Hard condo adventure

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Hard Condo Adventure
Millie Dynamite

I walked into the building, and there he was just as he had described himself when spoke on the phone. A tall white man with brown and gray hair standing near the elevators, holding a briefcase and wearing a pinstriped business suit, with blue and red striped tie. He was, actually, quite attractive and the suite spoke of money a lot of money. I walked up to him, extending my hand.

“Sandy Leary, Mr. Daystar I am very pleased to make your I said, with a bright cherry smile on my face. He took my hand lightly in his, gave a small squeeze of my hand, let go of my hand, and he wiped his hand with a handkerchief. In fact, he constantly wiped everything he touched with his handkerchief.

“John Daystar, MS Leary, and the pleasure are all mine, I sure,” he said, as grin crossed his face, giving me the impression he knew exactly how handsome he was.

“I think you will like this place it is furnished, including all the kitchen extras china, pots, pans, silverware and a nice home entertainment room with latest in all areas,” I said, hopeful he would take this property off my hands. I had bought it to make a buck, and then the bottom fell out of the market. When a realtor goes into flip a property, she should expect to have the rug pulled out from under her. Putting my key card in the elevator marked private, I continued the conversation. “This is the private Elevator for about eight of the most exclusive condos in the building. One of each on floors two, four, six, to be specific, every other floor, starting with 2 and ending on the 16th floor. The reason for that it is every other floor is that each of the Luxury condos two story units.”

“But listen to me,” I stopped my sells pitch. “Just rushing ahead no pleasant chit chat. Sorry, I tend to…over explain things.” The elevator door slid open. ride up to sixteen, that is the one you came to see, the one you will love. And, might I say, the most luxurious apartment, no excuse me, condo, in the building!” We stepped in, and I pressed the button marked sixteen, a LED display flashed Insert Key-card to proceed. Shoving the key-card in, the doors of the elevator slid shut making light bumping sound.

“Now, you do have a front door your guest, or delivery people will come up the regular elevator. This elevator is only for the use of owners of the luxury units.” The floors slid by as we moved up and he seemed to look me over, I sensed hungry eyes roaming over my body taking as much of the view as he could. They were quite ravenous eyes. Honestly, it made me, somewhat, uncomfortable. “No expense was spared in this condo. The furniture, the fixtures, and the design elements are all superior. The security system is also the top of the line, and you can choose from a Variety of companies for monitoring />
“I’m sure all that is fine MS Leary,” he said, the timber of his voice staunch and formal. If I’m going to get him to buy I need him to be more comfortable with me. I turned my head toward the man, flashed him my devil may care million-dollar smile. The temptation arose to flutter my eyes, rather than that I gave him a flirtatious gaze. My discomfort at his lustful stare, notwithstanding, I need the sale, so friendly is the order of the day.

“No, not MS Leary. Just Sandy, please, Mr. Daystar.” I hoped this would begin to break the ice. I need to feel I’m moving him toward the purchase of this place. I was desperate for this sell. This property drove me to edge of bankruptcy me, my circumstance required I unload it, and soon.

“Alright then if you will call me John,” he insisted, what a good sign.

“Okay then, John,” I said in agreement. The elevator came to a stop, and the door slid open, “I think you’ll love this place. First, let’s look at the living room.” As we emerged from the elevator into the apartment, I moved my arms wide to show him the room, twirling. He walked out and looked around nodding his head. He would run his hand over a table or chair, then run the hankie over the same place, a neat freak I guess. “Over here is the fully stocked wet bar, of course, it will be your responsibility to restock it when the need arises. Oh, by the way, would you care for a drink?” I said, moving behind the bar.

“No, I don’t believe so…not right now, maybe later, Sandy. Wow, I must say, this place is as advertised, totally something else. And the art, my God, the art’s superb.” He looked at one of the paintings on the walls.

