I was raped

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Early sunday morning, I slipped on my black bra and tiniest pair of black panties, then stepped into my jean mini skirt. The image of my skirt pushed up and my thong skewed to the side caused heat to pulse between my legs.

I smoothed on scented lotion, sprayed perfume, applied makeup, styled my hair, and strapped on a pair of black heels. I was somewhat dissapointed to find that after all the time I spent, I looked no better than a cheap prostitute. But ohwell, it was to late to change it. Randy was already waiting outside.

The drive to Bakersfield was pleasant. The food was exactly what I wanted. And after the meal we discussed where we wanted to go to look for our new toy

As it was we didn't know how to get to Deja Vu and didn't know of where any other erotic shop might be, so we set off towards Spencers.

I was rather surprised at the selection. I wanted them all! Lol. I settled on one with lots of amusing attachments and after finding batteries, we decided to go back to his truck and play with our new gadget.

Its much easier to fool around in public with a skirt on. I fully intend to possess more of them, as well as aquire a collection of vibrators.

After awhile Randy and I decided to see if there were any movies we'd be interested in watching. The new toy tagging along aswell ofcourse.

V for Vendetta pleasantly surprised me as I expected it to suck ass. It wasn't bad…what I saw of it.

I removed both my bra and thong in the theater and positioned the vibrator, with the tongue shaped attachment, between my legs while Randy watched me.

When the theater went dark, Randy unzipped his pants and pushed my head down onto him.

My favorite part of the penis is the head, so I have a tendancy to concentrate on sucking and licking there instead of trying to deepthroat, which is really what I should be doing as it's suppose to be about him and what he likes. Well he reminded me of this by placing his hand on the back of my head and forcing me down. So far down infact that my lips were firmly against the base of his penis and when I tried to breathe he was blocking my windpipe!

I tried to bob my head back up, but I couldn't because his hand was still firm on the back of my head. For a moment I could feel a tingly panic creeping in, but I calmed myself down and tried to raise my head again. I was more than willing to use my teeth on him if he didn't move his hand.

He moved his hand.

Allowing me to go on with the enjoyable excercise of giving him a blowjob. And I think I'm becoming quite good. Hardly a pro, but more than passable I hope.

After the movie was over we hit the freeway and made our way to the Farmer's Insurance on Buck Owens Bulevard. There's a lovely little space behind that building that is simply made for horny teenagers.

There, we kissed, groped, and grinded until he stopped.

He looked at me, his eyes half hidden behind lowered lids, and said:

"You know what?"

"Hmm what?" .

"I don't feel like being nice."

Before that had really registered he grabbed a fistful of my hair, jerked my head back, and bit my exposed neck.

I'd thought I was horny before?! Hah!

With his teeth working their way along my collarbone and his free hand tugging the bottom of my shirt upward, my whole body tensed and ached with sweet longing.

I remembered to fight him amd raised my hands to push him away just as he sucked one exposed nipple into his mouth.

He jerked my downwards onto the seat by my hair and pressed his weight upon me, trapping my hands between us. I pulled my leg back to kick him away, but smoothly he inserted his thing between mine and forced himself into position.

He raised himself up on one elbow and reached down with his other hand to unzip his jeans. My hands freed from beneath him, I struck out with them. Scratching at his face and arms, clawin gat his hair, twisting away from him.

He tried to capture my hands, but I was fighting to hard.

He hit me.

Openhanded across the face. Stunned, my struggles ceased long enough for him to grab the wrist of one hand and pin me.

I was tired now. I was losing. I couldn't fight him.

"That's right, give up you fucking slut."

Both my hands were trapped in one of his as he reached down with his free hand to the outside of my thigh, just under my ass. Bringing my awareness down there aswell. I could feel his erection through his jeans where it pressed against my lower belly.

I jerked and tried to twist away as the tips of his fingers brushed roughly against the sensitive lips of my pussy and he shoved one finger, hard and deep, into my ass. I struggled upwards, trying to move myself away from him as he called me names and laughed at me.

He withdrew his fingers and once again began to undo his zipper.

My hands were trapped. My legs were trapped. Helpless.

I bucked my hips in a last desperate attempt to fight him off.

He slapped me again.

My skirt was pushed up well over my hips displaying my small black panties and what an ineffective barrier they made. He nudged them aside with a finger as he probed against my pussy with the head of his cock.

"You want this. You're fucking soaking. Fucking slut."

"No." My voice shocked me. In my panicked struggle I had forgotten that I possessed such a thing. I sucked in a deep breath to scream, but only managed a strangled squeak before his hand slammed over my mouth.

"Shut up." he said. "Shut up you dirty little cum slut." And he thrust forward.


I treid to scream behind his hand. I tried to bite it. But in the end my screams became whimpers and my struggles a rhythm to match his.

He was right

I wanted it.

story by: ssjhotaru2

Tags: erotica male/female rape violence true story non-consensual sex sex story

Author: ssjhotaru2

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