, but it wasn’t working. I knew I shouldn’t be feeling this way, but I was a little jealous.
I spent the next month in and out of the field, followed by guard duty and other detail duties that were assigned to us. When our rotation came around for block leave I called my mom to tell her I was going to be coming out. She told me that she had planned on flying out to her sister’s house again and hoped that I would meet her there. I told her I would fly out for Christmas then fly to dads for New Years.
She agreed that was OK and I made my travel plans. Part of me was a little nervous. What would I do if I saw Cara?
I arrived at the airport and met up with my mom and sister so we could share the drive. A short time after we arrived at my Aunt’s house. We were greeted at the door by my cousin Tina and got hugs from my aunt who was busy in the kitchen.
About an hour later the door opened up and Cara and her fiancé Jason walked in.
Cara wasn’t kidding when she said he reminded her of me. He was about my height, with a very similar build. His hair was longer and a little darker brown, but he had similar blue eyes and demeanor. If you didn’t know any better you’d swear we were related.
Cara introduced me and Jason was delighted to meet me. He had heard a lot about me and how I watched over Cara while she was in school. It was the last semester, right after I left that they met. I guess she was a little sad at my departure and found someone very similar to me to date. Of course, one thing led to another, and she couldn’t marry her cousin, so there you had it.
As nice of a guy as he was, I still held a little jealousy at the idea he was having her.
Still I couldn’t help but notice Cara flirting with me from time to time. When it was time for me to leave Cara gave me a very big hug. Then she kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “I really miss you.”
I felt that twinge of jealousy all over again as I rode to the airport.
After the New Year it was back to training again. Weeks passed and we transitioned from field duty to detail duty. I arrived back at my apartment one night I found another letter from Cara.
The letter basically stated how she missed me and explained how here and Jason had met. She wanted me to know she still cared about me and really missed our sexual escapades. It ended with her asking why I hadn’t sent back my RSVP to the wedding. It was followed by an “I really need you to be there!”
Even though I was having a little issue with the thought of her with someone else I finally sent by my card with an affirmative.
It seemed like the date for the wedding came too quickly. I scheduled my vacation time so fly out to North Carolina in time to meet up with my mom and sister.
Once we got there, we drove down and checked in to our hotel. I spent a little time playing tour guide since I knew the area pretty well. Finally we drove over and met my aunt, uncle and cousins for dinner.
During dinner we were invited to the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I saw a pleading look in Cara’s eyes that made me agree to go. With my response I could see her mode improve drastically. I had no idea what I was in for.
I felt a little uncomfortable at the rehearsal. Still I sat there and watched as she walked down the aisle and went through the motions in preparation for the next day’s nuptials.
It was only 6pm when we all arrived at the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.
We all sat around as Cara and Jason walked around and talked with everyone. My sister asked what they had planned for the rest of the night. Cara told her Jason was staying at his parent’s house as to not see the bride before the wedding. She was going to go home after the dinner and have a little time to calm herself before the next day’s craziness. In the morning, her mother was coming to get her at 10am to go have her hair done and start getting ready for the 2pm wedding.
We all wished her luck and hoped she had a restful evening. Around 9pm the dinner started to wind down and everyone began to leave toward their hotels or homes.
As I was walking out, Cara ran up to me and handed me a card. She gave me a big hug and said “Open that back at your hotel.” I was a little confused but didn’t think much about it.
The fact that I was driving made it pretty easy for me not to open the card.
It didn’t take long for us to get to our hotel. My sister announced that she was going to go for a swim and wanted to know if I wanted to go to. I told her I might be down in a little bit.
My mom and sister went on to their room and I went to mine. I was glad that we weren’t right next to each other.
I entered my room and kicked off my shoes. I found my swim suit and started to change when my hand brushed across the card in my back pocket from Cara.
I quickly opened it up and was again shocked by the card.
It was a card showing a woman from her nose to her waist. She was wearing a lace bustier with her finger up to her lips in a expression.
I was intrigued.
I opened the card and all it said was “Meet me at my apartment at 10. The door will be unlocked. Let yourself in.” Shhh, Cara.
My first thought was to throw away the card and forget about reading it.
The second thought I had was a desire to see what she wanted.
I still had an hour before I had to leave so I did my best to put it out of my head and change to go swim.
I walked down to the pool and my sister was already soaking in the hot tub. I jumped in the pool and swam its length. I did a few more laps and then joined my sister in the hot tub.
We talked for a little bit about our lives until I noticed it was about 9:30. I told my sister I was going to head up to the room. She agreed and got out as well.
Once in my room, I quickly got dressed, grabbed the keys to the car and headed out.
I felt a rush of excitement as I stated the car. My heart was pounding in my chest.
I made the short drive over to Cara’s apartment. Just as the note had stated the door was unlocked.
I opened the door slightly with a light knock. “Knock, knock, anybody home” I asked?
From her bedroom I heard her respond, “Hey, you came! I’m so happy! Please make yourself at home. I’ll be out in a minute.”
