Adult room chapter 2 by darklord

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Part 3

Things were starting to warm up in the hot tub. Diane had moved up to set on the deck and dangle her feet in the water. Phil got out of the tub, walked around and sat down in the water beside Mom. Mom and Betty were apparently mousing around too, because Betty stopped her foot massage of my cock and balls. Dad walked down the length of the tub. His cock bobbed along at face level. He sat up on the edge of the hot tub next to Betty and directly across from Julie. Mom moved over and sat next to me again. Harry moved down and sat next to Dad. Betty moved up where Diane was. She spread Diane's legs and started giving her pussy long licks.

Then Julie told Phil to set up on the edge next to Dad. She got up, stepped in front of Harry, leaned over and gave his cock a flip with her tongue. She did the same to Dad and Phil. She then moved back in front of Dad, pushed his knees apart, kneeled on the tub bench, looked at his cock and balls dangling in front of her face, and slurped his cock into her mouth. Mom gripped my thigh. We watched Julie's cheeks flutter in and out as she used a rapid "soda straw" action on Dad's cock. She was trying to give Harry and Phil a hand job at the same time.

Mike turned to me and said, "It looks like Julie has her mouth full and needs some help." Mike moved over in front of Harry as I replied, "That's our little sister. Always biting off more than she can swallow." Mike looked up at Harry, slipped a finger under his cockhead, lifted it to his mouth and swallowed it down nearly to the base. Diane sat up to watch, but Betty pushed her back down and continued licking her pussy.

I positioned myself in front of Phil. His cock was starting to rise. I put my hand around his cock shaft and started licking and kissing his cockhead. I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim and tickled the V on the underside. I licked down to his balls, then sucked his balls, one at a time, into my mouth. I gave his balls a nice tongue bath. His balls were too big to get in my mouth at the same time. I moved back up to his cockhead and guided his now hard cock into my mouth. Phil had a thick cock. I massaged the bottom of his cock shaft with my tongue as I sucked.

I felt a hand slide between my legs. The hand squeezed my cock and balls. Mom placed her face next to mine and kissed my cheek. I took Phil's cock out of my mouth and offered it to Mom. Mom slipped it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down the shaft several times. She gave it back to me and I resumed sucking Phil's thick meaty cock while Mom moved over behind Julie. She must have slipped a finger into Julie's pussy because I heard her gasp. I was really getting into giving Phil a blowjob, when someone tapped me on the shoulder, "Don't make him cum. We want to save the cum for tonight." I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up. It was Betty. I looked over at Julie and Mike. Mike was rubbing his neck and Julie gave me a wicked grin as she stood up and surprised Dad with a French kiss.

After that, almost everyone sort of drifted away from the hot tub, gathered their clothes off the lawn and went to their individual cabins. Mom and Dad stayed behind in the hot tub. Julie, Mike and I picked up our t-shirts and shorts and walked to our family cabin. When we were inside, Mike turned to Julie, "Jeez, I almost blew my load when you went down on Dad. What made you do that?" "Well, when Betty started eating Diane, I knew that someone else should make a move. So I decided that I would do something that I've always wanted to do." "You've always wanted to suck Dad's cock?" "Yes, just like you guys want to eat Mom's pussy and fuck her. And I'm going to fuck him too."

Julie had us, or at least me, there. Just thinking about getting it on with Mom was giving me a boner. "See," Julie laughed, "You get a hard-on when you think about doing Mom." "We'll see what happens tonight." "Thanks for sucking it up and helping me." You're welcome, Julie," Mike replied, "I enjoyed it and Harry enjoyed it. How was Phil's cock, Mark?" "Phil has a nice thick meaty cock and plump nuts. He likes having his balls sucked and tongue tickled," I replied. "We better get dressed and get over to the Big Room and help with dinner, otherwise they'll think we're in here screwing each other", Julie told us. "That's not a bad idea," piped Mike, who was grinning at us.

We were the last ones to get to the Big Room. Diane said, "What have you kids been doing all of this time? Screwing each other?" "Didn't I tell you?" Julie laughed. We pitched in to help get everything set up and to get dinner ready. There was lots of iced tea, beer, soda, and water set out to drink with dinner. During dinner, the conversation turned to the afternoon action in the hot tub. "When and where did the three of you learn to suck cock?" Dad asked. Before any of us could reply, Phil spoke up, "I don't know who taught Mark, but he really knows how to suck a nut and polish his granddad's knob." Harry said, "Mike did a good job on me too. Lots of enthusiastic tongue massaging and licking, which I like." "Well," Dad said, I don't know where my little girl learned, but it wasn't from her Mom." "Just where did you learn? asked Mom. Diane spoke up, "I don't care where they learned or who taught then. I just hope they eat pussy as well as they suck cock!"

We looked at each other. "It's a long story." "Tell us."

Part 4

It began a couple of years ago. Mike and I rented some porn videos one weekend after we turned 18. Mom and Dad and Julie were away for the weekend. I think it was one of Julie's cheerleader competitions. Anyway, we had the house all to ourselves.

We didn't know much about porn so we picked some of the classics with Linda, Constance and Marilyn and some newer ones with Tiffany and Jenna. And for a change, we rented one of Higgins' gay videos.

After watching a couple of them with the blowjobs and deep throating, we both had big boners. Mike said, "I need to get some relief," so he unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out of his shorts. He began to jack off. That looked like a good idea to me, so I kicked off my shoes and socks and took off my jeans and shorts and joined him.

We were beating away, when Mike said, "I wondered what it feels like to receive a hand job from someone else." I said, "Let's find out," so I moved over next to him and replaced his hand with mine. I'd never held another cock before. Mike's felt good in my hand. I squeezed it lightly and stroked it. Mike pulled off his t-shirt so he was nude. I jacked his cock and played with his balls. I felt his nuts tighten up as he groaned he was cumming. I held his cock as he shot his wad onto his stomach and chest.

Mike said that the hand job felt great and he wanted to return the favor. I took off my t-shirt as Mike took my cock in his hand. It didn't take long for him to make me cum.

story by: darklord9895

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