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Jonathan's plan grew more and more it seemed with each passing minute, he was sure he could get away with it.

Now all he had to do was implement it, tomorrow was the day they wanted the memories from him so he had to do this in a hurry. Jonathan crept up the stairs to Pennington's room, his senses were wide open, it wouldn't do to get caught that was for sure. Finally he was there, he just hoped that the crystal wouldn't need to feed for a while, he could give it some of his but it didn't always listen to him. In the room he felt his target, above the casket/box he held his hand out. Finished he was starting to leave when an idea hit him, shrugging he figured hell, why not? In another room over a much richer casket he held out his hand and touched the crystal.

Ugh! Jonathan thought such vile, dark evil! The mere presence of it had Jonathan reeling almost in a flight aspect of the fight or flight response. Finally finished he hoped that Pompoff didn't realize that it had been him, plus the fact that he felt for the lackeys they would definitely be punished. Damn it! He could feel the crystal starting to demand for something, finally outside he asked one of the lackey's away for a moment. Alone Jonathan touched the crystal, the man's eyes grew large then he was bathed in the odd light, moments later only a dried husk was left. Shit Jonathan thought, he hoped that was enough the crystal always demanded different amounts at different times, hopefully he could hide it away forever after this, the evil of the crystal was growing. Jonathan was afraid that it was going to swallow him in its own plans, no matter how hard he fought against it. Strengthening his resolve, Jonathan pushed everything of the crystal from his mind, at this rate his mind was going to become stronger Jonathan thought, but would it be enough, he sighed.

Making his way back to his office, Jonathan felt exhausted, the crystal always took a lot out of him strangely enough when he recovered he was always a little stronger. For the first time ever Jonathan thought about it, his power had started to increase slowly but steadily 200 years ago, right after he'd used the crystal, then again the wild magic had started then also, he had to keep the locks in place. If either council found out, he was dead for sure, even with the power, he'd still be no match for all of them, plus he knew his father would help them, always a slave to tradition and the rules. The thing was he had the power to destroy them all but they had experience to escape and then combine their powers, Shit! Anyway he looked at it, he was screwed for sure! Finally he thought after all this time I would be free of all this, the memories, the sorrow, the crystal, I wish I had looked down at that moment as the crystal flared a moment without being touched, had I noticed it I might have been better prepared for the next day and the carnage that would ensue.

Sitting at his desk Jonathan thought he should've gone home to take a nap. Rubbing his Eyes Jonathan felt tired, even more tired than he was back then; there was still so much to do, he still had to meet with the counsel that his father had set up for him. He still had to get all his men into place, only half were ready there was something else going on he felt it, his feelings were NEVER wrong. Concentrating he finally found his cousin, <Raymond, how close they needed to be there before tomorrow night, that doesn't give them much time.>

<Yeah, yeah, I know keep your britches on got over 51 now only a few more now. By the way, I managed to get Ben off that job in Istanbul he said don't worry about paying him, said he owed you a few times.>

Smiling, my mind drifted back 400 years to the first time I'd met Uncle Ben, weak and depleted on his way back I'd been researching at the extreme western edge of our land. I was just starting out, just really coming into my power, and I was finally to the point that I could kill with my power. I'd spotted him limping toward our land, when I saw him make the family entrance sign I knew he was kin, he'd barely crossed the boundary when five figures appeared not far behind him.

"Finally caught you asshole! You're a dead man!" Advancing the leader reared back his claws extending… oh I forgot, yeah he was being chased by werewolves. Anyway the leader went to slash at the man and found he couldn't move. The man smiled and moved a little further inside the boundary, not enough yet but better.

The other four began to growl sniffing at the air looking at each other they shook their heads huh? I had no scent? Looking down I saw the myriad of plants I had with me ok. The leader growled and finally broke my freeze spell. "Hey asshole! Tell whoever is out there they're next!"

"You better hope it's not my clan, even the weakest is more than a match for you!" I heard the gravelly voiced man say. <Who is there?> he asked me.

<I'm Jonathan Timmings,> I replied.

<Tom's boy?> He asked.

<yes,> I said.

<What are you rated?> I could feel the worry in his thoughts.

<The last I was rated was three paces above a sub-mage.> I replied

<Shit, it will have to do can you do a fire ball spell? > he asked.

<Of course, any first year can,> I aimed and caught the first three in the biggest fire ball I could muster actually larger than any I'd ever done. The leader screamed as the fur was burned of his body the two behind him suffering almost the same fate. As they lay dying the man finally managed to crawl further inside and finally slam the boundary closed. The last two advanced slamming into the barrier "What the hell!"

"Welcome to the Timmins holdings, now unless you want to die I suggest you leave NOW. They are on their way, as I remember, My nephew Tom hates to be disturbed." The man said.

I went to the man his eyes opened wide when he saw me, "You sure you're only three paces above a sub-mage? Son that was as powerful as a 19th stage Mage." (There are twenty stages of regular mages, ten levels of clan leaders, then five of the council, Jonathan had passed all of them a year ago, his father was the top level of council strength having served on it.)

