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When Spring finally arrived and things got busy again with the team, coach Mark Evans found the usual routine of working with his group of high school girls was not quite as routine as it had been only one year earlier. That was before anything had happened with his recently graduated athletes Dee and Bobbi, and before they filled him in on the intimate details about two of his current seniors, Lisa and Kim.

His work with the team had always been genuine and above board. Having athletic girls around was a temptation perhaps, but he’d never really let himself think about it. He had a great rapport with his girls, and he didn’t want to jeopardize either his job or his relationships with them by doing anything foolish. His style of coaching was not to be stand-offish, but rather to be far more casual and friendly. This wasn’t a conscious choice necessarily, but more representative of who he was and how he interacted with people. But now, knowing what he knew and having done what he’d done, his viewpoint would be forever altered. Now that he had tasted the fruit, and found ways to keep that concealed, the temptations he previously eschewed were increasingly considered.

Of the two girls in question, Kim would probably cause him less anguish. The fact that she‘d come out as lesbian and had been seeing Lisa since last summer was definitely intriguing, but was unlikely to lead to any indiscretions involving him personally. Kim, whose mocha skin and long loose curls belied her mixed African American blood, was amiable and enthusiastic. But while he got along well with her, she wasn’t as familiar with him as some of the others. The only trouble he could see would be the self-imposed mental torment of knowing what might be going on in her hotel room when the team traveled overnight to events.

The greater difficulty would come from how he handled his interactions with Lisa. The team had, as expected, voted her captain, which meant that she would be working closer with him as coach than the average player, although his relationship with her had already been pretty close, both professionally and platonically. She was bright and talented, and had for several seasons now been a favorite of his on those merits alone.

The real problem was two-fold. One, he was undeniably attracted to her. She stood only 5’2”, weighed only 115lbs, and was cute as a button, with short curly brown hair, a marvelous set of 34Cs, and a sweet little butt atop her full, strong thighs. He might easily have been able to dismiss his physical interest in her had it not been for the second half of the problem: he’d found out from Dee that she herself had been fantasizing about him. Lisa had confessed her desires in confidence, a confidence that was soon broken by her precocious friend whom she had no idea was already fucking her coach.

To make matters worse, Lisa apparently had a fondness for spanking, and specifically, a desire to be spanked by him. This added kink would almost surely be his undoing. It was one thing to be surrounded daily by young girls in their spandex athletic shorts, but something else entirely to know one of those cute little bums was yearning for the cool slap of his hand. How then was he going to get through the season without obliging her? It didn’t seem possible, or fair, but then again, there were worse problems one could have. The obvious choice, the right choice, was to ignore these things until she graduated in two months, at which point if she still harbored these thoughts they could perhaps be acted upon with a far lesser element of risk. If by then she no longer had an interest, then it would all be discounted as the fleeting whims of a teenage girl.

And so, midway through the season he found that things were both easier and harder than he’d expected. Easier because time was going by quickly now. There was more than enough to do day to day between organizing practice, getting ready for each week’s competition, and keeping the equipment maintained; all the usual drudgery of coaching a team. Lisa turned out to be as fine a captain as he’d expected. She was an excellent go to girl when he had problems with the squad, or needed help after practice. But that was also the hard part. She was eager to assist him, and was frequently around longer than most of the girls. They got along as well as ever, if not better, and it was torture for him wondering what thoughts were really going through her head.

And all the while, on a daily basis, there was her cute little spandex clad butt an arm’s length away. It was killing him to think about it. It had been months since the last time Dee had visited, and he was nearly beside himself with the longing to hold any part of the feminine form in his hands. He’d grown accustomed to grabbing Dee’s ass whenever she was around, and there were times when he had almost grabbed Lisa’s out of habit. If they were in his office or the storage area, their proximity was often such that he quite easily could have necessarily and legitimately crossed that boundary of personal space. And whether he imagined it or not, from time to time it seemed Lisa was cutting it closer than need be as well.

