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Chapter 1
I was meeting Jennifer later today. Jenni for short. We had spent the last couple of weeks communicating over email. It was time to stop fucking around playing pussyfoot and see if what we had been saying to each other was for real or just sexual provocation. We set up a time to meet at a local hotel bar at 4. She sounded great. She was large but not too, she matched me in height but she was curvy in all the right places and ready and willing. Our writing had been hot and erotic. She wanted to try new things and wanted me to teach her. Since we had never met I was not quite sure of what to expect. I dressed quickly after taking a shower. I put on blue jeans and a tank top. I had an ulterior motive of wanting her to see my tattoos. I knew she had a couple and the thought of the one on he lower back brought a jump to my cock. I love those tramp stamps. The thought of things to come had my mind reeling. I really wanted to fuck this girl. I grabbed my gym bag and put all the necessary playthings inside. I had an vibrating anal bead plug, a 10”dildo, a set of nipple clamps, a few clothes pins a G spot vibrator, some nylon rope, a riding crop and a clitoral suction pump. Should be enough for the first time I noted. I took the bag my and keys and headed out the door.
All the way to the hotel my mind played scenarios over and over. The last time we chatted when we made plans to get together I told her I wanted her to wear a brightly colored skirt that had a hemline just above her knees. I told her to wear a semi tight fitting top and I told Jenni not to wear any panties. I did not tell her why. The reason was three fold. I wanted her to feel the coolness of the vinyl booth seat on her cunny, as I knew it would be hot and moist in anticipation. I wanted to be able to tease her with my toe if she sat across from me or be able to finger her if she sat next to me. I also wanted very easy access to her when we made it to a room. It was now or never, put up or shut up. The wood in my shorts was palpable. I arrived about 15 minutes early. I left the bag in the car and went inside. I found a secluded booth in the back. I could see the whole bar from the vantage. I noted every female patron entering the bar. That girl is to skinny, that ones tits are too small, that one is with a dude, that one is too old. It went on like that for a few minutes until I saw a generous girl with a flowered skit walk in and look around nervously. I stood up, caught her eye and motioned for her to come over. As we met I pretended like we were old friends. I held her in an embrace, spoke her name and turned her 180 degrees so that my back was to the bar shielding her from the sight of anyone in the bar that was looking and slid my right hand up her inner bare right thigh to see if she followed my directions. She had. I quickly let my index finger part her soft folds as I slid my hand up her slit and then back down until I could penetrate her with my finger to the second knuckle. The whole exchange only took a few seconds and neither of us said a word however Jenni let out a small gasp and her eyes gazed into mine wantonly.
We broke our embrace and I motioned and asked her to sit down. She sat down but as she sat I noticed she ad sat on her skirt. I sat down next to her very close and whispered in her ear, ”Do you trust me?’ she acknowledged yes with the up and down motion of her head. “Good, I want you to stand up slightly and pull the back of your skirt up around your hips. Spread your legs apart about six inches then sit back down keeping the front of your skirt pushed down properly.” She looked at me horrified and tried to protest but I put my finger against her lips and said, “ Hush, just do it”. She slowly stood a little and did as she was instructed. When she sat back down I could see by the expression on her face that she understood. she said —- I am so glad to finally meet you.” She said. What you expected” was my reply. she said. At this point the waiter came and asked for our drink orders. “Two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon” I replied. Jenni remarked “and you know wine too.” I am a man of many talents as you will soon discover.” Jenni’s breasts were amazing. Her top showed a generous amount of cleavage and I had already noticed how they bounced when she entered the bar and walked across the room to the table. I also had noticed that she had not worn a bra and her erect nipples were pushing out the fabric of her top I asked if they were the appetizers and Jenni just laughed. The waiter brought our wine and I paid him. We embarked on the uncomfortable small talk that always takes place at first meetings while drinking our wine. We knew what we both wanted and after the electronic foreplay: we had already shared we knew that this was all a formality. Her hand moved from her lap to mine and she grabbed hold of the pole awaiting her. “Is that for me,” she asked. “Who else” I replied. I moved her hand from my crotch and placed it on the table. Then I moved my hand under her skirt and in between her spread thighs and told her that this was no Harry meets Sally moment and to keep quiet. Damn she was wet. I slid my finger up and down her slit several times and gently squeezed her exposed clit between my thumb and fore finger. I squeezed a little tighter and felt her start to buck. Her mouth opened and I knew I better act fast as she was not going to be able to control herself and disobey my instructions. I told her to look at me and when she did I grabbed the back of her head by her hair interlaced between my fingers and covered her mouth with mine and thrust in my tongue. I moved my other fingers from her clit to her opening and stuck two inside. I let go of her hair and mouth and moved away. “Finish your wine, I think it is time to take this elsewhere” Jenni stammered sir it is.