“All are from contemporary up and coming artist. That is />
he broke me off, “I recognize the work, wonderful piece, it’s & Mayhem. He is a fine creative artist, a twisted, angry soul…shows his torture in his work. This is from his period just after his release from prison. They accused him of raping one of his models. Can’t trust her type, gold diggers for sure. Of course, she’s the inspiration for the woman in this piece, had to see in the dismembered parts, though.” He turned and looked at me, that glaring, lustful look again, “Not a good way to treat a lady, but then again, she’s no lady. What do you think should happen to a woman that makes false accusations of rape?” I did not respond to the comment, wishing to avoid any entanglement in a political view. It is quicksand for a realtor to disagree with a client on anything political.

“All of the art goes with the property,” I said, redirecting the subject of conversation. “I assure you will appreciate all of the quality artists represented here.” Moving on quickly sidestepping the issue, “Now if you will come this way this is the first-floor balcony. As you can see it has a wonderful view of downtown.” We walked out the wind blew across us, cool and refreshing. He looked up at the sky.

“No balcony on the second floor?” he looked disappointed.

“The entire seventeenth floor of this building will be yours. A balcony stretches the whole west side of the building, the master bedroom opens to the balcony. There is a wonderful view of the mountains.” I told him, his face brightened, his eyes crinkled, a smile spread across his face.

the ticket, just the place to entertain my female friends at sunset!” he said, I smiled a knowing smile at him. I hoped I wasn’t putting the wax on to thick. One never knows with the mega rich just what will work.

“Yeah, this place seems great Sandy. We can see the seventeenth floor in a minute. You have wet my appetite now,” he said, an odd ring in his tone. He looked around as we went back inside to the living room. I stayed silent for a moment letting the property talk to him. “Is it quiet Sandy? Will the neighbors bother me, with their dogs, children, or noisy parties?” He walked behind the bar and poured a drink, looked at me and shook my head. He picked his drink up and gulped it down, as I answered him he washed the glass, dried it, returning it to its proper place. He picked up the bottle with a towel and wiped it off as well. Total neat freak I thought.

“This condo is sound proofed. The neighbors on this floor could be yelling at the top of their lungs at one another,” I told him, “we would never hear it. The family below could be watching a war movie not one peep would disturb you.” I smiled at him holding my hand out for him to enter the dining room. “Formal dining room it features this cherry wood antique dining table and chairs. Just beyond that is a breakfast room or non-formal dining room while the kitchen is here.” I pushed open the door and showed him the room.

“Chef will want to look that over, not me,” he said, spoken with just a hint of snobbish superiority in both manner and tone. He ran a finger over another surface, checked it for dust, the again wiped the area with the cloth.

I then led him to the next room, “The Great Room or the Family room sir. Right now, set up as a dancing room. Well, you could say a small ballroom. It was used that way by the owners before I purchased. They would entertain guest with a string quartet or small orchestra performing, the couple and their guest danced the nights away,” I said, trying to appeal to his snobbery.

He looked around the room nodding his approval. It had lavish woodwork on the walls. Tucked in one corner was the staircase that led to the upper floor. He turned his back to me for a moment, then he pivoted back to me.

“I take it the bedrooms are all upstairs?” he questioned me, turning his stare upward to the ceiling. “I very much want to see that master />
“Yes, two large bedrooms, plus a magnificent, oversized master bedroom,” speaking as I strolled to the stairs “Follow me,” I marched up the stairs. “Oh,” I stopped, turned my upper half his direction, “The ten-seat home theater is up here as well. I think you will be most impressed with it.”

he said, with no further elaboration as he trailed me. Once again, I could feel his hungry eyes undressing me. I was even more uncomfortable than I had been before, I wanted the sale, but I could sense his wanton lust. I began to think, perhaps, I had dressed wrong for the meeting. I was in a short skirt which was black and a silk blouse also black, rather sheer, I was sure he could see my bra through it. I had on silk pantyhose with a rose pattern and blacked strapped high heels.

I stopped at the top of the stairs, “Not too steep for you, are they?”

“Not all Sandy, not at all too steep. Tell me how many other realtors have property listing?” I had never had that question before, not in seven years. It was not relevant as it was my property.

