The neighbors ( re write )

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The neighbors
( Re write )

Chapter One

A little bit about myself my name is Anthony Jr.
I'm single age 30 I'm slender 6'4" brown hair brown eyes .
My parents died in a car accident when I was 21.

last week on my 30th birthday I received a letter in the mail .
It was from our local bank the letter stated that it was closing out dads safety deposit box.

I was told to come in and clean it out it was paid for in advance .
I went to the bank brought dad's old brief case and took what ever was in the box home. Upon closer examination of everything .
I found out that my Dad had invested in stock's .

Those certificates must have been in that safety deposit box for years .
so I called up the company that issued them and they were still valid .

They told me come in with a copy dad's death certificate and they would re-issue New ones . under my name because I was Jr . dad was Sr. .

Long story short I receive a check about every moth for about $5,000.00

I work at a classic car restoration shop I have scene I was eighteen .
I love my job restoring any old classic cars.

A little Information on the
The neighbors:

I have known the Rogers Family Scene I was eighteen,
it's been 12 years now .

Mary 38 and john 39 and April 17 are my best friends and neighbors.
They live right next door to me on the right side of my home .

The age difference between April and myself is 13 years .
A little information on April ,

April was born on April 1st , Hence the name April shes an only child .

She wears black framed glasses, chunky but not fat , 5ft 6” with with long brunette hair and hazel eyes . She has the most gorgeous set of 34c
cup breasts . with nice pink areolas and hard nipples with the most amazing tight little ass . she wears her pigtail's or a pony tail sometimes depending on her mood .

last night I went over for dinner John said to us he wasn't feeling well .
He said he wanted to lay down and rest up a bit before dinner .

Mary and April and myself talked a while until John came back down .
we all ate dinner and talked a while longer it was very late so I went home .

I had known this because he told me six months ago. The doctors told him it was terminal cancer and
that he had about one year to live.

He asked me to promise never tell his girls. I made that promise to him that day. I stated to John I would always be there for all of them .

I would do what ever I could to help out . I saw them during the six months off and on . They spent as much time together as they possibly could .

One morning around seven am or so on this warm end of march day .
I was out raking the lawn I went inside to grab a cold glass of water.

I looked out my kitchen window that's when I saw the police car and
ambulance pull up to their home .

I saw the stretcher come out with a white sheet placed over a body.
Mary and April were standing in the door way of their home crying .

My heart sunk I knew John had passed away .
Mary called me crying on the phone she was upset .
Tony I have some very sad news John passed away in his sleep .

I immediately went right over to their house to see if I could comfort them.
I had this guilty feeling inside of me of what had just happened .

I was not suppose to tell them because I made a promise to John .
I promised him that I wouldn't say a word to either of the girls .

I told them if there is anything I could do at all please just ask .
I would be there for them. There was a private wake and graveside services.
John's sister and Mary's brother and his wife attended .

April was seventeen when her dad passed .

It's now one year later after John's passing ,

April will is eighteen today.

it's Friday April First June being two months away.
she will graduate and be done with school.

I helped with the outside chores as best as I could .
I had my hands full but I did not mind . Mary works in the local Department store in our small town .

Her job is store manger . It doesn't leave her much time to spend with her daughter April . she can't always get away from work either .

she works long hours and is usually very tired when she gets home .
she has days off that's when she rests and does her errands .

I was reading the evening paper when I heard a Knock on my door .
It was Mary she was Crying ,Tony I need to talk to you please .

it's very important please come in and sit down. What seems to be troubling you ?.

It's like this Ever scene my husband passed a year ago last week .
April and I been sad that's understand the trouble is not with me.

it's with my daughter she has been so sad and depressed about
everything .

She's turning the " Big Eighteen" today it is April 1st you know.
April and her girlfriends were all looking forward to going camping
this weekend . They were going to be celebrating her eighteenth birthday .

You remember where we would go camping on weekends .
Yes I do It's the ocean side camp grounds site where you keep the trailer .

That's correct this was going to be the weekend that we did that .
We would always go celebrate April's Birthday and open the camp for the summer. She's so depressed that her and her girlfriends cant go.

One of the girls at work got sick and I must be there to fill in .
so you see I can't go , yes I see that does pose a problem.

I can't believe my little girl is all grown up as of today at noon time.
She is legally eighteen she turned out to be a fine young lady.

Thank you We did our best to raise her properly , I'm happy to say that that she's still a virgin at eighteen .

There's still something wrong though . I still think she needs someone in her life . like a father figure Maybe you for instance ? me Mary but why me ? .

I can't be around all the time to guide her and hold her hand I know that .
Your older by twelve years you been our best friend and your good to her .

When her dad used to talk to her about what ever was troubling her .
Things would get better for her she would straighten out .

Alright I will do my very best I will try to give her guidance and help her with what ever she needs . I know it's asking a lot but she has looked up to you a lot lately . She needs you now more than ever now scene her fathers gone .

When she talks to me at home I try to be a good mom and help with her
the best I can . I remember Her dad telling her just last year .
Tony is a good man and he's a blessing to our family.

Is this what's was troubling you ? Yes it was .
Well then don't worry I will take the girls camping this weekend .
I think it's what John would want me to do.