Chapter 2
I stood up and moved out of the booth. Jenni stood up next. After she was standing at my side I could see on the booth seat a wet spot about a foot in diameter. It just damp Jenni’s juices were actually sitting in a slight pool and finding their way to the joint at the back if the booth seat. “A little excited are we” I exclaimed. Jenni just blushed and nodded yes. “This is what I want you to do,” I said “ I want you to wait in the lobby while I go get a room. I’ll find you and give you the room number and the key card. You go up and be waiting for me. I will go to the car and get my bag. When I return to the room I want you ready for whatever comes next, Jenni looked at me and then down at the bulge in my jeans and said “yes I understand” Jenni followed the plan perfectly because when I found the room the door was ajar. As I pushed it open I found her lying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide and bent at the knees. Her large titties fell slightly to her sides and she had her eyes closed. I shut the door. “Very nice” I commented. “ So just what do you have planned for me today?” she asked. “First of all I want you to not ask questions. I want you to relax and let what ever happens happen. I won’t be doing anything to you that will cause you to be concerned. You are not in any danger. You will do as I tell you when I tell you. If you do as I say, just like in the bar you won’t be disappointed. You will be pleasured in return for your obedience. You will walk away from here today completely satisfied yet a bit numb. Your knees may be weak as you walk out of here and you may be a little sore for a day or so, but you are in good hands. Jenni acknowledged yes. The first thing I want you to do is to sit up and put on the items I give you. I open my bag and hand her a studded collar that snaps in the back. I hand her the pair of chain linked Japanese clover nipple clamps and I hand her the clitoral pump. She looks at me a little unsure of what to do. “Relax it will be alright” I say. She is not sure what to do so I ask her about the items. She is familiar with the clamps and puts them on. “ Not tight enough” I say and re-adjust them with more pressure. Jenni squeals in delight as they squeeze tighter. I help her put the collar on her and tell her this is for her to remember that I’m in control. I attach a leash to it. Then I tell her to lay on her back and spread her legs as wide as she can. I climb between them and with a quick lapping motion lick her slit from top to bottom savoring the taste of her. I pay special attention to her clit exposing it from its protective hood. I take the pump and place the vacuum chamber on the exposed wet lips of her labia. I tell her that she will start feeling an incredible sucking sensation and to let it come. I will be a bit painful as you clit becomes fully erect but when the pump is removed and I can go to work on it and her orgasm will be worth it. I began pumping the squeeze bulb. At first the sensation is minimal to Jenni. After a few more pumps the hood has moved away and the clitoral head is exposed fully but not erect. Jenni starts to moan loudly and forcefully slaps the bed with her palms of her hands. A few more and she is screaming and panting “Oh God ,Oh God, Fuck!!! Oh Fuck.” “Shh” I tell her. She doesn't stop. I did not bring the gag this time but I had another idea. I got up from between her legs and removed my clothes. My hard cock glistening with pre-cum at the tip is waiting. I move back to the bed, climb on top of her and sit on Jenni’s huge tits while resting on my knees. I then push my dick into her mouth stifling her screams. I tell her no teeth. Just suck. She still tries to moan and scream when I pump the bulb a few more times but all she can get out is ‘Mummmffff OOOO ahhhhhh mummff.” “OK, You are ready I say as I let loose the valve on the chamber. Jenni’s clit is so engorged with blood that it is extended a full inch and very red. With the pump removed she really starts sucking my cock Her enthusiasm is so great that her teeth start to clamp down. I tell her to stop and I climb off her chest. The discomfort from her teeth and a pain on my ass from where the clamps had dug in were not what I expected. I told Jenni she had disobeyed my telling her not to scream and no teeth and asked her if she would like to be punished for her disobedience ?????
