Lost and found iii

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I carried Laura in one hand while she was squirming as much as she could, and my materials in the other, and tossed her onto the kitchen table. Each wrist was tied to a table leg, and so was each of her legs. She was restrained in such a position that her ass was pointed in the air. She couldn’t raise her head much. Such a defiant girl in such a demeaning position. I loved it.

I waved my new whip from my trip in front of her face and I saw renewed attention from her. She flinched as I stroked it against her soft cheek. “It’s a new teaching method.” I tormented. I saw Laura grit her teeth and drop her face against the table as I walked around back of her. Her attitude might not have been, but her ass looked inviting.

I ran my hand up and down the back of her thigh. “Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you And with that the whip was brought down on her ass. On impact it sank into her ass cheeks, then bounced back out, dropping to the floor and leaving a pink line across her skin. Laura felt the sting and screamed in pain. She couldn’t see it come down, but she definitely felt it. “Did that feel “Answer me.” I whipped her again.

“Fuck she cried. I began to bring the whip down harder. Her screams became louder. I knew every girl in the house could hear Laura being punished. I whipped her over and over. Each brutal lash made her body jump forward. Her entire ass would bounce as it was struck with the vicious leather. One of my blows fell a little short and caught her labia. She flinched harder than usual and she let out a higher pitched squeal. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AHHHHHHH!” She couldn’t contain her pain.

Laura’s ass had been crisscrossed full of steaming pink lines. She was quivering. There wasn’t a spot of her natural skin tone left. But I wasn’t finished with her. I moved on to the back of her thighs. Fresh whips brought out her higher pitched screams again. Laura was wailing as I tortured her ass and legs. Finally, she had taken too much punishment. She couldn’t cry out anymore and dropped her face to the table again, unresponsive as I continued to strike her body.

I dropped the whip and lifted her head by her hair. Her face was sheened with her sweat The way her gaze was so distant and her face slightly drooped told me how exhausted she was. Her hair was matted with her sweat. I slapped her across the face hard to perk her up. Her eyes darted toward me. She was hot, looking like a mess like that. “I’m gonna use your ass now, Laura.” That really got her attention. I started walking back behind her.

I gripped her ass cheeks in each of my hands and spread them open, further exposing her asshole. “No! NO!” She pleaded. I cut her off with one strong thrust into her tight hole. After that I heard nothing from her but painful squealing and moaning. My hips slammed into her ass and her body rocked back and forth. She let out a sharp squeak whenever I slapped her already hurting ass. I reached underneath her and squeezed her nipples. I twisted and tugged on them while I pounded her ass.

I fucked her harder. I pushed my cock deeper and Laura started whining higher. As I vigorously thrust into her ass, the table violently rocked and creaked. She struggled against her restraints but she wasn’t going anywhere. With one more deep thrust, Laura gave a sharp scream and I flooded her ass with my cum. The thick white liquid shot deep inside her. Slowly, it was pushed out, running from her asshole, over her pussy.

I ran my hand over Laura’s ass and she moaned loudly to let me know it hurt. “I guess you can stay there. I’m not using you />
“Let me go.” She said in a demanding tone. I loved this girl. She still acted strong and I was having fun fucking and punishing her. Like I said, maybe she’ll learn, maybe not. Doesn’t really make a difference what she wants. Either way is fine. If she learns she’ll be my whore, if not she’d keep getting her daily punishments. I left her in her undignified state.

I paid another visit to the basement. There was Leah. do it again,” she hopefully pleaded. I undid my pants and jerked her head and shoved her face into my groin. I rubbed her pretty face around in my cock and balls. The same phallus that had recently penetrated Laura’s ass and was rammed down her own throat last night.

“Before I give you a really good throatfucking, you’re gonna have to fast for a little longer. I don’t want anything from your stomach on my cock when I really use you.” I hadn’t fed Leah since I first saw her and noticed her lips. I wanted to use her to her full potential. I kept rubbing her face between my thighs. I loved dragging Leah’s head around like a ragdoll. She was helpless in my grasp.