I have a tent a sleeping bag all the necessary things to go camping with.
Your the best but what about your work on weekends ? .

The boss said no more over time just nine to five only Monday through Thursdays .

No weekdays and no Fridays that's not good . I'm not worried about it .
My home is paid for I have no mortgage . I still get checks once a month from dads oil stock .

it's all settled then I will be happy to take the girls camping this weekend.
Thank you so much I have to go to work soon . Before I leave I will place a note on the table at home . I will to tell her come over after school .

She will be so thrilled when you tell her oh I almost for got one more thing . One of her girlfriends is four months pregnant she may be extremely horny at times.

Oh gee thanks for the warning I appreciate it yeah I know you would .
we both laugh hell I didn't care , I was horny I haven't been laid in a year.

I was repairing my computer it broke down I never really looked at the time.
I lost track actually. I heard a knock at the door it distracted me .

I got up and answered it hello sweetheart come in please .
Happy Birthday April Honey " You're Eighteen Today " Oh! baby!! "
you remembered ..Thank You!! .

Mom left me a note telling me to come over and see you .
I'm sorry I still have my cheerleader outfit on after school practice you know.

Mom said said Happy Birthday honey . I m sorry mom will not be returning home until after ten pm . She had to cover for someone whom is sick .

What is this all about anyway ? . Well It's about Your birthday and going camping with your girlfriends .

I told you mom that I would to take you and your girlfriends camping this weekend . Oh My God ! "This is Awesome !" "Thank You" so much.

she jumps up placing her hands behind my neck and interlocking her fingers together. she brings her legs up and crosses them on the small of my lower back . Being to passionately kissing me on the lips .

I was shocked my eyes widened as she was grinding her crotch on my mine. It was making me hard and horny , then she broke the kiss .
" Oh Honey ! " What in the world are you doing ? .

I'm showing my Appreciation to you don't you like it ? . Oh yes honey I really do . But we um well you know I could get into some serious trouble here.

Common now I have the hots for you and you know it . she hops down and sits on the couch . we begin talking I have been so horny for you ever scene last year .

I have never even been with a guy I'm still 100 % virgin I been saving myself for you . I try to change the subject what would your mom say about all this ? .Personally I really don't care .

There's something very important I want to ask you right now . will you please be my boyfriend ? My darling I'm to old for you.
I don't care she starts crying and pouting Today is my special day.

I am eighteen and I don't want another guy inside me just you .
Now I want you take a good real good look at these aren't these nice ? .

She lifted her top and bra she flashes me her tits and starts caressing
and pulling at her nipples .

She then lifts her pleated cheerleader skirt and takes off her panties.
Spreading her legs wide in front of me . How about this showing me her hairless pussy her folds are wicked tight .

She then takes her fingers and spread her folds apart showing her tight vaginal opening . Well do you think? I am a woman now ? . I always thought of you as a fine young woman your very pretty .

I got a hard on and I think she has already noticed it .
Never mind trying to telling me any more stuff.

I can see your already thinking with your other head .

Honey I have today off why don't you call your girlfriends .
we'll pack up my van .It will hold 8 persons plus all
our camping equipment .

We'll drive up today we can do an open up and get it ready for the summer . Alright that sounds awesome. She smiles now wiping the tears away .

Thank you so much y how can I ever repay you ? It's not necessary honey . Someday would you consider ever being my boyfriend ? .Yes Maybe but I can never replace your dad . your dad was a kind man who was loved by everyone .

I hear my mom at night crying she gets very lonely it hurts me a lot .
I don't like to see my mom sad Neither do I .

Would you like pizza ? yeah that's fine thank you .
What are you doing over there pointing to my work bench ? I am fixing my computer the hard drive let go .

Oh so you know how to fix computers ? yes may I please leave mine with you yes . Do you think you can you try to fix it for me? , I would be glad to .
I was thinking why don't you go home get it I will order us up some pizza .

She walks out the door I began to thinking to myself if she is that horny what does her PC contain ?. I cant wait to get into it when I have time.

I called up the local pizza joint and ordered her favorite ham and bacon a large one . Hello I'm Back alright I'm in the shower wait down there please .
I will be right down I know one my stairs creek a little bit so It must be her coming up the stairs .

Then she hears a knock on the door Oh Dam it all I'll get it . I call down to her there's money on the table alright . She pays the pizza guy he leaves .
She continues quietly back up the stairs.
I hear her removing her clothing outside the door .

Talking to herself now maybe I can get lucky with him ? .
I am out of the shower and totally naked I try to hurry but it is too late.
She opened the door and shes naked as well .

Honey please Put your cloths back on Why babe ? don't you like seeing me naked?. I just wanted to show you that I'm really horny for you .
Please take a good close look . I knelt down and took a look .
she spread her legs wide I even slipped a finger in her tight pussy .

dam she was so wet ,
I figured I'd go for it what the heck She wants me any way besides I am also horny . I place a towl down on the floor and she lays down then spreads her legs wide open for me..

I placed my tongue on her tight fold and parted it with my tongue .
I know I reached her sensitive slit when she let out a gasp.
Ooh she moaned " oh Baby ! fuck me with your tongue please !! " .

To Be Continued

story by: radioz66

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Author: radioz66

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