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As a security services company we monitor and maintain computer security for several large companies, employing state of the art remote computer access software. Over the last 7 years I have been working the grave yard shift, Sunday through Thursday. The pay benefits on this shift far outweigh any loss of sleep. Sunday is especially quiet as Sue is the only one in addition to me in the entire building. Sue is 35, married and has 3 children (14, 11, and 9). Like me she works Sunday to Thursday because of the pay advantage. EPSSI takes up the 14th floor and is mostly an open room with half height cubicles. My office sits facing the cubicles and the front wall is glass so that I can see the room and observe the employees.

Two Sundays ago I noticed Sue was unusually absorbed in her computer. The work load on Sunday mids is slow to a fault. As managing partner I have several advantages two of which (for the safeguard of company security) are the ability to listen in on all phone calls and access to watch any employee's computer screen. I can do both of these without the employees knowledge or permission. At 64 I believed nothing would shock me but I was wrong. Sue was having a torrid online conversation. She was talking to hot4sue and the conversation was hot.

hot4sue: O yea baby I luv ur hot tongue on my balls mmmmmm

sue4you: I love sucking your hot cock. Mmmmm let me lick the all around your balls and taste the sweet smell of you… feel my hands caressing you and my tongue licking down below your balls and teasing the crack of your hot ass. Oh />
Damn they were getting into it. At first I thought it was her husband and figured what the hell we weren't busy let her have her fun. Sue always acted like the frigid, soccer mom, sex is for procreation only type; this version was much more exciting and interesting! I meant to stop reading their conversation but just couldn't pull myself away. They went on with the hot online role playing as she told him how her tongue would tease along his hot hole flicking the tight opening and pushing till she was pumping his asshole with her hot wet tongue. He in turn would reply with various unintelligible words meant to convey his moaning until finally he indicated his cumming all over his pants. Sue responded that her pussy was dripping wet and her fingers had been inside her the whole time. She told hot4sue she had removed her panties and was going to the bathroom to take a picture of her wet pussy to send him. The next exchange becomes the nexus of this story.

sue4you: I can't believe after 15 years with the same boring man, I found you!!!!!!!!

hot4sue: I know baby, my wife hasn't seen my cock hard in three years… hell she hasn't even seen it soft…. Do me a favor take your wet panties hold them up to your mouth and inhale the sweet smell of your wet pussy for me….

sue4you: oooo you're sooooo nasty. I have to be very careful, the boss on Sunday is like 70 or something, and he'd probably have a heart attack if he knew what we were doing. Besides I cannot, absolutely cannot lose my job. Oh God my husband would kill me.

With that she took a camera from her purse picked up her panties from the desk and turned in the direction of the ladies room. I picked up the phone dialed the intercom and said, "I'm 64 not 70 Ms Cansederal. Put the camera back on your desk and step in my office She stopped cold, as the ladies room was along the same wall as my office, I could see the look of horror and fear creep over her face. She just stood there as if frozen, unable to react. I dialed the intercom a second time. "I can call the police and have you arrested on several federal computer security violations if you prefer," I said reminding her that her husband would have to bail her out. Her face was ashen but she slowly started to walk in the direction of my office. The camera had fallen from her hands but she was gripping her panties so tightly even in the dimly lit room I could see her knuckles were white. As she slowly approached my office, I immediately began the task of looking into her records: emails, chats, web history nothing was off-limits. My position afforded me incredible reach most of which was well within my discretion as corporate security manager some maybe not but I was determined to cut this bitch down to size. In less time than it took her to walk the 30 or 40 feet to my office I found the first piece of information I needed.