Chapter 3
“Uh, well… Then I said in a strong firm voice “I want you to keep quiet. I said no questions before and now I am adding no talking. You may moan, grunt squeal and be guttural and you may do so at a moderate volume but no talking. I grabbed her cheeks with one hand squeezed them to together slightly until her mouth was in the shape of an O and said She nodded in recognition. “Good, now little girl I am going to punish you. I was standing above her and could tell she was a bit uneasy. At that point I again climbed on top of her and straddled her stomach. I put my cock in between her titties and told her to squeeze them together. I then pumped up and down a few times titty fucking her. I pulled off and with an open faced hand smacked both breasts forcefully but playfully. I remembered this punishment had started because of the attention I was giving her clit. Jenni had closed her legs slightly obscuring my view. I told her to get them open. Her clit had lost a little of it’s erection but not much. What I was going to do next I knew was going at least at first frighten her. I gave her a reassuring pep talk and caressed her face and body. I took my shirt and made a blindfold out of it and had her put it on. I then went into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth from the towel bar. I tore it in quarters, rolled it up and told her I was going to put a gag in her mouth and not to try and push it out.After I did this I got the nylon rope from my bag and secured her hands and feet to the bed so that Jenni was in a spread eagle position. I placed a pillow under her hips so that the added thickness gave me better access to my prize. Her pussy was still wet but not like before so I decided to give her some encouragement. I knelt between her thighs and went to work with my tongue on her soft folds. The aroma and flavor of her juices was sweet and I enjoyed lapping it up. I purposely avoided her clit and mainly worked on her inner lips and by tonguing her opening. I probed her rosebud a couple of times as well, eliciting an even deeper moan through the gag. She came twice with intense abdominal waves. I placed the vacuum chamber back between her legs and brought her clit to full attention once again. She was straining and pulling at the taught ropes and grunting through the gag. I pushed the pressure release and and removed the vacuum. I believe how erect she was now, it was no wonder she was thrashing so. I decide to be a little nasty and I grabbed the riding crop. I traced the slapper up her body, around her tits and down her thighs. I then smacked each breast with a resounding Jenni was not exposing that nor was she expecting the two thwacks on her inner thighs near her pussy before I gently smacked her blood gorged very sensitive clitoris Oh how she jumped and hollered in pleasurable agony. Must of come a foot off the bed despite being tied down. I gently did it again. The same result occurred. “Do you understand I won’t tolerate your disobedience young lady” I said. She moaned through the gag and nodded. I removed the blindfold but left the gag. I then again went to work on her pussy. I licked and sucked, probed and fingered. I got the G spot vibrator and and started her on another path to orgasm. When she came she could not control her release and sent out a shower that squirt across the room. I believe it is my turn now I thought, but I wondered if she had any more to give after what she had already given. We would soon find out.
Chapter 4
Jenni had experienced quite an afternoon so far. I removed the washcloth gag from her mouth and she continued to pant and moan softly. I knew she wanted to talk. “I am going to give you pause. You may talk while your body comes down off its endorphin high,” I said. She tried to sit up forgetting that she was still bound to the bed. I untied the ropes and set her free momentarily. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “what did you do to me?” I smiled with a large sly smile and replied “what you wanted, what you begged for and just part of what else lies in store for you”. It took her a moment to regain her composure but she did and stood up and walked over to stand in front of me. I had moved to sitting in a chair after untying her. I looked and admired at her body as she moved. Her hips swayed and her chest heaved. The leash from her collar drug the ground and had parted her gash and I could see her completely bare cleft of her legs was still wet. The round flesh of her ass was only slightly visible.