I felt a little nervous just standing there. I decided to go in to the kitchen and see if she had a beer or something in the fridge. Sure enough there were a few cold ones staring at me.
I pulled one out and went to open it. But before I could get the top off Cara came in from her room.
“What do you think” she asked?
I looked up from my beer and nearly fell over. There she stood before me in a very beautiful wedding dress.
She was stunning! It was sleeveless and strapless, with a slight corset look to the top. The fabric seemed to shine and flow. There were small details sewn in to the material and it flowed to a modest skirt. It has a small train behind it, probably about 3 feet and only a slight poof.
I was speechless.
I guess Cara noticed my lack of response too. “So, is that a yes” she queried?
“Uh, you look amazing!” was what finally came out.
“So you think he’ll like” came her next question.
I notice her lift up the front of her dress slightly showing off a very sexy pair of strappy stiletto heels attached to her bare tanned feet and legs.
“If not he’s gay” I replied.
Cara got a big grin on her face with my approval.
“Well, I’m glad you approve” she responded.
I was still a little unsure of why I was here.
Then I noticed it seemed like Cara had something to ask me, but wasn’t sure if she should.
“Something on your mind” I asked?
“I want to know if you can do me a favor?” she asked.
“You know me” I started, “I’ll do anything for you.”
Then she explained how she was a little nervous about the whole garter thing. She said she was afraid she would be exposing herself too much.
I tried to assure her she would be well covered, but she still wasn’t sure.
Then she asked if I could practice it with her.
What could I do? I just said I would do anything for her.
I saw her smile happily and sat down on the couch.
Then she extended her left leg and lifted her dress to her ankle.
I was entranced as I knelt down before this beautiful bride. Part of me wanted to play out that we were getting married.
I started to run my hands up her calf in search of the all-important garter when she stopped me.
That’s when I saw the little devilish grin on her face.
“Not with your hands.” she said, “With your teeth.”
There was a part of me that hesitated for a second before the other part of me over road it.
I removed my hands and Cara lifted the skirt and bustle of her dress slightly higher.
I lowered my head and let my cheek slide along her calf. I unconsciously started kissing along her leg as I traveled upward on my quest. I kissed my way up and over her knee. As I continued to kiss I heard her breathing get heavier and felt her body lean back more on the couch.
That is when I realized there wasn’t a garter on her leg. As I looked up her leg, I also noticed she was missing her panties. My mind raced at the vision before me. Here was my cousin, the night before her wedding apparently offering me herself. Cara moved her legs further apart and I snapped out of my trance. I told myself again as I start kissing my way up to her heavenly spot.
It was hard to move under her dress, but I finally reached my destination. I reached up with my hands and pulled her hips toward me; tasting her wetness.
I heard a loud gasp and clawing of her nails on the couch.
I continued my oral touch until her moans turned to shrieks of pleasure and her body finally tensed and I felt the spasm of her release.
As her body finally relaxed, I pulled myself from under her dress.
She was still lying back on the couch with one hand dug in to the back cushion and the other dug in to the armrest.
As I stood, she looked at me with a smile and a slight huff said, “Well, that helped relax me a little.”
“But it doesn’t look like it relaxed you any” she smiled, looking at my crotch.
It seems I had quite a bulge in the front of my jeans.
Cara gave me her hand and I helped her off the couch. Without saying anything she led me to her room.
Then she turned and kissed me. Her hands moved along my waist and removed my shirt. Then I felt her hands opening my pants and push them and my boxers to the ground.
“Are you sure” I asked her?
“Jason is very similar to you in many ways, except one” she replied. “He’s good in bed; not great!”
And then she lowered herself and took me in to her mouth. I stood there enjoying her oral gift to me but I knew she wanted more. After a few more minutes I reached down and lifted her up and kissed her lips.
As we kissed I moved my hand around the back of her dress to lower the zipper.
Cara quickly stopped me.
“I want you while I’m in the dress” she whispered.
With that, she lowered herself on to the bed and pulled the bottom up to allow me access to her.
get all wrinkled” I said half joking.
“I don’t care” was all she replied.
I climbed on the bed between her legs and entered her.
I delighted in the beauty of this woman. I relished in the fantasy of the wedding dress.
I felt the points of her heels dig in to me as her legs wrapped around me.
Her moans spurred me on until I finally released inside of her.
As I lay there on top of her I could feel her fingers running along my back.
“I really wanted to have you in me again before I got married” she told me.
“It wouldn’t have been the same if you weren’t here” she confessed.
“As crazy as this is,” I started, “I’m happy I could make your special day even more special, for both of us.”
We kissed again and I reluctantly rolled off of her.
Cara sat up and we looked at each other. Then we both started to laugh.
In doing so, I noticed quite a bit of my cum came flowing out of her.
“You should probably clean that up” I told her.
Cara reached down and spread it around with her finger a little, the brought it up and licked it off.
“Nope, I’m going to leave it there as a reminder of tonight” she said.
Then she asked if I would help her with the zipper.
I lowered the zipper and watched as she walked out of the bedroom and hung the dress in the bathroom.
I got out of bed and started to gather my clothes.
“Just where do you think you’re going” Cara asked?
She was standing there in the doorway with her hands on her hips, naked as could be.
“Um, no where” I questioned?
I saw a smile run across her face again and she leapt to me on the bed.
We enjoyed each other two more times that night before I finally had to leave.

