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Something was jabbing me in the stomach. I opened my eyes, to see absolutely bugger all. There was a big screen of brown. I was completely disorientated, as falling out of your bed in the middle of the night generally does to a person. I managed to realize I was on the floor of my tent, and the reason I wasn't on the bed was because Alice was. I looked up, and saw her lying across the bed, spread eagled, her cute little ass sticking up in the air. She was snoring softly. I decided it was time to get payback for shoving me off the bed! I stood up, swaying slightly, and snuck my way to the end of the bed. Lying before me was a petite goddess. Alice was pale, as living the mountains makes you. The only bit of her that was tanned even slightly was her hands. I leaned forward, my dick already hard. I blew along her cute, delicious ass, tickling her. I took her mounds of flesh between my hands and started to massage them, revelling in the feel of them. I then stuck my tongue out, licking every inch of her ass, before delving under her cleft, sticking my tongue into her asshole, forcing my muscle into her tight ring. She gasped, moaned and lifted her head to smile at me.

"Nice morning to you too Alex"

I managed to choke out between mouthfuls of flesh. I then delved deeper, licking her slit up and down, eliciting a groan from between her lips. I grabbed her hips, flipping her over, revealing her pussy in all it's delicious, shaved glory, completely open to all my whims. I licked around her mound, just touching her lips, making Alice squirm and shove her hips at me in an attempt to get me to pleasure her properly. I just moved my head with her thrusts, making sure I didn't stop teasing her pussy.

"Oh come on Alex, I didn't tease you!"

"Well, that was your mistake, bitch!"

I lifted my head up, shocked at what I had just said. Something was definitely going wrong…

"I'm sorry Alice, I don't know why I said that"

"Don't be, it just makes me more wet, please don't stop!"

Well, I wasn't sure I wanted to… But if it pleased Alice, well…
"What are you going to do, bitch? How are you going to get me to please you, slut!? Well?! Are you going to beg, or do I have to leave you to squirm forever!"
Every word I muttered, I got louder, more confident, more angry at her for not worshiping me to do this for her. In fact, what the hell was I doing? She should be on her knees, sucking my dick! Wait a second, I love doing this! I used to beg HER to let me do this!

"Ahhh, please don't stop, master, please keep eating my pussy! I'll do anything, just please don't stop! />
"Well, keep that up, SLUT, and maybe I'll keep THIS up!"

"I'll worship you master, just keep doing this, ohh please keep licking me!"

I obliged, delving deeper and deeper into her pussy, shoving my face into her, trying to lick every inch of pussy I physically could, to lick every drop of cum that she squirted out of her love tunnel.
I pulled back, every drop of pussy juice successfully devoured.
Alice lay on the bed, panting, groping her breasts to prolong her pleasure.

"Well, now little bitch, how was that?"

hope…We can do…That later again."

"Good, and next time a little more begging would be nice slut."

"As Master wishes, I will do." I turned, smirking like a proper douche, and got dressed. After leaving Alice to pant and recover from her orgasm, I left to address the men. Of which there were only seven left. I thought back to the previous days… The ambush, the horror of seeing my men lying along the ground, their eyes staring aimlessly at the horizon. The hold, Al and Jim, the hammer jumping out of my hands to smash onto the floor. I sighed, banishing the memories to the back of my mind, to be mourned upon later.
"Oi, Rapley! Rick! TUSK? Where is />
I wondered along, to Tusk's wagon, to look in and see if he was in the-
Tusk roared, leaping out of the shadows, maw wide open, hands wide to maul me.

I yelled back, leaping backwards to land on my ass hard. I scrambled off the floor, drawing my sword. I brought up my blade into the guard position… And then Tusk burst into raucous laughter. Rick, Al and Jim cam round from behind the wagon, barely able to stand, and Tusk simply collapsed to the floor, wheezing and gasping for air.


"You're welcome, brother, and nice morning to you too!"

I thought back to a particular submissive woman who said those exact words earlier, and quickly ran forward to smack Rick in the arm.
"OW, I didn't deserve that! It was Tusk who killed you!"

I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Well, MEN" I started with a glare. " We are continuing onwards to Brettonia. Vampires and Ghouls are rife in that land, and there will be plenty of work for mercenaries such as us. We march in two hours, so get ready to move on."

They all nodded back, suddenly serious. I realised that I would rather have these 5 men, (And one woman, lover, sister, take your pick,) Than any amount of gold. I turned, and made to the central tent to plot our route. An hour later, I remembered to ask Tusk about something that was bothering me. I went to my tent, where Tusk was tutoring Alice in the arts of magic, and swished aside the curtain to reveal Tusk sitting before Alice, with horns growing out of her head!

"What the hell is going on here Tusk!" I cursed, drawing my sword and preparing to fight the 200 pound behemoth for messing with Alice.
Tusk stood up, raising his paws towards me in a signal to stop.
"Do not worry, Master, everything is fine, Tusk is just showing me how to strike terror into the hearts of our enemies, and to resist the hypnotic effects of />
I was taken aback by her use of my bedroom name, and lowered my sword, but still not prepared to completely let this go.
"I mean Alice no 'arm, the horns are just an illusion. How else betta to scare ones foes than to pretend one is a demon!"

