The pills (part 2)

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This is my second story ever so again I hope you guys like it! REMEMBER THIS IS ALL FICTION AND CANT/SHOULDNT EVER BE DONE IN REAL LIFE. Once again, remember, these pills dont even exist so its all obviously fiction.

*For you people who like to nitpick, I appologize about Helen's age being impossible in comparred to her kids. You can do whatever you want for your imagination. If you want her to be 43, great. If you want her to be 34, amazing. She's a 33-43 year old woman, she's very fit…thats it.

Part 2 (Helen and George take the pills together):


It was the next morning and I remember thinking that I could not believe that I just ended up sleeping through the entire night. I was sitting up in my bed and noticed the sun shining into my bedroom and saw that the clock read 11:45am. Sheesh, all that work this week must have really exhausted me, I just zonked as soon as I hit the mattress I guess. Oh well. As soon as I finally got my bearings together all I could think of was how pissed off Helen probably was. Not only did our first night of alone time get ruined by my sick daughter, but I passed out as soon as I got home! She’s going to rip me up when I get downstairs, I know it. But I had to face the music….and I knew I could make it up to her tonight!

After I got out of bed and put my robe on, my fatherly instinct kicked in and decided it would be best to check up on Gillian to see how she was doing. I gave the door a little knock as I popped my head in and saw that Gillian was all ready out of bed, fully dressed, and all ready putting her sneakers on. “So I see you’re feeling better” I tell her. “Yeah I feel much better thanks Daddy. I got up an hour ago and noticed that my headache was gone, so I got up and took a shower and brushed my teeth, which was a good idea since I really smelled funny this morning and had the weirdest taste in my mouth too. I don’t know. But I called Stef to pick me up. She’ll be here in any minute.” This was wonderful news to my ear knowing that tonight the house was definitely going to be empty, which meant that I was going to be able to make it up to Helen. “Sounds great Gillian, take your time.” I pumped my fist as I headed downstairs.

I dreaded going downstairs and seeing Helen in the kitchen but was quickly blown away when I got down there and she said, “Hey honey you sleep well last night?” with a SMILE nonetheless. “Umm yeah, shit hun, sorry for passing out last night, I’m so sorry I swear I’ll make it up to you tonight”, Helen answers back warmly “Aww babe don’t worry about it, I understand. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed myself”. This didn’t sound like the Helen I knew, but who was I to complain. “Well, that’s wonderful babe so we’re still on for tonight?”, see George” she said with a wink.

Right as she began to serve me breakfast I heard a honk outside which was quickly followed by Gillian’s steps coming down the stairs, “okay guys that’s Stef. Thanks dad for letting me stay the night I feel great” she walks over to give me a hug, “anytime dear” I say as I give her a kiss on the forehead, forget to thank Helen, she’s the one who took care of you last night”. Gillian reluctantly goes to Helen and gives her a little hug, “yeah I guess thanks Helen for taking care of me”, and Helen greets her with a warm large hug back, “I think you helped me more than I helped you” as she then gives Gillian a big oddly long kiss on her cheek. Gillian gives her a weird look and heads out the door. “I’ve got to admit George, Gillian is definitely my favorite of yours. Growing on me to say the least.” Well that was good to hear I guess?

After breakfast Helen talks about how she has stuff to do today but that she’ll be back at 8:00, which is great because it’ll give me time to get ready for tonight as well. I decided that the best way to make up to her tonight is for both of us to take those I bought. I knew they probably didn’t do much of anything, but if at least they’ll act as an aphrodisiac or something and really put her in the mood. The plan was to put it in our drinks so she didn’t know…I didn’t want to ruin the surprise of course!


All day I wanted to make sure that I kept my distance from George considering I just fucked his youngest daughter last night. But don’t be fooled, it wasn’t because I was ashamed about it or anything, on the contrary, I actually thought about how amazing it was all day. That little mouth sucking on my tits, my long fingers fingering her tight virgin little pussy, hearing that sweet innocent girl come out of her shell and say those dirty things ughhh…I got chills all day just thinking about it. Of course I was never going to tell George what happened, especially since Gillian was so convincing about not remembering anything that night. Plus, I did swear to her and myself that we could never do it again and it was going to be a promise I kept unfortunately. Besides, I can’t risk getting caught by George and losing this marriage and this goldmine of a husband.

