Dan's story

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Dan woke at about 9.30 am, the sun was shining and the air was clear. The boat was rolling gently in a slight swell, he hove anchor and started to make his way to shore.

He was hoping Jane his girlfriend was in a better mood than last night, for some reason she had been trying to pick a fight all night, so he grabbed a few beers and a bottle of whiskey got in his boat and went offshore for a couple of mile to fish and think. But had fell asleep in a drunken stupor. Anyway he had made up his mind to apologise and do anything he could to make Jane happy.

He was surprised there was no one about when he tied up at the jetty, it was usually bustling at this time of morning, with the boats getting ready to take tourists on short cruises and for sea fishing trips, in fact the whole dock area was deserted. He was concerned but not overly so, but as he drove home and didn’t see any one at all, none of the shops were open and there was no other traffic, he knew something was wrong. There was no answer when he called Jane’s name on entering the house, no sign of her. He thought she had got mad and gone home to her mothers, but on checking the house all her clothes were still there, the bed had been slept in dirty cup in the sink but no sign of her. He sat down thinking she wouldn’t be long and everything would then be alright, he turned the TV on but nothing, no programmes being shown on any station, plenty of static but no programmes, it was the same with the radio, he was worried now.

He decided to go searching for Jane, for anyone really just someone who could tell him what was going on. But there was no one, at all the houses he tried there was no answer and no one about; it was just like they had all disappeared. He spent hours searching, there was no damage to anything at all, and the whole town was deserted. He was more than worried now he was scared.

He and Jane had moved to the south coast six month earlier as neither liked the hustle and bustle of city life, the thinking was, that if they wanted they could stay with one of their family for a short holiday in the city if they ever felt the need, and their family could spend time with them for a break. Everything was great until for some reason last night Jane wanted a fight. That was, until now the only thing that had been different in their otherwise peaceful ideal life style.

He tried to phone his parents but no answer, the same with his sister and he had no luck with Jane’s parents either, so he decided to drive the 200 miles to see them. All the way there there was no other moving traffic, there were a few crashed cars and lorries but no people about, no sign of anyone. When he got to London it was the same, but more crashed cars and lorries. There wasn’t one person about not even any animals, when he thought about it he realised he hadn’t seen any animals at all, he hadn’t seen a single living thing, he was more than scared now. He just knew that he wouldn’t find any of his family or friends but he had to go to their homes to look.

After a couple of days of searching London, finding no one, no hint as to what had happened, no damage to anything and as far as he could see, no danger. He had even gone to the BBC broadcasting headquarters and tried to send messages all over the world, but he wasn’t sure if he had succeeded in broadcasting, as he didn’t really know what he was doing, or even if the rest of the world was deserted. He decided he would go further and search the whole country until he found civilisation or a reason why he was the only living thing about. He thought as no one was about he might as well travel in comfort and style, he spent the next couple of days equipping himself with a decent 4×4, filling it with fuel and extra cans of fuel, food, bottled water, camping stove, sleeping bags and any luxuries he thought would help. He was loath to, but he did get a rifle and ammunition just in case. He decided he would start in the south of the country at Folkestone and work his way north, criss crossing the country to all the city’s with quick searches of the towns and villages between, he didn’t know how long it would take but it didn’t matter. He could replenish his supplies as he went.

He set off from his parent’s home at 6am one day, wanting as much daylight as he could get to search. He was upset at leaving, thinking they would come home as soon as he left. He left a note explaining what he was doing, but he knew deep down it would never be read.

He had no luck; he had been on the road for four weeks not seeing a living thing. Things were beginning to deteriorate; there was no electricity power or gas in more and more places. He had to open the storage tanks to get fuel at most of the garages he went to, as there was no power to work the pumps.

He was driving through a small village somewhere in Cornwall, thinking what was he going to do in a few weeks time when everything had stopped working, he wasn’t really watching where he was going, too wrapped up in his thoughts when, out of the corner of his eye he saw a movement. No he was imagining it, but he drove to the corner where he thought he had seen it, all his senses alert, he even put his rifle close to hand. He looked down the street and saw someone going around another corner. He raced down the street screeching tyres as he went round the corner in pursuit. There he saw a figure running, he caught up but the figure ran down a narrow entry, he couldn’t drive down there so he grabbed his rifle and gave chase on foot. He soon wished he had done more exercise as his chest was burning and he was having difficulty in getting his breath and was just about to give up to rest when he turned a corner and came upon a figure crouched in a doorway, eyes wide open and a look of terror on their face.

He stood there looking in disbelief and relief; his heart was pounding with joy, he had never been so happy to see anyone, when the figure jumped up and attacked him taking him by surprise, down he went with the figure on top of him kicking, biting thumping and scratching. After the initial surprise and he had gathered his wits, he realized he wasn’t really being hurt so he wrapped his arms around the figure and held it to his chest to stop the attack. It didn’t take long until the body sagged and went limp then started sobbing. It took a bit longer for Dan to realize it was a girl and a young one at that.

After calming and reassuring her, he told her his story she was sobbing quietly through it all. She then told her story; Her name was Sharon, she was sixteen, had lived with her parents but had had an argument with them about staying out late. She had been sent to bed early and been grounded for a week. She had decided to sneak out of the bedroom window and run off down the lane intent on going to her friends and then going to town to the dance. As she was making her way home late at night a thick fog had come down and she couldn’t see a thing it was that thick. She decided to stay put until it cleared and sat on the grass at the side of the road. That was the last she remembered until she woke the following morning. She then realised that she was in long grass and under a tree with low leafy branches. She wouldn’t have been visible from the lane if anyone had come looking for her. She went home and knew she was in more trouble with her parents than she had ever been. But when she got there her parents had disappeared, and she hasn’t seen anyone since until Dan turned up. That had been about four or five weeks ago.

Dan asked her what she intended to do now, did she want to stay here or did she want to travel with him. Of course she didn’t want to be alone, she was scared and wanted to try and find her parents or any one. Could she please be with Dan she begged.

Dan took her to her home to get any personal belongings she wanted to take, but she didn’t want to go in the house again as it upset her too much. As it was getting late they found a place in the village to sleep for the night.

During a meal they talked, neither had a clue as to what had happened to every one else. Dan realized that at 34 years old he was old enough to be her father and that she was confused upset and nearly out of her mind with fear. He vowed he would do his best to look after her and try to find out what had happened. Although he knew he never had a clue how to go about it.

