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It had been a long week at work, and I couldn’t wait to get home, kick off my shoes, grab a glass of wine, and watch a movie. But when I got home I soon found out that my husband Ben had other ideas. Wanting to go out, have a few drinks, and play a few games of pool, he met me at the door with the idea. I know he really wanted to go out, but I just wanted to stay in and relax, so I kissed him on the lips and told him to go on without me, but promised to make it up to him when he got home. Smiling he hugged me, ran his hands up my body, then gave my ass a firm squeeze saying, “I’ll hold you to that.”
“I know you will,” I said then kissed him again more deeply.
As he got ready to go, I got ready to stay in. I decided to watch my movie in our bedroom, because we would both end up there anyways. I picked out a comedy on the pay preview, and then went to the kitchen for my wine and something to eat. As I was finishing up in the kitchen, Ben came in kissed me goodbye as you rubbed his thumb across my nipple, and said he would be home by midnight. Giggling, I locked the door behind him and headed to our bedroom. Wanting to get out of my work cloths I changed into a sex red and black lace nightie, and decided against wearing any panties. I knew Ben would have a few drinks tonight, and not wearing panties would help him out. I also decide that around 11:00 I would put in a porn to help get me going, because if Ben had one to many drinks, then there is a chance he would finish before me, so if I’m already worked up, we should cum at the same time. As I was changing I took a few minutes to look at myself naked in the mirror. Ben always tells me what a knockout I am, but I tend to be my worst critic. I’m not a tall girl, only standing at 5’3”, but I have a great hour glass figure. My breasts are a 36C and are round, firm, and sit high on my chest. My flat stomach and shapely legs make my firm ass look even better, especially when I wear heels. My long light brown hair curls and falls to the middle of my back, and my hazel eyes are bright and Ben says that they are amazing. Looking closer t my face I run a finger over my full pouty lips and I run another finger over my bare nipple causing it to start to harden and stick out more. Satisfied with what I was looking at in the mirror, I slipped on the nightie that feels so good against my skin and head to the bedroom to watch my movie.
A little after 11:00 my movie ended, and I popped in the porn I had picked out. It started out with a girl being called into her boss’s office because he had caught her stealing out of the cash register, and was going to fire her. We all know how this goes, she begs him not to fire her in return that she would do anything he wants. As the movie progresses and the two of them are licking , sucking, and fucking each other in every way imaginable, I run my hand down my stomach and catch the hem of my nightie and slowly pull it up. As the boss goes down and starts licking the girls pussy, my finger finds my hard little nub and I start slowly rubbing it in small circles. Feeling that wonderful tingle shouting through my body I slide my other hand down and slide two fingers into my already soaked pussy. As the seen on the movie increases and the boss is fucking the girl hard and fast doggie style, my fingers are plunging in and out of my pussy as deep as I can get them while my other hand works feverishly on my clit. By the time the boss empties his load across the girls face and tits, I have brought myself to my own orgasm arching my back and moaning loud as my juices shoot out of me. I lay on the bed for a few minutes to catch my breath, and then get up to go clean up a little bit. As I walk into the bathroom, I notice the headlights of Ben’s car pulling into our driveway. I finish cleaning up, walk to the entryway and strike sexy pose leaning against the wall as the door unlocks and opens.
“Welcome home baby,” I say with my sexiest voice as he walks in. He stops dead in his tracks and smiles at me, and then his face falls and says, “We need to talk,” as another man walks in the door behind him. Shocked I wrap my arms around myself trying to cover up the best I can as I say with concern in my voice, “Ben, who the hell is that?”
“Please, let me introduce myself. My name is John, and I meet your husband at the bar tonight. Mmmm Ben she is even sexier that you described.” As the man talked he patted Ben on the back as his eyes slowly moved over my body. My arms doing very little to cover myself up.