“None…as I said before, I own the property. I am the only one with the listing. To be perfectly honest, I have so much money sunk in this place I can’t afford to share any of the sales income with anyone else. I am actually losing money at the price I have listed it.” I told him, concerned that it wasn’t something I should share.

“I see, well, Sandy you’ll have no trouble getting the list price. This palace is easily worth the one point five million you have asked.” He said as if one and half a million dollars is chump change. For him it probably was. Once we were on the floor, we went into the home theater. He carefully looked it over he spent a great deal of time with the equipment. Then we moved to the two smaller bedrooms (though smaller is a misnomer). Ending our journey of the upper floor in the master bedroom.

A gasp escaped his mouth as we passed the threshold of the room. He beheld the room, taking a slow tour of connecting bathroom, sauntering into the massive walk in closets. He then opened the balcony sliding doors and walked out on it. The sun was just above the mountains now.

“What a sight, Sandy, splendid. You’re right, I must admit it, you are right. This would play well with any CUNT I bought up here.”

“Excuse me!” The vulgarity shocked me I never expected such language from this man.

“I’m sorry that just slipped out, what I meant to say was that any lady that graced this space, would be impressed.” He said, laughing while he spoke.

Something went off inside me. An all have it, fight or flight. I could hear it screaming at me, I turned my back to him. Disgust filled me, I stepped from the balcony back inside the room. I marched near to the king-sized bed. Turning, I faced him, planting my feet firm, I crossed my arms. I knew I scowled at the man. Tapping a toe, I gave him as harsh a look as I could muster.

“I’m really I don’t know where that came from,” he said, smiling at me. He had such a sweet smile, so disarming, Daystar seemed sincere. “Come on smile at me, let me know you aren’t angry.” He put his hand on my cheek, “I’m so very sorry please forgive me.”

I said, the alarm in head quieted, “it isn’t like I haven’t heard that before today. I just wasn’t expecting it from you.” I said, shaking my head, I glanced down to the floor. Uncrossing my arms, relaxing I let my guard down, the tension fled my body and looked back at him.

better. Now, Sandy…tell me about the bed, what kind is it?” He asked me.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I didn’t even think about that.” I turned and looked at the bed. “It’s just a bed I guess, nothing special I don’t think, well King-sized but other than that just a bed.”

“I would think a -CUNT WHORE- like you would know what is special about this bed.” I wasn’t sure what he said for a second then. I turned to him my eyes glaring.

“Here you stand dressed like a common street walker, a cheap, fucking two-bit whore, and you don’t know this is the bed you are going to get raped on? You have to be kidding me, you cunt whore!” he barked it out at me.

“That kind of language is unacceptable and the name calling this showing is over!” I screamed at him, I was so angry his intent didn’t sink into my brain. “Now leave by the front door and take the normal elevator to the lobby.” Standing there, my body began to shake from anger, in flash the anger passed and fear took over, I had to put up a front. He said he would rape me, I wanted him gone, his sick joke had gone too far. He stood there staring at me. “LEAVE I said! Leave my property now!” I crossed my arms again striking a defiant pose. I hoped could see just how serious I was. He didn’t move to leave instead he approached me, I inched back nearer the bed. My brave facade broke my face showed my fear.

a fucking he said as he moving closer. I turned from him starting to move away. His big hands grabbed me one on my hair the other on my shoulder. Yanking me backward he threw me, hurling me face down on the bed. I started to get up but felt his massive body on top of me.

I wanted to scream but knew it would be of no use. Powerful, lusty, greedy hands roamed over my body pulling my skirt up over my hips the bastard tore the crotch from my pantyhose as if they were made of tissue paper then his powerful hands ripped my thong with no effort at all. I saw his suit coat go sailing across the room then his shirt and tie. I heard the zipper on his pants, with no warning felt a massive cock head at the entrance to my pussy.

“GOD, please do not do this!” I screamed out at him.