I finally let her go and stand up. “Take your shirt off.”

She hesitated.

“Do you need the same obedience lessons as Laura?”

She dropped her eyes and gripped the bottom of her shirt. She hesitated a little again, but brought herself to slowly lift it over her stomach, over her bra, and finally all off her body. She still gripped the shirt in her hands and held it over her breasts. I snatched it from her and threw it to the floor. “Take off your bra.”

Again, she paused, so I slapped one of her tits and she shrieked, quickly undoing her bra and dropping it too. Leah held her hands over her tits, trying to shield them from my view. To me, it was funny that she tried to hide herself even after I’ve already assfucked her, but I guess she was trying to hold on to a little dignity.

hide from me, drop your hands. Your body isn’t yours, it’s mine, and I deserve to see And there was another great set of tits before me.

They weren’t as large as Laura’s huge ones, but they were still beautiful. Her nipples were tall in the center of perfectly placed areola. She had such a sexy body and I was getting worked up. I shoved her backwards onto the couch. I saw the surprise on her face.

I pinched her nipples between my fingers making her squeak, then she groaned when I pulled on them. She cried. I clamped my mouth down on one of her nipples and gave it a bite. She grimaced while I enjoyed her body. I kept biting and sucking one, while I slapped the other. Leah would chirp and squeal in response. I was constantly switching between her breasts. Showing one attention, and abusing the other one.

Eventually, I detached myself from Leah’s tits. I eased myself between her legs and aimed my cock at her pussy. “Pleeease, But I pushed it in. I found myself needing more and more to be inside the girls. I pumped my cock into Leah. She started breathing harder and groaning as I thrust myself into her pussy.

She wasn’t very feisty, but she tried to find ways to make it easier on herself. She slowly, and carefully pushed her ass into the cushion, secretly trying to pull away from me, but of course I noticed. I just fucked her deeper than I would have before and it only hurt her worse.

She whined as I took her pussy and slapped her soft tits. I loved having these unbelievably gorgeous, innocent teens treated so rough. She became louder when I was deep enough to slap her ass with my balls. She put her hands on my chest to try to push away from me, so I grabbed the back of her thighs and pulled her into me. She probably wished she just learned to take the fucking. Every time she tried to get a little bit away I just reacted twice as strong in the opposite direction. Now she was steadily moaning. “God, it HURRRTS!” I was down to my balls inside of her. I pumped a few more times, then pulled out.

I flipped Leah over so I could see her ass. I plunged my cock right back in her pussy and she felt renewed pain. While I drove into her carelessly, I slapped her smooth, round, perky ass. This was so much better. I could ram my cock deeper in her pussy and had access to her perfect ass. “Ohhh Goooood!” she cried. I fucked her from behind like this for some time. As time went on, I had to move slower and harder and Leah sounded weaker and weaker.

Finally, I was at my limit. I gave it a few more strong pumps, then pulled out and I shot my cum over her ass.

Leah collapsed face first into the couch. “Put your panties on.” I instructed.

“But then She protested.

“Then you’ll what?” She knew I knew what I was doing. I was humiliating her. She’d be in cum soaked panties with a cum sprayed ass. I watched Leah slide her panties up her legs and snap the top to her hips, cringing as she felt my cum smear against her skin. I could see all the shame she felt in her face.

I finished up with her and tied her up to the pool table. On my way out I grabbed Selena. I picked up her leash and lead her, on all fours, to the kitchen. “Get a bucket, a rag, and some cleaner from under that sink and fill it up.” She did so obediently. “Now get down. I want all the floors in this house clean.” In this series of total horniness, I hadn’t even thought to use them for more than just sex. I don’t think I’d be doing housework for a while.

Selena got down to her hands and knees and started scrubbing the floor. While she slaved away I took a seat on my couch and watched TV. Occasionally I would look over at her pert ass wiggling with effort as she put her whole upper body into her work. Every time I walked passed her to get a drink or use the bathroom or whatever, I’d make sure to slap her has. She’d whimper a bit and look up at me in fear, but I just walked past her and resumed staring at the screen while she went back to cleaning.