Dan said it was time for bed, as he wanted an early start in the morning. He wanted to replenish his stores before setting off in search of what ever they could find. They had separate bedrooms. Dan was woken from a dreamless sleep by the feel of his bed moving, Sharon was getting into his bed. She was scared and didn’t want to be alone any more. She cuddled up to him sobbing. Her held her in his arms and reassured her, telling her he would look after her but she needed to sleep as they had a long day ahead of them. She kissed him on the cheek and cuddled up to him and instantly fell asleep.

Dan had trouble sleeping; with a young and very pretty girl cuddled in his arms in bed he couldn’t help feeling the way he did. But he was determined he was not going to take advantage; she needed a father figure, someone to help and to look after her. Maybe as time went on they could become lovers, but not yet. But what was he going to do about his hard on. He tried to relax and think of something else, anything but the girl in his arms, he knew he had to relieve himself but he couldn’t do it now, he would only wake her if he got out of bed, he was determined that he would get through the night somehow without touching her or himself. But first thing in the morning while in the bathroom he will relieve himself then.

He eventually fell asleep but his dreams were full of young Sharon, even in his dreams he didn’t touch her, he could only see her naked body as though he was looking through an opaque film, he could see her body was naked but couldn’t make out any detail. But he was playing with himself while looking at her, gently stroking his cock, then in his dream she came to him and engulfed his cock in her mouth, oh it was heaven, it was warm and soft, sucking and licking, in and out of her mouth it was coming right out so just the tip was in her mouth when she would suck and gently chew on the end, driving him wild. Then it was all in her mouth, her nose was amongst his pubic hair and her tongue was licking his balls while the head of his cock was right down the back of her throat. She kept this up while fondling his balls with her hands for a few minutes. He knew somehow that he was dreaming, but somehow it felt real. It wasn’t long before he came, he had not cum this much for a long time but it was glorious, it felt as though it would never stop, he thought his insides were spurting out of the end of his cock. It woke him, but he could still feel his cock being sucked, he lay there with his eyes closed enjoying the feeling, until he realized where he was and who was with him. He prayed to God he hadn’t woken her; it would be far to embarrassing how could he explain to her. He decided to slip out of bed and go to the bathroom to clean up before she woke. But as he tried to slip his legs out of bed Sharon emerged from under the covers with a big smile on her face and licking her lips.

Dan looked at her in horror, worried and scared stiff about what he had made her do, even if it was while he was asleep. He had read stories about people doing all sorts while they were asleep. But Sharon said I hope you don’t mind and I hope you enjoyed it. She then cuddled up to him again playing with his cock. Dan could only lie there speechless counting his blessings.

Sharon thought of how her and her girlfriend used to compete to see who could make the boys cum the quickest with their mouths; she had never let a boy fuck her, as she didn’t want to get pregnant. Anyway she thought after they had sucked them off the boy’s weren’t really interested and wanted to get away and do other things. One day her friend had said that she was feeling really horny after giving the boy’s a blow job and needed to satisfy herself, so they had done it together and she had really enjoyed watching her friend and that her own orgasm had been really strong with looking at her friends pussy. After that when she was alone in bed masturbating she would think about sucking cock and looking at her friends pussy, then she started to wonder about sucking her friends pussy. It took her a few weeks to build up the courage, but in the end she told her friend. Instead of playing hell with her, her friend said she had been thinking about it as well. She said a boy had tried to do it to her once but he was hopeless and didn’t like the taste or all the juice. So her and her girlfriend had oral sex together. Sharon had really enjoyed it and couldn’t get enough, her friend had enjoyed it but complained about how much Sharon cum and didn’t know that a girl squirted juice. But Sharon thought every girl did as she had squirted nearly every time she masturbated.

Sharon hoped she hadn’t upset or embarrassed Dan, but she loved the taste of cum and hadn’t had any for weeks and also thought that Dan hadn’t been with anyone for ages and just couldn’t resist the temptation. Also Dan had been really good to her and she liked him a lot.

All the while she had been fondling his cock, and he was rock hard. But Dan was still in shock. She slid down the bed and started sucking his cock again. Dan thought, what the hell, I might as well enjoy this and take advantage. He gently pulled her up the bed and said, how about I do the same for you, but first I would like to see you naked if you don’t mind. With that she jumped out of bed and stripped, she posed and postured for him, she wasn’t shy in showing her body and he saw her from every angle. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her, he wanted to feel her generous firm boobs with their upturned erect nipples he needed them in his mouth. She had a slim waist, flat stomach, and the longest slim legs he had ever seen, her legs didn’t quite meet at the top so her pussy lips were on permanent display, they were covered with the finest wisps of hair, they were neat and tucked up inside, he thought to himself that her pussy had not seen much action if any. He couldn’t wait to taste it. She turned and showed him her bottom oh it was perfect. Heart shape and just the right amount of plumpness and oh so firm, she bent forward from the waist and showed her pussy and puckered anus, he was gagging for her. He was in heaven.

He invited her back to bed, he was as hard as a rock and didn’t think he would last very long at all, but he was determined to enjoy her body before he shot his load. He was just as determined to make her beg for relief, beg to come back for more. He wanted to show her the full enjoyment she can get from her body, and how to give a man everything and more that he could desire.

He stroked her hair, her cheeks and neck, nibbled gently on her lips, ears and neck. Gently stroked her breasts, thighs and bottom. He kissed her full on her mouth, gently playing his tongue around her lips until she parted them, then he licked inside her mouth and tongue, until she was doing it back to him. He gently sucked her tongue into his mouth, she was trying to get it further and further into his mouth she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. All the while he was stroking her body gently, her boobs feeling her bullet nipples in his palms, stroking her stomach feeling it ripple under his fingers, her thighs parted when he stroked them, she raised her groin to his hand trying to get him to touch her, her thighs were slippy with her juices, he fondled her firm buttocks, she opened her legs and pushed herself back wanting him to play with her pussy but he wouldn’t yet.

