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It's winter and the rain is pouring down, an icy wind is blowing strong enough to make it hard to drive and the bare branches on the trees to blow dangerously, my car has broken down on the way home from work and I’m standing at the bonnet getting soaking wet trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s useless I’ve never been good with cars to be honest. This is so annoying, my wife called me saying she needs me to pick up some things from the shops cause it’s raining ‘too lazy more like it’ I think to myself, don’t get me wrong I love the woman but sometimes it’s more like I’m her personal slave than her husband. So I turn off the motorway deciding to get the bits here and now look at me stuck god knows fucking where soaked right through with a dead battery on my mobile.

I hate the rain, though I admit it sounds kind of relaxing as it’s hitting against my windshield, as I drive down the road, my car radio is playing loudly and I hum along to the tunes like I always do when I’m on my way home, as I slow down at a bend I notice a car pulled up on the side with their hazard lights flashing, ‘poor person’ I think as slow down further, I see a man with dark hair standing in the rain the hood of his car open, he doesn’t look happy as he shouts at the car and shakes his phone shouting. As I pull up beside him and wind down the passenger window I catch odd words like />
“HEY” I shout over the music and rain, he looks up at me and jogs over to my car looking relieved, the rain dripping from his hair into his amazing eyes ‘wow’ I think smiling at him

“Hi erm… do you need a lift?” I ask looking at him then around us “the garages are closed now until morning” I continue, looking at the clock on the dashboard “its 12:43, you won’t be able to call out anyone at this time of night. I don’t have a mobile on me but I can give you a lift to my place if you like you can use my phone there if it helps?”

great if I could use your phone there” I say smiling and holding up my dead mobile “My battery is dead too” I continue feeling relieved that someone else is out this late, ‘I’ll have to phone Karen and get her to come pick me up, she’s not going to be happy’ I think as I go back to my car to close the bonnet and clock the doors.

“No problem, get in your soaked” I laugh as he pulls open the passenger door and sits beside me, I quickly turn up the heating “you must be frozen why don’t you have a coat?” he looks over at me taking in my black knee high boots that are covering the lower legs of my dark blue skinny jeans, his eyes slowly moving up to my tight fitted black V neck jumper that hugs my figure and shows a little of my cleavage, finally up to my hair which is up in a clip but some has escaped cause of the wind leaving little wisps of blonde bits falling round my face. As his eyes fall back to my face I smile “do I pass I giggle “I’m Debbie by the way”

“I’m sorry” he mumbles as he sticks his hands on the heater, trying to suck every ounce of heat out that he can “I didn’t mean to stare, I’m ok” I reply “I’m flattered”

We talk about this and that as we drive along the road the wind getting stronger and rain pelting against the windscreen, it’s not long before we finally get to my cottage the rain coming down fast and hard

“Nice place” he says looking round the open fields “no neighbors?”

“No I like my privacy” I smile as I open my door and rush to the cottage, standing under the porch I dig through my bag and pull out my keys, as I close the door behind us I talk through the house turning on lights as I make my way to the kitchen and pausing to turn the heating up.

“Would you like me to throw your top and jumper in the tumble to dry them?” I ask turning to my male guest. Smiling to myself I put your tops in the tumble and turn to put the kettle on and get two cups out to make tea, he sees me looking in the draw and sneakily pull out a pack but clearly thinks nothing of it, me being a young woman he knows he could over power me, as I turn I see him looking at me

"Headache tablets" I say holding them up and smiling,

“Oh long day at work?” I reply "You do need to be careful bringing home strangers… I could be a psycho for all you know" although I laugh I feel stupid ‘what an idiot’ I think to myself I don’t want her thinking I’m going to hurt her for fuck sake

I look at him in the eye "you don’t look like a psycho" I say tilting my head to the side to look at him. Turning back I pop two pills before getting a glass of cold water and swallow the tablets as I look at him,

"Do you need to call your wife? The phone is over there" I say pointing to the phone sitting between the sofa and the TV

“I should call” I answer as I walk over and pick up the phone "It's dead; it must be a bad storm!" I say looking down at the receiver in my hand, as I put it back on the base I turn to find her standing behind me with two cups of hot tea in her hands, reaching out to take the tea off her I say