Finally, after a few weeks of the constant tension in the physical space between them, he decided he’d start experimenting with the rules. Partially out of a combination of boredom and frustration, partially because the end of the season was but a few short weeks off, he began to allow his body to accidentally encounter hers. Little things at first, and infrequently lest it seem obvious: his arm would brush her shoulder while reaching for something, his elbow would knock against hers. Gradually, and this is over the course of many days, it escalated into his hip jostling her as he passed, his arm just slightly grazing her breast as he turned, his thigh pressing against her bum. Each time it happened, nothing was said by either of them to call attention to it. At first because it wasn’t enough to merit comment, but as the stakes raised, and the intrusion became more personal it became almost a game to see who was going to call it out first.

Then, with two weeks left in the season, a couple of things happened which affected his plan to resist. The first was that he got a phone call from Dee. Obviously this wasn’t out of the ordinary; he’d been talking to her regularly over the course of the semester, although less so now that her exam schedule was limiting her free time. However, in this particular call he finally got the confirmation about Lisa that he’d been looking for.

“So,” Dee began to ask, “what have you been doing to Lisa that’s got her so freaked out?”

“What do you mean?” he responded innocently. Since Dee and Lisa were still friends, he’d been hoping they’d eventually talk about him, and that the news would filter back.

“When she called the other day she started telling me about how totally flustered you’ve gotten her. She said, ‘It’s like he keeps getting closer and closer to me all the time. Like he keeps bumping into me at practice and stuff. If it was anybody else I’d be totally suspicious, but you know he’s kinda of a dork anyway, and I doubt he’s coming on to me. It’s really weird, and to be honest it’s getting me totally hot.’ What the hell are you doing to her, Mark?”

“Oops, busted,” he confessed. “I got tired of being around her all the time without knowing what she was thinking, so I’ve been running a little experiment to see how she’d respond. Looks like the results are coming in.”

“Oh, you’re bad,” she said. “I figured you were up to something, but I played dumb with her. Be careful, mister, you got two more weeks until she graduates. Don’t do anything stupid.”

Sage advice coming from the nineteen year old who started sleeping with him one month out of high school. But her point was valid, it was still important that he make it through to the end, and it was so close. But then the second event occurred, which would force his hand, so to speak.

Later that week, the team had a great game at regionals and qualified for the state championship. In the excitement and celebration of the victory, a portion of their equipment got left behind, necessitating a return trip by Mark the next day to retrieve it. While it wasn’t a huge inconvenience, it certainly wasn’t something he would tolerate from his otherwise well disciplined team, and they would surely here about it and pay for it at the next practice.

Then it occurred to him that he could use the incident to further test his boundaries with Lisa. He would, of course, verbally reprimand the team for their oversight. He could be very intimidating when he put his mind to it, and he rarely had any trouble because the team hated seeing him pissed off. He found it to be a wonderful deterrent and motivator. So he gave them all a solid chewing out about it. But once this was done and practice was over, he asked LIsa to stay behind to discuss it personally with her.

She came to his office once the others had left, still dressed in her spandex and t-shirt, uncertain of what she’d find. He was leaning against his desk waiting for her, with an expression that said he was in no mood to be trifled with. Being in front of his desk like he was left little room, and she stood less than a meter in front of him.

“Close the door please,” he said, sounding impatient. Swinging the door shut meant that she’d momentarily have to move closer to him still to let it pass. He could smell the sweet scent of her hair as she came nearer before leaning back against the door with her hands behind her.

“So, what the hell happened after the meet Saturday?” He asked sternly. so close to the end now, and this sort of mental lapse is just the kind of thing that’ll ruin our />
“I’m just as upset as you are, believe me,“ she said unapologetically. She wasn’t the type to back down in the face of adversity, nor would she shy away from his reproach.

“Yes, I understand that,” he continued. “But unfortunately you’re also somewhat responsible. As captain, part of your job is to help me control these girls. And it seems I can’t even control you.”

