Deep and lovely dark – final chapter

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Vlad and Rachel had given Lisa a decent burial. Nice and peaceful, Vlad had placed a spell around her grave that would would prevent anyone or anything from interfering with it. Rachel stood in amazement as Vlad raised his arms by his head and chanted some mystic language with his eyes closed. As he spoke the wind picked up. Leaves flew across the grass. What looked like a bright green bubble appeared around the grave before disappearing. "This grave will never be disturbed." Said Vlad with a tear in his eye. Rachel wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly. Vlad hugged her back and kissed the top of her head.

The grave had been set up in their back garden. It was large. Going up the sides were flower beds with a hundred different types of plants. At the end of the garden, two rose bushes had been created by Vlad with Lisa's grave in between the two of them. On the left was a red rose bush and on the right was a blue rose bush. Rachel approached as far as shield around the grave would allow. She kneeled down in front of the grave for one final word with her friend.

"I'm so sorry that this happened." She said with tears in her eyes. "I never got a chance to say it, but I love you like a sister. You're one of the strongest women I've ever met. I promise that the man who did this will not get away with this. Vlad will take care of it, and I'll help with that. Vlad's already in the basement working on his magic whilst trying to find Eckhart's hideout. I love you Lisa, so does Vlad. We will never forget you!"

Rachel stood up and walked back into the house. She walked down to the basement to find Vlad smoking while sat in an armchair. He had pain written over his face. Rachel sat in the chair opposite. "I've failed her." Said Vlad. "I'm sick of losing people. Lisa was under my protection and now she's dead." Rachel kneeled beside him hugging his leg and said "you cant give up Vlad, I need you to be strong for me." Vlad shook his head and said "I cant, I just cant. Everybody I meet dies. Whenever I try to do something good. The world knocks me back down and reminds me that im a monster. I'm not going through that anymore."

Vlad's lack of hope was beginning to make Rachel angry. She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. "If you won't kill the man who murdered my sister, I will. You can stay here and wallow in your self loathing." Rachel turned and stormed away. She ran up to hers and Vlad's room and removed the double barrel shotgun that Vlad kept on top of their wardrobe. She loaded it up and left the room.

Before she could get to the front door she felt a hand grab her arm. She looked back and saw Vlad with a stern look on his face. "Let me go Vlad!" She said angrily. She tried to pull away but Vlad was stronger. He pulled her to his chest and took the shotgun from her, placing it on the table beside them. He placed a hand on the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Rachel tried to fight away but quickly warmed up to it. Soon she placed both her hands on the back of his head and returned the kiss. Their tounges battled with each other as they began ripping away at each others clothes.

Rachel pushed Vlad against the table and began unbuckling his belt. She ripped the belt away from his pants and threw it to the side. She yanked his pants down to his knees and greedily took his cock into her mouth. Vlad moaned loudly and put both hands against the table leaning into it for balance. Rachel bobbed her head up and down making slurping noises. Drool began leaking from her mouth. In one effort she took Vlad's entire length in her mouth, holding herself there for a minute. Before gasping for air as she released his cock from her mouth.

Vlad looked down at Rachel jerking his cock. She looked so beautiful with her long, straight, brunette hair hanging past her shoulders. Her black and white striped top, her tight jeans and black knee length boots. She looked up at him with a wicked smile before taking his cock back in her mouth. Her young snaked around his cock. Vlad's cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

Vlad pulled her up and she started undoing her jeans. Vlad sat her on the table and she pulled her top off. She kept her bra on but pulled her tits out the top. Vlad yanked her panties off. Rachel giggled and spread her legs. Vlad went down on his knees and locked his mouth around Rachel's pussy. Rachel immediately gasped and put her hands on the back of Vlad's head. "Aaaaah fuck! Eat me! Oooh eat my pussy!" She cried. Vlad dragged his tounge up and down her slit before sucking on her clit. Rachel started shaking. Orgasm imminent she lied back with her eyes closed and cried as she filled Vlad's mouth with her juices. Vlad slurped up all the juices he could and stood stroking his cock.

He rubbed it against Rachel's slit, teasing her mercilessly. "Vlad please, please put it in. I need it now!" She said desperately. "Why should I?" Said Vlad. "You aren't going to do as I say so I don't think you deserve it!". "Vlad I promise I'll do whatever you tell me! Please fuck me and I'll do anything you ask!" "Swear to me!" Said Vlad sternly. "I swear I'll never defy you again. Please just fuck me!" Vlad smiled slyly and thrust his whole cock into Rachel in one go making her squeal. "OOOOH! FUCK YES! I LOVE YOUR COCK! I LOVE YOUR VAMPIRE COCK!" Vlad fucked her with no remorse. Pulling out before slamming back in hard and fast. Rachel gripped the edge of the table and cried in pure bliss. Vlad watched her tits bouncing as he pounded her. Their fucking was slowly pushing the table back. Soon they would be fucking in the kitchen.

