Reunion: nikki's chapter

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It was almost daybreak when Nikki opened her eyes. Harry was fast asleep beside her. She looked at his peaceful, sleeping face as she remembered what had happened last night and she smiled. She reached between her legs and caressed her pussy – she was satisfied and happy, for the first time in years. Yes, years.

She got up and walked to the bathroom. Wow, she thought, I’m actually a little weak in the knees. Her butt was still sore too. She took her lingerie off and switched on the shower, leaving the door open in case Harry woke up and wanted to join her. As the cool water made its way down her curves, she touched herself. She closed her eyes and her thoughts went back to when it all started: the college graduation party.

She was 22 and still a virgin. Her virginity hadn’t really bothered her during her college years as much as it did when college came to an end. She simply couldn’t think of herself as someone who graduated a virgin. No, that would be unacceptably sad and pathetic. Moreover, it’s not like she was going to get laid right out of college. She would have to make friends, fit into a new social group and then see what the situation was like. It would be at least another year. So, the one thing she was determined to do the night of the party was get laid.

So, she wore tight jeans and a flimsy, glittery top and downed more shots than she cared to remember. Drunk and desperate, she made her way to the dance floor and moved her body as provocatively as she could. Any guy she started dancing with soon made his way to another (thinner) girl. It was killing her inside: the constant rejection and fear that she was never going to get laid because of her weight. As she kept dancing though, some lanky guy came up behind her and started grinding against her. Her first reaction was a mixture of disgust and relief. Yes, it was confusing. On one hand, some stranger was rubbing his privates against her bum. On the other hand, she might get laid. The latter option seeming more favorable than the former seemed revolting, she pushed her hips back and began grinding against him too. He nuzzled her hair and wrapped his thin hands around her tummy. He kissed her neck and she felt a current course through her body. Her nipples were hardening. Her breath was getting irregular. She reached around and pulled his face closer for a little kiss. His hands moved up to her breast and he squeezed it before whispering in her ear, go somewhere />
It was happening, she thought, flushed. She giggled her assent and let herself be led by him into a small and darkened bedroom. As soon as they were inside, he pushed her against the wall and began kissing her neck. His hands squeezed her ass before moving up her back to unzip her top. It was all a bit aggressive for her, so she tried to push him back gently, but he pushed her arms away and kept going. He threw her top away and did the same with her bra, letting her big breasts fall out in front of him. After a moment of just staring at them, he attacked her tits with his mouth. He licked and sucked and bit her breasts. He was smothering himself with them and kept telling her how he loved her big tits. She was getting really aroused too and started taking off her jeans. He helped her pull them down her fat thighs before kneeling in front of her and taking her panties off with his mouth.

you a little Nikki asked him softly with a smile.

He returned the smile and got up and took off his shirt.

“Get on your knees”, he told her.

She nervously obliged and proceeded to take his jeans off. As soon as his boxers were off, she saw her first penis. It was smaller than she had expected. It also looked flaccid.

“Well, go on. Suck it.”

She put the little dick in her mouth and began sucking on it. She nearly cringed because it tasted of urine and something else. It was kind of vile. As she slowly bobbed her head on it, it grew a bit larger in her mouth and stiffer. Then the guy grabbed her ears and started fucking her face hard.

“Fuck, yes, that’s more like he said as he abused her mouth.

She was about to choke so she put her hands on his skinny thighs and pushed his dick out of her mouth. She spat up on her tits and was coughing hard when he pulled her up and pushed her on to the bed. Before she could ask him to take it easy, he jumped on her and pushed his now erect penis into her virgin pussy, making her squeal. He clamped a strong hand over her mouth to stop the noise as he began pounding her.

“Fuck, that’s a tight />
She was not prepared for his dick in her pussy. She had never felt so full in her life. It stretched her out good, way better than her fingers, and throbbed inside her as he fucked her. But she wanted him to slow down. She tried to speak through his fingers over her mouth but he wouldn’t let her. She tried to push him but for a lanky guy he was surprisingly strong. Plus, he had her pinned down. He kept fucking her for a long time before, horrifyingly, cumming inside her pussy. Even then he didn’t pull out, though. He lay on top of her with his softening dick inside her and whispered in her ear, “Look, fatty, that was amazing. For me, at least. And honestly you came too – I felt it. So don't fucking lie, I know you liked my dick. Now don't look so sad, you spent your whole life a fuckin' virgin. You should be thanking me. You're a woman now.”

As she lay there, listening to his words, she began tearing up. She had been raped and couldn’t do anything about it. What was more was that he was right. She did cum – harder than she ever had. And he was the only guy who had deigned to fuck her in four years of college. As a tear made its way down her temple, she felt something inside her.