"I can explain, please Mr. Monstruo, please if you would just give me a few />
My reply was short and to the point, />
The words hit her like a slap in the face but she said nothing. I continued typing as she stood in front of my desk. Maybe 5 minutes passed till I finally looked up and said, "so Ms Cansederal, in addition to breaking every regulation we have and acting like a over sexed whore, I see you're also a cheating little slut. Perhaps I'll send a copy of this tran to hot4sue's wife. Let me see, oh yes, here he is Ben />
She started to cry but I told her that wouldn't help. I then explained that in addition to losing her job, she would most probably lose her marriage and destroy Ben's. I made it clear that I was prepared to do all of that and more if she didn't first stop crying immediately and second agree to do whatever I told her and without reservation. Her facial expression changed and I believe for a brief second she thought she saw a way out. "I don't know what you have in mind but I assure you if you ask me to do anything that violates my rights, I will expose you and you too will lose everything." I must have laughed for a minute. I explained it to her very clearly, letting her know that I had a spotless record, that anything she said would sound like a desperate attempt to destroy me and help her, it would be my word against hers and I had the trans to prove my case. I then made my grand play and explained that a copy of this tran log with the pictures I was just now pulling up from her emails (I put them on the monitor screen above the conference table in my office), would be sent to her 14 year old daughters Facebook and all her teachers and friends. I was sure seeing self-portraits of her fingering herself and the one of her on all fours from behind spreading her ass would do the trick. I wondered out loud what effect seeing that her mother was a fucking slut and a cheating whore would have on a young girl. That was all it took, the brief look of defiance had now morphed into one of submission. Looking down she said, "What do you want me to do? I'll do anything, anything at all; please don't ruin my family and my career."

To start with I made it clear that I had very little tolerance for dishonest cunts who cheat on their husband and that I would not repeat myself. I then asked her if she understood that she was to immediately comply with every command. Without looking up she answered a feeble yes but I demanded she look me straight in the eye and answer with respect. It took a second but she completely surrendered and looking me straight in the eyes she said, "Yes, sir I will do whatever you ask of me."

To start with you will slowly take off all your clothes I instructed. She did as I asked and began to unbutton her blouse letting it fall to the floor at her feet. Then she removed her bra exposing her wonderfully proportioned breasts. I couldn't help but notice her nipples were hard as she pulled her skirt down exposing a well-manicured pussy, the hair neatly trimmed. Last she pulled off her shoes, and I noticed that even her feet were sexy looking and obviously well cared for. The toenail polish gentle and bold at the same time matched her fingernails. Man I was going to enjoy this. I had her turn in a full circle so I could admire her body. She was no model and by some standards might be considered a bit too heavy but she was well proportioned and for a 30 something woman she had this 64 year old cock pushing against my dress pants without the use of any drug supplements. Next I had her pick up her panties that hand fallen at her feet and said, "Now you can do what you told Ben you would…" She slowly brought the still dripping panties to her face covered her mouth and nose and inhaled deeply. She actually moaned a little and her nipples got even stiffer. This bitch was mine and I was going to enjoy every second of the sexual humiliation I was going to inflict. I then had her walk naked into the office area and retrieve the camera. Man this bitch didn't even flinch. She turned and walked out to where she had dropped the camera and carried it back to my office. Next I had her pose on the couch. I took several photos of each pose. I had her spread her legs wide exposing her moist lips and took several shots as I made her masturbate for me. I got a great shot of her cuming her face locked in pleasure with three fingers of one hand deep in her dripping pussy the forefinger of her other hand rapidly rolling over her clit and alternately pushing it down against herself.
I let her sit for a few seconds. The climax had been amazing, her body still shook and her breasts gently quivered with each breath she took. Her eyes were closed in silent recognition of what happened and her body glistened with sweat, the clear salty liquid dripping off her, but I didn't want to wait too long. She needed to be embarrassed to know that I was in total control; her pleasure was at my discretion not hers.

"Wake up, whore!"

"I, I wasn't sleeping, I was … Look I did what you wanted," she said her face still flush as she struggled to catch her breath and still talk. "Can I go now?"

"What you can do, is shut the fuck up." I said this as harshly as I could to drive home the predicament that her whoring cheating ways put her in. I went on to remind her that not referring to me as Sir would be disrespectful and that the last thing she might want right now is to treat me with disrespect. I asked her if she understood.

"Yes Sir" was her simple reply.

It was still fairly early. The building was secure and the next shift had to wait until 7am before the doors would unlock, so for the next several hours we were completely alone. I started downloading the pictures I just took while simultaneously displaying them on my flat screen. She said nothing but as each picture displayed her eyes betrayed her slight defiance as pleasure. Walking up to her I demanded that she get on her knees in front of me. She did so silently. I unbuckled my belt and had her remove my shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. I don't think my cock had achieved this level of stiffness without the use of that little diamond shaped blue pill in years. Again to establish control and further her humiliation I slapped my hard cock across her face, "well!"

She reached out and took the base of my cock in her soft hands. The feeling was incredible. I was no 24 year old stud and unlike so many other stories I did not have a 10" monster cock the circumference of a Morton salt container. I was 64 and right now my hard cock was every bit of it's 6 to 7 inches in length and normal girth.

