She had it coming

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Prologue: Young or old, black or white, they all act the same. They act like just being in my presence is something truly revolting or when I cast a glance in their direction, it is irreversibly damaging to their perfect psyche. It’s times like this they make me feel like I should change my name to Igor or Frankenstein. They make me sick with their disregard of me but more importantly, they make me incredibly angry. I I know, I am not a or and that I lack the that would make me universally attractive but if they just got to know me!…if they would just try, they would see past the average height and weight, simple brown eyes, short brown hair and glasses. They would see past all of this and get to know the real me…but they will and I will MAKE them. One by one.
It is hard, nearly impossible to live, being unemployed without a degree so when I was offered the janitorial position in the dance studio, I was thrilled even if isn’t the most glamorous job. Not only did I finally get some steady income and the shred of dignity that comes with re-joining the employed masses, I got the chance to watch all those young ladies, twirling around in those skin tight outfits, panting and sweating as they bend and flex their bodies, Mostly, its only the overachievers that stay after the last class or who practice after the day is through that I get to observe. One of those overachievers was Amber Lynn. She was… indescribably soft… in her movements and demeanor and her body has an overall “budding beauty” quality that is simply mesmerizing. Her light chestnut hair neatly secured in a dancer‘s bun on the nape of her long neck, her hazel almond-shaped eyes and pouty lips, her subtle but developing hour glass figure clearly visible in a pink dancer‘s tight leotard, her body finishing out in long legs wrapped in pink tights is quite simply a feast for the eyes I secretly devour every chance I get despite the fact that she is only fourteen.
I have only seen her in the studio twice since I began working at the studio and each time I would like to think she did not see me and that’s why she did not return my wave of greeting. The third time she was there late and alone, I began to walk toward her not knowing what I planned on saying but needing to hear if her voice was as soft as she looked so when I was at home and I was fantasizing about her laying in my bed and begging for me to fuck her, I can actually hear her voice in my head saying the actual words.
“So, I guess we are both working late, huh?” I said shyly.
“Uh… yeah, I guess. Although I’d prefer to get paid for it like you.” she joked before turning toward the mirror to plie, a move where she bends at the knee with her heels touching and feet pointed outward. I sighed, looking at her making the moving and imagining my body and hard-on poised below her ready for her to straddle me in a plie. I began thinking maybe I had a chance, maybe she is being nice to me because she can overlook the 20 year age difference and maybe she can see that I’m a genuinely nice guy and not some creepy perverted pedophile and maybe…
“So, who is picking you up? Your boyfriend?“ I ask tentatively.
“Um, no. I don’t date guys.” she replies quietly and images of her body entangling with another female, passionate kissing and licking, runs rampant through my mind for a moment until I realize I have heard this rejection before. Women have claimed to be lesbians just to get me to leave them alone in the past. There are no with girls like her like I was hoping because girls like this turn into women who have been turning me down my ENTIRE life. This little bitch already thinks she is too good for me! I move toward her in the midst of my rage over her rejecting me and wrap my hands around her throat from behind. She gasps from shock and claws at my hand causing me to become angrier and I lift her up and slam her head in the mirror on the wall. Her body instantly goes limp and panic courses through my body as I release the young girl’s neck and she crumples to the ground.
The next half hour passes with a blur as I drive her to a friend’s cabin instead of home, fighting panic, fear and rage over the situation. I look over at her body slumped in the passenger seat occasionally, trying to plan this out so that I won’t get in trouble and finally check her pulse since she is so still. I touch for a pulse in her neck while keeping my eyes on the road, finally finding it and reassuring myself she is still alive. I let my fingers linger on her skin, finally getting to enjoy the feel of her skin after my harried exit from the studio and the clumsy dance of getting her in the car. I slowly, lightly slide my fingers down to the base of her neck, petrified of her waking up before reaching the cabin. I slide my finger down her chest, cupping her full and perky B cup with one hand, feeling my member stirring as I maneuver the car. I frown at the fact I have to move my hands off of her to turn into the driveway.