“Ok,” I said, “So why the hell are you here?” Both men looked at each other for a second then Ben stepped forward taking me by the arm and leading me into the kitchen again saying, “We need to talk.” In the kitchen he unravels a tale of meeting John at the bar, playing pool with him all night, and talking about everything under the sun. The conversation somehow turned to me and Ben had been telling how beautiful and sexy I was, and before he knew it they had made a bet on ownership of me. I sat there staring at him in disbelief as he tells me that he lost the bet.
“So what does this mean? Do I have to go and be his wife now? What the fuck do you mean that he owns me now?” I was almost screaming at him as I hurled these questions at him, and just then John walked into the room.
“Let me see if I can help clear things up for you,” he said. “As Ben said, he lost the bet, and I know own you, but just your body. You will still be Ben’s wife, live here with him, and fulfill all your wifely duties, but when I want you, you will come to me no questions asked, no arguments, and will fulfill all my sexual desires. Ben and I will be in contact on weekly bases, and I will not interfere on your personal of family life. That means that if there is something going on that you should both be at, or an event or holiday, I will not call on you that night. But ever slow night if opened for me to use you as I see fit.”
“No fucken way,” I shouted at him and go to storm out of the room. As I try to pass by John, he catches my arm, spins me to look at him, and says with a very stern voice, “My dear, you have no choice. A bet is a bet, and your husband is being an honorable man by keeping to his word. I suggest you be a good wife, and follow the lead of your husband.” I looked at Ben and all he can do is slowly nod, so as I turn my eyes to the floor, I also nod in agreement.
“Very good,” John says and continues on with the agreement Ben and he set up. “Tonight will be our first night together, and I have agreed to let Ben stay and watch to make sure that things go well between you and me.” As he talked his hand is lightly moving up and down my arm sending tingles throughout my body, and I curse myself inwardly for the reaction. Then he takes my hand and leads me to our bedroom, as Ben leads the way there. Once inside Ben goes and sits in the lounge chair that we have in our room, I stop in the middle of the room next to the bed as John goes and shuts the door. He continues talking saying, “This will be strictly a slave and master relationship. I expect full obedience from you, and no questioning any of my demands. I take good care of my slaves, and reward well for their obedience.” As he talks he is walking around me checking out my body, and running his hand over my shoulders, across my breast, and then settling onto my face, and turning me to look at him. “Do I make myself clear Lill One?” I nod, turn my face away, and look towards the floor as I softly say, “Yes Sir.”. He smiles and turned my face back towards him and said, “I like it when my slaves are unwilling in the beginning. It’s a challenge for me, but I promise, by the time I’m done with you tonight, you will be screaming my name.” Again I pulled my face away from him and looked towards the floor hearing him chuckle in my ear. He then turns to Ben saying, “Why Ben you didn’t tell me that you have a submissive wife?” Ben gave a half smile and shrugged. John continues, “She is already calling me Sir. That is a very good sign.” He is smiling with a broad smile as he turns my face to look me in the eyes. “So, is there any questions or anything you would like to ask?” he asked me with a smirk on his face.
I quickly thought. “Since I’m only your slave, and I still get to be with my husband, then I ask that my ass be off limits to you.” Both men stare at me blinking, shocked by my request. After a few moments John looks at me and asks why. I look at my husband and softly say, “Because I want one place that will always be just his. One place that he doesn’t have to share with you, and Ben I know how much you love my ass and love fucking it, so I want that to be the one place that only you will be allowed to go.” With that Ben smiles at me and whispers thank you, as John thinks over my request.
“Very well,” he finally says. “It will be a shame not being able to sink my cock deep into that beautiful ass,” he says while running his hand over the curves of my ass, “But I can make that exception. I can see that you truly love your husband, and since you are willing to agree to my terms, then your ass is all his. Now with that being said, shall we get started?” as he finishes speaking he pushes me up against the closed bedroom door, while grabbing both my hands and pinning them to the door as his body crushes up against mine. “I’m unwilling to wait any longer to taste you sweetness, and as I promise,” he leans in close to my ear and whispers, “After I have had you, you will be screaming my name, and will be unable to move.” I swallow hard as his lips touches my ear and sucks my lobe into his mouth.