By the time I got done with my errands I noticed that it was getting pretty late and finally headed back home. I was actually pretty exhausted to tell you the truth. Gillian really wore me out, on top of all the shopping I just did. Honestly I didn’t even really wanna fuck tonight, which is a shame because I’m sure George is really excited about it. It was all ready dark when I pulled into the driveway, and when I walked into the house I noticed that the lights were dim and saw a few candles lit. Ugh, I’m not really into this romantic crap, but at least the bastard’s trying. I walk into the kitchen and see dinner prepared and my husband their holding a glass of wine.

“Helen honey, I’m sorry for last night, I’m going to do everything I can to make it up to you. After dinner I set up a cozy spot for us in the den where we could have a glass of wine, and then kick it up a notch after that of course”, George said in his most romantic of voices. I just wasn’t in the mood, but I figured I’d do my best to put on a good face, “oh George don’t worry about last night, I’m fine. You work so hard, you needed to the rest. The food looks great, let’s eat”. I don’t even decide to change thinking that I could just speed up the process and just relax for the rest of the night. It’s okay since I always dress to kill anyways. I was wearing a tight black polo that really showed off my large, still perky tits, and a semi-short denim skirt with long black boots to show off my toned legs.

About an hour later as we leave the table and heads toward the den I really am starting to feel tired and yawn and stretch and say, “Oh honey, you’re going to hate me but I’m soooo tired I think I’ll have to pass on the wine and sex tonight.” My husband instantly got the saddest look in his eyes, “Helen, that’s nonsense. You’re always the one saying we never get to fuck without the girls around, and for once they’re not here. Just one drink. If you’re still tired after the one drink and don’t want to fool around, I’ll totally If I know George I know I won’t be able to convince him otherwise so instead of putting up a fight at all I just go with the flow. “Okay, but only one drink George.”

The den in our house is basically the TV/family room of the house. This is where the kids would normally be watching TV or eating their dinner or on their laptops. It’s sort of like another entrance to the house sometimes, mostly for the girls’ friends. Other than the door that leads outside there’s also a doorway that connects to the rest of the house as well. George made the room look extra comfortable and sweet, and I see he had two glasses of wine all ready poured out for us. He sits on the couch and motions for me to sit right next to him. Once we’re both sitting, our legs are touching close together, he puts his hand on my thigh, and then gives me my glass of wine.

have a to, to love, trust, family, and you of course, my love,” George says as he raises his glass to mine, to all that crap” as we cling our glasses together. I quickly put the glass to my lips and down it all right away, because my plan was to drink and sleep. “Woah honey, slow down, give me a chance to catch up. I want to be able to feel it too,” says George, but I didn’t know what he meant by feel it. The alcohol? I’m not one to get drunk off one glass of wine let me tell you. I notice that George is starting to drink it all up, but I suddenly get the weirdest, warmest, oddest sensation start to slowly take over my entire body. I started to shake my head as if I was feeling drunk or something, when George asks “are you feeling okay, you’ve never been a light weight before haha”. I acknowledge what he just said but I’m having a hard time concentrating. All I can think about was how hot I was getting all over my body. I felt goosebumps all over my body, I felt my cute little pink nipples harden under my polo top, I felt my legs begin to slowly quiver, and lastly I felt my smooth pussy begin to feel an inkling of wetness. As these feelings spread throughout my body I think George said something else, but I ignored it, and all I could think about how George’s hand was now rubbing and down my thigh, and how fucking amazing it felt.

I looked at George and saw this passionate look on his face, it was almost animalistic, whatever it was I’ve never seen it from him before. He quickly leans forward and gives me the hardest kiss he’s ever given me. It’s so fucking hot that I try and kiss even equally as hard back as we both try and get on top of the other person. Finally with his brute strength he ends up winning the battle and is now pressed up against me on the couch, “you know how fucking hot you are. Walking around my office all day flashing me your pussy, trying to tease me like a whore, knowing that I have to wait until we get home to fuck that hot pussy of amazing, I have to teach you a lesson” as he pulls off his shirt revealing his hard grown body and then pulls my polo up over my tits, not taking it off, just enough so my bra covered tits are out. This is such a new side of George, he’s never been this vocal before…and I love it.

