Her fantasy

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Her Fantasy

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cum domination,

We had been seeing each other for about 5 weeks now,Things had started out great, Sex daily since our 4th date. She had recently moved to my not so immediate area from over 200 miles away,And was living with her parents and 4 children.

I was in the final stages of a divorce,My soon to be ex was not very sexual (except with others but I'll save that for another story).

Anyways we ducked out nightly to a camper for our sex sessions so as not to wake anyone,Usually our sex sessions would last over 3 hours in total with me usually being able to "get it up" 2 to 3 times.
the night i am writing about we were in our talking stage after our first session of sex and were awaiting the expected recharge to finish up,She had started fingering herself as she knew that would really help get me up for round 2. she was really making a show of this for me, rubbing her clit slow then fast,dip her fingers nice and deep slip them out and rub her clit some more.she was really getting into it and so was I, She still had my cum oozing out of her from our first encounter and was happily using it as lube, her fingers glistened with the cum from the both of us,and i was now ready,I positioned my hard 7 inches at her opening and slowly let myself slip into her,I had about 2 inches of my hard cock inside and slowly worked it back out gyrating my hips in small circles as I withdrew,She liked this and gave me a nice moan and aksed me to please get inside of her,her hips were already thrusting up in quick fashion,she haddnt cum yet from fingering herslef and was smoking hot now.I slowly started back inside of her and she was telling me yes yes , I asked her to run her clit for me which she quickly lowered her hand and started doing,I also lowered my hand to her steamy soaking pussy to feel my own cock sliding in and to feel how wet she was,bringing my hand back My first two fingers were literally soaked and i slowly raised to her lips, she seen my fingers coming and opened her mouth wide and said yes yes let me taste my wet pussy juice, feed it to me.She was still rubbing her clit to a frenzy and I was picking up speed in my thrusts slowing occasionally to gyrate my hips in circles sometimes would slam in hard, I myself was getting pretty worked up having gotten my fingers wet several times and watching her lick them clean when i came up with an idea that to me was very hot, I asked her to dip her own fingers and let me see how wet she was. When she showed me i asked her if she liked her taste as much as i did and with that she slipped her fingers into her mouth and sucked them totally clean,she moved her fingers back to her hot pussy rubbed a little and then i felt them slip inside next to my hard thrusting cock,again she brought them out and sucked them deep,when she did i felt her really start to spasm and thrust her hip at me,and again she lowered her sucked clean fingers back to her steaming pussy rubbed her clit a bit sending shock waves through her and then again slipped her finger in next to my hard cock and wiggled it around and around, that in itself was driving me mad, the feeling was incredible, as she pulled them out i felt a gush of wetness pour over my balls and knew she was getting very very close,I watched as hand came up and then stopped for a second and said to me taste my hot pussy and slipped her fingers into my mouth when she felt my lips close and my tongue take one lick she went spastic on my hard cock, saying oh yes suck my fingers yes lick them clean, dont they taste so yummy? well her going bonkers and the soaked fingers in my mouth I exploded into one of the best orgasms i had ever had,as I was shooting I relized i had just licked and tasted cum from her fingers Mine and hers, from our previous fuck.and I blasted again, she was still thrashing her hip a me trying to get my whole body into her i think.finally she calmed down a bit as did I,I said damn girl what got into you so suddenly,it was then she told me how when she had slid her fingers deeper inside her and licked them off she could taste a lot of My cum on them,she said she got a naughty thought that really excited her and decided to have me lick my own cum from her fingers.she then asked how i liked the taste? I told her honestly I noticed it with the first lick and really came hard as strange as it sounded I then also told her i could taste her pussy cum as well and that it was good.At that she lowered her fingers into her pussy again and wiggled them around brought them up to her mouth and sucked them clean,then she did the same again used 2 fingers wiggled them around and asked me to lick them clean for her, well I could see a lot of my cum all over them fingers and hesitated then she said please lick and suck them for me. I opened my mouth and she slipped them inside my mouth, the taste of my own cum was very eveident of course i knew it would be i could see a lot on her fingers, when i started to lick at her drenched fingers she suddenly orgasmed without even being touched,I had a feeling this was gonna evolve but had no ideas as to how.

That night we spent the night in the trailer.I didnt have to work in the morning and there was a big doings in the local town that we had to be out fairly early for.sometime in the we hours of the morning just as it was getting light she awoke and started playing with my cock.I am not a morning person at all so my mind dont really get going till i have coffee and a smoke,But my cock does when provoked, although I must admit I am a very much a quickshot in the am, half awake I started to play with her pussy as she was licking and sucking on my hardening cock, I relized she was just literally soaked.She asked me to lick her pussy for a bit which Hey i love to lick and siuck on pussy so didnt even give it a second thought, She spread her legs extra wide and used one of her hands to guide my face to her over heated pussy when my tongue gave her that first lick she went nuts, grabbed my head with both hands and held it to her pussy as she started to cum,her pussy was pulsing,and everytime it pulsed i was getting her juices on my tongue,all of a sudden i got a glob of cream and thats when it dawned on me I had filled her up just a few short hours before and was not only tasting my own cum but was basically licking it all out from the night before, and she knew it,she continued to suck on my cock and was having all kinds of with my every lick on her, she told me to tongue fuck her and when i did again it was coated with some cock cream from the night before,she then reached down with her handsd again and told me to get ready she grabbed my head and held strong as she squeezed really hard and forced a large copious amount of cream onto my waiting tongue.again she went spatic My cock also started to go spatic from her actions and i just couldnt take anymore and started to unload into her mouth she never missed a drop, she was still having lil orgasms as i was unloading, I finally was rained and she suddenly turns around and gives me a big old kiss which has never been a problem for me kissing a girl after she has blown me never really grossed me out before, only this time as we are kissing i become very aware she has brought up her hands and is really into this kiss pressing hard against my face with her face suddenly i know why her tongue is pushing hot cum into my mouth,as she pushes it in she again has a violent orgasm she has also sucked the cum back out of my mouth then pushes it back in again, this happens several times then she reaches up with her hand and as she pulls away from the kiss she covers my lips with her hand and begs me to please swallow , I see her beckoning eyes and the flames of lust along with and swallow the load she has put in my mouth with her mouth,As she watches me swallow she again shakes violently and has yet another orgasm.
After we both calm down a bit she hugs me hard and thanks me for fulfilling her latest fantasy to which i respond what was that? and she says to share a load with her,she then tells me she woke up and had plotted to have me eat her pussy when she relized she had so much cum left from the night before she said she had REALLY gotten off having me eat some of my own cum off her fingers , But when she felt my tongue inside her and felt her pussy leak a good flow of cum to my tongue she really lost it, and thats when she decided she was gonna share my load with me.. I told her well baby if thats what gets you hot I have no issues with it. I told her she needs to tell me her fantasy and i will try everything in my power to fulfill each and every one of them for her.she told me later she will relay some of them to me She also asked if we could go to the adult toy store and get a few items?

more to follow
will pay attention more to

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