Mountain misery

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Twenty year old Kelly Carlquist stood at the bottom of a mountain with her best friend and personal trainer Tom, ready for their hike up. Being an avid hiker, she had scaled the mountain several times before, but this was the first time she would be assisted only by one other person with no guide.

Kelly and Tom met at the gym several months earlier. Tom, a trainer at the facility, was assigned to be her personal trainer. She was nervous at first about having a man be that close to her but her nerves were quickly settled when she found out that he was gay.

Kelly would not have been too opposed to a straight man working out so close to her though. Ever since early on in high school, Kelly was unknowingly acting like a cocktease. Even though she had only had sex a few times, from the outside you would think that she was somewhat whorish. Whether it be her tight clothing or her jokingly flirtatious behavior towards both boys and girls, she put on a persona that could not be farther from reality.

The two instantly became friends and spent a lot of time together. They had been planning this hike for several weeks. The plans were for them to go over Memorial Day weekend but a death in Tom’s family cancelled those plans. It was now July 14 and they were ready to start their adventure.

The heat of the summer was in full swing as the thermometers were pushing close to a hundred degrees while the clock passed noon. Tom and Kelly were drenched in sweat just minutes after exiting the car. Tom was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a white t-shirt while Kelly was in a white tank top and a short pair of black shorts. Her long brown hair was tied in a ponytail, with several strands of hair stuck to her shimmering skin.

“Ready to go?” she asked him after taking a drink out of her water bottle.

go!” he responded

Tom grabbed his small backpack filled with supplies while Kelly placed her water bottle in her fanny pack and grabbed her bag full of food and water. They made their way on to the trail and started their journey to the top. After a few minutes, she stopped and emptied her water bottle onto her face, trying to gain relief from the heat. Normally, she would have been embarrassed to have water clinging to her white tank top and revealing the bikini top underneath her shirt but since Tom was gay, she made it a priority to turn around and laugh as she shook her small breasts at him. He almost doubled over laughing before she turned around and kept going up the mountain.

It took several hours (and several bottles of water) before the two made it to the top and at their campsite. Both were holding their shirts in hand as the weather required them to remove them. They took several breaks on the way to the top. Kelly was never one to take time out during a mission. Her goal was always to get to the finish as fast as possible while being the first person there. Getting to the top as fast as possible this time was not possible. She tried pushing herself but took her health into consideration and took her time.

It was around seven o’clock and the sun was starting to set in the distance when they arrived. Kelly pulled her shirt back on and sat down on the smooth dirt beneath her. She stared at Tom’s sweaty, ripped physique and could not help but lick her lips. She knew she could not have him and that only made him sexier to her.

he asked her as he pulled sandwiches out of his bag.

She nodded and he tossed one to her. They quickly ate before relaxing for the first time all day. They kept their eyes up at the stars, watching them get brighter and brighter. She would occasionally look down at him while he was not looking and vice versa.

When Tom looked at her, he noticed her rubbing her shoulder and slightly grimacing. He got up and moved over and sat down behind her.

“Your shoulder hurt?” he asked as he placed his strong hand on her.

“It’s a little sore from the workout yesterday,” she said while he started lightly massaged it. “That feels nice; you’re great with your hands.”

“I get that a lot,” he said.

“I bet you make a lot of guys happy with them,” she laughed.

“If only you knew,” he said with a chuckle.

Tom continued rubbing the young woman’s shoulders as she stared up at the sky. The pain in her arm was gone but the massage she was getting felt beyond amazing and she did not have the desire to stop him. Once his hands finally got tired, he stopped and went back to his original spot.

“So, are you seeing anyone yet?” Tom asked her.

“No not yet,” she responded. “All the guys in town are jerks. Too bad I can’t find a straight version of you, I’d be so happy. So how about you? Any new guys in your life?”

“Still looking sweetie. I’ve had a couple one-nighters but nothing serious,” he said.

find the right person soon,” she said as she took a drink from her water bottle.

“I think I just might, I’ve got a feeling it will be sooner rather than later,” he said with a smile.

They kept making small talk for another hour before Kelly started going through one of the bags and pulled out a change of clothes. She pulled her shirt back off and started undoing her bikini top while Tom watched on. She stopped and held onto her breasts.

“Are my boobs getting smaller or is it just me?” she asked.

Tom stood up and walked over to her, grabbed onto and lightly squeezed them. She giggled as his hands softly manipulated her chest.

“Seem fine to me,” he said with a smile.

Kelly started to grab for her other shirt but his hand remained grasped onto her chest, his grip getting tighter. She tried to push him off but he held on.

“For a gay guy, you really like feeling my boobs don’t you?” she asked as the smile on his face went away. “Ok really, let me go so I can get dressed.” Still, he held on tight. “Tom, what is wrong with you?”