Eventually she finished. Selena rose to her feet. I walked right up to her… and gave her a hard slap across the face. Something she hadn’t been subject to before. She started crying like a baby. “What are doing wrong?” I asked.

Selena quickly dropped to all fours again. I’m sorry.” She barely squeaked out.

“These floors actually look pretty good.” I complimented her work. “I hope you learn how to clean my cock as good as you clean these floors.” She quickly looked down again. I grabbed up her leash and led her to my room where Kayla lay bound.

I sat down next to Kayla, on the edge of the bed. I picked up Selena and placed her on my lap, facing me. I firmly gripped the back of her neck and forced her to my lips. Her delicate face was roughly pressed to mine. My other hand ran up and down her lower back, forcibly enveloping her body in my embrace. My hand slipped lower and lower, until she jumped as I squeezed her little round ass.

I pulled away from Selena’s kiss but my hand still squeezed her ass as I leaned in the other direction to kiss Kayla. She drew her breath in as I wrapped my free hand around her throat with my thumb and forefinger on her jaw, moving her head however I pleased. Selena, nervous, was extra stiff and Kayla breathed hard as I kept her lips connected with mine. It was a sensual and at the same time, forceful act.

I pulled away from Kayla and cut her cable ties. After so long she was free. She moaned and squirmed, adjusting from the uncomfortable position she’d been trapped in for days. She stood up and I enjoyed a view of her I haven’t seen for a while. The only view I had of her before was focused on spreading her so I could push myself deeply into her, but now I had a full view of her tall, slender, feminine body.

I couldn’t help but get up and grope her. I cupped her breasts from behind. Slowly, my grip became harder while I was squeezing them. I spun her around gripped each of her soft ass cheeks in either hand. “Jump up here.” I told her, referring to my torso. A little unsure, she grabbed my shoulders, hopped onto me, and crossed her legs behind my back. I’ve never been this close, face to face, chest to chest with any of these girls yet. Kayla had no choice but to wrap herself around me.

Kayla wasn’t cute or pretty or sexy, beautiful would be the word to describe her. I walked until she was up against a wall and resumed kissing her. My dick was getting harder and knew she could feel it. She was practically sitting on it. For a while I violently kissed and groped her while I had her pinned against the wall. I moved backwards until we were back to the bed. I fell onto it, bringing Kayla with me. Her wavy blonde hair draped over my face.

In a show of dominance, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Sit on it, Kayla.” She separated her hips from my pelvis. As she put her hand on my chest and raised herself, I admired the view of her legs leading up to the picture of her fingers spreading her labia open, exposing the soft pink of her vagina. Slowly she slid down the shaft. Kayla was tense and I knew she was feeling more and more full, more and more stretched.

“Now ride me.” It was different before. Before she was restrained and I just took her as I pleased. Now I was making Kayla do it to herself. She took a breath, collected herself, found some resolve and began to move up and down. “You know what I want Kayla. FASTER.” With soft wincing on her face she sped up, clearly not comfortable with the pace. But she knew better than to displease me.

As she bounced up and down on my cock, her tits jiggled. That was something I didn’t really get to enjoy yet. Her tits bounced right along with her riding motions. That is until I grabbed them in my hands. I loved the feeling of her hands on my chest. Whenever I reached behind to smack her ass she would press her hands deeper.

“Get over her, Selena.” She wasn’t happy to have to join. As soon as she was close enough I grabbed the back of her neck. Her head was above me and her hair draped over my face as I pulled her into some more kissing. She had her hands on the bed on either side of my head, but her body was curved off to side. Every now and then I would pull back on Selena’s hair to check on Kayla.

Eventually Kayla started slowing down. She was getting tired. But I wasn’t. I separated my lips from Selena, “I swear if you don’t move faster I’m gonna whip you until you can’t even scream, girl.” I forced Selena back down to me.

“Yes sir!” She responded, breathless. And she did move faster. Gasping, she continued to ride me. Her entire body glistened with sweat. I loved the way her body plopped down, how her ass smacked against my upper thighs, and her inner thighs slammed down tight around my hips.