He reaches out and starts to aggressively squeeze my tits and goes back to kissing me. You can tell he’s on a mission as his hands quickly goes down between my legs, and once he lifts up my skirt I feel him pulling my panties to the side when I then feel two large fingers go straight into my pussy. “Uhhhhhh George, you fucking piece of uhhh get those fingers in my cunt…uhh ughh,” I yell back at him. He’s fingering my pussy so fast, I feel his fist pumping so fucking hard….but he’s such a machine tonight as he also reaches down and takes one of my tits in his mouth too. His teeth lightly bites one of my nipples and it drives me absolutely bonkers. It’s soo much pleasure right now. “I love teasing you at work, it turns me on so much knowing how hard your getting at your desk. But I don’t just do it for you…I do it for everyone in the office. I’m a big tease, didn’t you knowww…im a fucking tease,” what was I saying? I just admitted that I dress and act like that to turn on other people, but I didn’t care. He then grabs me by my neck, such a dirty sluttt, but that’s what I fucking love about you”. His fingers feel so fucking good and once his thumb finally gets to my clit I just let it all out, “ahhhhhhh uhhh fuckk im cumming, im cumming all ready, yeasss yessss”. My body shutters all over, and I could’ve sworn I saw thunder and lightning outside as I just orgasmed. Only after a few seconds of me catching my breath, he finally stops his assault on my pussy. This gives me time to take my shirt and bra off completely, along with my skirt and panties. Right by the time I’m finally naked I look up and see my naked husband in front of me with his hard cock sticking only inches away from my face.

“Open your mouth Helen. Open it. I want you to take all of my cock into your mouth, you hear me” he says with an intense voice. This passion is turning me on so much. I get on my knees off the couch as he stands there and I grib his thick large cock with my hands. Even though George DOES have a lot of money, he DOES also have a very lovely cock. I don’t even have time to answer him as he grabs the back of my head and forces my mouth onto his cock. it, oooh yeah, that’s it Helen, suck my fucking cock like a good wife,” I feel his warm cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I do my best to wrap my lips around it and cover my teeth and let my tongue lick around it as I bob my head up and down his cock. Every once in a while I let up and jack his cock off for a bit, but he doesn’t let me for long as he grabs my head again, stop, I’ll tell you when you can fucking stop,” when he starts to push my head further. I’ve never deep throated him before but I feel his cock going deep against my tonsils. My hand reaches down between my knees and I begin to rub my clit at the same time as I give him head. I start to gag a bit, but then he pulls out, but then he does it again, and then he ‘s basically just fucking my face. “uhhh look at me Helen, look at me as you suck my cock that’s it, uhhhh” that time as he moaned I definitely heard thunder that time, but I think I also heard a door close too, but I didn’t fucking care, I just couldn’t stop.


My cunt of a wife was sucking my cock so fucking good. Looking down and seeing that pretty face of hers deep throat my hard cock, seeing her gag, it was driving me crazy. Holy shit! I can’t believe the things I was saying, the things I was thinking. I’m not like this. Usually I’m pretty good in bed, but I’m never this animal, this tough guy demanding his wife to look at me while she sucks my cock. It was all so amazing though, and I couldn’t get myself to stop, even if I wanted to. I looked out the window and saw how it was pouring outside. The lightning flashes only fueled this intensity.

“Oh my god!”

I was so focused on my wifes dick sucking that I didn’t even notice my 16 year old daughter Rachel standing in the doorway of the den until I heard her speak.

“Oh my fucking god!” She says again, this time I’m looking right at her as she says this. The way we’re positioned is absolutely perfect if you’re standing in the door way. We’re turned just enough that you get a full view of everything. You can see my naked wife on her knees, you can see my cock sticking straight forward, and you can see her taking it all in her mouth. My little Rachel just got a full view of her step-mom deep throating her daddy’s cock. What I don’t understand is why am I not trying to cover up? The normal response to someone else being in the room would be to find a throw pillow to cover up, followed by a heart attack when you notice it’s your daughter. But it was like I was high or something. I was taking everything in so slowly. It wasn’t until the second time she spoke that Helen even stopped.

“Oh my god this is digusting” Rachel says again as she’s still standing in the doorway. I finally noticed that she’s soaked from head to toe, and that she was in her soccer uniform. It didn’t take me long to put two and two together (like a few seconds to be honest) and realize that my daughter must’ve been at soccer practice, and then while she was walking home she probably got caught in the storm, and decided to just walk straight here instead since it was closer. Bingo! As I had put all of this together I still had made no effort to cover up, neither did Helen, and Rachel was still starring directly at us. In fact, as I finally put words together to form a sentence, “hey baby, you get caught in the rain or Helen had managed to put her hands back on my cock…which was still very hard by the way..and began to stroke it again. So even though we were caught, Helen just couldn’t contain herself, and I was so fucking horny that I had intention of making her stop.