This caught her off guard. “Control me?” she said reflexively. What the hell was he talking about, controlling her. He’d never spoken to her like that before, and it certainly wasn’t part of how they interacted. “I don’t she said, looking him in the eye.

He stood up, shortening the space between them further, deliberately close, but not moving closer. “This goes beyond what happened last weekend. You’ve been a little unruly for the past few weeks now, and it’s been quite a distraction. It seems we keep,” he slowly reached out an took hold of her upper arm, “bumping into each other.” He pulled her forward so she was no longer leaning on the door.

Her pulse began to race. Her initial reaction had been one of indignation, but now she was just confused. What was this crazy set of signals she was getting? She wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, but her unease was coupled with a strange sense of arousal.

“It almost seems like it’s happening deliberately, like you’ve been trying to get in my way.” He paused, letting the silence go just a little too long. “What am I supposed to do with you Lisa, spank you like a little girl?” he asked smoothly, smiling at her.

She felt herself melt when he said this. In the back of her mind she wondered how he knew, but the thought was buried beneath the swirl of arousal and trepidation enveloping her. Still holding her arm he moved her forward to the desk. He released his grip but kept his fingers around her, gently pulling his hand all the way down to her wrist, which he pulled forward to place her hand on the desk. “The other hand too, please.” She did as she was told.

He stood back a step from her, giving her space while she stood their prone, her palms flat on the desk. She looked over her shoulder at him and asked with a half smile, not really going to spank me, are you Mr. Evans?”

He reached out with an open palm and lightly placed the tip of his middle finger on the back of her bare thigh below her shorts. The tiny sensation of his touch shot through her like a bolt, catching her breath. “I think you deserve it, don’t you Lisa?” Slowly, he moved his finger upwards across her skin, over the edge of her shorts, and up her backside, where he traced a little circle around the curve of her perfect cheek. He let his finger wander across the spandex indentation to the other cheek, as her breath became audible in the small closed room. He added his other fingers to the delicate massage he was administering, allowing them to squeeze now and again as they explored.

‘”Do you think you deserve it, Lisa?” He leaned his face down towards her ear, his nose pressing into her curls. “Tell me you need a spanking, Lisa, and I’ll give it to you. If you don’t think you need one, however, we’ll stop right now.”

“I need a spanking, Mr. Evans,” she panted, far more unsure of herself than he’d ever heard her.

The full flat of his hand was now caressing her entire butt. “Are you scared, Lisa?” he asked soothingly. She shook her head indeterminately, not really sure herself if she was or not. “You shouldn’t be scared,” he said, giving her ass a firm hard squeeze, digging his fingers into her tight flesh, causing her to gasp. only get what you know you deserve, then everything will be ok.” He raised his hand back a foot or so and gave her a light swat, keeping his hand in place and squeezing. Rubbing across to the other side he lifted his hand and repeated the motion with a bit more force.

“See, that’s not so bad.” She was breathing heavily, almost moaning.

being a good girl. Now here’s what we’re going to do. Bring your feet together, that’s it. I want to you roll the waist of your shorts down one inch for me.” Bent over as she was, her t-shirt lifted up to her waist, revealing the delicate skin of her lower back. She put her hands to her waistline and rolled the band one turn downwards, exposing the very small of her back. “Good, just like that, now put your hands back on the desk. I’m going to give you a few spanks, then when I pause, you’re going to roll them down one more turn each time. She nodded.

She was nearly delirious with desire. Her heart was pounding as she stood there at his mercy, her whole body aching in anticipation. She was pressing her thighs together to try to ease the longing, feeling her wet lips easily sliding past each other as she did.

From his perspective the effect was mesmerizing. Here was this perfect eighteen year old body willingly bending over his desk, her tight butt squirming and flexing as her hips gently swayed, waiting for whatever he would give. His dick was absolutely solid in his pants, and the sense of power he had of this young girl filled him with intense lust.