“Turn around.” Kayla obediently got up, faced the opposite direction, and carefully put my cock back in her pussy. Now I could see her ass shake as she rode me. She wasn’t very experienced and look clumsy. Unable to smoothly bounce just her hips and ass, she had to lift her entire lower body with her stomach and open and squeeze her legs. Every now and then I would surprise her with a slap to her ass. Despite everything, she obediently kept going. Over and over, it felt so good until I had to shove Selena off of me, yank Kayla’s slick body into mine, and roll over onto her. I thrusted far deeper and harder into than she would ever take me.

I had to pull out immediately. I didn’t want to cum just yet. Kayla looked so happy to be done. Her head peacefully lay back in the bed and her green eyes were unblinking and unfocused. Her chest heaved as she sucked in air and every time she breathed out sounded like a sexy little sigh. I stroked her face and hair for a while. I could until I finally dismounted her.

I had my attention back on Selena. I groped her little tits. I pulled on her nipples through her shirt. I molested her tits for a while until I pushed up her shirt and bra. I teased her tits as I rubbed my thumb and forefinger along her smooth areola. Soon my hand slipped down her panties. Selena was in a panic when she felt my hand rubbing over the slight bump between her thighs. I finally slipped the littlest bit of my middle finger into her. I knew this was the first time she had been penetrated by anyone besides herself.

This might not have been so serious with the other girls but it meant a lot more with Selena. She would know she belonged to me. She would still be the timid, shy girl she’s always been but she’ll know her place.

Further. I pushed my finger in further. Selena moaned as if it was a full sized cock. Not even close to the base of my index, I pulled it out. I brought my middle and ring finger together and toyed with her. I rubbed her labia and spread them apart and played with her clitoris. Selena’s legs were quivering and she finally grabbed my wrist with both hands as my fingers were right at the entrance. no.” She looked at me with begging eyes.

I jammed everything I could between labia and began vigorously fingerfucking her. She groaned as they furiously slid inside of her. She kept her head down. She was too humiliated to look at anyone as my fingers angrily thrust inside of her. I withdrew from her vagina. There were tears streaming down her face.

I grabbed the bottom of Kayla’s face, squeezing until she had to open her mouth, then I put my slick fingers inside. “Suck them clean.” I told her. She tightened her lips and obeyed. Her back arched out as tried not to gag when I hit the back of her throat.

“Lay back, Selena.” As she did so I pushed Kayla’s head between her thighs. “You know what I want to see.” Kayla paused, collected herself a little, and did as she was told. Selena’s legs didn’t take too long to start squirming. I knew she didn’t want to enjoy it, but Selena couldn’t help but moan.

“Put some more effort into it.” I slapped her hard on the ass. Her head moved more animatedly. Her tongue slid up and down, sure to run over Selena’s clitoris. I pushed on the back of Kayla’s head. right get in there.”

I pulled up Kayla’s hips so that her ass was high. I gave it a good slap and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Again, I entered her. I pushed into her pink, tight vagina and in turn Kayla squeezed the bottom of Selena’s thighs. In and out. I kept pumping in and out of her.

She wiggled her ass and hips around, trying to take as little of my shaft as she could. She should have known by now that was never going to work. I gripped her hips, digging my fingers into her sides enough to make her scream. I shoved her face back between Selena’s legs. “Keep your face in that pussy, bitch.” I thrust into her harder. As I roughly slammed my hips into Kayla’s as, she squeezed Selena’s thighs harder until she moaned in pain.

It kept going and I loved every part about it. The ramming, gripping, squeezing, licking, moaning. I kept speeding up. I rammed her harder and faster, battering her delicate pussy. I yanked Kayla’s face from Selena. With my hand on her forehead holding her head to my shoulder, I could her screaming while I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her viciously tight, until I filled her with my cum.

Kayla dropped to the bed, leaking cum and hyperventilating. I slapped her ass in a sort of congrats. “Good job, Kayla.”

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