We do the clumsy dance into the cabin and with the click of the lock, I breath a sigh of relief. I pick her up, bring her upstairs and lay her gently on the master bed and try to think logically as to what to do next. I look at her hair spilling around her, as it had become undone during this time, and the steady rise and fall of her breasts as she breathes and blood surges through my body straight to my groin and I want nothing but to feel her next to me, under me, naked and ready. I shake the thoughts out of my head and quickly get some rope and tie her hands above her head. Bad idea since she looks more tantalizing in this position than ever. After grabbing some peroxide and a cloth, I lay beside her and begin to clean her head wound. She smiles in her unconsciousness and moves toward my hand as if she knows I didn’t want to hurt her. I kiss her cheek and pause, holding my breathe as I visualize her waking and shattering this dream come true. Then, after a moment, I close my eyes and I kiss her again this time on the lips. I nibble on her bottom lip and open her mouth with my tongue, searching for hers and deepening the kiss, feeling pleasantly lost in the moment. I move my hand over her beautiful Bs, moaning into her mouth as I rub her nibble through the leotard, forcing them into little nubs under my caress. Pain rips through my tongue and my eyes fly open and looking directly into Amber Lynn’s which were full of anger. I stagger back and as the pain in my tongue dies down to a dull roar, I stare at Amber as she screams for me to let her go and thrashes about on the bed and I think angrily, “She was enjoying our kissing! Why the fuck did she bite me??” With fury and fear dictating my behavior, I raise my hand and slap Amber Lynn hard and she immediately shuts up. Tears well up in her eyes and roll mine.
“Oh, shut up! Your such a tease!” I spit bitterly at her.
Her wet eyes widen in fear as I slap her back and forth, letting my anger ride out through my hits. I look around for a pair of scissors and move toward her which causes her begin screaming and thrashing around harder, forcing me to pin her down and pinch her nipple with all my might until she stops moving and resumes sobbing. I hold her nipple twisted in my fingers, secretly enjoying how much pain I am causing her. Who knew I was a sadist? I cut the material down her chest, crotch and shoulders and tear the rest off and roll her tights off, leaving her only in her panties.
“Please, I just want to go home. Please! I’m sorry! I just really want to go home. I won’t tell anyone I swear!” she pleads through her sobs.
I shake my head as I ball up her tights and stuff them in her mouth.
“The minute you get home your going to be your friends how you got the best of the stupid janitor. You’re all a bunch a bunch of liars!” I scream at her, ignoring the frantic shaking of her head against the bed. I let my eyes peruse her near perfect naked body and the dual emotions of hate and desire battle inside me. Unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans, as desire just barely wins out, I step out of them and walk over to Amber Lynn. I see her recoil and whimper through her gag as I reach toward her head and rub my swollen member against her face.
“You should look as filthy as you are, slut. Spreading your legs for any guy that comes by but not for me? Why? I don’t meet your income requirements? Height requirements? Dick size I ask as I rub my precum on her face and slap my 6 inch dick against her cheeks.
In my amusement from dirtying her perfect little face with my pre-jizz, I was blindsided by her successful attempt to kick my side and was winded by the force. Humiliated that a 14 year old just kicked me in a situation I was supposed to be in control, I got on the bed and lay on top of her, wrapping my hands around her throat and start slamming her head into pillow.
“Your such a fucking bitch, just like the rest of them. You make me sick! Always making me feel dumb! Who’s dumb now?”
I reach for the scissors and cut at her panties, aware but not caring, that the scissors are making little nicks on her skin as I cut. Blinded by rage, I spread her legs with my knees and get on top of her, poised on top of her, wanting to show her who is boss. I look up at her and see tears pouring from her face and her shaking her head no. In the corner of my eye, I see a pistol taped to the side of the nightstand and reach for it. I ignore her muffled scream as I examine the weapon while still poised on top of her. I move the barrel of the gun close to her pussy and run it between her lips. I feel her physically moving away from the gun and I insert the barrel about 2 inches into her, reveling in her fear and the control I have over her. I pop the safety up and pull the hammer back and she begins to shudder from fear, her shudders and head shaking, raking her body. I pull the gun out and, after removing the gag, I rub the gun across her lips. I slide it between her lips, having her taste the cold metal mixed with her special juices, and then place the gun on the pillow next to her head. Looking into her eyes, I finally slide my raging hard on into her gloriously hot pussy as deep as it can go, which I immediately realize isn’t far since she is a virgin. I stare at her incredulously, livid that she could reject me even before she even was ever with anyone.
“So your just a slut-in-training and you have the balls to reject me?” I yell in anger.
