Amy's first time. chapter 1

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Amy's First Time
Copyright 2006
Chapter 1
Amy was turning 12 when her mother and I met. Candi was 5' 6" with blonde hair, blue bedroom eyes that would melt the coldest heart and what many consider the perfect body 36c-24-36. We literally ran into each other at the local Discount Food Warehouse. I was there shopping for meat for my freezer and turned the corner and ran into her cart full of groceries and knocked it over. Her groceries went everywhere and I felt like a damn fool. Instead of saying I was sorry and offering to help pick up her things, I just stood there staring at her. "Well can you help me pick things up? I saw her lips move and barely heard what she said. Then I finally said oh yes of course I am sorry. I started picking up groceries but couldn't take my eyes off her. I checked her ring finger and nothing. I'm Bob Turner and I am really sorry about that I managed as I handed her the last of the groceries. She smiled and questioned Turner? I said yes Bob Turner glad to meet you. She laughed and said I got your name in fact Turner was my maiden name. I'm Candi Brown. My heart sank I tried to excuse myself when Candi asked where are you from Bob? I mean originally. Like a fool I said I'm from the lover's state Virginia. A small town called Jackson. The Family had a farm there that we grew up on and had to help run. I was rambling on because of how I had started explaining where I grew up. Why the hell didn't I just say Virginia and get away? Here I stood looking at a woman I wanted to know more then anything but she had as much as said she was married. Then when I should have dropped it I said and what about you? Where are you from. Charlestown West Virginia. Virginia by God, West by choice and we both laughed. We stood there making small talk for almost an hour until a clerk asked, can I help you find something? We said goodbye and I said hope to see you again! Then added maybe next time I can meet your family too. She looked at me kind of strange and said there is just me and my daughter Amy. Oh I am sorry I thought you were married. I was she said but we divorced about three years ago. Well would you be interested in having dinner sometime. Candi asked You and me? I said no you and your daughter Amy right? and me if you think she would enjoy it. Ok she said let me give you my number and call me later this week and maybe we can go to dinner. I left after getting the meats I came after and drove home thinking about Candi. I thought I'll call her on Thursday evening and see if Saturday she would like to go out.

I had a long day and was really tired so I put the meat in the freezer, showered, and changed into my night clothes. I sat down in front of the TV and fell asleep. I dreamed I was with Candi walking on the beach and holding hands. I reached over to kiss her and fell off the couch. Damn! I got up and went to bed. I tired to get back to sleep but couldn't get Candi out of my mind and the boner didn't help. So I jacked off thinking how great it would be to get between those perfect legs. I drifted off to sleep and slept soundly until the alarm woke me up at 5:30 am. I got up showered, shaved, and dressed for work. Tuesday morning, we were suppose to start that new parking garage today. It was going to be another long ass day, I had to arrange for the crew to move everything to the new site. When I arrived it had started pouring down. I checked the local weather and it was suppose to rain for the next three days but it had started early. I went into the office and met with the crew and told them to go ahead and load the trucks and at least we could move the equipment to the new project site. Jim the foreman said it's going to be a fucking mess in this damn rain. Mud up to our asses Bob I don't see why we have to do this today. Hell it's going to fucking rain for the next God………. Jim I said move the equipment cutting him off before he could finish voicing his complaint. I didn't mind his opinion except every other word was a cuss word when he didn't want to do something. The crew left to set up the new site and I decided I was going to go look at another project we were bidding on to take a few calculations and see if it was possible to adjust our bid.

As I turned into the parking lot next door to the project we were bidding on I spotted Candi going into the building of the owner of the project I was there to see. I figured I could go in and ask for Jenkins and see if I could find Candi or at least where she worked. That woman damn sure was hot. I got a hard on just thinking about finding out where she worked. I went in and took the elevators to the second floor and then went straight to Jenkins offices. It was then I noticed the secretary wasn't at her deck as normal. I waited several minutes and when she didn't return I decided to look around the office until she returned. On her desk was a picture of her Candi and a young girl. She knows Candi my mind was racing ahead a mile a minute. I could start a conversation and pump her for information about Candi. about five minutes later Jenkins office door opened and Mr Jenkins asked if he could help me? I said I was waiting for his secretary to return because I needed to get some specs for the new project from her. Oh sorry she took the day off to help her sister. You just missed them, they left about 20 minutes ago. If you want to leave your fax number and what you need she can fax them to her in the morning.I said thanks but I needed to see the blue prints to see what I would need. Then I said I'll catch her tomorrow if that's ok. Sure she get's here around 8:00. I hurried to the elevators and took the first one down and rushed out of the building. Then I ran smack into Candi and Jenkins secretary. Hi Candi how are you today? I'm Fine, what are you doing here? I had to go to Mr. Jenkins office to get some specs on the new project he wants us to bid on. But his secretary had already left for the day. I knew from the Picture that the woman with Candi was his secretary but played dumb. This Is Lynn my sister and Mr. Jenkins secretary, and this is Bob Turner, Lynn. Hi Lynn while a very pretty lady at 5' 7" and a 36-26-38 and dark hair and hazel eyes. She looked at me and smiled and said glad to meet you Bob. I have to go up and pick up my purse and then we are going shopping for Amy's birthday party. You did invite him didn't you Candi? No but he is welcome to come if he wants. It's Sunday afternoon 1:00 at city park. Ok I'll try to be there if you want me. What about lunch ladies do you have something planned or can I treat you to lunch? Great Lynn said before Candi could answer. A public restaurant or your place Lynn suggested? "LYNN TURNER! " You just met him and I barely know him either. Candi scolded her sister. Lynn paid no attention to her she said so can you cook or ordering in? I said I think Candi would prefer a restaurant, how about AL's Diner on 7th Street? The food is great and it's not hard to get good seats. Candi said that sounds good Bob how about 12:30 is that good for you? Fine I will see you both at 12:30.