"Thank you very much, you’re very kind" ‘my god this girl is beautiful,’ I think to myself. I look at her as she hands me the tea, our hands slightly touching. She turns to leave and my eyes follow her out of the room resting on her perfectly shaped arse. As I sip my tea its warmth and comforting effect helping me to relax, I sit on the big comfy sofa. Drinking the rest slowly I begin to notice there’s a funny taste. After a while the room starts to spin and I start to feel really tired it's strange but I imagine it’s just being out in the cold for so long and now finally being in a nice warm house, I lay my head against the back of the sofa and close my eyes…

When I walk back into the living room leaving it just long enough I’m sure the pills I slipped into his tea would have kicked in by now, I am greeted with the amazing sight of a fully grown man unconscious on my sofa. I stop and look at him for a while listening to him breath and just taking in the beauty of the scene in front of me, as I start to notice the cup slipping slowly from his hand I hear a shuffling behind me ‘what is it about the saying seen but not heard can they just not fucking understand’ I think to myself signing

“Number one move his cup before he spills it” I say sitting on the arm chair still watching Adam as a young woman wearing a dirty cotton night dress shuffles quickly over to him and takes his cup over to the kitchen sink. “You can leave it there for now; we have other things to do. You may wash up later before bed” I say as I hear the tap start, she quickly turns it of shuffling over to the doorway. Standing up I turn to look at her and the man standing there in a dirty pair of soft cotton trousers and not much else, looking back at Adam laying there I smile

let’s get this going he won’t be out much longer, one go fetch warm water and a cloth, two pick Adam here up and take him down, remove his clothes so one can clean him up. Make sure his hands and feet are restrained properly I don’t want any mistakes like we had with you.” Both the man and young girl keep their eyes diverted to the floor as I speak, I like it that way and they know it, “oh and I think it’s about time you clean those clothes one” I add as they both shuffle off to complete the duties I’ve asked of them

“Yes miss” she replies quietly as she bows before getting into action collecting warm water and soap. Although they wear dirty clothes I make sure my pets are clean at all times, showering at least twice a day. I like clean people pleasuring me. I make my way to my room stripping my clothes from my tired body and waking into my shower, I feel the hot water running down my naked body, trail over my shoulders and down between my breasts. I squeeze a generous amount of shower gel into my hand before rubbing it all over my body. leaning my head back I soap my boobs and pinch my nipples feeling a slight tingling feeling in my stomach and warm juices slide down my thighs, I move my hand between my thighs feeling the warmth pulsating from my pussy. I slip a finger inside me and moan I don’t want to get too excited yet so I pull my hand away and finish washing myself. Drying off I slip into a pair of black French knickers and a black bra, before dabbing a bit of cool water perfume between my breasts, behind my ears and on my wrists, then moving over to the mirror to dry my hair…

I wake up slowly feeling a cold breeze blow gently over my body causing me to shiver and goose bumps rise over my skin. Blinking hard I try to adjust my eyes to the light shining down on me. I move my hands to rub my eyes but nothing happens pulling harder I realize they are stuck, I look up above my head and see they are tied to a black iron headboard, I look back down at my feet seeing they are also tied with rope and to my horror I'm naked as well.

I shout out "Hey! Anyone? Help!" I pull against the ropes but they’re tied well….

My muscles strain against the rope, tightening my thighs and biceps. I shiver again as the cold air rushes across my hardening nipples, and exposed cock. I try to look around me but can’t see anything to help me realize where I am or how I got here, what was the last thing I remember? My car breaking down, no… a girl… what was her that’s it Debbie her boobs begging for my touch, no Debbie gave me a lift to her house did someone break in and attack us? Why can’t I remember? Is she ok? I look around again which is stupid I would have noticed a beautiful naked woman tied up the first time. I try to pull on the ropes again I know there isn’t any point but still I don’t want to just lay here

I see his eyes start to open and a small moan escapes him lips as he blinks trying to get used to the light, he soon realizes something isn’t right as he tries moving his arms first and then his legs before turning his head to see what’s wrong. I sit in the dark corner my fingers playing slowly with my pussy as I see the realization hit him that he is tied up and has no idea where he is. I slip my finger under my panties as I watch him, hearing him call out. I smile, I won’t let him know I’m there just yet, I can see his nipples harden as the cool breeze slides in the slightly open window beside him, delicious little Goosebumps forming over his smooth skin. I feel my juices pooling and running down my fingers. I stand up and walk over to him, standing at the head of the bed just out of his line of sight. I move my fingers to his mouth and spread my juices across his lips