He stroked her boobs pinched her nipples, nibbled her ears and neck. He moved his hands down her body stroking every inch of her; he followed closely behind with his mouth and lips. Sucking and nibbling, at last he had those boobs and nipples in his mouth, she tasted so sweet he couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. He licked and nibbled his way down her stomach to her thighs, which she parted, but he wanted to taste all of her, he licked her thighs tasting the juices leaking from her pussy, god it was beautiful. But he went down her legs kissing and nibbling she was writhing on the bed softly moaning she had never felt like this, her stomach was churning her pussy was on fire she needed to cum, she reached trying to get hold of his cock she wanted it in her mouth. Dan had reached her feet, no one had ever kissed them before, she thought it was odd but it really felt nice she wanted more, he was licking the soles of her feet and she could feel it all the way up her body, he sucked her toes into his mouth and licked between them, she was ticklish and wanted to stop him and giggle but it was doing something to her insides and her pussy was getting hotter and wetter as he did it. But all to soon he started licking up the backs of her legs, god she didn’t know that could feel so good, then behind her knees she was convinced they were connected directly to her stomach and pussy, the waves of pleasure coursing through her body were unbelievable, she was close to cumming. He then turned her on to her stomach, he licked up the back of her thighs and on to her buttocks, oh no she thought he is not going to lick my bum is he, that’s not what bums are for. But he spread her cheeks and gently licked closer and closer to her puckered hole, god it was sensational she had never felt anything like it in her life. She opened her legs wide and offered her bottom up to him, she was stretching as wide as she could she wanted his tongue up her arse it was the most erotic sensation she had ever had, he then licked her pussy, from her clitoris back to her anus and back again. Then his tongue went between her pussy lips and into her hole he then started to push his tongue in and out of her pussy, licking her clit and arse hole she was in heaven. She was not the only one, Dan thought she tasted heavenly, he thought he had found the nectar of the gods he couldn’t believe her taste. He wondered if it was because she was a virgin she was so sweet, her juices were not too thick but it stayed on his tongue and around his mouth it was beautiful. He turned her onto her back and lifted her legs up and pushed them back to her shoulders so she was wide open to his tongue. She immediately put her arms between her legs and put her feet behind her head, she was as wide and exposed to him as she could be. He used his mouth and fingers on her, he sucked her clit into his mouth and inserted two fingers into her searching for that special spot they called the “G” spot, he thought he had found it when she started bucking and twisting, she was now humping his hand and mouth, she was soaking wet he stroked her puckered anus with a finger of his other hand, her hole began to dilate, his finger slid just inside he pumped it gently, it opened wider and wider his finger went further and further in until it wouldn’t go any further, she was still bucking and humping and now she was screaming for more, he slipped a second finger into her arse that was when she exploded into orgasm, her juices were squirting out of her it was in his mouth all over his face, head and hands, he tried to drink it but there was far to much. When she calmed down she was laid on the bed in a state of total exhaustion, her legs, thighs the bed and Dan were soaking with her cum, Dan noticed that even the wall at the bottom of the bed was dripping with her juice, he had never experienced anything like it in his life.

Sharon was exhausted and limp; he could have done anything he wanted to her, as she was sleeping if not unconscious. He spent a long time looking at her naked form wanting her, but not until she had recovered. Instead he drew the covers over her and went down stairs to make a drink and a meal.

It was getting on in the day when Sharon finally came downstairs, too late to go travelling that day so they used the remains of daylight to replenish their supply’s and to get as many condoms as they could find, Dan explaining he wanted to make love to her but under the circumstances they couldn’t risk her becoming pregnant. As they were driving around looking for somewhere to get supply’s Dan noticed a luxurious mobile home, something along the lines of a His mind went into overdrive about the possibilities of such a vehicle and a gorgeous young girl. Dan and Sharon checked it out, she was in awe of it, the best thing she had ever seen, and can they please have it. She especially liked the swivel armchair in the passenger side up front, the fold down double bed and the shower. She told Dan she would learn to cook so that she could make him a meal in the fitted kitchen while he did the driving. Then she saw the TV and DVD player. They really needed that and some DVD’S. Together they loaded it up with their stuff from the 4×4 and set off to get supplies, fuel and extra water. Sharon had the time of her life swinging in the swivel seat and talking twenty to the dozen about what they could do together, what DVD’S they simply had to get. She asked rather coyly if they could get some rude DVD’S, she had seen one once and would like to watch more with Dan. There were none in the shops; not even the sex shop they found but Sharon did get a couple of vibrators. They searched a few houses for some and came up trumps in one house where they found a dozen or more. Dan wasn’t comfortable with taking things from houses but told himself he was only borrowing them and would return them. In fact he left a message to that fact with his contact details. Then thought it was futile but left it any way. He also thought he would have his work cut out trying to keep this girl happy, he didn’t know how right he was.

The plan now was to have a meal then bed to make love for the rest of the night and continue with their travels the next day, if they were able to.

After their meal, Dan said he wasn’t prying, but wanted to know if she was a virgin. He wanted to know how gentle he needed to be, he didn’t want to be to rough and spoil her first experience.

She told him that she had some experience but had never made love to anyone. She couldn’t tell him everything, not just yet. But she did tell him that no one had ever touched her bottom before, and it had been the best feeling she had ever had, would he do it again for her.

They ran the engine on the camper and heated the water for a shower, the water had run cold by the time Dan finished washing her and he didn’t think his dick had got wet as it was in Sharon’s mouth more than it was out.

When they got to bed Dan was harder than he had ever been before, and Sharon was begging him to make love to her, but he was determined to take his time, to make it a memorable, wonderful feeling for her first time, he didn’t want to disappoint her. He also knew that he was that far gone he wouldn’t last long once he was inside her. He kissed her mouth, massaging her lips and tongue with his tongue and sucking on her tongue, caressing her body, gently stroking her boobs and stomach, her back and thighs, her bottom the tops of her inner thighs just to the side of that delectable pussy, it was oozing juices and running down her thighs and the crack of her bum. He allowed his fingers to follow it and caressed her puckered anus, she moaned into his mouth and lifted her hips to give him better access to her anus, she wanted his fingers up there again. Dan started to lick and suck his way down her body, he needed to feel her button hard nipples in his mouth, he also needed to taste her pussy so he scooped some of her juices up and spread it on her boobs, he was in heaven a pussy flavoured button hard nipple. Dan licked and sucked down her stomach, over her mound between her thighs and just giving her pussy lips and clitoris a gentle lick with his tongue, she had her legs wide open and bent right back to give him easy access, he licked and sucked her crinkled anus, Sharon was moaning and squirming, begging him to stop, then begging no don’t stop do it again put your fingers up there, Dan poked his tongue up and licked and sucked on her anus, her pussy was pouring with her juices. Dan judged she was ready to take him and slipped a condom on, his fingers took over from his tongue and he slipped one up her anus as far as it would go. He licked and sucked his way up her body, all the time she was bucking her hips on to his hand trying to fuck her own arse on his finger. He kissed her mouth, she clung onto him, keeping his finger up her arse he climbed between her legs pulling them over his shoulders, he lowered himself gently into her sopping pussy, he could feel her outer lips open he pushed further he had a couple of inches inside her now, God she was tight and hot, even through the condom which he hated using he could feel her heat and how wet she was. She was moaning into his mouth, sucking and licking his tongue, her arms were around his neck pulling him in as hard as she could, pushing her hips up to meet him, he felt resistance but she pushed up hard and he was through. Sinking into heaven, she was tight, hot and soft gripping and squeezing all at once, Dan lay still basking in the glory of this young virgin, just letting the beautiful feeling emanating from his cock wash through his body.