"Are you my whore Rachel?" He asked still fucking her. "Ooooh yes master! Yes im yours! I'm your whore!" Vlad lifted her legs over his shoulders maintaining his pace. Rachel pushed her tits together and squeezed them tight. Vlad pulled his cock out and pulled Rachel to her knees before pushing his cock into her mouth. He rammed his cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. One his cock hit the back of her throat, she coughed and gagged. Vlad released her and grabbed her by the throat, pulling her to her feet. He spun her round and bent her over the table, pushing her head down. He lined up his cock again and pushed it all the way in. Rachel scratched st the table and growled. Vlad grabbed her by the hips and pounded her. Rachel moaned loudly and slammed her fist into the table. She threw her head back looking Vlad in the eyes. His cruel, beautiful eyes. Vlad grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear. "You're a bad girl Rachel trying to go against me, aren't you?!" When Rachel didn't answer, Vlad slapped her ass making her yelp. "Aren't you?" Said Vlad louder. "Yes master im a bad girl, Oooh! Fuck this bad girl!"

Vlad grabbed her hips and hammered into her pussy grunting loudly. "Oooh! Master please cum inside me! Oooh please cum inside my pussy!" Rachel begged. "No! You're gonna let me cum on your face. Like a good whore! You are a good whore aren't you Rachel?" "Yes master! Im a good whore. Please cum on my face!" Vlad pulled out of her and dragged her to her knees. She kneeled in front of Vlad with her hands in her lap. She looked up at Vlad, eagerly waiting for his load. Vlad stroked his cock groaning loudly as he released load after load onto Rachel's face.

When he was spent, he looked down at Rachel and smiled as he dressed himself. Every inch of her face was covered in thick, salty cum. Suddenly Rachel collapsed on the floor panting hard. Vlad chuckled and scooped her up in his arms. He carried her up to the bedroom and used a wipe to clean her face off. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed next to her holding her tightly. He heard faint sounds of snoring and chuckled before sleep took him.

There's no greater feeling then waking up next to your soulmate. Especially when she's naked. Vlad watched her curled up next to him in a ball. Eventually she rolled and looked into his eyes smiling. "Good morning!" She said sweetly. "Good morning my love" said Vlad smiling. "You fucked me half to death last night! It was so amazing!" She said with her eyes lighting up. Vlad chuckled and stroked the side of her face. Rachel climbed out of bed and said "I'm gonna take a shower." She was almost out of the room when she looked back and said "You're gonna join me!" Vlad had a solid erection in seconds as he eagerly jumped out of bed and went after her. They said shower but it was actually an hour under the water groping and kissing each other. Vlad rubbed her pussy til she orgasmed then took the soap and began washing her down. Rachel then did the same for Vlad.

The two left dressed in their robes and walked arm in arm to the kitchen. Rachel cooked both of them bacon, eggs, beans and poured two cups of coffee. They sat their eating and drinking their coffee. Vlad read the paper and Rachel was on her phone. Suddenly Rachel's phone went off and she left to answer it. Vlad watched her leave and went back to his news paper.


This is bad! She never calls me this early. It would be better if the devil was on the phone. I just have to answer it and take the storm that's coming.

"Hey mom!"
"Do you have something to tell me Rachel?"
Ok now im starting to panic.
"Umm I don't think so. Like what?"
"Well your sister told me that she saw you walking through town, holding hands with a man! Do you have a boyfriend!"
Heart attack avoided.
"Oh yeah! His name is Vlad we met a few weeks ago. He's a really sweet guy!"
"I am your mother! Why do I have to find out from your sister that you finally have a man in your life!"
"I'm sorry mom I wanted to make sure I was serious about this before telling anyone."
Lying through my teeth.
"And are you serious about him?"
"Yeah I really am!"
"Then you can bring over for dinner tonight so that he can get your father's approval."
"Ok mom. Is Beth gonna be there?"
"Ofcourse we'll see you tonight."
"See you tonight!"

Rachel hung up the phone and went back into the kitchen. She sat back opposite Vlad and he said "When do we leave?" Rachel looked at him with a stunned expression. "You heard all that?" "I've got super hearing remember!" He said smiling. Rachel shook her head and said "about six tonight". Vlad smiled and nodded his head.

That night Vlad dressed in his best suit and Rachel put on a summer dress. Vlad turned to see a beautiful woman with her brunette hair tied in a ponytail. She stood their smiling with her hands behind her back. "Do I look ok sir?" Vlad smiled and pulled her in for a deep passionate kiss. They broke the kiss and he looked into her eyes and said "You look beautiful Rachel. But maybe don't call me sir around your parents." Rachel giggled and she grabbed her purse before heading out with Vlad. On the drive over Rachel went down the list on what her father is like. gonna try to make you sweat. Just try to stand your ground but be respectful. Daddy admires that." Vlad chuckled and said "don't worry about me I can handle myself!" "I know baby I just really want you and daddy to get along." "Its ok if I do something wrong, ill just wipe his memory." Vlad laughed at that but Rachel didn't. "I don't want you using magic on my parents!" She said sternly. "babe I was joking."

The parked outside Rachel's parent's house and walked up the pathway. Rachel took a moment to prepare herself before ringing the doorbell. Vlad was calm and stood with his hands behind his back. The door opened and Rachel's mother opened the door and hugged her daughter. She was a short 5'5 brunette woman with c cup breasts. She said how beautiful Rachel looked before turning towards Vlad. "Mom this is Vlad! Vlad this is my mother!" "call me Sarah!" She said extending her hand to Vlad. Vlad took her hand and kissed it. As he did he greeted her and commented on how beautiful she looked this evening. Sarah blushed and told Rachel that Vlad was very charming.