I wanted to suck and bite on her nipples She had other plans though and knelt down between my legs and took my semi erect shaft in her hand. She pulled the small amount of foreskin away from the uncircumcised head and gave it a lick like a lollypop. She took her hand and stroked it up and down to get it rigid again. She then let the whole length slide into her mouth. Jenni’s tongue flicked at the wic and encircled the bell end of my cock. She was slobbering down the shaft and my concerns about if she could handle more were soon diswayed. She started pumping my dick in her mouth hard and fast. She did this for several minutes until I felt the temptation building in my balls. I did not want to cum yet, that was for later. I had many more holes to explore and did not want to loose my edge. “Jenni, please stop.” I said. She pulled off unsure as to why I would want her to stop and protested bbb ”but, but, but, I I said. “I know, however I have other plans. I want to tell you something and then show you another. “You like what I am doing to you don’t you?” She acknowledged yes. “You want me to do it to you again don’t you?” Again a yes from her. “Then you will need to do this my way. You already said you would trust me, now I expect you to abide by our agreement. Now I want you to go into the bathroom and clean yourself up. You are quite sticky and I want both of the openings between your legs fresh and clean. Pay special attention to your butt hole. Wash inside a few inches if you can. Dry yourself off completely and return to me with a bath towel. Then I’ll show you what I want you to do next. By the way I don’t want you to speak for a while either. Ok”
After completing the task I had given her Jenni was standing in front of me with a towel. I asked her to spread it out on the floor. Then I asked her to stand on it with her legs spread about 8 inches apart. Put your arms behind your back and clasp your hands together. She did as I said but still I could see the uneasiness of it all showing in her eyes. “Relax, Relax” I encouraged. I walked around her a couple of times looking at her curvatious body. I examined each breast where I had stuck it and tightened the nipple clamps a little more. I looked at her thighs and saw no trauma from the smacks there either. I then asked her to get down on the towel on her knees and spread her legs as wide as she could. I asked her to put her arms behind her back again and place her face on the floor on the right side. I grabbed the rope and set it on the chair and gave her some instructions. “This position and the previous one are inspection positions and I want you to present yourself like this to me when we meet for this type of play. I want to admire your body and examine your skin. I want to smell your fragrance and I want you ready to please me and in return you will experience similar climaxes to the ones you had earlier.” I took the rope and bound her hands together overlapping them several times to make an attractive binding. Her eyes grew wide as I had her in a most vulnerable position. Then I moved in behind her and knelt myself. I moved my face towards her savoring the smell of freshly washed skin. I grabbed her hips and began to lick. I moved my tongue from her sphincter to her clitoris and lapped at her inner and outer folds I then moved in close and began to rim her. I let my tongue slip inside. I could see on her face looking back at me she was in absolute ecstasy. I licked my finger and probed her ass as far as my finger would go. I spat several times on her sphincter to lubricate her. As I pressed I could feel her anal muscles tighten and I also toyed again with her G spot through the colon wall separating her anus and vagina. She squealed in delight and began to climax. With her ass well lubricated and her snatch-dripping wet I moved in and laid the mushroom shaped head of my cock against her brown eye. I had put on a condom and it also provided necessary lubrication. As I pushed my way inside I could feel the heat and tightness of her butt. The big round fleshy cheeks of her beautiful ass gave me ample areas to hold on to as I thrust. I drove into her over and over my ball sack slapping against her sex. I could see her heavy-laden breasts sway with each thrust. The nipple chain clinked with each push. Again I did not want to cum but Jenni was and I could feel the waves of her pleasure grab my dick like a vice in her ass. I pulled out slowly and made a resounding “pop” when she pushed involuntarily and expelled the head of my cock. It was time for the next round.