Sharon whimpered, it had hurt but not that much, she could feel Dan’s cock right up inside her it was hurting, she felt full but oh my God it felt so good she never wanted this to end. His finger up her arse felt fabulous but not half as good as his cock in her pussy. She tried to squeeze it with her muscles and it felt really good it was taking the pain away. She felt Dan start to move slowly just short strokes, it was heaven she didn’t mind the pain in fact it had all but stopped. She was glad she hadn’t let any of the boys do it to her before; none could have made her feel as good as this, Dan was a real man. Dan started to take longer strokes he pulled it most of the way out then shoved it all the way back in nice and slowly. She could feel a sense of emptiness as he pulled out, but the feelings on the insides of her pussy as his cock dragged along them sent thrills all through her body and her pussy lips seemed to flutter, then when he shoved back in she could feel herself become full again and the dragging feeling along the inside was more intense sending thrill after thrill through her entire body. But the best feeling of all was when his cock head seemed to knock against a lump of something in the roof of her pussy canal, every time he pushed in he bumped it, a shock went through her body her legs trembled and she felt an immense pressure inside her pussy. If this is what making love felt like she never wanted to stop. Then Dan started to speed up his strokes, the feelings she was experiencing were gathering pace they were becoming one and now her clitoris was rubbing against Dan she couldn’t stand it but she didn’t want it to stop, then she exploded. Her legs and arms trembled she had no control over them, her eyes rolled up into her head she lost control of her voice, she had electric shocks coursing through her body, she had a tremendous pressure in her stomach which suddenly erupted through her pussy. That was the last she remembered.

Dan could feel her pussy it seemed to be sucking on his penis, when he withdrew her pussy would suck on him trying to stop him getting out, on the in strokes it sucked harder pulling him in, he felt in heaven his cock seemed to bump against something inside her it gave that extra bit of friction that was driving him wild. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He felt her tense, heard her moan and mumble unintelligently she trembled all over then she squirted all over him, that was when he lost it and exploded, he could feel squirt after squirt of cum shooting out of his cock, he thought he was ejaculating his whole insides. He had never felt such a tight soft gripping pussy in his life. He collapsed on top of Sharon and momentarily passed out with the thrill and exhaustion.

When Dan came to Sharon was still sleeping, his cock was still inside her and he had three fingers up her arse, he knew he had to fuck her arse but didn’t have the energy. He rolled off her and she just lay there he couldn’t resist playing with her arse and turned her onto her stomach. He inserted two fingers as far as they would go she was loose so he inserted another and frigged her arse hard and fast, she started to moan and offer her arse to him and told him to stick his cock up there. He told her he couldn’t get hard yet, but she told him she would help. She pushed him onto his back and started fondling his cock and balls, it was working for him slowly then she pulled the condom off him squeezing his cum out of it all over his balls and cock, when it was empty she proceeded to lick it all up, sucking his balls into her mouth making sure she got every drop, then she took his cock into her mouth and sucked that clean. Dan was hard now Sharon straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock taking it all up her arse in one go his balls were squashed against her arse cheeks. Sharon did all the work, she bounced up and down on Dan’s cock and played with her pussy, she could feel him filling her, a different feeling than when he was in her pussy but it was a good feeling. She squeezed his cock with her muscles as she bounced up and down, she slid two fingers up her pussy and rubbed her clit she knew she would cum soon, she heard Dan moan then felt him squirting inside her it was a funny but wonderful feeling and sent her over the top. She came, not as hard as before but she still squirted and squirted all over Dan’s face, he opened his mouth trying to drink it she loved that.

Dan thought, dear God the girl is a nymphomaniac, she deliberately poured my spunk on me and licked it all up, she has taken me all the way up her arse in one go and it is as tight as can be. She even sucks with her arse she is absolutely fantastic, and oh my god I am cumming again, she was sucking the cum out of his dick with her arse, then she squirted on him, he tried to catch as much as he could in his mouth it tasted like nectar. She had no shame playing with herself like that and she is only sixteen, what will she be like with a few more years experience.

Sharon collapsed on top of Dan, they hugged and kissed and settled down to sleep, Sharon’s head was on Dan’s shoulder her arm across his chest and her leg over his, they slept the sleep of the totally satiated.

The next morning Dan was awake early, although he was loathe leaving the bed and Sharon, he knew he had to get up so they could resume their journey. Dan had one last feel then dragged himself from the bed went downstairs to make a drink. Sharon wasn’t long behind him, rubbing her eyes and stretching her naked body had Dan salivating. He told her to get dressed as he wanted to leave she could make a bit of breakfast on the move. She mumbled light heartedly about not being able to get any satisfaction around here so she might as well go searching for a stiff cock. Dan tapped her arse and told her to get a move on saying she had her new toy vibrators to play with if she was that horny.

Once they were on the road and had had a meal, Sharon turned the heat up and settled into the front passenger seat, all she had on was a very short mini skirt that left nothing to the imagination, and a thin see through blouse. Dan was finding it very difficult to concentrate on his driving, but he didn’t want to crash as they were well into the countryside miles from any town or city. Sharon was examining her new dildo’s and asking Dan what to do with them, do I put them in my mouth like this, or do I put it in my pussy like this, stretching her legs wide and slipping the dildo inside herself. Or do they go up my arse like this lifting her legs back as far as they would go and slipping the dildo up her arse. Dan was going wild the little minx, but he wanted to get to a built up area as soon as possible to replenish the fuel, as this vehicle was a right gas-guzzler. He pretended to ignore her and carried on driving. But Sharon knew what she was doing to him. When he refused to let her suck his cock while he was driving she feigned a huff and went into the back of the van and put a porn video on and commenced telling Dan in graphic detail what was happening in the film and what she was doing to herself. When Dan refused to turn and look at what she could do she went to the front of the vehicle and with her back to Dan bent forward at the waist to show Dan that she had a dildo up both her arse and pussy at the same time, saying she didn’t know that was possible and it was a pity Dan didn’t have two cocks, but there again three would be better she said as she could be sucking on one at the same time. She said teasingly, it looks like the only way a girl could get some satisfaction around here. Dan couldn’t take any more and slammed the brakes on, jumped out of his seat dropped his trousers and shoved his cock down her throat. As soon as he was in her mouth he came, she swallowed all of it licked her lips and asked Dan with a coy smile on her face, whatever had made him so horny.