I move myself back, line up, and plow into her pussy with all of my pent up aggression and frustration, literally hearing her hymen being torn open and as I force my cock past her tight virgin muscles, I vaguely hear her screams of pain. I grab her throat and pound into her, my face contorted in rage as I use her neck as my anchor. I move my hands when her eyes roll back, never stopping my onslaught of her virgin love hole.
a disgusting, nasty slut, Amber Lynn. Look at you! You let a complete stranger fuck your virginity away while you lay there with your legs wide open like a dirty two dollar whore.” I murmur in her ear as I watch her gasp for air and tears roll down her cheeks.
“Come on, you filthy piece of shit, tell me you’re a whore and a slut and a user and you deserve this, you and your kind deserve this.” I command, slamming my cock into her pussy, no longer feeling the tightness I felt in the beginning.
“I’m a.. whore… and slut and.. I deserve this.” she chokes out through her tears and humiliation as I spit in her face and rub the saliva in. I wrap my hands around her neck again and squeeze, her eyes almost comedic in their bulging. I feel blood surge through my shaft as I get closer to my orgasm and my balls, heavy with cum, slapping rhythmically against her ass. I register the shame and embarrassment in her eyes as her body betrays her and she orgasms, moaning softly in her youthful voice and shuddering from the onslaught of pleasurable sensations she is feeling, reaching the pinnacle with a wretched moan of despair. My senses fully take over as I watch her, reluctantly, rides the wave of her orgasm and I cum with such an intensity, she loses consciousness under my hands squeezing her neck. My jizz fills her pussy, surely reaching her cervix, and I coat her insides with my cum, my slamming my dick over and over as deep as I can. I revel in the fact that my semen is the first to be inside her and the fact that she never got a choice in the matter as to who would own her virginity forever. I fantasize, for a moment, Amber Lynn ashamed and pregnant with a baby I raped into her womb and I feel satisfied since she deserves to have this kid growing inside her to show the world it doesn’t pay to be a self-righteous bitch.
I punch her, hard, in her pussy, to further driving home the pain from my taking her virginity and also hoping it will wake her up. I am so confident in my control of her and blinded by my resentment, I barely register the large blood stain on the bed and her feeble movements as her eyes flutter open. I only see the rejection and contempt in her eyes as she wake up and is reminded where she is, who she is with and what I have just done.
“Suck my dick, cockwhore!” I say as I move my semi-erection toward her mouth. “And dare to bite it and see what happens.” I add as an afterthought as I touch the gun near her face as a reminder of my capabilities.
She turns her face toward the gun and tentatively opens her mouth, clearly oblivious to the art of fellatio. I roll my eyes and shove my dick deep into her mouth and back out, laughing as she gags and spits, hating the taste of her virgin blood and my semen in her mouth.
“Cunts like you should know how to suck a dick very well. You think you are too good for me but trust me by the end of the night, you’ll learn.” I promise her as I shove my dick down her throat and hold it there as she writhes on the bed in an effort to breathe. I feel her throat push back on my dick and as I pull out, she throws up on herself.
“Tasting me is that sickening, huh? You’re the nasty, two-bit fuckbag who threw up on herself!” Indignant, that she isn’t enjoying the feel of my cock in her throat.
I straddle her chest and grab the back of her head and start plunging my dick in and out of her throat, fucking her mouth with same ferocity and anger as I did her pussy.
yeah!… eat this dick you cock-sucking filthy twat!” I groan out loud, delighting in the feel of my cock head hitting the back of her throat with each thrust and the gagging sound she is making and the wild bucking she is doing, desperate to breathe.
I slow down, thinking, “I don’t want to cum this way” and control my breathing and get up to search for more rope, hearing her sob and gasp now that her airway is clear. Securing her legs to the headboard around her head, grateful for her dancer’s flexibility, and look at her glorious ass hole perked into the air waiting for me. I finally register her pleading and begging and listen to her.
“Please, I’m so sorry! Please, don’t do this! I’ve never done anything to you! Her pleas ending in sobs when she realizes through her entire speech I have been stroking my member, getting it rock hard for her ass. I reach over and smack her ass hard several times as hard as I could, leaving bright red marks on her cheeks. I smack her pussy, repeatedly, loving the beautiful peach-shaped lips, poking through the V position her legs are in. I continue for a few more smacks, turning them a shade of pink, enjoying the yelping and squirming my action produces. I think, “I guess I really am a sadist,” as I wonder how I am going to fit my engorged dick into her virgin asshole.