“Are you – are you cumming again?”

“Haha no honey, I’m taking a piss. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to piss inside a girl.”

Horrified, she tried to push him away with all her might again but in vain. He had her pinned down and helpless. Once he was done peeing, he got off her and left after kissing her on the cheek. She curled up and cried for about an hour before putting on her clothes (she couldn’t find her panties) and joining the party again.

That had happened two years ago. And she was still trying to cope with it.

After that experience, she forgot all about sex and dating and dove into her work. That didn’t last too long, however, because her office had the same problems as her college. She was the odd one out among a relatively thin and sexually active group of friends. So after months of denying it, she finally broke down in front of a friend at a restaurant and confessed that she needed to have sex with a normal guy just once in her life. After a few failed blind dates, she met Arnold. Arnold was by all appearances a decent chap. He was the same age as her and they met through a mutual friend from college. He was an African American and she was quite looking forward to sleep with him, having heard all sorts of things about what it was like to sleep with a black man. So, she put on a short skirt and a low-cut top and met him at his home for dinner. He was cooking.

She began to quite like him as dinner went on. He was funny, laid-back, and cooked great food. After dinner was over, she walked up behind him as he was doing the dishes and hugged him. She made sure to press her breasts up against his back. She knew what the boys liked about her. He turned around and embraced her in the softest, gentlest kiss she had ever had. She was slowly going limp in his arms.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?”, he asked her.

She smiled her assent. After that kiss, she was ready to do anything. They both got under the sheets and took off each other’s clothes slowly. He planted soft kisses on her neck while caressing her breast. His hand slowly moved down her body and between her legs. He gently rubbed her clit. She spread her legs wider and pulled him closer, moaning. She felt his erect penis touch her pussy and she shivered with anticipation.

“Put it in me”, she said. He kept kissing her neck and slowly penetrated her. She moaned as he slowly moved in and out of her, his massive erection making her feel complete and full again. She wanted more.

she whispered to him.

He increased the pace a little, but not enough. She also knew he wasn’t pushing his dick all the way inside her because she couldn’t feel his balls slapping against her. So she wrapped her legs around his waist and began doing the work for him – she didn’t mind, he had been wonderful to her. So she fucked him hard and deep for just a couple of minutes before cumming all over his rod. After she was done, she hugged him close and whispered, “I want you to fuck my slut face and cum all over me.” She was surprised by her own words. When did she become such a slut? While she didn't know the answer to that question, she knew for sure she wanted it rough.

Meanwhile, he got off her and started putting his clothes back on.

“Hey, what />
but, um, you need to leave.”

“Why? Was it something I said? What />
“Just leave, Nikki, please. You’re making it worse.”

Confused and only half-satisfied, she left his home. That night, she received a message from him. He was sorry he had to push her out of the house but she was, in his words, too freaky for him. He didn’t like wild sex. It killed the romance of it all and was honestly a bit too depraved. Abnormal. And what happened that night made him too uncomfortable to see her for a while. Maybe forever.

That night, she sobbed into her pillow. Her mutual friend who introduced her to Arnold was avoiding her too, presumably because he found out that she was a freak. For almost a year after that, she went about her life thinking that she wasn’t going to get laid or have a serious boyfriend ever. She was going to die an old, single maid. And then last night happened, and changed everything for the better. Harry understood her. He didn’t judge her when she asked him to choke her. He spat in her mouth – that was so hot. He really did understand her. And that’s because he was just what she was looking for.

“Room for one more?”

Nikki came back to the present and smiled.

“For you, always”

A very naked and more importantly very erect Harry hopped into the shower. Nikki dropped to her knees and started stroking him while fondling his balls. She was going to give him the time of his life. He was the best thing that had happened to her. She looked up into his eyes as she rubbed the tip of his dick on her plump lips, making him quiver. Keeping eye contact, she slathered saliva all over his cock with her tongue even though the shower kept washing it away. She held his shaft and pressed it past her pressed lips and into her warm, wet mouth. She pushed it deeper and deeper inside – past her gag reflex point and in her throat – until her nose was touching his groomed pubes. She stuck her tongue out from underneath his shaft and licked his balls with his dick down her throat. She was tearing up but she kept the dick inside her – this was the least she could do for him. Eventually, it was Harry who pulled out and, while she was coughing, told her she was the best fuck he’d ever had. She glowed with pride and deep-throated him again. And again. And again. Then she stroked his big dick while sucking on his heavy balls. She took one inside her mouth and suck hard on it – making him moan. Then she did the same with the other before trying, in vain, to stuff both of his testicles in her mouth. They were just too big. She licked his ball sack and rubbed her face all over it.