They reached another city, had a drive around but found no-one, they replenished their supplies and fuel, even getting extra cans to increase the spare supply, then they looked for somewhere to stay the night, they decided upon the luxury hotel. With neither gas nor electricity it wasn’t so luxurious, but there was plenty of bottled drink and canned food, the beds were comfortable and they had the run of the whole building. Which they used naked, oral sex in one room, then a bit of hand stimulation in another, a bit of pussy fucking in the foyer, then finishing up with anal sex on the dance floor. Sharon said that had really turned her on as she imagined an audience. She also told Dan that she loved to feel his cum spurting up her arse and throat but wanted to experience in her pussy but the condom spoilt it. Dan argued that it could be dangerous if she got pregnant; her answer was, if she went on the pill she would be ok and could they look for some tomorrow. When Dan explained it would be a few weeks before they took effect. Sharon said with that coy look on her face, they can carry on with the condoms until then, and also by then she would have taught him how to do it properly, to make sure she enjoyed it when they finally rode bareback as she liked to call it.

When they went to bed Dan was knackered, it didn’t matter what she did he couldn’t rise to the occasion. She asked Dan if he would mind her masturbating with her dildos and when she cums could she squirt it all over his face. Dan was all for that. She used the dildos on her pussy and arse while she sucked on Dan’s semi erect cock, when she was on the verge of orgasm she jumped on to Dan’s chest and pointed her pussy at his face and squirted. He tried his best to swallow as much as he could but couldn’t manage it all; it ran down his face and into the pillow. Sharon lent forward and started to lick his face clean, stating it wasn’t as thick as his cum and tasted completely different but she liked it. Sharon lay down next to Dan replacing the dildos back in her pussy and arse, put her head on his shoulder, arm across his chest and leg over his and promptly fell asleep. When Dan awoke it was to Sharon sucking his cock and a tight full feeling in his arse, he could also hear the gentle hum of the dildos, he reached down Sharon’s body and felt the dildos in her pussy and arse, he realized she had her finger up his arse it wasn’t unpleasant just odd. But the extra pressure in his rectum when he came made his orgasm extra intense, he was convinced this time that his insides had shot out of the end of his cock. Sharon came from under the cover smiling, licking her lips and saying, ha ha I got it working again.

They got out of bed and left the hotel, Dan had dressed but Sharon hadn’t bothered saying no-one would see her and she was going to have a shower when the water warmed up. They set off on their search, Dan driving Sharon making a bit of breakfast, she sat in the front passenger seat naked to eat and fed Dan as he drove dipping his food into her pussy before feeding him, Dan complained he was the only one getting juice with his food so she dipped her own food in her pussy as well. Dan was in heaven and was secretly glad everyone else had disappeared.

Sharon asked if he had enjoyed his blowjob that morning with her finger up his arse. He told her that if she had asked first he wouldn’t have let her do it, as he thought that sort of thing wasn’t for the likes of him. But now he had changed his mind and would love for her to do it again. Sharon took her first birth control pill, and made a note on the calendar stating it was only six weeks until she could feel him cumming in her pussy.

This is how it went for the next few weeks, until one day they were in a small town just outside Manchester, when they saw a woman and a young girl standing in the road flagging them down. The woman looked to be in her thirties and the girl about 11 or 12. When Dan pulled up they collapsed to the ground sobbing.

Quickly Sharon ran to the back of the vehicle and threw some clothes on, while Dan got out to help, he was wary he took his rifle and searched the area with his eyes seeing no-one he knelt down to help.

Dan lifted the woman and Sharon the girl and took them inside the vehicle. When they had calmed down and had a drink, their story was that they had met about four weeks before and had been looking around everywhere, looking for someone anyone and just eating out of tins, which they had helped themselves to from the shops. They had slept in whatever bed they were nearest to when it got dark.

A long time ago the woman who’s name was Ann and was 34 years old had a big argument with her husband and stormed out of the house jumped into the car and driven off in a temper. She had driven into the countryside and stopped the car to cry. When she had calmed down and was ready to go home and face her husband a thick fog had come down and she couldn’t see a thing, so she decided to stay where she was till it cleared. That was the last she remembered until the following morning when everywhere was clear and everyone had disappeared.

She couldn’t tell them that the argument was about her husband coming home a couple of days early from a meeting abroad, and catching her in a full blown orgy with three other women and four men.

The young girl Tia, who was 11, had been having a sleep over with her friend and they had argued. She had snuck out of her bedroom window at night and started to walk home, she thought she knew the way home across the fields, but a thick fog had come down and she couldn’t see anymore. She sat down scared in the middle of a field and started to cry. She was really frightened. But that is the last she remembered until it was light and the fog had gone. But when she got home she couldn’t find anyone at all, no Mum or Dad or sisters. Not even her dog and cat. She was on her own for ages and ages getting food where she could and just walked and walked around town until Ann found her, they have been together since.

While they looked for a place to stay the night Dan thought about all their stories. They all had the same thing in common except Dan hadn’t seen any fog.

They had all had arguments, they had all been somewhere remote from the rest of the population, or were where they could not easily be seen and they had all fallen asleep when the fog came down but couldn’t remember anything until they woke on a clear morning with no sign of any living thing. After some questions they all agreed that it had happened on the same night and no one had any idea what had happened. None of them felt any immediate danger but they were all scared. As far as Dan was concerned there may have been a fog but he thought he was too drunk to notice and had fell asleep because of the drink. But then he never had a hang over the following morning so he wasn’t sure. Dan was no nearer to knowing what had happened, but he was convinced the fog had something to do with it.

Another thing that was on Dan’s mind, the sexual fun with Sharon would certainly be confined to the bedroom, how was she going to be with that? Other than that he was really glad and relieved to find more living people. Which gave him confidence in finding more.

A meal was cooked aboard the vehicle and Ann and Tia took advantage of the shower saying they hadn’t had one for simply ages. They discussed their plans and every one was happy to keep travelling the country in search of other people and maybe an explanation of what had happened. They found a house to sleep in and Ann said Tia could sleep with her to give Dan and Sharon some privacy.