I nodded, sheathing my sword, satisfied with their answers. As soon as I had done so, the horns vanished, along with a slight red tinge to Alice's skin I hadn't noticed.
"Well, we're leaving in about 50 minutes, so get your stuff ready."

"Yes, Master." Alice said, tiptoeing up to kiss me as she passed. She discretely grabbed my crotch as she did so, hiding it with her body. I turned my head after her, thinking how in the bedroom I dominated her, but outside it she ruled over me. I turned back to Tusk, to see him smirking.

"I can smell the stench of lust upon you both. It appears it IS true that humans are in heat constantly." He said /> I was stunned at his openness. Well, I reminded myself, he WAS an Ork.

"Umm… Yeah…. Alice and I do…Enjoy…Each others company."

"Hmmph. Well, I won' tell. What you do is ur bussiness, and I will make sure that Alice keeps… Interesting to you." Tusk replied

"Um, sure, you do that… Wait…What do you mean by />
"You'll see, Sir. You'll see." Tusk cryptically whispered, before hunching over to leave the tent. A faint whiff of musky incense was lingering, and I wondered what 'magic' Tusk was teaching Alice.

"Oh, Tusk! I was just going to ask, if we meet any Greenskins on the path, will you still help fight?"

"Sure, I loves a good fight, and my entire clan is dead anyway, so any greenskins left are all my rivals."

"Good, good…"

An hour later, we were on the road, travelling. It was a pleasant day, with sun shining, and birds tweeting. We were trundling along, dragging out cart at our own labours, as the ponies were killed in the ambush. After my seventh shift dragging the cart, as the blood rushing behind my ears stopped and I could hear, I noticed Something had stopped. Looking over at Alice, I noticed she had the same look on her face, and Tusk was growling slightly, staring at the trees. Then I realized. The birds. The birds had stopped tweeting. And that meant that something scared them. That something was in the forest. And that is was about to attack us.

As I came to this revelation, an arrow flew out of the trees. I would like to say it thudded in front of my eyes, missing me by a hair, but Goblins aren't exactly good shots. The arrow flew way past me, and went right over the edge of the cliff. A second later, my sword was in my hand, even though I hadn't remembered drawing it, and Goblins were streaming out of the trees. There was, at a rough estimate, fifty of them, however trying to count when a horde is charging at you is pretty hard.
"TO ARMS, MEN! I yelled, swinging at one that had gotten too close for comfort. The blow connected with a satisfying thud.

As I looked around, I saw Al firing various pistols, one after the other, each delivering a different effect. One blew the head of a Goblin clean off, one exploded, killing many. One particular shot had an interesting effect, setting a goblin on fire, which quickly spread to others. Jim was muttering under his breath, swinging his hammer at incredibly fast speeds, a blur in the air, before thrusting towards a group of goblins, lightning arcing out to ash them. Alice was swaying, arms whipping through the air, each thrust, point and jab throwing a small purple shard, before flying into various goblins. Rapley was standing atop the cart, throwing bottles and vials, acid eating through flesh and flame tearing through muscle. Tusk was simply roaring constantly, each swing of his mace breaking and smashing skulls and, well, basically anything that came within range.

I didn't have the time to see anything else, as I was beset by a group of the foul creatures. Goblins were closing in on me, cornering me against the cliff. I swung my sword in arcs, driving the goblins back and forcing blood into my hands. Adrenaline coursing through my veins, I charged, roaring with primal rage. I struck, striking a goblin in the chest, cleaving through muscle and sinew, before going right through, splitting the thing in two. I snarled, raising my sword high. Even as I prepared to drop my blade upon another goblin, one stabbed me in the chest. I didn't feel a thing. I chopped down, the goblin beneath my sword raised his shield. It didn't help him one bit as my sword chewed through it, it's arm and then split it's head. I rested my foot against it's head, kicked and tore my sword out of it's skull. I turned, to see the goblin which had stabbed me, whimpering and raising it's blade to parry. I swung, shattering the foul thing's blade and cleaving it's head in half. I was spattered in blood, and upon later reflection I imagined I looked rather like a demon. In fact, with the spell Alice was practicing, I probably DID look like a demon to them. I was furious, my blood boiling, and frankly, goblins didn't put up enough of a fight.

So, to compensate, I had to fight many of them. Unfortunately, some were running away. Well, the men could handle the ones which stayed here. I was going to chase the cowards that ran away. I charged after them, issuing forth a blood-curdling shout. I figured if I was going to chase the goblins, they should know I am doing so. I weaved in and out of the trees, jumping leaping and sprinting at the green scum. I could see one… THERE! It was resting against a tree, panting. Well, soon it wouldn't have a lung to pant with. I ran forward, closer and closer. I heaved up my sword above my head, preparing to slice the goblin in half, head to groin. I took one last final bound-
And tripped over a protruding tree root. I slammed forward onto my face, and I tasted blood. My sword went flying out of my hands, and I could do nothing but yell in frustration as blackness creeped into the edge of my vision. I looked up, and the goblin was thankfully running, rather than preparing to stab me in the back. I muttered one final curse, before unconsciousness claimed me.

story by: Horny Hope

Tags: male/female fantasy incest domination/submission monster sex story

Author: Horny Hope

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