Sarah invited them in to the house. It was a posh house that looked to be very old, yet maintained. Sarah led them into the living room where Vlad saw a man sat in a large red arm chair. He looked to be in his late 40's. He work black pants with a white shirt. The sleeves of his shirt had been rolled up to the elbows. His hair still had colour but was turning grey. He stood up as Vlad and Rachel entered with Sarah. He was almost as tall as Vlad, standing 6ft. He had a stern look on his face as his baby girl jumped over to hug him. She introduced him to Vlad and they shook hands. "Firm grip I like that! It's good to finally meet you Vlad! call me Geoffrey!".

Sarah asked Rachel to help her with dinner, leaving the men in the living room to talk. Geoffrey asked Vlad about how he and Rachel met. Vlad explained all except the first date sex and the fact that he was an immortal blood sucking demon. "Listen. That's my baby girl. Anyone who hurts her is gonna regret it!" Said Geoffrey. "I understand but Rachel is under my protection. I love her. Trust me when I say that anyone that tries to hurts her is going to have to deal with both of us!" Said Vlad. Geoffrey smiled lightly and nodded. Geoffrey pulled a beer out of the mini fridge beside his chair and handed it to Vlad. They continued chatting about many topics including Vlad's work. To which he said that he said that he inherited the company from his father but not until Vlad proved he was strong enough for the responsibility. A blatant lie but he cant say "I started the company 120 years ago." Geoffrey told the story of how he and Sarah met.

Sarah was a waitress at a cafe when she and Geoffrey were 21. Geoffrey was a customer who saw and instantly liked Sarah. She was a beautiful young woman. Geoffrey promised her a large tip to sit and talk to him while he drank his coffee. So everyday Geoffrey came to the cafe, Sarah brought him his coffee and sat talking to him and as promised Geoffrey left her a 20 dollar tip. That's how it was for two weeks until Geoffrey finally asked her out on a date which she accepted. They went to the fair and had an incredible time riding bumper cars and going on rides. Geoffrey played games for most of the night til he won Sarah a large teddy bear. He drove her home and walked her to the front door. He asked her if he'd earned a second date. She smiled at him and said that his chances were good. She planted a kiss on his lips before going inside.

Vlad smiled at how masterfully he earned such a beautiful woman. At that moment, Sarah and Rachel entered and announced that dinner would be ready soon. They all sat at the table and ate Sheppard's pie. At that moment the front door opened and a young woman entered and hung up her coat before entering the kitchen. She's was almost a carbon copy of Rachel except with smaller c cup breasts. She had short brunette hair that hung just above her shoulders. She wore a striped sweater with tight jeans and knee length boots. The woman and Rachel squealed and hugged each other. "Vlad honey this is my sister Beth" Said Rachel. Vlad stood and shook her hand. Beth smiled and said "You did good sis, he's very handsome". Rachel giggled and said "Yeah just remember he's my man!" They both laughed and sat the table. Sarah served another plate for Beth and they spent dinner talking. Actually Beth caught up with her family and occasionally asked Vlad a question.

Vlad learned that Beth was a hairdresser. She'd just come back from a long holiday in Hawaii. Beth and Rachel had always been close as sisters. Rachel used to talk to her on the phone for hours. Unfortunately with everything in her life over the last few weeks, she hadn't called in a while. Beth seemed a little saddened by this fact but didn't get on Rachel for it. Rachel promised to make it up to her and they continued eating. Geoffrey began asking Vlad about his interests. Geoffrey told Vlad of his love for motor sport. Something Vlad knew alot about since he had been going to the races since before anyone at the table was born. Vlad even went undercover to drive for Nigel mansell a few times. Geoffrey admired Vlad's knowledge and they sat talking about the sport even when everyone else had left the table.

Three glasses of wine later, it was getting late and Vlad announced that he was going to find Rachael. Before he left the kitchen, Geoffrey called him back. "Remember in my house, you keep your hands to yourself." He said sternly. Vlad smiled and said "Yes sir!"

Vlad left passed Sarah smiling at her as he went by. As he walked down the hall he heard Sarah kiss Geoffrey in the kitchen and say "Thankyou for being so well behaved today. I promise you won't regret it later." "Honey, you know I'd do anything for my girls! He seems like a good guy." Vlad left them to their moment and walked down the hall where he heard Rachel and Beth talking in Beth's room. Vlad stood by the door and listened. "Rachael I get that he's a nice guy. But how good is he at fucking? I mean he looks like he could be a sexual animal." Rachael laughs and says "Sis you have no idea how true that is." "So the first time you were together, how was it." Rachael takes a moment but then says "I'll put it this way. No one's every made me orgasm more then once before. And his cock was so big I had to think about whether or not I could go any further." "Why? How big was he?" Lisa asks with a curious tone. "Its a 10 inch monster!" "Bullshit! He cant be that big!" She says with disbelief. "Vlad honey, I know your out there can you come in here."

Vlad entered the room to see the two sat on a double bed. Vlad stood beside Rachel and said "Yes my dear?" With a smile. "Can you show Beth what makes me love you so much." Vlad smiled and reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet. Beth laughed hard and Rachael playfully slaps Vlad's arm. "Honey show her what makes me worship you." Without hesitation Vlad unzipped himself and dropped his pants. His cock hung free and Beth gasped as she put her hand over her mouth. "Oh my god!" She said. Her words came out muffled through her hand. Rachel sat their grinning. "Yep. That's all mine. Thanks honey, you can go out and talk to mom and dad now." Vlad smiled nodding his head as he pulled up his pants and left the room.