Dan explained that they wouldn’t be travelling the next day, as now there were four of them they needed extra supplies. He also thought they would have to get some family oriented games to keep Tia occupied, he new from past experience how soon kids got bored when travelling in a vehicle all day. But he had no idea what to get as everything was on computers these days, or before all this happened they were.

That night in bed Sharon was wilder than ever, complaining that she was as horny as hell because she had had nothing for simply ages. Dan thought, yeah four or five hours is simply ages ago. She climbed on top of him with no foreplay got him hard put a condom on him and sunk her pussy straight down onto him, as soon as he was all the way in to his balls Sharon gave a long moan, shivered and squirted all over him. Dear god said Dan you really needed that didn’t you. Sharon told him that having the others with them had upset her at first, but then she started thinking of them all having sex together, had tried to reject it but the images kept coming back into her mind and stronger each time, it had really got her worked up. She also said she doubted if it would ever happen but she liked the idea of it.

She told Dan that she thought Ann was really sexy and wanted to make love to her, she also fancied teaching Tia. Dan told her that was wrong, as she was only 11 years of age. Pooh she said that’s how old she was the first time she sucked a dick and it cum in her mouth.

Now she said I need a drink of cum before I sleep, then took Dan’s cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking, when Dan was close to cumming she pushed her finger up his anus and worked it in and out, when he had loosened up she put a second finger up him and pushed up as far as she could go, Dan blew his load he felt the head of his cock sliding down her throat and his arse clenching her fingers, he didn’t think he would ever recover. He was worried about what was happening to him, liking his arse penetrated but he was not about to put a stop to it soon.

The next morning after breakfast they went looking for stores, while the girls went looking for clothes Dan stocked up on food, water and fuel. He also found a few board games, monopoly, cluedo and the like, he also got some children’s DVD’S. He thought he would let Tia and Ann choose what music they would like to play. He did pick up a couple of personal cd players with earphones just in case. He also got a large supply of batteries and some new toys for Sharon and a slim vibrator that he thought he could try up his own arse. He was getting seriously worried now.

The girls asked if he had found any portable DVD players, so they could watch a movie in bed. Sharon asked if they could go in search of more porn movies.

That night in bed, Sharon put on a show for Dan with her new toys. She also tried his new slim vibrator on him while he masturbated, as she wanted to see how far he could shoot his cum with that up his arse.

The next morning they set off early, breakfasting on the move. Sharon fed Dan and the minx even managed to give him her juice with his food. Dan thought with a smile on his face, there is no stopping that girl.

During a short break around noon one day, Dan was resting in a deck chair outside in the sun when Sharon came out all excited. She had caught Tia watching one of the porn movies on her portable DVD player; Ann was asleep in the bed at the back of the vehicle. Tia said she had found the movie while looking for a movie to watch, she had been watching a lesbian scene and told Sharon not to worry, as that was what she and Ann did in bed at night.

Oh my God Dan said that is so wrong, but Sharon thought it was great and wanted to talk to Ann about it, hoping that she could do the same to her. Dan said they would have to think about it. He really fancied the idea of watching two females making love, and joining in. But he wondered if Tia would be ok sleeping alone for a night, little did he know of Sharon’s plans.

Sharon worked on Dan all the rest of the day trying to persuade him to let her have sex with Ann, that night in bed she sucked him, fingered his arse, let him fuck her arse, making sure he was totally satisfied, all the time she was telling him to imagine what it would be like to have more than one female working on him at the same time, eventually he gave in and told her to try to seduce Ann, but he was going to let her do all the work in setting it all up. Sharon gave him her coy smile and said that if he had agreed in the first place, she wouldn’t have had to go to all the trouble of draining his balls, and he could have had a good nights sleep instead.

The following morning Dan awoke to Sharon sitting on his chest and masturbating furiously, just as he came too properly she squirted her cum all over his face and immediately turned and sucked his cock, fingered his arse and made him blow his load down her throat in very short time.

When Dan had recovered, Sharon asked him if he had enjoyed it, because tonight she intended sleeping with Ann, but not to get jealous, as she would soon have Ann in their bed with them. Dan groaned inwardly, just knowing he could never expect to keep on satisfying Sharon, never mind Ann as well. But he also thought that it wouldn’t kill him, as he had already died and gone to heaven.

Sharon suggested they stay there for the day to give Dan a rest, as he was the only one who did the driving. Ann didn’t have the confidence to drive such a big vehicle. Any way Sharon wanted to look around, as she had never been this far north before. Sharon persuaded Ann to go shopping with her while Dan took Tia to get supplies, fuel and water, maybe Dan could also take Tia to find more DVD’S and anything else she would like. Dan thought, she is a minx, as he knew what the outcome of this shopping trip would be, and now he was looking forward to it, as he thought Ann was beautiful.

They drove into the city shopping centre together and while Dan and Tia went to the supermarket area for food and water. Sharon and Ann went towards the clothes shops.

Sharon just wore a thin top that loosely clung to her body where it touched, leaving her midriff bare, her skimpiest pare of thongs and her shortest mini skirt. Showing her perfect youthful body off and not leaving much to the imagination. As they walked Sharon clung to Ann’s arm making sure her boobs grazed Ann’s arm. While they were looking at clothes Sharon would stretch to the top shelves knowing her top would ride up and show her boobs with a hint of nipple showing. She would bend down to the bottom shelves, just bending at the waste with her legs straight and feet apart, knowing her mini skirt would ride up and she would be showing her bottom and crutch. She also made sure that Ann was in such a position that she had to see everything that Sharon was putting on show.

Sharon spotted an Ann Summers type shop and said that she simply had to look in there to get something sexy to wear for Dan. She chose peek-a-boo and shelf bras, thongs and open crutch knickers. She asked Ann if she thought Dan would like them. Before Ann could answer Sharon stripped naked and started modelling them for Ann, but she made sure she did it slowly and seductively. The look in Ann’s eyes told Sharon that she had her hooked. To make certain she asked Ann to try some on, slowly Ann agreed and as she stripped Sharon complimented her on her body, saying she hoped hers would stay as good and sexy. Sharon offered to help Ann dressing up and made sure she stroked her body as she fastened bras and pulled up knickers, she bent down in front of Ann to help her off with an open crutch pair of knickers and noticed how Ann’s pussy was wet and dripping juices down her legs.