“I’m not God bitch,” he said, mocking me, shoving his massive cock inside my unwilling hole. It was a hard, deep thrust forcing in a good six or more inches of his thick cock in deep. The pain ripped at me grabbing me telling me I there was damage. Then he thrust in hard again. A warm wet trickle ran down out of my pussy I knew it was blood. He buried every fat inch of that fat, long prick deep in me. I tried to act angry and hurt which I was, but even so, the increase of the moisture, the slickness of my pussy told him something. Yeah, that slickness wasn’t all from the blood either, the wet slickness told him I enjoyed, I hated it and loved it. He began to bang away, and my pussy accepted his thrusting dick like it was hungry. Deep hard jabs split me wide and deep pain ripped through my snatch. Still, passion burned inside me, growing, out of control a nasty, lustful, fulfillment spread inside me, something I hadn’t felt in such a long time.

Shame filled me, the shame of being raped, a deeper humiliation from my enjoyment of his wild fucking. My hips, against my will, moved back to meet his every lunge. My breathing grew shallow and rapid, as craving inside me yearned for more. My trembling body ached from pain and desire as he brutishly fucked me. We inched across the surface of the bedspread, I dug my fingers into the soft folds of the material.

He raised above me, his hands on either side of my head, his massive, beautiful cock burrowing deep inside me. Pounding me his meat in as hard and fast as he could. Thrusting in me the hard action fed my pain and passion. Soon I matched him, thrust for thrust. Then with no warning he withdrew his cock from me, disappointed flooded my mind, I should be relieved, but I wanted more. It was only a moment, a mere second passed, and I realized he wasn’t stopping. Without warning, the large prick violently and swiftly was jabbed deep inside my rectum, a searing pain erupted.

There was some measure of pain though it subsided as a new feeling replaced it. Undeniably, the pleasure of it took the place of the pain or mingled with it, that’s it a satisfying mixture of pain and ecstasy. The assault continued hard and fast. Pounding in my ass balls deep, he crushed underneath him, bending me to his purpose. My rectal passage filled as he banged in violently grunting and groaning with his efforts. Some spittle leaked from his mouth on my neck and back. Nasty sticky spit ran over me, not unlike my own discharge between my legs. Reaching down between my legs, I massaged my clit. Soon, I was on the verge of a mind-blowing orgasm! I could also sense something changing in my attacker.

He had slowed his pace for a few seconds then repositioned himself and pounded me harder than ever. As my breath quickened, I babble words just words. Incoherent phrases laced with profanity sputtered from my mouth. I believe this pushed him near the edge. Realizing ravaged someone who was totally into it drove his own appetite hard. He began to call me a “nasty bitch” a “smutty whore” or a “dirty, slimy cunt whore,” and at last he blew his nut at the same time I screamed out my own ecstasy!

His cock began to twitch, and I could feel cum moving through it. The splashes filled me deep inside hot wet sticky cum covered me deep down in me. Pumping hard then as he fucked through his orgasm I also came hard both us climaxing hard.

After he had blown his nut deep in my ass, he rolled off me. Lying on the bed, he looked at me. His eyes were hard and hateful. Standing up he grabbed a handful of hair and drug me to the bathroom. Pushing my face to the mirror, “Look at the whore, watch her die.” He put both hands around my neck and began to squeeze. My eyes bulged out I slapped my hands around hard. Pushing on the mirror, I tried to get leverage to move him off me. I kicked back at him as my cheeks turned slightly blue. I sucked at the air had but couldn’t get any. I … I … trying to breathe my eyes flickered my hands began to shake. I … I …

I lay on the floor staring up not seeing anything really. I … I … there was a face looking at me. Yes, I could see again, only I could see my body and a man hunched over my body.

“Time of death between 6:40 and 8:12 last night, according to the elevator logs for this apartment…cause of death looks to be the bruising around the neck see you can see the marks his fingers left behind…pay attention to the eyes…see petechial His voice faded from me

“Uumm hello can anyone hear me?” No one said anything me. They just kept talking to one another ignoring me.

Okay they can’t hear me…can you? Where’s the light? Isn’t there supposed to be a light to guide me?

story by: 90lbsofDynamite

Tags: anal rape fantasm cruelty sex story

Author: 90lbsofDynamite

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