Beth was still in shock as Rachel smiled waiting for her to talk. "You lucky bitch, I'd be in heaven I had that all to myself." Said Beth making Rachel Laugh. "Yeah and he really knows how to use it. Don't tell dad but we had sex on our first date and it was the best I've ever had, and it just kept getting better." Beth was at a loss for words she kept trying to think of how her boyfriend Jack might be better then Vlad but she came up with nothing. "Sis don't take this the wrong way but I'm actually jealous." Rachel was loving this. Her and Beth had always been competitive being twins. Now she'd hit the gold mine.

"Well I'm sure Vlad would let you sample him!" Rachel said outta nowhere. Beth looked up at Rachel with wide eyes. Was Rachel really suggesting that she have sex with Vlad? "But… But that's your boyfriend. I thought you two were serious?" Rachel laughed and said "We're only serious when we're married. I don't mind sharing him. But in this case I won't be there watching." Beth thought for a moment but shook her head and said "No! No I don't wanna make things awkward with us. I love you sis and I don't wanna hurt you!" "Beth we use to share everything, rooms, beds, clothes." "Yeah! When we were kids. I don't wanna sleep with someone your clearly in love with." Rachel leaned forward and took Beth's hands. "Beth I promise you, I won't hold this against you. I love you and wouldn't offer him to you unless I was absolutely sure." Beth bowed her head not knowing what to do. "Think about it ok!"

Rachel stood and kissed Beth on the head and left the room. She walked into to see Vlad having a scotch with Geoffrey. "Sorry honey but we'd better be going." Rachel said hugging Vlad around his waist. "of course, you'll have to drive. One scotch whiskey too many." Said Vlad smiling. Vlad shook Geoffrey's hand and got a hug from Sarah and a warning to take care of Rachel from both parents. Vlad gave them his word. As Vlad walked to the car, Rachel hugged her father giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I love you daddy!" She said sweetly. "I love you too baby girl. Look I like Vlad he's a good man. I can see he has a lot of love for you." Those words made Rachel's eyes light up. She hugged her father again and walked away waving.

Later that night Vlad and Rachel walked through the front door of their home. As soon as the door was shut Rachel spun around and planted a deep and passionate kiss on Vlad's lips. "Thankyou for tonight. Mom and dad really like you." "Your father's a good man. He puts other people before himself. I'm not ashamed to say that he's a better man than me." Said Vlad smiling. "Vlad I love you but my dad will always be the most important man in my life." Vlad nodded still smiling and kissed Rachel back. "I think we should go to bed so I can show you how much I love you." Said Rachel with a sly grin. She took Vlad's hand and led him to the bedroom where she stripped Vlad down and made him lie on the bed. She proceeded to do a strip tease for him which made him rock hard in seconds. Rachel smiled devilishly at him and straddled his lap. "im gonna wear you out tonight!" She said with a sexy confidence. She lined herself up and dropped herself on Vlad's cock and they made love all night.

The next morning Rachel was awakened by her phone ringing. Since Vlad's hearing was 100x better than any humans, he was awakened to. Rachel gave him a kiss and told him to go back to sleep. Vlad rolled back over and went back to sleep. Rachel looked at her phone and saw it was Beth. "Hey Beth what's up?" She said happily. "hey I uh… I wanted to talk about last night." Rachel's smile quickly left. "Yeah im sorry about that, I made you uncomfortable and I won't bring it up again." "No I uh… I was… Wondering if.. The offers still open." Rachel's smile quickly returned and said "Yes. It is. Why?" Rachel knew the answer but she wanted to hear it. "Can you ask Vlad to come to mom and dads house around 7? I'm staying there for a few days." Said Beth with a nervous tone. "He'll be there." They both said goodbye and Rachel practically skipped back into the bedroom. She jumped onto the bed waking Vlad up. She felt her panties soak at the sight of Vlad's ripped chest. As she briefed Vlad on what was happening, he smiled and agreed to go.

They sat and ate breakfast together both thinking about the day ahead. Rachel kept getting texts from Beth asking for advice including what she should wear. "Wow has it really been that long for her?" She thought. Rachel thought back to when Beth would brag about how many guys she'd slept with. Beth saw no shame in sleeping with hundreds of guys as long as they realised that she was no slut. If men could sleep around then so could she.

After breakfast Vlad and Rachel showered together where Vlad rubbed Rachel to an orgasm. Rachel said that Vlad was too save his energy for Beth. Vlad was disappointed but held back which made him more eager to get to Beth. He dressed in his best suit, excited about the day ahead. Before he left he ran into the basement and grabbed a vial. When he got back to Rachel he gave the vial to her. It was glowing blue in a long thin test tube. "What is it?" She asked. "It's what I've been working on the last few days. It should protect you while im gone." Vlad replied. "Okay but what does it do? Its not gonna change me in any way is it?" She said in a worried tone. "No it won't do anything until you're under attack." Rachel nodded and popped the lid off. She hesitated for a moment but drank the vial in one go before coughing heavily. Vlad stood their laughing and took the tube from her. "Ok now you should be safe until I get back." He kissed Rachel and left grabbing his keys.

