Me and mrs. jenkins

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Me and Mrs. Jenkins

I’ve been babysitting this kid for a while, and I finally get to know his mom. As a first timer, only constructive critism please.

As a guy, I was never a ladies man. Honestly I never even kissed a girl. That all changed that one night. I went about my usual day. Getting lectured by teacher after teacher, writing down homework I’m not going to do, go to cross country practice.. etc. It was towards the end of the day when I got a txt message from Mrs. Jenkins to babysit her 10-year old boy.

I quickly accepted in need of easy cash. She said she would pick me up around 6. At this time I was 15 and, like every other guy, horny. I wasn’t big by all means, but I wasn’t small either. I was about 5’ 6 and 120 lbs. I couldn’t use my upper body to save my life, but my legs were different. Being on the Varsity Cross Country team as a sophomore and the JV basketball team was something I was very proud about. Oh, my name is Daniel btw.

School went by slow, like usual, we ran 8 miles that day for practice. My legs killed as I was walking home. It was about an hour walk, after about 15 minutes, I see a car slow down and drive with me as I was walking. I joked in my head saying I was going to get shot (Being one of the only white people in a mostly colored school in a wana-b gangster town). I watch as the window roles down, I unplug my ipod from my left ear and lean forward to get a better view of the driver.

It was Mrs. Jenkins. Of course once she offered a ride I happily accepted. She asked if I wanted to go straight to her house and hang out for an hour before they had to go, instead of hanging out at home. I figured, sure, why not? I got in the car and looking Mrs. Jenkins up and down. She was definitely in work clothes, but I’d figure I should ask if she was on her way home from work anyway.

She responded yes with a gorgeous smile. Mrs. Jenkins was the women that every guy new the husband was too lucky. She wasn’t amazingly stunning, but definitely beautiful none the less. She’s maybe 5’4 with 36C breasts (I’ve looked through the hampers), a decent amount of belly fat, but not anywhere close to being real fat. Her ass stuck out and gave me boners whenever I would see her bend over or just give a wiggle. I thought I was crazy but I always saw her winking at me and it seemed like whenever I was near her she would do something to give me a boner.

She then asked how school was going. I replied fine, and that most of my classes were easy. She said that’s good and kept her eyes on the road. I was staring at her breasts this entire time, in her dress they looked so big, and I could see her bra through it. I could feel myself starting to harden, that’s when I took my eyes off of the prize. I could have swarn I then saw her stare at the bulge that slowly built through my shorts, then simmered back down.

We sat in silence for most of the ride when she asked if I had a girlfriend, I replied no, and she looked at me with a face just screaming to be kissed and turned back to the road. The next thing I knew I was at her house. We walked up the steps as she unlocked the front door, we stepped inside and she told me to make myself comfortable. As she walked to the kitchen I sat on the couch, she yelled out and asked if I wanted any water. I replied, yes with ice please. Then her child Owen came running down the stairs.

Once Mrs. Jenkins came back I think she noticed how sweaty I was and asked if I wanted to go for a swim. I replied, are either of you coming along? She said “Of course” and Owen simply ran upstairs to grab his bathing suit. Mrs. Jenkins and I walked outside and I got to watch as she stepped up the ladder in front of me, bent over, and dove in. I was getting hard fast and quickly jumped in the pool. It was decently warm for the fall season.

We had small talk until Owen came running outside. We all agreed on the game marco polo. They voted me to be it first, I closed my eyes for 15 seconds and then began my search with a yell of marco. I heard 2 distant polos and walked to the one behind me. I was sticking my hands out in search for walls or people with my eyes closed. I was a little lost and decided to yell out another marco. I heard a response directly behind me and turned around to accidently grasp Mrs. Jenkin’s right breast. I opened my eyes immediately and watched as she gave me a wink and swam off, announcing that it was Owens turn because he won.

We swam off to the other end of the pool side by side while Owen counted to 15. He yelled Marco and we both responded at the same time, polo. We then swam to the right for a while and stood there waiting for him to call another Marco. After a few minutes of waiting and staring at Mrs. Jenkin’s sexy wet body I had a full boner. I think she noticed and gave me a smile. I could see her nipples sticking through her bathing suit. She then brought her hand underwater and grabbed my throbbing dick through my running shorts.

I couldn’t tell by her face whether she was disappointed or surprised by my 6 ½ in penis. She guided one of my hands to her breast and I began to massage and pinch the nipple. She then pulled down my shorts and gave my erection some relief. She began stroking my incredibly fast as I moved my second hand to her other breast. After about a minute or so I had my hands under her bathing suit massaging both her breasts and she stroked me. I was going to cum soon and she new it. As I released I noticed her free hand playing with her pussy through her bathing suit. I smiled and as I was about to lend a hand, Owen came over and grabbed Mrs. Jenkin’s arm. I quickly jumped back first into the water and pulled up my pants as if nothing happened.

Mrs. Jenkins then said that it was getting time for her to leave. I just stared at her still erect nipples through the wet bathing suit. I was hoping that she wouldn’t be meeting up with Mr. Jenkins after her meeting, so maybe we can finish properly once I put Owen to sleep and she comes home.

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story by: Contractor

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Author: Contractor

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