When I got to AL's's at 12:15 the place was packed. But knowing AL's I asked him if he could find me a table for three that was private. He said sure and I followed him toward the back corner. I told him I was meeting two ladies for lunch and please direct them to the table when they arrived. At 12:30 sharp Candi and Lynn arrived and AL's escorted them to my table. When we were all seated the waitress handed us each a menu and asked what we would have to drink. I asked wine ladies? To which both said sure. We ordered and the wine arrived. I poured each of us a glass and we sat and talked. I steered the conversation to the birthday party by asking about Amy. She will be turning 12 next Friday but we are having the party on Sunday because Lynn has to be out of town all next week on business. Lynn added yea all week with a bunch of stiff shirt asswholes which means I won't be able to have any fun on this trip. Now Candi on the other hand is going to be home all week alone. then she laughed. LYNN! Knock it off will you? Why Candi you said you thought he had a nice ass and wished he would make a move on you. I am just opening the door for you if he is interested. Are you interested Bob? I was at a loss for words. Was I interested? Oh Hell yea I was, I wasn't trying to hide my hardon because I wasn't. I did get around to answering though. Yes I am interested in getting to know Candi. I already asked her to dinner once but she hasn't answered me yet. Candi sat in her seat and didn't say a word for several minutes. Then with red face she said you have to excuse Lynn some times she opens her mouth without thinking. I said it was ok and then said well what about dinner Friday and yes Amy is invited also. Lynn piped in Amy will be busy I am taking her shopping for new clothes so it will have to be just you two, Candi isn't doing a thing. "LYNN I CAN ANSWER FOR MYSELF" Candi almost shouted at her. Well is it yes or no then I asked again. Yes Candi said at my place though, I have a lot to do for the party. Ok but I need an address I said and what time. 6:00 and I live on Pine Street last house on the right. Good now we can talk about the party and Amy I said trying to change the subject so my hardon would go down. What does she want for her birthday? A new swim suit, and make up, and a bike and just about anything else you can think of Candi said. Lynn said yea she's like her mom she wants everything she can get. Then she winked at Candi who became red again and gave Lynn a dirty look. We finished lunch and I got up and paid the check. When I got back to the table Lynn asked well do we get a kiss goodbye? I said sure if you want. Lynn leaned over and kissed me on the lips and then wispered in my ear, she is horny as hell. She hasn't had a man since Jim left three years ago. Then I leaned over and kissed Candi lightly on the lips. She kissed me back so I lifted her from her seat and gave her a long deep kiss then said I will see you tonight if that's ok around 7:00. She just nodded her head yes. I left and went straight home instead of going back to the office. I had to jack off because of how hard I was thinking about what might happen tonight.

I knocked on Candi's door right at 7:00 and a very pretty girl answered the door. She was almost a carbon copy of her mother. 5' 2" blue bedroom eyes, blonde hair, and budding breast that looked about the size of a small orange. Is Candi Home? Yea she's in the kitchen fixing dinner. Mom someone for you. I watched as she ran up the stairs, and I thought to myself give her a couple years and she will be a hot piece also. Then I thought hell at 12 she might already be fucking some boy. Lucky little shit. Candi said hi Bob supper is almost ready. We walked back to her kitchen and as soon as we got there she kissed me and our tongues danced together. I pulled her to me and slowly slid my hand around her side until I was cupping her breast through her shirt. We continued to explore each other until she heard her daughter yell is supper ready mom? We broke apart and she yelled back as soon as I set the table hon. I offered to help and Candi said she had it. She was actually shaking as she got the plates and silverware out. We managed to eat supper and just as we were finishing there was a knock on the front door.Candi opened the door and the woman standing there was another copy of Candi but a few years older. I remember thinking an older sister but Candi said Bob this is my mom she is here to pick up Amy to spend the night with her. After the introductions and some small talk Amy and her grandmother left. Candi asked if I would like to watch a movie and I said sure. I took her hand and pulled her to me and we started were we had left off earlier. In a few short minutes we had all our clothes off and were going at each other. Candi had my cock in her hand stroking it slowly and I had two fingers deep in her. She said let's go to my bedroom and I said ok lead the way. She led me there by holding on to my cock pulling me along.