Within two minutes several clan members showed up Jonathan had already started trying to heal the man, he'd actually gotten the bleeding to stop, and the cuts were already closing. Damn the man thought this was Tom's boy? He was only 100 how in the hell did he have this much power?

They were taking the man away when he stopped them, "I wanted to thank you again Jonathan, without you, I'd be dead now."

Jonathan just nodded barely able to stand what the hell had that been? Looking in his shirt at the blue crystal he found an hour ago he thought what are you? You'd been buried so deep almost as if they were hiding you. Right before he'd fired off the fire ball he could have sworn
the crystal had glowed and shot a beam out ahead of the fire ball, looking at the weremen he only saw two bodies, two? Weren't there three? Looking closer he saw that there was an ash outline next to one of the bodies Shit! Jonathan jumped he'd heard about something like this in class, what the hell had it been called? Glanira? Valaria? NO! The Rinora! Oh shit!

Jonathan's memories were interrupted by a knock, "Yes?" He said, A big smile covering his face as the man he'd just been remembering walked in. "Uncle Ben! I hope they didn't pull you off anything important!"

"No, but I am here to help, everything has led me here, I need to know what you know EVERYTHING!" Ben ordered.

Sitting down Jonathan started to tell Ben all that he could everything he'd seen, everything he knew ALL the suspicions that he had. Finally finished Ben shook his head, "Damn son if you weren't Tom's son I'd have been training you, as if! You've hit the nail on the head, hell even proven a few that I was only suspecting. Now then,what did Trina tell you?"

Jonathan's mouth dropped open, NO ONE knew about her, No One! "I didn't think anyone else knew!"

Ben just laughed, "I know almost everything, you don't remember, I was there, I was chasing that slimy son of a bitch for a year. Oh damn," reaching out Ben touched Jonathan's forehead, his eyes flew open then he grabbed the spot where Ben had touched.

Ben was afraid that he'd opened too much, damn it! Jonathan at first gagged, then screamed then tears began to flow, thenin a whispered voice he relived that night, "Trina! NO! I won't let you die. NO! TAKE ME DAMN IT!" Then Jonathan collapsed.

Sighing Ben scanned Jonathan, well what he could, yup he'd used that damn thing again, ah Jonathan! There was always another way but not this.

Jonathan awoke a few hours later, and Ben and his father were sitting by his bed.

"I have to say boy," Ben started, "you have definitely been getting ready for this, had I'd known I'd have been here sooner. By the way the wards you sent yesterday are the strongest that I've ever seen but I'm afraid without you there, they won't last long though I suspect they might take out a few clans."

Tom Timmings's eyes grew wide, "They won't last? What are you saying? That ALL the clans are going against our hold?"

"Yes I'm afraid so, though thanks to you and Vidon there are at least two less clans out there but there are still at least twenty-eight more. Plus I am afraid that they might try to employ the sub-clans also." Ben spit out in disgust.

"I'm sorry that extracting the information was as stressful as it was," Ben lied, "What I got from you and what you've seen and heard these past few weeks will be invaluable."

Looking at his uncle, Jonathan knew he was lying his ass off and he knew he was doing it to protect Lana and Gregor as well as Jonathan. Smiling Jonathan replied, "It has been an honor to assist you Ben, as I will in the future, thank you for the protection you also provided for our holdings."

Ben smiled so the boy knew damn he was better than he thought, I'll have to watch this pup for damn sure, he's a hell of a lot faster and smarter than his father.

"Tom, I will be there tomorrow, I think the council will be surprised by what I and Jonathan have found out. I feel that the vampire council won't be too happy either, please be prepared. Oh!," Ben started as he turned back to me, "I've assigned a few shadows for you Jonathan, though I was unable to react fast enough, I DID see how you handled the thugs they sent after you. Though I wish you had left at least one alive. You need protection, in more ways than one." Ben touched his chest then turned and left.

Jonathan at first was surprised then a little angry, damn it what didn't the man know? At least the splitting headache was gone but the full horror of that night was in its place, why? Why hadn't he been able to stop the bastard?

Tom Timmings looked at both of the men what in the hell were they hiding? Ben had always been super secretive getting whatever help he could from whomever but Jonathan? When had Jonathan entered into the secret world of protecting the magic world? Hmm he thought I am not as aware as I thought I was but that will change.

Not an hour later Gregor showed up, "Damn, it's like getting into the king's treasure room. Haven't seen this many guards in quite a while."

Jonathan shook his head as the shadows closed in on Gregor. Startled, Gregor jumped, looking they backed off allowing Gregor to sit.

"They say that you killed the thugs that came after you, now the accusers are being looked at a lot closer." Laughing Gregor leaned closer, "the councils are trying to decide if they should delay or not, personally I think the whole damn thing is bull shit!"