Rachel had this unbelievably stunned look on her face as Helen began to jack off her daddy right in front of her, as if she wasn’t even there. “Are you freaking serious! I’m standing right here”, those words didn’t register at all. My mind could only think of how hard and hot and thick my cock was in between my wife’s hands, and how much I needed her to rub it right now. I did manage to get a good look at my little Rachel standing there all wet in the doorway. All she was wearing was a green soccer jersey and short white shorts, plus kleets and high socks. She’s like 5’5, taller than Gillian of course, has beautiful green eyes like her mother, a perfect smile, beautiful blonde hair (which is dark cause its wet, so its now a bit curly too) and everything else is to die for. She’s very athletic. She cheers and plays soccer. Her stomach is extremely small and tight, and now that she’s standing here with her soccer uniform I see that she has extremely hot legs for a 16 year old that go straight up to a firm ass. It’s been a while, but the last time we all went swimming I also noticed that her tits were definitely the perkiest of the four at a firm B (and growing). Oh my god! Did I just talk about her tits? My little Rachel’s amazingly beautiful tits, and that awesome bubble butt of hers. Is that what I’m thinking about?

I didn’t even say a word to her as I suddenly looked back down at my wife and took the back of her head and placed her mouth back onto my cock, and she instinctively began to suck again. “mmmmm fuck” I said out loud, as my wifes lips went back to her onslaught. I was hornier than ever now, and I could tell so was she as her bobs went faster and faster on my dick. I grabbed a hold of my cock and told her to stick her tongue out, as I now began to take my cock and hit it against her tongue, smacking it against her face kinda. I now looked back at how dumbfounded Rachel was and I stared right at her as I grabbed my wifes face again and forced her to suck on it again. I was looking directly at my 15yo daughter as my wife gobbled up my cock once again. My hungry eyes right into her young confused eyes.

“Dad stop. Stop! Helen stop, stop doing… Rachel stammered as she spoke and pointed at my dick when she referred to as that. I didn’t know whether it was because she was cold or what but I could totally see the outlines of her nipples hardening under her wet green jersey. It was turning me on so much I finally said to my wife, “oh baby, you’re sucking my cock in front of Rachel. Did you know that? She’s looking at you blow her daddy. My baby Rachel sees my 8inch cock slide into her stepmoms pretty mouth” “Yeah, your beautiful sexy daughter is looking right at us Georgy” as she takes a break.

I take this time to pick her up off my dick and have her stand in front of me, with her back towards me. She’s now facing straight at Rachel when I bend her over slightly and just force my cock up into her pussy from behind, “uhhh Georgy your dick feels so fucking good inside me right now” as she looks over her shoulder at me. I grab hold of her hips and slide my cock inside her so fucking hard. My wifes beautiful arched ass right in front of me as her pussy slides on my cock faster and faster and faster “oooh baby, your dick is so amazing, uhhh yesss mmm yes” as she lets out a little squeal. Once again I totally forgot about Rachel. At some point during my fucking Rachel sat on the arms of one of the couches and was still staring at us. Her face went from confused to curious since the last time I saw it. Actually it was quite surprising when I noticed that one of her hands was gently squeezing one of her tits through her jersey, and the other was gently touching up and down her thigh.

My wife stood up a bit and was still getting fucked, as she began to play with own tits and stare right at Rachel. It was almost as if my wife was trying to get Rachel to touch herself. “My nipples are so hard Georgey, it’s because of your cock, your sexy daddy cock in my wet pussy. My pussy gets so wet, so fast baby,” she said directed towards me. I couldn’t fathom what she was trying to do, I just kept concentrating on fucking her doggy style. Her pussy was beginning to tighten up, “im going to cum baby, im going to cum I can feel it. Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop uhhhhhhYAAAAA uhhhh fuckk fuck, yes imcummmmmingg ughhh” she screamed at the top of her lungs as her back spasmed as she came all over my dick. I got a chance to look over at Rachel again and saw that she was still there and was now biting her bottom lip. Quivering a bit, but I noticed that she had pulled up her jersey now, only a bit but enough so she could squeeze her tits through her black sports bra. Her breathing got really heavy and she didn’t say a word, but I could tell she was rubbing against the arm of the sofa with her legs straddled against it and was getting into a small state of bliss with her little hands touching her soft tits.

