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so i've always wanted to have sex with my friend's mom and she is usually what i fantasize about. she is the perfect type of mature woman for my taste. she attractive but you can still tell she's older. annette has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. her body is amazing but it isn't pinup amazing. her boobs are a big C and her ass is something i'd love to hold onto all day. she stands at about 5'5-5'6 and she's in her early to mid 40's. and this is one of my many fantasies involving her.

i'm only at the age of sixteen and my hormones are out of control and i couldn't believe this happened. so my friend, jeff and his mom, annette have rented out this beach house for a week in the summer and jeff invited me and a few of our other friends up for a day and all of us get up there in the same car and we'd all be getting home in the same car as well. we finally got there and jeff was waiting for us and when we got there, we went out onto the beach and as i got out there, there was annette sitting in her beach chair with the top straps of her bikini undone so she wouldn't get tanlines. as jeff and all my other went down to the water, annette called me over and started a typical friendly conversation with me. while we were talking, i couldn't help but take quick glimpses down at her almost bare chest. luckily i was wearing a shirt long enough to cover my growing erection. i then went down to the beach and watched all my friends playing in the water. after that, we all headed in to grab something to drink. annette went into the bathroom to take a shower. as everyone else ran back onto the beach, i stayed behind cause i needed to go to the bathroom. i knocked on the door to hear annette's voice say "who is it" and when i answered, she gave me the okay to come in. in the bathroom, the shower was right off to the right when you walked in and the toilet was against the back wall and there was a mirror right above the toilet giving a perfect reflection of the shower. now annette must have caught me looking at her breasts and getting hard earlier on the beach because while i was taking a pee, i looked up into the mirror to see the shower curtain pulled all the way over giving full view of her naked body being bathed. she wasn't looking at me but she had to have sensed that i was watching because she began to caress her sexy body and i saw her move her hands down to her really thin almost bald blonde haired twat and she began to give it soft strokes. i just watched and jerked myself off until i blew my load into the toilet. i cleaned myself up and as she turned her back to me with a faint smile, i walked out, closed the door behind me, and ran out to my friends, not saying a word about what had just happened.

we all headed back inside awaiting our ride home and jeff was going home with us to sleep over one of my friend's house. sadly our ride had finally came and as we all gave annette a hug, i was the last and i couldn't help myself as i went to grab ahold of her ass and due to my risky move, my luck had expanded. annette had said that she needed to talk to me about something important and that she would bring me to my house herself afterwards. everyone including myself had no idea what that might be but everyone else scurried out the door into the car and off. annette still hadn't told me what she had to so urgently talk to me about. all she said was "go upstairs and wait for me to come up and talk to you." i didn't hesitate and i made my way up to the room and sat myself on the bed.

after about five minutes of waiting, the door opened and she came in wearing her bathing suit and a robe which was stitched so that there were open squared-shaped openings. she pulled up a chair right in front of me and said "so i wanted to talk to you about when you first got here and the couple incidents that went down. first when you were staring down at my chest on the beach and then when you jerked off to me in the bathroom." i stumbled on my words "o-oh i-i'm so sorry mrs. si.." "please call me annette. and what you did was wrong and i might have to tell your mother." "no, please don't, i'm begging you don't. i'll do anything." "anything, huh?," she asked and i replied with a yes. "well all i could think about during that shower was your hard young cock as i watched you stroking it but i couldn't get a good enough look at it. take it out." "oh, i don't know if that's such a good idea." "if you don't want me to tell your mother then take it out" i stood up and slowly pulled my shorts down, standing there unerect. "well it isn't to it's full but i can't complain. maybe i can change that" and then she took the unhard meat in her hands and started to play around with it. the softness of her hands got me up quickly. "ohhh, looks like i've still got the touch." and i just had to let it out. "well, i've actually always found you really sexy and i constantly get erections fantasizing about you." "is that so?," she asked and i affirmed the comment i made. "well then i guess you wouldn't mind me doing this." and she took my erect cock into her mouth. the smoothness over it felt absolutely amazing and not long after, i spurt my cum down her throat and she lapped up every bit of it. i then i couldn't stop myself from undoing her seethrough robe and grabbing hold of her firm tits. the robe fell and i pulled off her bikini top in no time. her nipples were hard as if she had been standing nude out in winter. i took one into my mouth and she gave out a faint gasp. while i was sucking on her nipple, she took my already half hard dick back into her hand and started rubbing it back to full erection. i had to take it farther. i slowly kissed down her stomach and made my way to the top of her bikini bottoms. i kissed her pussy on the outside of them and then pulled them to the side and lapped away at it. her moans were enough for me to pre cum a lot. she told me to stop and that she was ready for me to put my cock in her. i stood up as she was laying on the bed and i slid my dick into her slippery walls. i made vigorous motions in and out of her. not much time has passed and i already felt my balls pushing my cum and she could tell as well. she told me to take it out of her and to put it between her tits. i humped back and forth just as i had in her twat. a few strokes later and i blew my load all over her chest and then slid my shaft over them on the puddles of cum. it had felt so good, i didn't wanna leave so she herself called my mom and told her i'd be staying the night and i slept naked in bed with her only to wake up finding her sucking on my morning hard on being the start of another sex session. i'll never have a better experience with another girl.

if you somewhat enjoyed that story, i have more fantasies about that i'll be happy to share. give me some feedback

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