Ann was going wild this little minx was turning her on, she had always been highly sexed and had been with a few women and men in her life, but never one who fired her loins like Sharon did, she had had no hint before today that Sharon would make love to her, but she had fantasised about it. She thought that she would have to just carry on with Tia, which was no bad thing. Tia was a fast learner and for an eleven year old she was very juicy. She loved the way that Tia could get her whole hand as far as her wrist inside her pussy and give her a good fucking. Tia also enjoyed licking and sucking her pussy. She also thought it wouldn’t be much longer before she was stretched enough for Tia to get her fist up her arse, she could already get four fingers right up there and they were practising with trying to get her thumb up as well. She had had some fantastic orgasms with Tia and could get her to do anything, but she missed being able to finger a pussy deep and hard, as she was frightened of hurting Tia by being too rough. She also missed a good hard cock and the feel of it spurting inside her and the taste of mans cum.

Sharon was trying to lift Ann’s leg to get the knickers off her. Ann over balanced and put her hand on Sharon’s head to steady herself. Sharon took this, as a signal of what Ann wanted her to do, so she leaned forward and licked the length of Ann’s pussy. She looked up into Ann’s eyes and saw shock and surprise but also a look of wanting. But Sharon didn’t have time to analyse the look as Ann pulled her head back into her crutch and started grinding her pussy on Sharon’s face. Sharon licked Ann’s lips and sucked them into her mouth, nuzzling Ann’s clit with her nose, while she caressed her legs and thighs. She pushed her tongue as far up Ann’s pussy as she could and licked her insides drinking cum by the bucket load, or so it seemed. She caressed her bottom tickling her puckered anus; Ann was grinding her crutch into Sharon’s mouth holding her head to keep her there. She reached back with one hand and grabbed Sharon’s hand forcing her fingers to her anus, Sharon noticed it dilated and pushed a finger up. Ann soon loosened up so she shoved another finger in, then three and four fingers up Ann’s arse, Sharon could feel her fingers that were up Ann’s arse through the thin skin partition rubbing on her tongue, which was up her pussy. Sharon sucked Ann’s clit into her mouth and put two fingers up her pussy she was frigging Ann’s arse and pussy while sucking on her clit. She put a third and fourth finger in Ann’s pussy and frigged both holes hard. Ann was shaking and moaning while holding Sharon’s head, she went stiff and sunk down onto Sharon’s hands screamed and gushed cum all over Sharon’s hands and face. Then she collapsed onto the floor panting and mumbling />
Sharon lay next to her, stroking her body gently sucking her nipples and kissing her mouth. Slowly Ann recovered and started to return her kisses and stroking and exploring Sharon’s body, Sharon climbed on top licking and sucking Ann’s pussy and offered her pussy to Ann’s mouth in the 69 position. Ann looked at Sharon’s pussy and anus reached her hands round and pulled her cheeks and pussy lips apart looking deep inside her. Then licked her from her clit to her puckered anus, she then started to suck Sharon’s clit and probing her pussy and anus with her fingers, she managed to get two fingers in both holes and thought she was tight but muscular she also tasted so sweet. Ann was searching for Sharon’s “G” spot. Ann was enjoying Sharon’s licking sucking and probing her arse and pussy but was more intent on making Sharon orgasm. She licked and sucked Sharon’s clit, probed her anus and searched for her “G” spot, she new she had found it as Sharon’s legs were opening wider and wider and she was offering herself more and more to Ann’s probing and licking. Ann was ready for Sharon’s orgasm as she stiffened and shuddered, she was ready for Sharon to grind her pussy onto her lips and was ready to drink her cum and to lick it all up. But she wasn’t ready for the pressure or the amount that squirted from Sharon’s pussy, it filled her mouth and no matter how fast she swallowed she couldn’t drink it all. The pressure made sure that what did go in her mouth shot down the back of her throat and all but choked her, the rest went all over her face and hair and the surrounding floor. Ann’s head was caked in Sharon’s cum, her face and hair was dripping with it. She had never seen so much from one person and the thought of it triggered her own orgasm, she mashed her pussy up into Sharon’s face and fingers and let her orgasm take over her whole being, she was in heaven. They collapsed together still in the 69 position and just hugged and stroked each other both satiated for now.

Dan and Tia had finished getting the supplies of food and water all he needed was to find a petrol garage to get fuel for the vehicle, but he would do that when they were all together. There was still an hour to go till they were to meet with Sharon and Ann, so they wandered the stores Tia wasn’t interested in looking at men’s clothing and told Dan that she was going a bit further up the street to look for games and movies. Dan told her to leave her coat outside the shop she was in so he would know where to find her and, not to go out of the street they were in and he would see her in 15 minutes.

Ten minutes later Dan was walking up the street and saw Tia looking in a shop window, as he got closer he noticed it was Ann Summers shop. He thought he would quietly walk her away from it, but as he got to her he could see she had her hand down the front of her pants and playing with herself. There inside the shop on the floor right in front of the window, was Sharon and Ann in a 69 eating each other out; he thought he would have had to pay for that. But he got his wits together and pulled Tia away. He said to her, he was sorry she had seen that and hoped it hadn’t upset her. She told him no that she enjoyed it as her and Ann do it together every night. He was shocked, as he hadn’t really believed Sharon when she had told him a few days earlier.

They all met up and as Dan was getting fuel Sharon told him about what had happened, he told her he already knew as Tia had seen most of it and him some. She asked him if he would mind if she spent the night with Ann saying that he could have her before she went to Ann if he wanted. Dan told her to enjoy herself as he was going to have a drink watch a movie and have a good nights sleep. Thanks Sharon said, then he wouldn’t mind caring for Tia. Oh my God he thought, as he was certain that Tia was a younger version of Sharon. But nothing would happen between him and an 11-year-old girl.

They had chosen a house with a log burner fire and a back boiler for hot water. Dan lit the fire and as the house and water warmed up they cooked and ate a meal on board the vehicle, then settled in the living room with a video and drinks, by now it was cosy and comfortable. Ann announced she was going to take a bath and would Tia like to join her. In the bath Ann explained to Tia that, if she didn’t mind, she would be spending the night with Sharon. If it were ok then Tia would stay with Dan for the night.

Tia thought it was brilliant, she had seen what Sharon did to Dan while they were travelling, how she exposed herself to tease him. She had watched dirty movies with Sharon and Sharon explained every thing to her and how good it all felt. She had even tried to sneak looks at Dan naked. She really wanted to feel what Dan’s cock was like. She would do all Sharon had taught her tonight to get Dan to make love to her. She told Ann what she wanted to do, Ann told her to be careful and not be upset if Dan refused, as she was so young. But if she didn’t succeed tonight Sharon and her would work on Dan to persuade him to do it very soon.