She gently stroked the length letting her tongue flicker against the swollen head. I could see my pre-cum slip across her gums and lips as she took almost the entire length into her waiting mouth. Sucking me deep inside her she slid her wet mouth down the shaft while her other hand reached under and began to fondle and caress my balls. She was good I'll give her that and no stranger to sucking cock. With her left-hand she held my hard cock against my belly and licked the entire length of my scrotum, starting from just underneath my sweaty sack letting her tongue slip side to side tasting my manhood. She started sucking my balls, almost like it was a tiny cock pulling them into her mouth her saliva and my sweat dripping on her chin. I had to stop her as it was too soon for me to climax and there were too many other pleasures I intended to extract from her.

"I think it's time to see of you're the cheating whore you alleged to be earlier."

I reminded her she told hot4sue she wanted to tease the crack of his hot ass. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, at the same time my other hand traveled along her neck and softly at first massaged her breast teasing and pinching her nipples, till they were hard. Pulling slightly on her hair not enough to cause too much pain but enough to make her feel it, I continued pinching her nipples and cupping her breasts. I had always wondered what a tossed salad would feel like and knew I was about to find out. I explained what she was going to do next and told her I expected her to tongue and lick my ass with the same enjoyment she had sucking my cock. The more I explained how I was going to force her to do this the more turned on I became and the less hope she had of ever being in control. Yanking her hair hard, I pulled her away from the front of the couch as she lost balance on her knees and spilled on the floor. Stepping over her, I knelt on the couch, my head over the back and my knees buried in the cushion. Getting comfortable I spread my ass and legs to give her complete access from behind.

She knelt up close to me and I felt her tongue lick my skin just behind my balls the area known as the perineum to scientist or taint to just about anyone else. She reached up with her right hand and pulled my hard cock back toward the crack of my ass, with her right hand resting above my crack on the small of my back she began sucking my cock from behind. Her tongue was like magic pushing against the drippy wet tiny opening of my cock and moving off then along my ass crack each time getting closer and closer to my tight brown hole. She let her tongue draw smaller and smaller circles around my hole till she just brushed against it at first then lingering longer and longer. Her head was buried against my ass and her tongue felt so good as she prodded and teased the hole at one point pushing it deep inside then licking all around, again going back to my cock. I thought I would explode but held on encouraging her to tongue fuck my ass and calling her a fucking slut.

She attacked my puckered ass with her tongue letting it slip deep inside faster and deeper, she was literally fucking me in the ass with her tongue the whole time pulling and tugging my cock. I was ready so fucking ready I almost shot my load right there but managed to turn away stepping off the couch. "You fucking cunt," I said "you are a whore and a cheating bitch" She just knelt there breathing heavy ramming 4 fingers into her pussy.

"Oh yes, Sir, I am a fucking cunt. I am a filthy cheating bitch who deserves whatever you do Sir" She would have sucked off my dog at this point if I demanded it.

"I want you to gag on my hard cock you filthy bitch." I pulled the back of her head violently against me not letting her catch her breath and forced my cock as far down her throat as I could. Ramming into her mouth she started to gag her saliva like cum was dripping off her chin. When I felt she had been humbled yet again, I forced her forward onto her hands and knees. Coming up from behind I demanded she spread her ass for me. She did so without hesitation. Not waiting to see what resistance her ass would offer I slammed my weight into her forcing my hard cock in her ass, and started fucking her hard. I fucked her hard the entire length of my cock going in and out of her willing ass, my balls slapping against her cheeks. When it was almost there I got a flash of a porn category I saw on the site, titled ass to mouth. Pulling out my cock and forcing her on her back I knelt over her my balls resting just above her breasts. Grabbing my hard cock I started stroking it. Within seconds my cock exploded, the first shot of cum hitting her face dripping down over her nose and cheeks. She managed to catch most of it in her mouth and swallowed what she could. At my age an orgasm of that intensity is rare; my body shook with pleasure as cum gushed across her face.

Catching my breath, I told her to go clean up then come back to my office and get dressed. I watched her walking across the office floor to the bathroom her cum dripping down her legs and my cum dripping off her face. Damn, was my cock getting hard again? When she returned I told her to get dressed. I told her from now on there would be rules and she should expect every Sunday to be like this one. She simply diverted her eyes looking at the floor and said, "Yes Sir."

To be continued

story by: alwaysdec

Tags: humiliation fantasm reluctance blackmail sex story

Author: alwaysdec

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