Chapter 6: I liked Jenni in this submissive presentation doggy style position. It was easy to reach under her and grope her breasts. I could easily pull on the leash and pull her tight against me. My cock parted her slit and I tormented her by sliding its length along the vulva and teasing her clit with the tip. I struck the fleshy cheeks of her ass with my open hand and got her to squeal. The wet sticky lubrication from her dripping love pocket glistened on the shaft of my dick and dribbled down the inside of both of her thighs. I was in heaven and I hoped Jenni was too. I had her move to the bed again and get on her back. I wanted to get her in a bound V that again gave me access to her goodies. I untied her hands and then rebound her wrists and ankles together. I took the loose remaining rope end and secured it to the posts on the headboard. It put her in a position where her legs were spread wide as were her arms above her head. She was lying on her back with her head on a pillow that elevated it slightly giving me easy admission to her mouth. I got on the bed and knelt between her legs. I removed the used condom and replaced it with a clitoral stimulator. I took the beaded anal plug and inserted it inside her through her balloon knot. I leaned over her prostrate body my cock again resting on her pubis. I began kissing her legs from ankle to crotch before I made one solid thrust and found myself deep within the walls of her waiting cavity. There was little resistance as she was incredibly wet. That soon changed as she soon got control of her vaginal muscles and started to contract against my shaft. She moaned loudly at the plunge and began a rhythmatic panting and groaning. I drove into her hard and fast slapping against her flesh. It was incredible. I looked into her eyes and started talking really filthy to her. I wanted the same back from her so again I gave her permission to speak. “Oh you have an awesome cunt, it is so tight now my cock is so ready for this. Fucking your pussy is incredible. How do you like that plug in your ass? It feels great to me as I slide up into your box; the beads are an intense feeling. I said” Jenni replied, “Fuck me just fuck me, get all that cock inside me. O, O, OH…pound me, pound me!!” “You like this do you? You like being my slut. You like getting slammed; my balls whacking you making that plug in you ass jump?” We kept this up until I wanted to change positions. I untied Jenni and had her lay on her side at the edge of the bed with her legs bent and closed. I removed the anal plug and. stood on the floor. Her snatch was at just the right height for me to nail her. Again I plunge inside. I thrust into her this way for a while and then changed positions again. I put her back on her back and pulled her hips toward me to the end of the bed. Again I lifted her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulders. I placed my cock at her entrance again and instead of waiting for me Jenni forced her open pussy to engulf my cock and even on her back was able to fuck herself with my cock. We carried on this way for about ten minutes and made her come twice, I had her get up on all fours and with her ass in the air and her pussy level with my cock I moved forward. My mushroom tip was at the entrance, I moved forward and the foreskin of my shaft pushed back until was I was fully in. We both started to moan and I increased the tempo to hard and fast. ' Fuck me, do me, do me harder' she kept saying, I didn’t need reminding, her pussy was so lovely and so wet, I leaned forwards and grabbed her breasts and continued on giving it to her fast. I was ready to cum as my scrotum contracted around my balls. She felt me tighten and it made her want to cum as well. Her pussy lips griped and squeezed my cock hard and made the sensation rise even more. She moved back and forth making her hips wave about and her tits bounce. I grabbed them both and leaned over and pulled the clamps off with my teeth. I then sucked on the nipples hard. I started to cum. I moaned loudly and she just carried on. “Oh FUUCCCKKK!!. trying not to scream too loudly. We both were cumming together. I felt her tighten again, and squeeze. I pulled out and shot my load across her pussy, belly and chest. We collapsed on the bed, gasping and out of breath.
Chapter 7
After ejaculating onto Jenni I collapsed beside her on the bed. We lay there both lost in the in the bliss of the intense simultaneous climax. We were both heavily sweating from our rigorous physical exertion. We repositioned ourselves moving to face each other after a moment to reflect on the sexual passion of the last hours. Jenni’s body glistened with the wetness of perspiration and the subtle scars of fervent fucking. Her nipples were red and swollen, her wrists and ankles showed the understated stripes of being bound. Her mound was engorged with blood and her clit still peeked out from underneath its protective hood in a provoked state. My cum mixed with what she expelled and ran down the cleft between each of each of her legs onto the bed and soaked into the sheets. I was in a state, which happens at times but not often enough. My cock was still rigid and pressing against her thigh. Usually after such incredible culmination and eruption of semen my dick retracts like a balloon with the air leaking out of it. This time however Jenni’s hot body and submissive behavior kept me hard and in need of more. Jenni felt me hard and pressing against the side of her leg. We had been kissing, letting each other’s tongue explore the depths of the others mouth. She moved her arm and hand and after taking a hold of my manhood began to stroke the shaft. Apparently she was not done either. We continued to kiss and she continued to supply a stimulating hand-job. She moved into a position between my legs and lowered her mouth to my shaft. She licked and sucked going down on me like a lioness devouring her kill. She licked the sweat from my balls and took the whole length in her mouth. She continued to drive her mouth up and down and when I shot in her mouth she siphoned the milky white liquid until I was dry. I saw the back of her throat move as she swallowed and then licked her lips seductively. I was spent and so was Jenni. We embraced and fell asleep in each other’s arms for a time.
I had to get back to my life and Jenni to hers. We packed up and put away the toys, got dressed I told her, “I will be wanting us to do this next week too.” Jenni replied, “Oh do we have to wait sor next week? I like you dominating me and pounding my body .Can we do it sooner than net week?’ I said, see my little slut girl.”

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