I hear the sound of heels clicking on the stone floor, my ears prick and my body tenses. I can't see anything so I shut my eyes to try and work out where the sound is coming from. Suddenly something touches my lips, a finger it’s wet and trails something over my bottom lip, automatically my tongue flicks out and licks along my lips, mmm it tastes divine. I try to speak but my mouth gets filled with soft slender fingers…

"What are you doing?" I ask once they are removed

I reach over to the blindfold that rests over the back of the bed, purposely ignoring his question,

“Are you I ask, his head spins towards me just as I pull the blindfold over his eyes,

I wriggle hard, “it’s you! Oh my god Debbie? Are you ok? Did they hurt you?” I say just as something slips over my eyes but not before I get a glimpse of her standing at the head of the bed her half naked body just inches from my head nothing but scraps of black cloth covering her perfect skin, then it dawns on me. There were no attackers; those pills she took out the draw weren’t headache tablets, but why?

“Did you like the taste of my pussy?” I ask smiling, “to answer your questions yes I’m fine thank you, even better now you’re where I want you” I giggle as I trail my nail down over his chest and down to his stomach

Suddenly I feel a sharp pain down the center of my chest, I jump up to be greeted by teeth clasping my erect nipple, I can feel that despite the fact a strange woman has tied me to a bed my cock starts to harden. I know I shouldn’t be reacting like this and I need to get out of here, but it’s as if another part of me is taking over, namely my cock which I will have to have words with when I finally get out of here.

“I need to go Debbie, my wife will be worried” I try to reason with her “what is it that you want?”

“You won’t be going home for a very long time, if ever” I giggle, “Oh don’t worry your be begging to stay just like the others did, though I think after we are done I will make you my special pet” I continue at the look of horror on his face

“What? Others?” I mumble, my heart pounding she can’t be serious I think to myself as I feel her hand slowly continuing lower. I hate that my cock is reaching up to her touch. It's almost as if she has cast a spell on my body the way is reacting to her, harder than it has ever been

“You can't keep me here! I have to go”

“You can’t really expect me to believe that do you? After all your cock clearly wants to be here and you have been looking at me like you wanted to eat me alive since I pulled my car over” I say looking at him, they always say things like this but part of me is actually annoyed he wants to leave not that I I’ll let him but still…

“You can't keep me prisoner! Untie me now. My wife will be worried” My voice breaks slightly as fear begins to set in ‘this crazy bitch clearly has no intention of letting me leave, and I’m still stuck on the others part as well, what others is she referring to? Does she mean she has done this before? How? She’s so small, probably the same way she got you, you fucking idiot’ I think before being pulled from my thoughts by her laugh

“If you wanted to be at home with your wife you wouldn’t have looked at me or thought the things about me that you have, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have been calling her a bitch when I pulled over” I say moving round the bed and climbing onto it

My cock twitches at her words and I feel myself going red, how does she know I was thinking naughty things before? Did she really hear me calling my wife a bitch? She must of or she wouldn’t have known, my mind wanders as I realise ive gone from my wife treating me like a slave to some strange beautiful woman actually wanting me to be her slave, maybe she just plans to fuck me but if that’s the case why refuse to let me go? Its not like I wouldn’t love to fucker her in every way possible

I move my hand to his inner thigh trailing my nail up towards his cock smiling as it starts to twitch, silently begging me to touch it. I lift my left hand and pull the blindfold away from his eyes, watching as he blinks to get used to the light again and slowly moves his eyes over my half naked body

"Now like I said you will be here a while so here's a few rules you should know" I said grasping his cock firmly, he looks up at me a moan on his lips as he tries to move his hips

"Number one rule is you never look me in the eyes" his eyes linger on mine confusion clouding his sexy features. I continue to stare into his eyes as my right hand reaches under the bed to feel for the taster I know is under there. Maybe a little pain will help him I think as I press it to his inner thigh and press the button. Just seconds before he feels the white hot pain shoot through his body he looks away from me to the taster realisation just about to set on as the pain floods him, contorting his features from tension and confusing arousal to pain and anger. 'Oh yes this one will be worth it' I think to myself 'all that anger and strength'. I breathe in his screams of outrage as I move the Taser away from his skin.