He then moves his lips down my jawline and down the curve of my neck leaving a trail of hot burning kisses in its wake. As he works his lips over my shoulder he shifts his hands so that both of mine are being held in one of his, then slowly runs his hand up my arm to my shoulder, and lightly slides the thin strap of material down letting it fall so that my on breast is exposed. he moans, “that breast of yours look divine.” With that he leans down and sucks my pick nipple into his mouth, and twirls it with his tongue. As my nipple begins to harden and stand out even further, I lean my head back against the door and close my eyes fighting the feeling that is starting to burn down deep inside me. He then moves the strap that is still hanging on the other shoulder, and helps the satin nightie fall to the floor where it puddles around my feet. Placing both hands on my shoulders and pushing me into the door, he steps back and takes a long slow look at my naked body.
“Oh yes, you will do just nicely,” he says, “I knew I choose right with you. Your body is absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to taste every inch of you.” I open my eyes and stare at him as I slight shiver rips through my body. Smiling he steps forward, and presses his lips against mine as his hands run down my body and around to my ass where he grips both cheeks tightly. His tongue is pushing against my lips and teeth seeking entrance, and when I don’t comply, he reaches up and roughly pinches my left nipple till I open my mouth to cry out in pain. At that moment he shoves his tongue into my mouth and moves his hand back down to my ass. As our tongue dance inside each other’s mouths, he lifts me off the ground holding me in midair with my back pressed against the door. He forces my legs around him, and I can feel his pants covered hardening cock pressing against my naked pussy. To my surprise, I feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter.
Suddenly he pulled away from the door and turned towards the bed. In a few quick steps he was next to the bed where he half laying me and half dropping me down to the bed. In one swift movement he had me on my back on the bed, taking off his shirt and dropping to his knees. My mind trying to process what he was about to do when I felt his tongue run the length of my crack from ass to pussy. I tried to scoot away but his hands came up, locking around my thighs and holding me in place as he sucked my hardening clit into his mouth. As his tongue swirled around the hard nub, my body betrayed me with a shudder and I was unable to stop the moan that escaped from my lips. The moment he heard my moan and felt my body winning the fight, he drove his tongue deep into my pussy licking my velvet folds and freeing more of my juices. Arching my back I gripped the bed sheets and closed my eyes as my body felt wave after wave of pleasure washing over it. Although my mind kept telling me that I shouldn’t be enjoying this, my body was taking over. The moment I felt 3 fingers shove into my aching pussy and his teeth squeezing my clit, my body won, shaking and trashing as an orgasm took over and rocked me hard. John continued to lick and suck as I went through my orgasm. Once my body started to calm, he looked up to me pleased as he stood and removed his pants and underwear in one moment.