As Vlad drove towards his destination, his mind raced about what he was about to do with Beth. She looked so much like Rachel that he'd probably forget at some point who he was fucking. Would she like gentle or rough, would she be easy to get off? Would she confident or nervous? These questions ran in a loop in Vlad's head. He was so excited he had a boner just as he parked the car. There were no other cars in the drive way, "Geoffrey and Sarah must be out." Vlad thought to himself. Vlad knocked the door and waited with his arms behind his back, unsure of what to expect. Beth answered wearing the same clothes as the night before. The same stripey sweater with the sleeves rolled up, the denim jeans with knee length boots. She was shorter then Vlad at 5'6 She smiled upon seeing Vlad stood there. "Hey Vlad. Please come in." Vlad nodded and entered where he followed Beth into the kitchen. She poured Vlad a glass of whiskey and one for herself.

They clanked their glasses together and drank. "So where are Geoffrey and Sarah?" Asked Vlad. "They went out for the day. It's just us til tonight." Beth smiled but her nerves were obvious. "it sounds like we're gonna have alot of fun together." Said Vlad smiling making Sarah blush. Vlad decided it was time to help her along. So he finished his glass and pulled Beth into him. Her face was red and she wouldn't look Vlad in the eye. Vlad placed his finger under her chin lifting her head to his. He smiled and placed a kiss on her lips. Beth was frozen for a minute but warmed up to Vlad placing her arms around his neck. She opened her mouth letting Vlad's tounge enter. Their tounges battled is the kiss became more heated. Vlad wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground. Beth wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the bedroom.

Vlad kicked the door open and dropped Beth on the bed making her giggle. Vlad pulled off his jacket and unbuttoned his white shirt. Beth's jaw dropped at the sight of Vlad shirtless. Before she started drooling she licked her lips and pulled off her sweater revealing a white tank top with her breasts peaking out the top. She peeled her top off leaving her in her pink bra and jeans. Before she could go any further Vlad lunged on top of her kissing her hard which she returned. Vlad's hand explored her body. Starting at the bottom of her stomach up to the right breast. He squeezed it gently making Beth groan. Vlad moved to kissing her neck. Beth smiled and licked her lips with her eyes closed while she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans.
Vlad decided to change his tactic to aggressive. He stood and grabbed the legs of Beth's jeans yanking them off. Beth lied their smiling in her pink bra and panties. Vlad picked her up again and put her against the wall, kissing her neck furiously. Beth wrapped herself around Vlad stroking his hair moaning lightly. Vlad began nibbling her neck playfully, trying his best to keep his fangs in.

Beth suddenly pushed against Vlad, dropping to the floor. She dropped to her knees and unbuckled his belt. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. His cock sprung free and she smiled from ear to ear stroking it. "I've been thinking of this all night." Said Beth. She licked his tip and then engulfed half of his cock making Vlad groan. Beth placed her hands on his legs and started bobbing on his dick before going all the way down, taking Vlad's entire length in her mouth. Vlad was impressed at how quickly Beth was able to deepthroat him. He placed his hands on her head and began gently fucking her mouth. Beth gagged and drool began leaking from her mouth. Her eyes were sealed shut as Vlad continued his assault on her mouth. Vlad forced his whole cock down her throat and held her their. Beth's hands began waving at him and soon she was tapping his leg. Vlad pulled his cock out letting her breathe. She coughed and began panting while she stroked Vlad's cock.

Vlad lifted her up and pushed her onto the bed. He couldn't wait to pull her panties off so he just pulled them to the side and dove his tounge into her pussy, making Beth nearly scream in pleasure. "AAAAAH FUCK! RACHEL… TOLD ME YOU WERE GOOD AT THAT. OOOOH FUCK!" Vlad's tounge went up and down her slit while he pressured her clit with his thumb. He wanted her to cum as soon as possible. Beth gripped the bed sheets and threw her head back lying down with her mouth stuck open and her eyes wide. "ooh fuck! im gonna cum. Don't stop. Please don't stop!" Vlad changed his tactic and began sucking her clit while he fingered her. Beth began thrashing and her legs closed around Vlad's head as she came hard. She screamed loudly while Vlad was stuck between her legs. Eventually she released him and Vlad stood to see Beth spasming on the bed. Her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open.

"My turn!" Said Vlad smiling as he pulled his pants off. He pulled Beth to the edge of the bed and lined his cock up with her pussy. He tried pushing in but she was so tight. She grunted with her eyes shut as Vlad pushed inch by inch into her. When he was halfway in Vlad began rocking his hips back and forth gently. Beth sat up and gasped at the intrusion as she watched Vlad's cock slowly disappear into her. Beth's pussy was warm around Vlad's cock. Everytime he pulled out he was slick with her juices. Eventually he was all the way in and he began hammering into her making Beth start screaming again. "God! She's loud!" Thought Vlad making him smile. Beth began rubbing her pussy while Vlad fucked her. She reached up and pulled Vlad in for a kiss while he continued his motion.

Beth then pulled Vlad to the sight and straddled his lap. "Now! I'm gonna fuck you!" She said smiling as she lined up his cock. She dropped herself on his cock and began grinding against him Vlad sat up and unhooked her bra. As soon as her tits were free he latched onto one with his mouth. Beth grabbed Vlad's head and pulled him in tighter. She was so horny, this handsome hunk who was also her sister's boyfriend was fucking her better then anyone she'd had before.