He raised his hand, farther back this time, and gave her a series of six smacks, alternating each cheek, and lightly rubbing her after each one. Each swat forced a gasp out her as she tried to control her breathing. The mixture of pleasure and pain was exquisite. After the sixth one he paused, taking his hand away. “Roll, please.”

One more turn and the very top of her crevice was visible. Another round of spanks, another pause. After the third roll, her shorts were half way down her butt. The sight of her tight shorts slowly coming off was incredibly arousing for both of them. With each pause Lisa availed herself to the opportunity to squeeze her thighs a little more to quell the aching in her cunt, and the air against her increasingly exposed skin felt good against the growing sting. For him, watching this charming little girl unwrap herself for him was absolutely tantalizing.

Each new series was just slightly harder, though the effect of which was somewhat counteracted by the thickness of the rolled shorts protecting her. After the fourth roll, however, her ass was almost completely exposed, and was being compressed upwards by the snugness of the shorts, making her already beautiful globes impossibly more perky. With his open palm getting a full hand full of flesh, the fifth round was far more intense than the previous. Her skin actually hurt now despite the brief caress she received between blows, and even though she was fully aroused, she could feel tears coming to her eyes. Her moans were becoming shouts, and the tone of excitement was being replaced by anguish.

“Almost done, sweetie,” he said as she was finally rolling the shorts onto her thighs. being so good. Would you like to rub you ass a bit to sooth it?” She gingerly ran her hands over her red bottom, trying to wish the sting away. It was an amazingly erotic sight to see her touching herself, and he allowed her some extra time to their mutual benefit.

“Ok,” he said finally, “One more round.” He grabbed her hands with one hand, holding her wrists between his thumb and first two fingers, and lifted them slightly behind her back, making her bend over a little more. With her hands up in the air and her ass on full display, he gave her six more hard smacks. He let the interval in between last longer in proportion to the pain, but still by the final two she was crying out. When he was done he put her arms back in front of her and let her lean forward onto them on the desk, her head down, her knees bent. As she rested there, recovering, he again softly traced the burning skin of her cheeks with his finger tips.

When she regained some composure, she meekly said with her head still resting in her hands, “Thank you, Mister Evans, for my spanking. Do you need me to do anything else?”

“I need you to spread your feet apart for me,” he said. She propped herself up on her elbows and straightened her knees, placing her feet shoulder width apart. “Wider please, there you go.” Her legs were about a meter apart. With both hands massaging her ass and her thighs open, he was now able to plunge his fingers up between her legs. He was amazed at how wet she was. Her shorts were soaked and her thighs were slick as he easily pushed the middle two fingers of his left hand into her aching slit. The force of his thrust caused her to lunge forward back onto the desk, as a great pent-up moan escaped her throat.

With his hand like a hook, he gave her a deep, rough two-finger fuck. His wrist pressed between the crack of her ass above her shorts, he was all but lifting her off the floor as he drove his fingers in. She was almost instantly cumming on him, shouting out as he forced her body up and onto the desk. She clenched eagerly around his fingers as he brought her all the way to a screaming orgasm, being as merciless with her pussy as he’d been with her ass. She was trying to get him to stop, attempting to beg him, but the words never came out as anything but incoherent gasps, her entire body helpless to the storm of intense pleasure.

It wasn’t until his arm got tired that he relented and eased his abuse. Leaving her panting for a moment, he walked across the tiny room to the closet, opening the door and bringing out a length of rope.

Seeing this she uttered, “Oh please, what now?”

“Now we give you one last lesson,” he said, putting the rope down on the desk. “Stand up and face me, please.”

Eyeing the rope nervously, she slowly raised herself to a more or less vertical position, turning towards him. It gave him the first glance at her cute little bush above her rolled up shorts.