Smiling it was just like Gregor to take Jonathan's side, he'd been a lot more than a friend over the centuries.

Sighing Jonathan just hoped that Gregor didn't get killed because of him; that would be the end of him there would be no way he would be able to control the wild magic. The same could be said about Lana, they WOULD have to kill him then he put on a really great front about here but his armor was starting to crack and too many damn people were starting to get their first look beneath the surface.

Gregor left not long after that, Jonathan was finally feeling better as his head had cleared, damn but he needed to talk to Ben. Scanning, he soon found him but for some reason Jonathan thought, Ben WANTED him to find him.

Walking up to Ben Jonathan saw that they were alone, "All I want to know is why?"

"I could ask you the same thing with Lana and Gregor, why did you blank them? By the way it is the best blanking I've ever seen far better than I could do. I would have done them a few weeks later had you not I HAVE to, but found that they had EXPERTLY been blanked."

"I…" sighing Jonathan started again, "she asked me to as did Gregor, it was far too painful for her… and him. It was decided that I would hold on to the memories, 'til the sign was given. At least that's what I thought this was about 'til I saw Trina the other day now and now you're here, shit I don't know yet."

Ben sighed nodding he knew it was time, this boy and Lana were the salvation of both races they just didn't know it yet. "What I tell you goes no further, we need a silence ward, mine are nowhere on the same level as yours." Startled Jonathan waved his hand and it was there. "Damn, you do have it, you are the only one I've ever seen make a ward and not think on it."

"I've had a lot of practice I no longer need to think it to make it," Jonathan replied.

"Good but you're the only one I've ever seen do it like it was nothing, very rare indeed." Here Ben's face grew deadly serious, "I missed him that night, I injured him severely, as did you, I believe he is behind all of this. You, as you thought, are the focal point of all of this, you injured far greater than I did. Suffice it to say he hasn't been able to reproduce since he went against us especially you. Nor as I remember can he use most of his focused magic, since I permanently broke his arm. This bastard is fearless but that night I saw fear in his face; no terror, the kind that can't be faked. He's here and he's after you, I've narrowed it down to 3 people, one of whom is a vampire, but I have to be sure, looks bad when you kill the wrong person."

Jonathan nodded thinking a moment, "Pompoff!, the leader of the Craig Clan, that bastard from the Prat Clan!"

Holy shit! Ben thought it took me a year to come up with those he did it in five minutes! "I think there is another though within our own clan," Jonathan stated, "I've watched him for a while, Father's closet aid something doesn't sit well with me when he's near."

"Let me see," Ben said holding out his hand. Ben's eyes got large, son of a bitch! It was HIM! How the hell had he missed that?

"I have to report in with this, you my boy would make a damn fine enforcer." Ben said then was gone.

Jonathan contacted everyone he could, damn I have to warn Father, although that ass is there I still have to warn him.

No, if I tell him he'd act different that would definitely get him killed no, can't risk it. Stalking off Jonathan felt he was ready, nearby a small man was watching Jonathan walk off an intense hatred in his eyes. Soon he thought this will be over, and I'll have my revenge and your power THEN NO ONE will oppose me. Laughing the man waved a fake arm and vanished. Further back Ben stepped out of the shadows; got you bastard, I have all I need now!

Turning several faces appeared, "Very good Agent Ben, are you sure Tom doesn't know?"

"Yes sir, when this is over I have a favor, in all the centuries I have never asked, but in this I must." Ben replied.

"You wish to train the boy? It is extremely dangerous Agent Ben, he is the first in almost 3000 years to show and control the wild magic, if he has actually gained control as you say, then he would be far more valuable than he is now." All the figures sighed, "Done but you take your life into your own hands Agent Ben. Good luck and good hunting."

With that they all disappeared, Ben smiled damn he really hoped that the locks he'd taught the boy all those years ago were enough. Hanging his head he just wished he'd taught Jonathan's Father sooner, true he did take out both the clans, but with more control they'd have had no chance against him.

The sun was starting to set on the next day, Jonathan was as prepared as he could be. Walking out he took a big breath reaching in he felt the crystal, today he thought it all ends today. Walking further he was met by Ben, then his Father, closer to the meeting building his mother joined them as the stepped toward the building. Jonathan looked at his pocket watch, it was still early as the wind blew his blonde hair around. They'd have at least half an hour before the vampires were up, oh well they all sat outside and asked for a few drinks. It was kind of convenient to have the restaurant next door, at least there had been no killings of the local people. Yeah they were afraid of him there hadn't even been even accidental killings; good thing too, it wouldn't do to have the humans investigating.

Finally it was time, Lana had gone in a few minutes before, Lana had thrown him a look of panic and something else.

Ok this was pissing him off, his power rolled but Ben calmed him, good thing too, Jonathan might have killed a lot of people had Ben not.

story by: pars001

Tags: male/female fantasy violence authoritarian body modification monster sex story

Author: pars001

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