We got on her bed and I started sucking her breast first one then the other licking each and then trying to get all of them in my mouth. I kissed my way down over her stomach and stopped at the top of her shaved pussy. As bad as I wanted to stick my 8" cock in her I wanted to savor the moment even more. I teased her pussy with my tongue and massaged her stomach and breast with one hand while I squeezed her sweet ass cheek with the other hand. After a couple of minutes I stuck my tongue into her now wet pussy and realized how tight she was. I ate her for about five minutes when she came hard into my mouth. I was in heaven tasting her juices. Then after her orgasm subsided she said turn around, I want you in my mouth. I didn't hesitate to turn around and with us in the sixty nine position went back to work on her love channel. I was getting ready to cum and told her I was going to cum. She grabbed my hips and pulled me deeper in her mouth as I shot stream after stream into her mouth and she came in my mouth again at the same time.We separated and tried to catch our breath and I turned so I could kiss her and we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed even deeper it seemed then we had before. After several minutes of caressing each other my cock stirred again and I started massaging her pussy again with my fingers and hand. I was just getting ready to stick my cock where I had been wanting it since the first time I saw her when Lynn yelled from the living room "Hope you are decent, I'm coming up!" Damn erection interuptus. We threw the covers over us just as Lynn entered the room. "SHIT GIRL! I knew you were horny but sure didn't waste any time." You knew I was coming by to pick up the decoration for the party or did something come up that made you forget. Then she laughed and said looking at that tent in the covers I would say something nice came up. Can I see? And she grabbed for the covers. I was to fast for her and held them tight to my sides. Lynn said all in good time and left laughing. I thought what the hell did she mean by that? Candi said please don't pay any attention to her she is a frigging nut.Then she said I'll be right back let me get those things for her so she can leave. She kissed me and slipped her robe on and went to help Lynn. I could hear talking but couldn't make out what was being said, but heard Lynn laughing and even heard Candi laugh a couple of times. It seemed like an hour before Candi came back in and got back in bed. She then asked how long can you stay? Well if the rain doesn't stop about an hour ago tomorrow is a wash out so I don't have to be anywhere any time soon. Good Amy won't be back till tomorrow night. Then she climbed on top of me and guided my cock to the slit opening of her pussy. She slid down on me moaning as each inch entered her. It felt like a hot vise had my cock and was stripping the skin back she was so tight. When she hit bottom she didn't move. She looked down into my eyes and said better then I even thought it would feel. I had to agree 100% with her. I expected for her to feel good but she was Awesome. I almost came a minute later when she started just rotating her hips and rubbing her clit into my pubic hair. Then she raised up until only the head was still in her and slid back down. She repeated this getting faster with each stroke. I started thrusting into her each time she came down and after about five minutes I was reaching toward cumin and knew it would be hard. I said I'm getting ready to cum and she slammed down on me and went back to grinding her pussy on my cock. I tried to lift her off as I started to cum but she refused to move so I shot my load deep into her pussy. Instead of letting it go soft I just kept humping her until it was hard again then rolled her over and proceeded to enjoy her knowing it would be quite awhile before I came again. When I did it felt like everything inside me was being shot into her. I have never came that hard before. I was as weak as a new born kitten when I stopped cumin. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

When I woke up the next morning Candi wasn't in bed and I heard someone talking. I got out of bed and wondered were the John was. Should I call out to Candi for help or try to find it alone? I opted for the latter choice and started looking for the bathroom to get rid of my piss proud. I eased out into the hall and looking in both directions thought I saw a door partly open that might be the bathroom. I rushed in because I was about to piss myself, but as soon as I got inside the door I realized my mistake. Laying on the bed looking straight at me was Amy. I was so shocked I couldn't move. The bathroom is the next door on the left she said like me standing there naked didn't bother her in the least. I said thanks, then as an after thought said sorry bout this, looking down at my cock. She nodded and pulled the covers over her head. Damn I felt like a fool. I rushed into the bathroom and from there I could hear what was being said. Candi I am sorry to bring Amy back early but she said her stomach was cramping real bad. Besides you shouldn't have let him spend the night and you know it. Candi kept trying to say some thing but each time her mother would say "You never want to listen to me and that's your problem." Now listen for a change you know what happened with Jim and the same thing is going to happen with him. You don't know he might try to fuck Amy when you aren't home. And with her being boy crazy she would let him. Then Candi said "MOM SHUT UP!" I invited him into my home not yours. I am 30 years old and if I want to fuck the president then it's my business not yours. NOW DROP IT!

I turned around and saw Amy standing in front of me.

story by: justhorny

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Author: justhorny

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