“Why are you doing this to me? I didn’t do anything to you! I don’t even like guys!” She says pitifully, still reeling from the pain of my rough deflowering of her pussy.
a fucking I murmur as kneel in front of her legs and I press my dick head against her asshole.
I feel the resistance her muscles give me, eager to enter her and fuck a bitch in the ass for the first time, I move my hips back and slam into her ass, forcing about two-thirds of my dick into her shit hole in one try. Her scream would be almost deafening in another circumstance but I am lost in the pleasure of invading her ass that it sounds muffled. I penetrate deeper, wanting my balls to be against her cheeks. I almost cry, the intense pleasure from the pressure her sphincter around my cock overwhelming me. I move back until her anal ring is gripping the underside of my head like a baby’s fist and I hammer my dick back into her until I balls bounce against her flesh. I look down and see her sphincter stretched around my stick, as I slide out of her, it reminds me of how her lips looked around my dick earlier. I chuckle to myself that her asshole is sucking on my cock and pick up the pace to feverish, as the squeezing from her ass is bringing me to the brink embarrassingly quick. I look up between her legs at her face and when she isn’t sobbing, the look of sadness, of defeat makes me feel triumphant. I push into her with my last few thrusts, wallowing in my orgasm and enjoying it until I spent all of my cream into her anal cavity. I collapse against her legs for a moment before untying her legs and letting them fall o the bed. I lay down on the bed with her kissing her face, ignoring her sobbing grimaces, and murmuring how great a fuck she is and how wonderful she feels.
“Your pussy and ass are so tight. You cheap slut like you should be looser but no, my pretty cock whore, you stayed so tight, it was wonderful.” I rub my knuckles against her cheek and feel her tense and move her face away from her hand.
I look at her, curiously, not understanding why she is upset with me after I made her cum so hard earlier. Then it dawns on me that she was using me for an orgasm and doesn’t even care about me. She got hers and now she doesn’t even care I wanted mine. I feel angrier than I ever had through the whole night, knowing that, once again, another woman has used me!
“You no-good dirty slut bag! you fucking cunt! You used me!” Ignoring the look of mortification and confusion, I rain down on her face and chest with my fist. Breathless, I stop beating on her and look down on her, wondering why she toys with my emotions in this way, why she doesn’t see me as her lover. Every ounce of anger is translated into arousal when I hear her whimpering and begging for my mercy.
“Please, I’ll do anything you want but please, please stop hurting me! Don’t kill me and I will do anything you want.” She cries, her face a picture of shame and fear.
Surprised that my dick has any energy left, I reach down and palm it, stroking it slowly, knowing that she has finally been broken, that she finally knows that she was wrong to reject me and play with my emotions. I walk over to her mouth and hit it with my cock, an invitation she accepts silently, numbly, and opens her mouth to receive me. She greatly improves in the head-giving department and sucks on my dick with no complaint and minimal gagging.
you good little dick swallowing tramp. I just knew you were enjoying all this.” I say as I feel the urge to pee. piece of trash, take care of my piss” I tell her as I piss into her mouth, laughing as she spits out the urine. I piss on her face and tits, relieving myself on her like she was nothing but a toilet. I insert my dick into her pussy, wanting my piss inside her in everyway and finish up. I continue to move in and out of he piss filled pussy, knowing it wouldn’t be long since the whole image of her wet with my waste aroused me to no end. I pull out of her as I feel my orgasm ready to hit, I deliver one last shot of humiliation by cumming on her face. The streams of jizz hit her chin, lips and eye, leaving globs of white cream on her face. I stop and admire my work. She went from being a beautiful, innocent, deceitful bitch to a piss drenched, cum filled, cock whore all in one evening. Exhausted and thoroughly satiated, I pick her fatigued form up and drag her to the window, rejecting her requests to be let free. Balancing her, I open the window and whisper in her ear, one of the good ones now. I‘m sorry we can’t do this again” and shove her out of the two-story window, saddened as I hear beautiful Amber Lynn‘s body hit the ground and see her lay motionless on the grass in her naked and dirty glory.

story by: jeunebug

Tags: young rape violence humiliation fantasm older male / female sex story

Author: jeunebug

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