“Ok,” he began, “shorts off, all the way.” She pushed her shorts down her legs and pulled them of around her tennis shoes, her bare butt resting on the desk to support herself before standing back up again. “And your shirt.” She grabbed the base of it with both hands and lifted it up over her head. She was now standing in front of him dressed only in a sports brand and shoes and sox. It somehow made her feel more naked than naked.

he said, kicking off his shoes, “take off my clothes, please.” She reached forward and grabbed his shirt, lifting it off him as he raised his arms to assist. She got down on her knees in front of him and reached down for his foot. He lifted one, then the other to allow her to remove his socks. She sat up on her heels again, and ran her hands admiringly against his flat stomach, before grabbing the fabric around his waist and pulling the last of his clothes from his body in one final motion. As he stepped out of his pants and stood before him, she remained on her knees, looking up at him expectantly with the most adorable look she’d ever given him. Despite his rigid cock inches from he face, and a drop of pre-cum hanging from the tip, she maintained eye contact and said nothing.

“Would you catch that for me,” he directed, looking at the drip. She reach out her hand and grasped his penis, encircling it with her fingers, stroking the slick drop down the length of it while squeezing out additional goo. Seeing the need to keep collecting it, she kept stroking it into her palm.

It took enormous self restraint to control himself now that his cock was finally being attended to. He briefly allowed himself the knee-buckling pleasure of her gentle hand job before stopping her.

“Ok, ok, Jesus. That’s fine, please stop now,” he said breathlessly. She released his dick and sat back, giving her hand a long, lascivious like before placing it back in her lap with a disappointed pout on her face. “Some other time, I’m afraid,” he said. “Stand up and give me your hand.”

Holding her hand to help her up, he grabbed the rope and tied it loosely around one wrist. “Come here.” He led her over to the open door of the closet, positioning her perpendicular to it, her chest facing the outward edge. “Raise your hands.” She lifted hands straight up over her head such that one was on either side of the door. Taking the end of the rope, he draped it over the door then tied it to her other wrist, taking out enough of the slack that she was raised slightly onto her toes. She was now effectively hanging from the end of the door, ass outwards, an arm on either face of it.

‘Now we get to take care of me. Ok, sweetie, stand up on your toes and stick your cute little butt out to me.” She raised herself up further onto her toes, arching her back as she held onto the rope. From behind her he spread his feet, lowering his hips as he brought himself up to her. With one hand on her waist he used the other to position his dick between her clasped thighs, his legs on either side of hers. He pressed his slippery dick between her warm flesh, and soon found the additional wetness of her opening. Dipping down further into a squat, he pushed himself up into her and straightened his legs for the thrust.

She gasped as he pushed all the way up against her ass, still glowing from her punishment, his cock in as deeply as the position would allow. He held tiny her waist in his hands, using her for support as he thrust up, lifting her higher onto her toes each time. He now had his sweet young captain hung from a door for him to fuck, unable to do anything but take it.

The snugness of her thighs, the unbearable cuteness of her butt, the delay of waiting so long to penetrate her, and the nasty manner in which he had her mounted all conspired to draw the cum from him far sooner than he would have liked. It wasn’t more than a minute or two before both of them were right back on the edge. He stopped himself a few times, pulling out to rub himself directly against her butt, only to plunge back in as the lust overtook him. When she began to cum again he committed himself to shooting his load, and as she clenched his stiff dick in orgasm, he released his thick cum up into her delightfully helpless pussy. He held himself up to her as long as the semen lasted, looking down at her adorable ass while her hanging body shook with the remains of her pleasure.

Holding her hips, he lifted her up off the door and spun around to seat her on the desk, where she promptly flopped onto her back. “Oh my fucking god, that was amazing,” she exclaimed through gasps and laughter. “You, sir, are a bad, bad, coach!”

“And you,” he replied, “are a filthy, misbehaving captain. Understand that I won’t hesitate to discipline you again should the need arise. Is that perfectly clear?”

“Perfectly, Mr. Evans.”

story by: Imp Again

Tags: fiction male/teen female young spanking job/place-of-work bondage and restriction discipline sex story

Author: Imp Again

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