“Why should I let go?” he asked her.

hurting me and you’re gay, you shouldn’t be grabbing me like this,” she said as he released one hand from her chest and put it on her shoulder.

“You honestly still think I’m gay? Are you truly that stupid?” he said as he pulled her close and stuck his tongue down his confused friend’s throat.

Kelly broke the kiss and slapped him across the face. “Stupid!? You pretended to be gay and you’re calling me stupid!? Why have you been lying to me you bastard!?” she yelled as she pulled her shirt on.

“Why else would anyone want to be close to you? I wanted to get a piece of your sweet ass and back in school, you wouldn’t give me a second look!” he yelled as she looked confused.

“I didn’t go to school with a Tom the hell are you?” she yelled.

“Jake Thomas-Patterson, your science partner in freshman year…you know, the one you called an ass hole when I spilled a beaker of water on your lap,” he said as she gasped.

“That was you?” she asked.

“Yes, you screamed out ass hole and everyone in that class proceeded to call me that like it was my name all year. I hated you so much, I wanted nothing more than revenge,” he explained.

“Your revenge was making out with guys in front of me?” she asked, still confused.

“Necessary sacrifices. It was all part of the plan to get to this point,” he said as he slowly walked towards her.

you are, we can work this out,” she said as she backed up and tripped on a rock, falling to the ground.

Tom stood over her with anger in his eyes. Kelly picked up a handful of dirt and threw it in his eyes before getting up and running away from him. She looked back to see that he was following her and closing up in a hurry. When he was close, she made a sudden turn that threw him off for a second. She picked up a large rock and threw it towards his face. Unfortunately for her, she missed and only infuriated him further.

Kelly kept making hard turns in an effort to throw him off her trial but he was too focused to screw up. The fear that ran through her was its most intense. She saw a dark cave up ahead and headed into it. On the plus side, he could not see his own nose in the darkness. The bad could she.

Tom slowed down and suddenly stepped on something soft. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and lit the area up. He aimed it down and saw Kelly lying unconscious on the ground with a giant bruise on her forehead. He looked up and saw that she smacked her head on a wall of rock. He put his phone down and grabbed her by the hair, dragging her out into the moonlit area. He looked around and saw that, with all the turns they made, they were only a few hundred feet from their campsite.

Tom walked back and retrieved his bag of In reality, it was more of a torture sack. Inside were ropes, lanterns, a lighter, a hunting knife, a small shovel and a pair of brass knuckles. He brought them all back to the cave and lit the two lanterns. He dragged her limp body back into the now-lit cave and used the ropes to tie her hands and feet behind her.

He left to go back to the campsite and came back with the bag of food and water. He took out a bottle of water and poured it onto her, trying to waken her. She slowly came too and shook her head hard. She tried moving but realized that she was bound tightly. Tom pressed his sneaker to the side of her face and stepped on her hard. When he let go, she screamed for help.

“Scream all you want Kelly, no one can hear you. You seem smart enough to know that…I guess I was wrong,” he said with a laugh.

“Let me go now you bastard or you’re gonna pay!” she screamed.

Tom knelt down next to her and ran his finger through her hair. “How am I going to pay you dumb cunt?”

She gasped as the last word left his mouth. Never before had Kelly Carlquist been called a cunt and she did not like it one bit.

“What did you fucking call me!?” she yelled as she squirmed around on the ground.

Tom stepped back and kicked her hard across the stomach which caused her to screech in pain.

“How about you shut up now!” he yelled. “You are going to get what you have coming to you.”

“I didn’t do a damn thing! It’s not my fault you couldn’t handle being called an asshole!” she continued trying to break free before he spit on her face.

“You did do many damn things. You are nothing but a flirtatious little bitch that needs a good teaching to,” he said.

I don’t flirt with anyone!” she screamed.

“So when you wear those tight shirts at the gym with no bra underneath, that’s not flirting? When you pretend to make out with your girlfriends at the bar, that’s not />

“I joke around with my friends and it’s more comfortable without a bra on. Besides, it’s usually just me and you and I thought you were gay,” she said.

“You thought wrong,” he said as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. “If only you knew how much cum I’ve shot just thinking about you.”

a disgusting piece of shit,” she said as she spit at him.

Tom dropped her head and she slammed down to the ground, letting out a whimper as she hit. She closed her eyes as the pain of her first head injury intensified. When she opened her eyes, she saw Tom’s shorts down at his feet. She looked up and saw his massive eight inch cock in his hand. Not having been with many men in her life, Kelly had never seen a penis that big before.

“Please Tom, just let me go. I promise I’ll forget about all of for me?” she asked as he laughed.

“Miss goody two-shoes not telling on me? Fat fucking chance. I’m not buying your bullshit Kelly,” he said as he aimed his cock at her. “The smell of your sweat is really starting to piss me off…you need a good cleaning before I take what’s truly mine.”