I had regained my composure after my wifes orgasm, and laid on my back against one of the sofa chairs. I could lean back, but still angle myself where I could kinda see my daughter. Helen took her cue and lowered her pussy onto my cock reverse cowgirl style, and slowly began to ride it, really milking my cock for all its worth, “you want it baby? Tell me you want it…tell me you want me to ride that cock of yours you stallion” my wife said. “mmm your teasing again your little slut, don’t you fucking tease me like that” as I grabbed her by the hips and began to lift her up and down my cock faster. She couldn’t tease any longer and began to pounce on my cock up and down, all you cold hear was the sounds of her ass hitting my thighs, “uhhhhh uhhhh George, George im getting so wet again, ohh baby”. And then I heard a slight… like a soft little wimper moan coming from the corner of the room where my daughter was sitting.

Her shirt was all ready completely off and now was leaning back, and I could also clearly tell that she had a hand in her short where it definitely looked like she was playing with herself. My Rachel was fingering her pussy while watching her daddy and step-mom fuck like animals. Helen was about to burst another orgasm onto my dick, “here it comes, here it comes, im going cumming, im cumming UHAHHH ughhh yeaa yeaaa yesss” her second powerful orgasm of the night. “You guys really need to stop” Rachel said in a really soft voice as she lifted her bra completely off now. I let out a grunt as I got to see my teenage daughters tits in plain site. They were like I imagined. Perky, full, and topped with gorgeous small pink nipples, with small pink areolas. She ran her hands up her flat stomach and now began to pull at one of her nipples, “mmm” she cooed with her eyes slightly closed.

I knew I was going to lose it soon. Me and Helen had been going at it for nearly 45 minutes all ready. My wife got off my dick, and I instantly pushed her back against the couch and was getting to mount her. I leant forward and put her legs around my waist, and like a monster began to fuck my wife hard again. The angle I had gave Rachel just the right view where she could see my dick sliding in her and she could she her daddy’s tight ass lift up and down too. stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, more more more” Helen I looked over at Rachel right as she slid down her shorts and panties down to her knees and leaned back and went right back to rubbing her pussy.

yess oh my god” my little Rachel said. I couldn’t really see her pussy well, but I did get a good glimpse of her ass on the arm of the sofa, and by the sound of that yes it sounds like she’s playing with her clit as we speak. “Look at me, you look right at me and fuck me, you fuck me and you cumm right now you son of a bitch,” my wife says as she grabs my face and forces her to look at me. “Yess daddy fuck her, fuck her” shockingly says Rachel in a soft voice, almost as if she’ doesn’t know what she’s saying herself. I could feel my balls filling up, “your pussys making me cum Helen, im going to cum, im going to cum all over your body.” “Do it, cum on me, do it, do it , yesss, do Of course im making you cum…just like I made Gillian cum all over my face last what did she say? I just ignored it but that comment set us all off. “uhhhhhhhh georgeey im cumming again”, then I answer back with a “uhhh uhhhh here it comes baby, pull out and my wife sits up a bit as I start to squirt my cum all her tits and face….as I cum I hear Rachel, ohhh my god ohh my god, im going to, im going tooooo im goinnnn to uhhhhhhh” my daughter was laying straight back and had arched her back into her hand, and I saw that look on her face while she came…she squinted her face as she came … “uhhhh fuckkkkkk” . As my final drops of cum leaked out, I then heard Rachel “oh my god, what the fuck was that, what the fuck did I just do! That was digusting” with such a worried face. That’s when I get my best glimpse of her and she stands up topless and her shorts and panties at her ankle. She starts to run off and see her ass in full view as she runs off. “That was wonderful George, so wonderful” my wife says as she gives me a kiss. “Lets go to your room and do it again Helen baby, “ I say and she agrees. As soon as we get into the room we hit the bed and pass out.

All of a sudden I sit up in my head and gasp. What just happened? I was so confused. The last thing I remembered was sitting in the den with Helen drinking wine. It’s so weird. Those did those pills work? I look over at my wife and she’s completely naked, and I see that I’m naked, so I say to myself “wow I guess so”. Those pills are something great wow. I begin to curl up with my wife when I hear a door slam and Rachel’s body walk past my room. “Oh shit I better put some clothes on if Rachel’s here”.

I hope you enjoyed part 2. Sorry it took so long but I have a lot of ideas for this series (won't be too long), but I wanted to craft it perfectly.

story by: dt86dt

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