"I said no looking at me in the eyes" I say still smiling

"YOUR FUCKING CRAZY" he screams at me pulling harder against his restraints a whole new determination settling in.

“My insanity isn’t up for questioning. Do you understand rule number one?" I ask bending my head and trailing my tongue over his balls, I hear his breath catch before a moan escapes.
"Say I understand" I say looking in his eyes to find him looking right back at me "clearly not, but that's ok I would be disappointed if you broke so easy"

Sitting back up I bring the Taser to his nipple />
"YOU FUCKING DARE he screams as I press the button again, his loud painful scream sounds beautiful. I know then that I made the right choice with him, he will be happy here after. Knowing he was here to please me, my pleasure would become his. It will just take a little while to get there. But I like the journey just as much as the end results. Most of them don't realise the pleasure that can be dealt through pain, so closed minded men nowadays they think it’s all about the climax. Their pleasure is all that matters they don't care about the woman. They look at me and I know they think I'm sweet and innocent. So pretty and small, not an ounce of fat or muscles but I don't need it. Just their arrogance can bring them falling to their knees.

I pull the Taser away from his body again and wait until his breathing slows back to normal before repeating my question

“Do you understand rule number one?”

“FUCK YOU BITCH” he shouts

“Oh you will but at the moment I want to make sure you understand and will obey the rules”

Lifting the Taser again, this time to his left nipple I hold the button and press harder against him, raising my voice slightly to be heard over his scream “you will obey them Adam it’s only a matter of time” I bend down a suck his right nipple into my mouth, tugging it with my teeth as the Taser sends bolts of pain through him “after all I see your cock is still hard so you must be enjoying />
"Ah" the pain is unbearable but still my cock remains bewitched by this crazy woman, I need to get loose. with all my strength I arch my back lulling at the restraints I notice I’m panting As the restraints seem to tighten, I look her in the eyes as an act of defiance and say the only thing I've got left

come looking for me"

I start laughing uncontrollably at his statement, it take me a while to calm down with every time I look at him the anger covering his face makes me bend over laughing all over again, finally I calm down enough to kiss my way up his chest and say

"no Adam they won’t, they haven’t so far and if by crazy chance they did you would have broken by then you will just tell them you chose to be here.

What's wrong to me? Her voice is soothing to my ears and stiffens my cock further, her laughing tightens my balls. She's laughing at me! And yet still I’m getting aroused. I pull one more time against the restraints but it’s no good and I simply fall back onto the bed pitifully

"Do you understand rule number one Adam? i say looking at him in the face, waiting to see if he will raise his eyes to mine

I look up, careful to avoid her eyes letting mine rest on her collorbone and nod

"I understand" I say, hopeful that she will stop the pain and relese me, then I can make a break for it

I smile “now as a reward I will give you something your enjoy,”

I move down the bed, resting my knees between his as I flatten my tongue and lick my way over his balls and up his shaft

"See you be a good boy and I will look after you"

I suck his balls into my mouth as my hand reaches up to stroke his shaft. I hear him begin to moan his hips trying to move up towards my mouth, all memories of the Taser forgotten. My tongue follows my hand up his cock until I reach the tip, swirling my tongue around him I suck just the head into my mouth using my tongue to press against his underside. His moans begin to get louder and his panting breathing is quick and short, I slowly move his cock all the way into my mouth until the base of his cock and the tickling sensation of his unshaved hair rests against my nose. moving faster and faster I hear the tell-tale signs that he is close to cuming, still moving and sucking on his cock I hear him moan

"oh my god" I know he's about to cum so I take the base of his cock in a firm grip and squeeze tight until the sensation leaves his body

She's just called me a good boy and I've blushed; I haven't blushed since I was a teenager! Who is she and what is she… mmm my thoughts are interupted as her tongue slowly moves up my balls

“OH” her tongue feels so hot against me cold skin

Her hand is so soft and tender as it rubs my thick hard cock is this the same woman that Tasered me?
“Mm oh" I feel like I'm going to cum as my cock hits her tonsils, I need to cum it feels so amazing

A vice like grip squeezes my cock and the explosion of cum at the top of my cock has been defused although the need is still there,

"Not yet, now for rule number two. You will no longer be known as Adam inside this house, your new name is three, or number three do you />
"No I have a name, I am not a number.” I will not let her take my identity away from me, who does she think she is? She can’t be serious

“Good I didn’t want this to be too easy” I say as I stand up and walk over to the table against the wall “now this” I say picking up a packet of tablets that’s laying there “is a little thing called Amphetamine, do you know what it does?”