Kelly was confused as to what he meant until she saw and felt a warm, golden stream flow onto her sweaty body. She gagged and choked as his putrid piss rained down her from head to toe. She made sure to keep her mouth and eyes closed so she did not accidentally catch any. When he was done, she opened up and almost vomited at the smell coming from her.

“You sick fuck,” she said.

“You have a big fucking mouth you know that,” he said as he grabbed her by the hair and set her up on her knees. “Open your mouth; it’s time to shut you up.”

“I don’t suck dick,” she said sternly.

“You do now, so open up,” he said as he pressed his dick against her cheek.

“And if I she said with her teeth clenched.

“I’ll punch you in the mouth until it opens,” he said as he balled his fist up and held it in front of her eyes.

The scared brunette kept her mouth closed and looked up at him with a smile, almost daring him to do it. She tried to call his bluff but quickly learned that he was not bluffing. One stiff shot to her jaw caused her to shriek out in pain. Before she could gain her composure enough to close her mouth again, his thick member was half way down her throat. She could see the blood from her mouth dripping onto his balls as they slammed hard against her chin.

Kelly was in complete hell. She never had sucked a dick before in her life and as a matter of fact, thought it was the most disgusting thing a girl could do. Now she had one in her mouth; her bleeding mouth, against her will. She tried to fight him but with her limbs tied up, she could do nothing but feel his large cock slide in and out of her throat. She choked and gagged with each thrust and swore she would pass out soon.

Tom was only getting more excited as the sound of his member sloshing around inside her tight throat sounded like it was being played on a stereo system. It was a quiet night in the cave and the reverberation her muffled cries only made him happier. He pulled out of her throat for a few seconds and wiped the massive amount of slobber on his cock onto her sweaty forehead. She begged for him to stop but he quickly reinserted himself into her and continued face fucking her.

For several minutes, Kelly could do nothing but take the abuse in her mouth. She felt as disgusting as possible just by having his cock in her presence, let alone down her throat. She silently prayed that it would end soon and she could just go home and try to forget it. Suddenly, Tom pulled out of her and she started catching her breath again. She kept her eyes closed and was unaware of him jerking off furiously just inches from her face.

Kelly’s eyes shot open when she felt something thick and hot land on her skin. The next shot of cum hit her right in the eye and she screamed in pain. She hung her head low crying as more and more cum hit her now-not-so-pure face. When the last drop fell, he grabbed a handful of her hair and used it as a rag to clean any leftover cum from his dick.

The young woman felt like she was going to be sick as she looked down and saw sticky white globs fall from her face onto the ground below. She remained in place even when Tom walked out of the cave. In her mind, she was going to hell just for allowing him to do this to her. She closed her eyes again and cried for several minutes.

Tom reentered the cave and saw her sobbing to herself. He approached her with a stick he found outside and whipped her across the face with it. When she looked at him, he had the knife in his other hand. She was terrified that he was going to use it to murder her. He grabbed her shirt and cut it off of her body. Next off were the shorts and her black panties until she was completely naked in front of him. He pulled his own shirt off and tackled her to the ground. He held the knife to the ropes at her feet, cutting it away from her. He held the knife to her throat when it looked like she would kick him.

“I dare you to kick me,” he said in a threatening tone. “I swear you will regret it if you do.

He placed the knife down and started rubbing her clean-shaven pussy hard. She could feel but could not see that he had something around his hand. She fought him as she felt her clit being rubbed by the cold object. She kicked him in the leg several time. He swung his hand back and punched her hard in the kidneys. He held his hand in front of her eyes and showed her the pair of brass knuckles he was wearing.

Kelly was in more severe pain from the kidney shot than the concussion. His rough hand continued attacking her innocent pussy. She felt like he was going to rub her lips clear off of her body. This all resulted in the thing that defeated her She felt a warm, wet feeling seeping out of her crotch and onto her attacker’s hand. With all that has happened so far, this was most embarrassing of them all.

“Please fucking stop, Tom,” she begged.

Tom responded to her plea with another punch, this time in her stomach. She cried hysterically once again. As she squirmed in pain, she felt his cock beginning to press against her opening.

“I’ve waited too damn long for this,” he said.

She was in too much pain to even notice when he shoved his entire member into her moist pussy. When she finally realized what was happening, she slapped his back several times and screamed ‘no’ repeatedly.

He lifted himself up and took full control of her body by grabbing onto her waits and squeezing her bruised kidney as he thrusted hard in. Part of her wished that she would just die to avoid the torture she was suffering. She continued trying to kick him off as the sound of his balls slapping her asshole became more and more audible.