I had a lot of mixed feelings about the wedding the next day, but she seemed pretty happy. I couldn't help but smile as I noticed the wrinkles on her dress as she walked down the aisle.
I noticed her glancing my way a lot with a big smile at the reception also.
When it was time to leave, Cara gave me a big hug and a kiss.
“Thanks for everything! Especially last night” she whispered.
I figured that would be the end of our story again, but I was wrong.
About 2 years later I got stationed at Fort Bragg again. Cara seemed delighted to have me so close.
A few months passed and I had been out with Cara and Jason a few times for dinner and dancing.
Seems Jason doesn’t dance much either.
One Saturday I was sitting around my apartment when someone knocked on the door.
When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to see Cara standing there with her usual smile. She came in gave me a big hug and a kiss.
We sat down on the couch and I asked her what was going on, and that I noticed Jason wasn’t with her.
“Nope, told him I wanted to do a little shopping” she said.
“Besides, I have something to tell you and ask you” she continued.
“OK, shoot” I replied.
“First, Jason and I are going to try to start a family” she said.
She was obviously excited, though I still felt that familiar pang in my stomach.
exciting news” I told her.
“Well, I just wanted you to be the first to know” she replied.
Then I noticed her expression change. Cara leaned over close, angling her lips toward mine.
Just as I thought we were about to kiss, she muttered, “And I want you to give me my first child.” Then she pressed her lips to mine.
WHAT! I thought my head just exploded.
I pushed back from our kiss and said, “Excuse me. What are you saying?”
She then told me, that even though she loved Jason the taboo of what she and I shared was still a huge turn on for her. She knew she loved me also and was pretty sure I loved her. And because of what we had shared she wanted something to reminder her of that special bond between us in the form of a child.
She went on to explain how she was now off the pill and that she would plan to come over to my place when she knew she was ovulating. She would then attack me, as she put it until I filled her with my seed. Once she tested positive for being pregnant, she would sleep with Jason that night and then claim it was his.
As stupid as it was, I agreed.
The next month I got a call from Cara and she arranged to come over.
I was having a hard battle in my brain over this, but once she was in my arms and our clothes were strewn on the floor I lost the fight.
For a brief moment while sliding in and out of her I thought of pulling out and saying, /> Then I felt her hands gripping me tighter as a sign she was close to cumming. She pulled me down and kissed my neck then spoke 4 words that sent me over the edge, “Give me your baby.”
All the pleasure and taboo that was wrapped up between us culminated in on final thrust that threw her in to spasm and me in to releasing a torrent of semen in to her waiting womb.
The next day Cara came over again, saying she just wanted to be sure.
Cara came over to my house on the same weekend for the next two months. I wasn't going to complain since I loved being with her.
Then I got another card in the mail.
It was an announcement card. It read, “We are having a baby! (wink)”.
I couldn’t help but grin.
When I read the due date I quickly realized that she most likely got pregnant the first time we tried.
I guess the other two months were just for her fun and pleasure.
Cara and I managed to have a couple more trysts before she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Ashley.
“Maybe she’ll turn out to be just like her mother” I told her one day.
“If so” she retorted, “I’m going to send her over to her uncle’s to play when she’s old enough.”
With that she gave me her devilish grin and wink.
Looks like I have something to look forward to when I retire.

It's been a couple of years since then and Cara is pregnant with their first, er, I mean second child.
I surely do wish them the best of luck and I am still looking forward to more interesting meetings in the future.

story by: bstrbrwn1

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Author: bstrbrwn1

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    After logging on the site and a few minutes passing recieved a chat request from a couple in my area. He explained he was looking for a hung guy around 9" to fully fill his wife up in every hole she had and I was more than happy to help. She was in her mid 40's and a killer body (not like most of these stories she wasn't no d or dd cup) she was a full b cup but...

  • Getting what I want

    Yes they call me things. Slut, mole, bitch whore… Maybe I am? But at least I now get what I want. Jamie was the first married man I corrupted and slept with. Yes he was a friend’s partner but that just made it all the more fun. I can tell you where it started… I had just had enough.Man after man promising the world. Then giving me an atlas.I was sexually unsatisfied and decided ‘no more!’I al (more…)

My best sex story ever

A Love and Sex Story

The Beginning and the End

Our First Date

Lila was so beautiful

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