Taking her chapter 3

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Taking her Chapter 3

You sit on the floor for a few moments just trying to collect your thoughts. Your whole body is on fire from pain and lust. You get into the shower and feel the warm water flow over every bruise and welt on your body. You begin to wash your self. As the wash cloth passes over your nipple you can't help but let out a small moan. You remember what he said, you can't cum. You continue to wash avoiding any areas that might arouse you further. You wince as you reach each welt and can't help but feel wet thinking about how it looks. How abused and used you must appear. You close your eyes and moan again. You begin to wash your cunt and try to avoid your clit but can't hold your self back any longer. Your breathing gets faster as you start to stroke yourself. You bite your lip trying not to make any noise, maybe if he doesn't hear you, he won't know. You work your fingers faster and faster as you get close. You begin to brutally finger fuck yourself when you finally cum so hard your knees buckle. You feel so good as you begin to recover, he didn't catch you, you got away with it.
As you step out of the shower you go cold as you notice them for the first time. Cameras, small cameras on every wall, from every angle. You begin to pray that they weren't on but know that they were. You hear foot steps in the hall, you have never felt as scared as you do right now. You drop to the floor face down as you were shown. The footsteps stop in front of you. You know what is going to happen next, maybe you can lessen what is to come though. Quickly you blurt out, "This worthless slut is sorry sir. This worthless slut could not help her self. This worthless slut had to cum even though she knew that sir did not say that she could." He stood there not saying a word, she couldn’t stand the suspense. He just stood there his demeanor blank. Inside he is impressed, usually it takes a few days before they automatically assume the poster and change the way they talk. Of course that is not going to help her now. He disconnects her leash and without saying a word leads her from the bathroom. He takes her down the stairs. Down a staircase perfectly designed for a person walking on their hands and knees. The trip down she sees that there are more cameras in the hallway and the stairs. She must have been on camera since she got here. They reach the basement and she sees the cage she woke up in this morning, has it only been that long? It feels like she has been here for days.

He leads her past the cage to a table with restraints. He pats the table, "Up here, on your hands and knees." She gets up without any other prompting, she knows if she tries to fight it will only make it worse. He spreads her legs as far as they will go and straps them down. He places her arms into a sleeve that he cinches closed and the straps that down as well. She test the restraints a little and sees that she could not lay down even if she tried. Next he rolls over a device that looks like a lie detector. He starts to connect the machine to her. He then takes to clips with wires attached attaches one to each nipple, you wince as each grabs hold of your nipple. He makes some adjustments to the device and the gauges come to life. You are shocked at the suddenness of his words. "Since you can't seem to learn that how to control yourself and keep your fingers out of your pussy I think that this will help you learn your place. The device I have connected you to is something like a lie detector. The difference is this is set to indicate when you are cumming. If you cum then the device will send an electrical pulse through the electrodes on your nipples. Like this." He pushes a button and suddenly your nipples are on fire and every muscle in your body tenses. Just as quickly as it starts it stops. You begin to pant. He pulls out another cart. This one has a box connected to two large dildos covered in bumps. He flips a switch and you watch as they slowly start to move back and forth. As you watch it begins to speed up and the dildos start to rotate. Your eyes become large as you realize what is about to happen. He turns the box off and wheels the cart behind you lining it and then slowly pushing the dildos into your ass and pussy. "Here is what is going to happen you worthless slut. I am going to leave your here for three hours. If you manage to keep from Cummings more then three time you can have dinner. If not the you will receive 20 hits of the crop on your tits and you will go hungry tonight." He grabs your hair and raises your head. He points to the camera in front of you. "Make sure you keep looking at your fans. Oh, feel free to beg and plead all you want, it will just make them cum sooner." You cum just the thought of all those people jerking off to your tour her. As soon as you do the machine buzzes and you feel the the electricity course through you nipples. He laughs out load. "That's one." He turns on the dildos and leaves the basement. You immediately start screaming and begging to be let go as they start to speed up a rotate.

You don't know how long you have been there. You are covered in sweat and your cum drips down your leg. You have cum three times, no matter how you try to distract yourself you cannot keep the feeling from building up in you. You are so close to you forth. You begin to scream and at jerking your restraints trying to tear yourself free before your the fourth orgasm rips through your body. Suddenly all the machines turn off at once. The sudden change distracts you enough that you don't cum. He smiles down at down at you and begins to release you. "Very good you worthless slut. I am very proud of you. I didn't think you could do it." After he takes of the last sensor and cuff and removes the dildos from your aching ass and pussy you fall to the floor to your hands and knees and grabs his ankle. "Thank you Master! Thank you, this worthless slut is glad she made you happy." He frowns, "Look at me." You shake as you look up afraid that you have done something wrong. He squats in front of you and pets you sweat soaked hair. "I am not your Master. A Master is something special. You give yourself to your Master heart and soul, if he will have you. We have a business arrangement. Nothing more." His eyes look at you concerned. "I have a slave and she trust me implicitly and I care and protect her. She gives to me all that she is and I grant her what she needs. You should call me Sir during our week together. Do you understand?" You cry and nod you feel like you have lost something that you never knew you needed. "Yes Sir." He holds you and pets you as you cry into his shirt, his tenderness is exactly what you need right now, you don't even think why he would start now. He picks you up and carries you back to the bathroom a draws you a bath, placing you into the tub and gently cleaning every part of you. You relax, you have never felt so cared for before you think to yourself before falling asleep.

story by: Master-Twain

Tags: male/female anal torture violence humiliation domination/submission bondage and restriction fantasm toys discipline slavery bdsm male domination cruelty sex story sado-masochism

Author: Master-Twain

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