Tom, getting frustrated by her kicking, punched her again with the brass knuckles; this time in her sore shoulder. He punched her repeatedly, harder with each blow. When he finally stopped, he put his hand down on her clit and viciously rubbed it. He already hurt her physically and now wanted to torture her psychologically by making her climax during the rape. She hated how intensely pleasured her clit was causing her to be. She fought with every ounce of strength to keep an orgasm from happening but ultimately failed.

she yelled through tears as her vaginal walls cramped up and released a massive orgasm around his monster if a cock.

Kelly’s body fully betrayed her as she came violently. Enjoying her torture, Tom hit her with another kidney shot as her body shook. Once her high came down, he pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her throbbing clit. He smacked it a few times before placing it back in and going back to roughly fucking her.

Tom grabbed her left leg and held it up straight to give him some more access. He placed his hand on her ankle and forced the leg down at a very uncomfortable angle. With each thrust into her swollen pussy, he pushed it farther down until it was pinned near her head. His strength was too much for her to overcome, but she still fought. She used her other leg to kick at him while he laughed.

“You don’t give up do you? For that, it’s time for something a lot more painful than a kidney punch.”

He pulled his member out of her pussy, balled up his fist and tried forcing it into her soaking wet hole. She trashed and squirmed as his fist slowly worked its way up her pussy. It took a lot of effort but after a few minutes, Tom fit his entire fist into his friend’s beaten down cunt.

He slowly moved it around as her mouth stayed wide open, gasping in pain every second. Luckily for her, he did not keep it in for long and roughly pulled it out. She screamed when she heard and felt the air in her crotch pop once he released himself.

Tom roughly flipped her over and pressed his cock against the last remaining hole that had yet to invade. Even with all of the torture she had suffered, Kelly still had enough strength to fight as his wet cock pressed against her virgin asshole.

“Only one place left,” he happily said as he inched his way in.

“No!” she screamed as her hole stretched farther than nature had intended.

It took some work and some extra spit but Tom eventually got all eight inches into her small opening. She felt like she would pass out from the pain throughout her whole body, the most of which coming from her asshole as he quickly thrusted in and out.

Kelly was rolled onto her stomach and had Tom’s entire weight slamming down into her ass. She buried her face in the dirt below and screamed out every expletive she knew. She did not know what she was trying to accomplish by doing this but she felt it necessary. The only thing it did was get Tom more excited, which technically is a good thing (the more excited, the quicker it ends).

Tom reached out and picked the stick back up and started whipping her in the back with it as he fucked her. She screamed bloody murder as each lash tore apart the perfect skin of her back. Each strike either left a mark or broke the skin. He continued whipping her for several minutes after each third thrust into her. Her back looked like it had been used as a cutting board by the time he was ready to finish.

He pulled out of her ass and flipped her back over. She screamed as the wounds on her back came in contact with the ground. He crawled onto is chest and forced his cock back down her throat. It only took a few seconds before he unloaded a larger amount of cum than last time directly down her throat. Her eyes went wide and she squirmed around as her ability to breathe was taken away again. He held himself still until the very last drop fell into her stomach.

Tom pulled out of her and stood above his victim. He laughed as she coughed and gasped for air beneath him. Before she could gather herself, he grabbed her by the arm and brought her to her feet. He lightly slapped her cheek before turning her around and throwing her into the very wall that knocked her out earlier and knocked her out once again.

While she lay knocked out once again, Tom grabbed the small shovel and started digging a large hole in the dirt. About an hour later, with Kelly still knocked out; he dragged her into the hole and started filling it again. She awoke just as the last bit of dirt landed next to her chin. Minus her head, her entire body had been buried underneath the dirt.

“What she said as she fully became aware of the situation.

“Look who woke up,” Tom said as he held a bottle of honey in his hand.

He squeezed the bottle and covered her entire head in the sweet nectar. He softly rubbed the honey around until her whole head was covered.

“What are you doing?” she softly asked.

“Did you know that honey can attract many things?” he said, ignoring her question.

she asked, starting to get nervous again.

“One of the things they attract is fire ants, who are present on this mountain,” he said, circling around her head.

“Please stop joking around” she begged.

“Fire ants are no joke. Did you know that they are poisonous? And that a swarm of them could easily kill a human being,” he started to laugh.

“Tom, you can’t do this,” she said as reality set in.

Tom gathered his clothes and started walking out of the cave. He looked back at the sad woman in the ground.

“Too bad it has to end this way tell your mother that you love you sure as hell won’t be able to.”

Kelly could hear Tom laugh uncontrollably as the sound of his voice faded. She was powerless now; her life was in the hands of fate. She cried herself to sleep and had a nice peaceful dream. While she was asleep, her fate was decided. When she awoke, she learned of the decision.

story by: TheBigLove126

Tags: fiction male/female anal rape torture violence water sports/pissing oral sex fisting snuff sex story

Author: TheBigLove126

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