“Oh fuck Nikki I want to fuck your face.”

“Fuck, yeah. Use my slut mouth like your personal fuck toy. Grab my hair and slam your cock down my throat.”

He pushed her face against the bathroom wall and held both her hands up with her wrists. Then he put his cock in between her lips and started fucking her face mercilessly. He couldn’t believe how luck he was, fucking the girl who had heartlessly rejected him in college.

As she sat there on the toilet floor getting her face fucked, she played with her big tits because she knew he liked that. She bounced them in her dainty hands and pinched and pulled her nipples as he abused her face. After a few minutes, he let her hands go and pulled his cock out – letting her cough and spit on the bathroom floor. Stepping out of the shower, he sat on the toilet seat and beckoned her over.

“Let me fuck those big ol’ />
“Yes, Daddy”, she replied coyly.

He laughed his approval as she crawled over to him and, kneeling between his legs, plopped her breasts on his lap. Then squeezing his erect cock with her boobs, she started jerking him off. Her huge tits completely wrapped around his erection. He moaned as she fucked his dick with her tits faster and faster, all the while looking at him. She would occasionally stick her tongue out and try to lick the tip of his cock when it emerged from between her boobs. Given the size of her tits, the only reason his dick could come out was because he was quite well hung himself. Even then, only the tip surfaced from her cleavage – the rest of his cock stayed hidden between her pillows. His balls, heavy with cum, tantalizingly rubbed against her body too. It felt so dirty, Nikki thought, so depraved. She was just his cum slut. A cheap whore.

“Get up, I need some of that fat ass”, he commanded, his voice husky with arousal.

She stood up and leaned over slowly and rested her fat, round, soft, wet ass on his lap. His erection was poking her ass crack but still outside it. She felt his big hands on her bum, squeezing her ass cheeks. He gave her a hard spank and she giggled. He spanked her other cheek. He was rubbing his dick against her tight, puckered, dirty asshole. She gulped. It would be amazing if he pushed it in. And just then, she felt pressure against her sphincter as he pushed the tip of his dick past her butt hole. She somehow steadied herself as he breached her tightest barrier and made her completely his. She was gratified to hear his moans of pleasure as he started slowly thrusting in and out of her ass. She was happy she could please him. It was the least she could do. She felt his hands grabbing fistfuls of her ass as he increased the pace of his fucking. She reached between her legs and rubbed her sore pussy. With her other hand, she pulled at and played with her tits. He was spreading her ass wider and wider as he went deeper and deeper inside her. She was losing his mind as he owned her anus. Just as she was about to cum, he pulled out and commanded, />
As sheknelt in front of him obediently, his dirty, smelly, big, erect cock swayed front of her face.

“Clean your shit off my cock.”

She loved this treatment. It sent little shivers of excitement down her spine. She beamed at him before taking his cock in her mouth and sucking off all that shit. It tasted absolutely vile but she did a thorough job. She loved it. She loved doing it for him.

“Now jerk me off till I shoot all over your pretty face.”

Using both hands to grab his shaft, she began stroking hard and fast. She knew he had waited long enough for this orgasm. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out for his cum. Soon, he was shivering with pleasure and then he groaned and shot, copiously, all over her face, tongue, neck, tits, and hands. She was alarmed at the sheer quantity he could generate. He sat down on the floor, exhausted, as she proceeded to collect the cum off her body and eat it in front of him. He just marveled at how unbelievably depraved and slutty she was.

filthy”, he said.

she nodded, busily polishing his load off her skin.

“By the way, when was that college reunion thing you were telling me about?”

“In a couple of days – Saturday night. Tonight, though, some of my friends were planning to have a little get-together before the shindig, you know. The reunion is going to be too many people and not enough privacy. Won’t be able to catch up properly. Actually, you should come too.”

Having finished eating his cum, she got off the wet floor and proceeded to dry herself off with a towel. Harry contemplated her offer as she rubbed that towel all over her curvaceous body. He wondered who would be there. He remembered Nikki’s friend circle very well – they were all the snobby, filthy rich kind. And some of them were quite hot. One of the really hot ones, in particular, had a bit of a thing for him in college, as he later found out to his surprise. He wondered if she would still be drawn to him, after all these years. He wondered if she still looked as hot. What if she didn’t even come? As Nikki rubbed the towel across her fleshy bum, Harry got up to get to his phone. He needed to send someone a text.

“So”, Nikki asked, coming out of the bathroom all dry and bouncy, “you coming?”

Before he could stall her, his phone buzzed. It was a text. He grinned.

“Of course I’m coming, he replied as he hugged her.

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