After the bath all of them got cosy in the living room, Tia in one armchair just wearing a skimpy nighty, Dan in another fully dressed. Sharon and Ann together on the settee neither were wearing much either. Halfway through the film, which Dan was enjoying, Sharon and Ann stretched, stood and announced they were tired and were going to bed. Ann pecked Dan on the cheek; Sharon gave him a full on kiss, tongue in his mouth and sucking on his. Then whispered in his ear that the next time they did that he would taste Ann’s pussy on her mouth, winked at him and followed Ann upstairs, wiggling her bottom as she went out of the door.

Tia sat on the settee with her legs up showing she wasn’t wearing any knickers, oh oh here we go thought Dan, he was determined not to touch her. He got himself another drink and settled in the armchair to watch the rest of the movie. Tia tried everything she could think of to turn Dan on, she lay on the settee letting her nighty ride up exposing a hint of her bare hairless pussy, she turned on to her stomach showing her bare bottom, none of it was working as Dan was watching the movie and taking no notice of her. She thought maybe he didn’t want her to see him looking, so she turned on to her stomach, and feigned sleep. Bending one leg and letting it rest against the back of the settee so that her nighty rode up exposing her slightly open hairless pussy. Still pretending to be asleep she let one hand go between her legs and caress her clit with one finger, thinking this would work on Dan. That was the last she remembered till she woke in the early hours in bed alone. Oh she thought I must have fell asleep and Dan has carried me to bed. She climbed out of bed and went to Dan’s bedroom, she was going to say she was scared and could she sleep with him. But he didn’t wake when she climbed into his bed

Dan had seen everything that Tia was putting on show for him he knew what she wanted. He believed her when she said her and Ann had had sex. But he didn’t think he should do anything with her as she was so young and he didn’t want to hurt her, either physically or mentally. But he couldn’t deny the fact that she had turned him on. Dan was beginning to lose his resolve but forced himself to make sure she was asleep and carried her to bed. He went to his own bed, thinking that he had never been so tired and glad he was alone, he soon fell into a deep sleep.

Dan awoke to a naked Sharon straddling his chest masturbating gently, with a cheeky grin on her face. Kneeling at the side of the bed was Ann watching intensely, Dan thought she had her hand under the blanket and was gently stroking his cock. He lay there watching Sharon and when she came all over his face Ann leaned in and licked him clean. Both girls then stood at the side of his bed and said good morning Dan. It took him a while to realise his cock was still being stroked, then who? He lifted the blanket and there was young Tia stroking his cock with one hand caressing his balls with the other and gently licking the head of his cock. Before Dan could say or do anything he felt his balls tighten, Tia gripped him tighter and stroked and licked faster, Dan couldn’t help it he shot his load it splashed on Tia’s face, hair and some went into her mouth. She rolled it around her mouth licked her lips and said yummy, I like that and proceeded to lick more off Dan’s stomach, she sucked his dick into her mouth and cleaned him off. Ann and Sharon licked Tia’s face clean. My God Dan thought that was fantastic, that was it he was now going to fuck her. But first he needed a pee.

Dan climbed out of bed and made his way to the toilet with Sharon following him, she told him to sit on the toilet and not pee until she told him to. Sharon started playing with his cock and it started to rise, she went down on him and got him rock hard, she then climbed on his knee and impaled herself on his cock, Dan complained, couldn’t she wait until he had had his pee, Sharon said do it now, piss inside me. She said they had at least another week to go before he could fuck her without a condom and she could feel him squirting inside her, but she needed to feel something squirting up her pussy now, and this wouldn’t get her pregnant, so for God’s sake piss will you.

Dan let go, Sharon moved up and down; she loved it, feeling extra full with the pressure of the piss inside her as well as Dan’s cock. She could feel it hitting the deepest parts of her pussy it felt strange but oh so good, she was close to cumming. Then all to soon it stopped, she had only needed a bit more and she would have cum, then it squirted again only a short one but it threw her over the edge, then another and she burst.

Strangely Dan enjoyed it, another new experience. Were there no limits to this sixteen year olds imagination? The head of his cock felt very tender, having it stroked as he pissed had felt very erotic. He hadn’t cum, it was too soon after his earlier cum, he didn’t know if he could cum the same time as he was pissing but as soon as it was safe to cum inside Sharon he was determined to try it. The warmth of the liquid that ran over his thighs was strangely erotic as well; he didn’t know if it were just his own piss but knowing Sharon a lot of it would have been her juices.

After bathing Dan went to his bedroom and dressed, he went downstairs thinking they would get on the road and continue their search they could have breakfast while travelling. When he saw what was happening in the living room he knew his plans had to be revised.

The three girls were lying on the floor, Tia had her whole hand up to the wrist in Ann’s pussy and was sucking on her clit, she had four fingers of her other hand up her arse. Ann was sucking on Sharon’s pussy and fingering her arse, Sharon was licking Tia’s puckered anus and fingering her pussy.

As Dan was undressing his plan was to fuck the three of them one after the other, and finish by cumming inside Tia. He grabbed Ann’s shoulders and turned her onto her back, climbed between her legs and entered her; Ann wrapped her legs around his waste and started to hump him, lifting her arse off the floor. Tia took this opportunity to shove her fingers back up Ann’s arse, she also shoved her hand back up her pussy and held onto Dan’s cock as it went in and out, fondling the head of his prick with her fingers. Not to be left out Sharon started to lick Dan’s puckered anus, when she had it wet she inserted two fingers and started to frig him. Dan loved it, it blew his mind he couldn’t take much and he came like he had never cum before. He collapsed on the floor exhausted. As he lay there exhausted he watched Tia licking her hand clean and when that was done she went down on Ann and licked her pussy clean. She was on her knees with her arse up in the air and her legs spread, Dan could see her young virgin pussy and arse and knew he had to fuck her, in spite of Sharon licking and sucking his balls and cock, with two fingers up his arse he couldn’t rise to the occasion. He knew he had to have help in keeping these three happy. He hoped they could find another man soon. He also thought that maybe, since he enjoyed Sharon frigging his arse. This bloke if they ever found one would fuck his arse for him as he was really curious about whether he would like it or not. After all everything and anything seemed normal now. On second thoughts though he hoped the new man’s cock wasn’t too big, well, not till he got used to it.

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    My head now dangled between my arms as I lay over his lap, my ass perched high in the air. Mr Sung was watching closely which only turned me on more. Whack! Whack! Whack! I felt the stings as Mr Thompson’s hand came down on my cheeks - hard and relentless. He moved from one cheek to the other, never really hitting one area on a repeated basis. I knew I was in trouble.This was the third time I had...

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