She continued grinding against him for a while before bouncing on his cock. The room filled with the noise of her ass slapping into his lap as she looked up to the ceiling with her mouth open. She felt another orgasm coming and doubled her efforts, desperate to cum. "Are you cumming for me Beth?" Asked Vlad smiling. "YES!… Yes Vlad im cumming for you! Oh shit! I'm cumming!" Vlad felt her body trembling as she dropped herself on his cock and clung to him tightly resting her head on his shoulder. They were both bathed in sweat panting heavily. Beth lifted her head and they made out while Beth came down from her second orgasm.

When Beth's breathing returned to normal she climbed off of the bed and bent over the bed. Vlad went up behind her and slid his cock back into her. Beth grunted as Vlad grabbed her hips and began fucking her again. Beth's eyes were closed and she licked her dry lips. Vlad started to pick up the pace until he was pounding Beth into another orgasm. She began slapping the bed moaning loudly when Vlad grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Ahh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohh fuck me. Yes Vlad fuck me!" Vlad's hips slapped into Beth as he felt his balls starting to boil. He started grunting hard and Beth realised he was about to finish. "Don't cum inside me! Let me down I'll finish you in my mouth!" Vlad pulled his cock out of her and Beth quickly dropped to her knees, taking Vlad in her mouth ducking and bobbing her head up and down. Vlad growled as he shot his load into her mouth. Beth Gulped it down smiling as Vlad pulled his underwear back on. At that moment Beth tackled him to the bed and snuggled up beside him.

At that moment the door was kicked open and they were startled by a booming voice. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Beth screamed. Geoffrey stood their with his fists bawled up. Sarah was stood behind him with tears in her eyes. "You lying, two timing son of a bitch!" Geoffrey yelled as he lunged at Vlad and planted his fist in Vlad's jaw. It had no effect but to stay in character Vlad doubled over in fake pain. Holding his jaw, Vlad stood and saw Geoffrey with the look of death in his eyes. "Get out of my house and stay the hell away from my daughter!" Geoffrey ordered. "Geoffrey calm down and just go to sleep!" Said Vlad as he tapped Geoffrey on the head. A red puff of smoke appeared where Vlad had touched him and Geoffrey collapsed. Sarah screamed and went to Geoffrey's side. "You too Sarah just go to sleep!" Said Vlad as he repeated the process.

"What did you… How did you do that?" Said Beth confused and afraid. Vlad gave a deep sigh and walked over and put Beth to sleep as well. At that moment he heard the door to house open and Rachel darted up the stairs screaming "VLAD! MOM AND DAD ARE ON THEIR WAY SO YOU…" Rachel froze at the sight before her. She saw her father on the floor with his eyes closed, her mother lying over him and Beth on the bed. Fear struck her hard and fast. "Vlad? What happened?" She asked in a scared tone. fine I promise. They're asleep. Your parents walked in on me and Beth so I put them to sleep and wiped their memories. I'll set up a new set of memories for them." Rachel's fear subsided but was quickly replaced with anger. "You used magic on my family!? After I told you I didn't want you to do that!?" "Rachel I had to you need to trust me on that." Rachel had anger on her face and wasn't in the mood for listening. "I TOLD YOU! NO MAGIC ON MY FAMILY AND YOU COMPLETELY IGNORED ME YOU ASSHOLE!" At that moment Rachel turned and stormed out of the house and Vlad quickly followed. "Rachel come back! Let me explain!" Vlad yelled after her as he followed her down the road. "Fuck you Vlad!"

He continued chasing after her until they reached the middle of town. Fearful that he might lose her, Vlad reached out and grabbed Rachel's hand. Rachel's quick response was to turn around and slap him in the face. Vlad looked back at Rachel with desperation in his face while Rachel had volcanic rage on hers. "I'm sorry!" Vlad whispered to her. "Fuck you Vlad!" She said and stormed away.

Before she could get too far the was a white blinding flash and a loud high pitched scream. Vlad dropped to his knees covering his ears. When the flash cleared, Vlad saw the sky was red. The scream was so loud that windows all around shattered. People all around were on their knees clutching their ears including Rachel. Suddenly the ground began to rumble then crack the fall away until there was a giant hole in the ground that looked like it went down forever. Buildings were starting to break apart and collapse. Vlad looked over and saw Rachel about to be crushed by rubble. he yelled as he used his super speed to move her out of the way and the rubble landed beside them. "Vlad what's happening!?" She yelled over the high pitched scream. She was more scared then she'd ever been in her life. "I don't know!" He yelled back. Suddenly a blaze of fire appeared from the giant hole. The fire was at least 20 ft high. Then out of the fire came little balls of black smoke that flew around the city until they found a host to inhabit. The balls would enter the person through the chest. The host would the scream, breathe out the smoke and turn pale. Their eyes would become red and they would start attacking the living.