“Now for the part where you’ll be scramming my name,” he said as my eyes fell on to his monster cock for the first time. As he reached down and grabbed a hold of my legs while I stared at his rock hard cock, I could help but think about how it compared to Ben’s. They were both about the same length, but I think John’s may be a little thicker. He noticed me staring at his cock and smiles as he pulled my legs up and rested them onto his shoulders. worry baby,” he said, “I’ll make it fit.” As he spoke his hand came down and started rubbing my clit as he lined up his cock to my eager pussy. With one swift movement he sank it into me about half way as we both let out a lustful moan. Oh God Lill One, you are so tight,” he says as he holds it still inside me I looked over to where Ben was sitting and for the first time realized that he had his cock out and was stroking it while he watched. John then pulled out till just the head was still inside me and thrust forward again. This time bottoming out as his balls slapped my ass. Again I moan louder and he took that as cue to start driving it in and out of me going as hard, fast and deep as he possible could. With every thrust I was lifting my ass off the bed helping him get even deeper as my moans turned into screams.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I can’t hold on much longer!” I screamed
Suddenly he slowed his pace and said, “You can’t cum again until you are screaming my name Lill One.” I looked at him horrified as he slowed his pace down even more. I could feel my blood boiling, and my body tingling longing for release. Although my body needed to cum so badly, I said through clenched teeth, “No!” With that he withdrew all the way out till just the tip of his head was still inside me, and then slammed it back into me. This continued for five or six strokes till I was screaming, “Oh fuck John! Fuck John! Make me cum! Oh god please make me cum!” with that he smiled and evil grin ans moved to a faster pace that was even harder and deeper than ever before. As my body locked up and then exploded I was still screaming, “Oh yes, yes, yes John! I’m /> The feeling of my pussy clamping down onto his sensitive cock as I came hard sent him over the edge and he released his load deep inside me. The feeling of his cock exploding and coating my inner wall with rope after rope of cum kept me cuming until after he had finished. He then released my legs and slumped down onto the bed on his back. With both of us gasping for air, he smiled and said, “I knew you would be screaming my name.” He then looked over to Ben who was still stroking his cock and said, “Your wife has been a good girl don’t you think Ben?” Ben slowly nodded. “How about we reward her for her good behavior.” With that Ben stood and started taking off his cloths as John grabbed me, flipped me on top of him, and thrust his cock into my pussy once again. As I was once again feeling my pussy being stretched and worked into pleasure, I felt a hand on my ass that was warm and wet. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see Ben standing behind me as his finger sunk into my puckering star hole. A loud moan erupted from me and with that I felt Ben pressing the head of his rock hard cock into my star opening. As john worked in and out of my pussy, Ben worked his cock into my ass. Soon I had both men balls deep inside me, and I started to cum just from the feeling of fullness. As I started to cum, both men worked up to a fast pace pounding in and out of me in time with each other making my orgasm last and peck until I had no idea where one started as the last one ended. Rocking my hips in time with their pace my ass and my pussy gripping and releasing their cocks as they plunged in and out of me. My screams increased as I continued cuming as my body shock and convulsed. As they tore my ass and pussy apart I could barely hear John saying over my screams, it Lill One, take these cock deep inside you. You fucken love it don’t you Lill One? Fuck I can’t believe how tight you still are. I can feel Ben fucking your ass and its so fucken hot. Oh shit! That’s it! I’m about to cum!” At that moment Ben pants out, Then at the same time I feel both their cock swell and begin releasing stream after stream of hot cum coating my ass and pussy. “Oh fuck yes! Yes! I feel it! Oh shit I’m cuming again!” I scream as my body shakes way beyond my control. I’m shaking so hard that John has to reach up and pull me tight against his chest and Ben lays on top of me to keep me from shaking away from them.
As we all lay there trying to catch our breaths I can feel both men’s cock shrinking and eventually sliding out of me. Ben is the first to move away, and that is he just simply drops to his knees to the floor and sits there, and then John helps me roll off of him. After a while John and Ben get up and start moving about getting cleaned up and putting cloths on. John puts on what he came in, and Ben puts on a pair of pajama pants. I just lay there too tired to move. John and Ben talk in a low whisper for a few seconds. I can’t hear what they are saying and at this point I don’t care. All I want right now is to sleep and let my body recover. I feel Ben pick me up, pull the blankets back, lay me back down with my head on my pillow, and lovingly covers me up. John come over and kisses me and says, “You did very well tonight Lill One. I will give you a few days to rest before I call on you again.” With that he turns, walks out of our bedroom, and lets himself out. I am almost asleep when I feel Ben crawl into bed, takes me into his arm, kisses me on my cheek, and says, “Goodnight baby. I know we have a lot to talk about in the morning.” And with that, I fall fast asleep.

story by: ButterflyTikki

Tags: fiction anal threesome reluctance oral sex male / females sex story

Author: ButterflyTikki

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