"No! I don't but keep it away from me" I don’t care what they do I can’t let her drug me

"Oh I'll be staying away in a while but for now you should take your medicine" I laugh " Amphetamines are drugs that will keep you awake and alert, you heard of speed right? Well these will stop you from sleeping, and without sleep your body won’t be able to function properly" I say climbing on the bed by his head

“And then your mind won’t be able to function and other fun little things like aching muscles, confusion, memory lapses or loss, hullucnations, headaches, sensitivity to cold, increased blood pressure and increased stress level.” I say smiling

I pull my head to the side trying to keep my mouth closed she is fucking crazy does she plan to kill me? The thought passes through my mind, it’s no good she pinches my nose tight until I open my mouth to breath and the tablets drop into my mouth, her hand covers my lips to stop me spitting them out.

once the tablets slide into his mouth I click my fingers and one comes running up to the end of the bed, she knows to stay out of Adam’s eye line but she stumbles and I know he heard her, I scowl as I take the bottle of water from her outreached hand and squirt a big mouthful in with the tablets knowing it’s too much to quick he either swallows or chokes. I throw the bottle at one as she bows her head low and scurries off knowing I am annoyed with her ‘I will deal with her later” I think

I gasp for breath as I swallow the water and the tablets “what was that?” I ask trying to look around,
“Who else is here?”

"Right, now I’m tired so… I’m going to go to bed and I will see you tomorrow" I laugh ignoring his question
He looks at me confused,

“What? You can’t leave me here, especially like this!” I shout looking down at my hard cold body, I watch her sway her arse towards the stairs and start to climb them, a beautiful smile spread across her lips. I cant believe a woman so sexy can be so fucked in the head to be enjoying my pain, to actually want more of it.

“Please don’t leave me” I cant help it just slips out my mouth, I hate this woman but my body reacts to her and part of me is scared to be down here without her even though I know im probably safer alone than with her here.

As I get to the top of the stairs I look at the clock and notice its now 5:15am, I have been down there three hours, walking through the living room I call for one, who comes running

“Yes Miss?” she mumbles,

“How dare you trip! He heard you! Now he knows someone else is here.”

She starts to take a step back but knows that will make it worse for her so plants her feet firmly on the ground her head held low

sorry miss it won’t happen again” she knows what’s coming but doesn’t flinch as my hand connects with her face;

she’s been here the longest, almost ten years now. She was the easiest to break, I don’t know if it was because she is a girl or because she was only fifteen at the time but it started because I liked her boyfriend, he had wanted me too and she wasn’t happy about it. Matthew helped me brake her, he had, had enough of her bullshit jealous attitude so we kidnapped her and I watched as him and his mates raped her repeatedly for seven days, she broke after two but we wanted to make sure. I wanted to keep her after the things she said and did to me so he gave her to me. I still see him sometimes and he comes round when his wife is off visiting family for another go at her, it feels good treating her like the piece of shit she is knowing it’s all her fault.

“Two” I call as I glare at one

“Yes Miss?” he stands to the side, he doesn’t bow his head like one but he does revert his eyes away from mine

“take one and tie her to the cross, give her three tablets and put the vibrator against her clit enough to keep her turned on but not enough to cum, make sure her restraints are extra tight I want to see bruise marks and blood tomorrow morning” I say

“let her wash three’s cup up first and then once your done come to my room, you will eat my pussy until I come at least five times to help me relax”

His head nods slightly in confirmation “yes miss” he says clearly as he takes one by the upper arm and pulls her away, I hear him growling at her not to upset his mistress and it makes me smile I know he will punish her well.

I make my way to my to my room stripping off my bra and French knickers before climbing into bed to wait for two and fantasizing about what I will do to three tomorrow and how further to punish one”

Tomorrow will be fun…

story by: Princess_jasmine

Tags: cheating torture drug humiliation domination/submission fantasm discipline female domination slavery non-consensual sex cruelty sex story written by women

Author: Princess_jasmine

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