Vlad and Rachel clung to each other. A host ran at them in a crazed state. Vlad released Rachel and took an uppercut to the host planting his fist in his jaw. The host flew backwards and landed on his back where Vlad stamped on his head, breaking his neck. "Rachel come with me!" He said grabbing Rachel. He dragged her into a nearby shop and made her hide under the counter. "Vlad what's happening. I'm so scared!" She said crying. "I don't know but im gonna stop it. I promise! Do you have your crucifix!?" Rachel reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box. "the silver should keep the hosts away. You stay here until I come back for you!" Rachel nodded and Vlad kissed her deeply before returning outside.

He ran outside, closed his eyes and chanted "Alana calana boromon balaca!" At that moment a sword appeared in a puff of white glowing smoke. The handle was gold with a ruby in the centre of the cross guard. Using his strength and speed, Vlad cut down host after host. I decapitated one host then spun round and swung the sword up cutting down another host. The giant fire was still releasing the balls of smoke and more and more hosts were created. Vlad's vampiric face was out. His fangs, his jet black eyes and his beast like expression. He growled as he continued to fight with all his strength. The hundreds of hosts were surrounding Vlad. For every one he cut down ten more would take their place. They were about to overpower Vlad when a booming voice screamed "STOP!" The hosts stopped dead in their tracks. All looking at Vlad with a thirst for carnage.

Shouted the voice. Vlad looked round and saw Eckhart standing their with Rachel on her knees beside him. She looked terrified. Eckhart had a hold of her by her hair. Vlad made his sword disappear and walked towards Eckhart with an expression of pure rage. "Like what I've done with the place?" Said Eckhart smiling. "How have you done this!?" Said Vlad. "It wasn't easy! Took alot of money and research. Fortunately, I had both. Now I have an army that even you can't beat! An army of hosts carrying the souls of the damned" "Then the only way to stop this, is to kill you. If it's me you want, then let her go and we'll finish this." Said Vlad. Eckhart laughed and raised his hand levitating Rachel off the floor. She climbed higher and higher until she was frozen in the air about 30 ft. "I want her to watch this!" Said Eckhart.

At that moment Eckhart pulled out his own sword. Vlad's sword appeared again and they charged at each other. The sound of their swords making contact echoed. Rachel watched helplessly as Vlad dodged and blocked Eckhart's attacks. They swung their swords at each other which were deflected. Eckhart lunged his sword forwards towards Vlad's heart which Vlad deflected and swung his sword back slicing through Eckhart's shoulder. Eckhart collapsed then watched as his shoulder immediately healed. "time for a change of weaponry I think!" Said Eckhart laughing. His sword disappeared and was replaced by another that looked almost identical. Except the blade was made of solid silver. Vlad immediately started getting weaker and collapsed to his knees. Eckhart smiled and went for an attack. Vlad was barely able to block. Eckhart had the edge on Vlad as he barely had the strength to lift his sword.

Eckhart continued his assault and Vlad was being overwhelmed. Eckhart swung his sword and knocked the sword out of Vlad's hands and kicked him to the ground. Vlad was panting. His face was pale. He'd lost all his strength. Eckhart placed the sword on Vlad's chest and pulled Rachel to the ground. Vlad was crushed under the weight of the silver that drained his power.

Eckhart grabbed Rachel by the neck and pushed her to the ground in front of Vlad before lifting her back up by her hair. "Watch Vlad. You're about to lose another one!" In that second Eckhart's fangs came out and he bit into Rachel's neck. Rachel screamed and Vlad yelled "NO!" as the blood ran down her neck. Eckhart wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground with his fangs still buried in her neck. He sucked up all the blood he could drink before throwing Rachel to the side. Eckhart laughed with blood around his mouth. Eckhart smiled at the sight of Vlad crying on the ground. Eckhart's joy turned to confusion as Vlad's crying turned to chuckling and then laughing hysterically. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Asked Eckhart which only made Vlad laugh harder. Suddenly Eckhart felt dizzy. He stumbled backwards then forwards the fell to his knees coughing. "Having trouble?" Said Vlad with a grin. Beside him Rachel felt death coming and then in seconds she felt better. Almost stronger. Her wound healed and she felt incredible. She jumped to her feet towards Vlad and lifted the sword off of his chest and through it away. Vlad stood and turned her head to examine the wound. When he saw that she'd healed, he smiled.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!!" said Eckhart angrily. "I did nothing. Must've been something you drank!" Said Vlad. Eckhart's eyes went wide and he looked at Rachel stood their with hate in her eyes. "Something in her blood maybe?" Asked Vlad rhetorically. "What's happening?" Asked Rachel. "Remember that vial I gave you earlier." Rachel's eyes went wide then she smiled. Vlad turned to Eckhart and said "I found a cure Eckhart. It took a lot of money and research. Luckily I had both. And now you just drank it. Your as weak as a human now!" Eckhart's eyes went even wider as he realised he was completed at Vlad's mercy.

Rachel grabbed the sword and walked over to Eckhart who was on his knees looking scared. "Love from Lisa asshole!" Rachel shouted. She swung the sword taking Eckhart's head off. Eckhart's head flew from his neck and landed on the ground beside his body where it rolled away. His lifeless body fell in front of Rachel.

At that moment all the hosts in the area started screaming and clutched their heads. "What's happening!?" Asked Rachel. "I don't know. It should be stopping but it isn't." Vlad exclaimed. He looked over confused and afraid and saw the gates of hell were still open. The souls of the damned were still pouring out of it. And then it struck him. "We killed the general but not the king. There's someone else pulling the strings here… And there's only one person that could be." Vlad said trying to contain his fear. "Who… Who is it Vlad?" Rachel said clutching his arm. "The man who made me!" He said as he placed his hands on Rachel's face. "Rachel you trust me don't you." He asked desperately to which Rachel nodded. "I need to call on the only one who can stop this. I love you." Said Vlad as he kissed Rachel's head. Rachel saw the fear in his eyes which terrified her.

At that moment Vlad left her and walked over to the gates of hell. He raised his arms above his head and called out: "I AM DRACULA, LORD OF VAMPIRES AND SON OF THE DEVIL. I CALL ON LA MAGRA, GOD OF BLOOD AND CREATOR OF VAMPIRES!!! At that moment the flames erupted from the hole. Vlad waited as the flames were replaced with Black smoke. A voice spoke. "Dracula! Why do you call on me!?" "You helped Eckhart open the gates to hell!?" Vlad said. There was laughing coming from the smoke before La Magra said "Yes we made a deal. He gets to rule this world while I own it!" Vlad stepped closer and said dead you need to stop this now. Your deal has been broken." La magra laughed again. "You dare command me!? What will you give me for the humans freedom!?" Vlad gulped and said "Something you've wanted back from me for years. I offer you my power. Including my La magra laughed and said "You would sacrifice your power for these rodents?" He said in disbelief. "La Magra the only reason you gave me this great power was because you thought I would use it to conquer! If you want it back. TAKE IT!" La Magra laughed again and said "Say the words!" Vlad stepped closer and closed his eyes. "I AM DRACULA. LORD OF VAMPIRES AND SON OF THE DEVIL. I SACRIFICE MY IMMORTALITY AND MY POWER, TO BRING PEACE TO THIS WORLD!"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Vlad grunted and fell to his knees in pain. A ball of light appeared from his chest and flew off into the black smoke. Once it disappeared La Magra laughed and disappeared back into the gates of hell. The hosts were released as well. The balls of smoke left their bodies and retreated into the fire. Once they were all gone the fire disappeared and the hole sealed itself up, closing hell. The sky turned from red to clear blue. The ex hosts stood and walked away like nothing happened. Because in their minds nothing had.

Rachel stood and looked around. Everything was back to normal. She looked over and saw Vlad was lying face down on the ground. She ran over ready to cry. She rolled Vlad onto his back and tried to wake him. "Vlad honey! Wake up baby. Come on wake up!" Suddenly Vlad's eyes shot open and he rolled over coughing. "Vlad honey. Your ok!" She said with relief. Vlad looked up at Rachel. The face of an angel smiling down at him. He bolted up and hugged her tightly. The couple had a death grip around each other. "Vlad you did it! You saved us!" Rachel said happily. He said pulling away so he could look at her. "We can be together for real now. I'm human again." Rachel's eyes went wide and she stuttered "You… You mean…" "Rachel we can live together. Grow old together and eventually die together!" Rachel's eyes sparkled and she wrapped herself around Vlad crying happy tears. They stood their hugging for what seemed like an eternity until released her. "Lets go home!" He said and Rachel nodded smiling.

Later that night…

Rachel was stood I the bedroom in her silk gown. She was on the phone to her mom. "I'm sorry Rachel your father and i must've dozed off. We're not as young as we used to be." Rachel smiled and said "It's ok mom. How's Beth?" She asked. "She's fine although she's been smiling like a schoolgirl all day I don't know what's gotten into her." Sarah replied. "Ok mom well I gotta go." " ok honey ill talk to you tomorrow." Rachel hung up the phone and smiled.

How's Beth said Vlad startling Rachel. "She's fine but I think she remembers what happened between you two." She said smiling. "Ofcourse I didn't wanna erase that memory." Said Vlad laughing. He walked up to Rachel and his expression changed from happy to scared. "Rachel I wanted to ask you something but I never thought of a good time. I think now is the best time!" Said Vlad. "Ofcourse honey what is it?" Rachel replied. Vlad took a deep breath and produced a small box from his pocket. Rachel froze. Tears in her eyes as Vlad went down on one knee and opened the box, revealing a diamond ring. "Rachel you are my heart and soul and im asking you as a mortal man. Will you marry me?" Rachel was shaking as the tears fell. She pulled him up and practically screamed. "YES! YES I WILL?" Vlad smiled wide and they hugged each other tightly before sharing a kiss. Vlad helped her put the ring on and the climbed into bed beside each other. For the first time in centuries Vlad felt true happiness. He was lying in bed with the woman he loved. He looked down at her sleeping with her head on his shoulder and a smile on her face. This beautiful woman who would soon be his wife. Vlad smiled as sleep took over. Their story would be one that would stand for the rest of time. A vampire and his human companion.
The end!

Author's note:
I want to thank everybody who's kept their reading for their patience. This hasn't been an easy story to keep going. I'm considering editing this story into one long story, do you think I should do this? If I do, I'll do it at a later date so people have time to enjoy this chapter. Also I'm considering a prequel story, what d'ya think? Do you wanna see some of Vlad's past or shall I just leave him where he is? Anyway thank you for your patience. I enjoyed writing this and I'm satisfied with the ending. I hope you enjoyed deep and lovely dark.

story by: Batman79

Tags: fiction blowjob male/female romance violence discipline death monster sex story horror

Author: Batman79

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