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this sordid little fantasy.

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He arrived to discover her front door just slightly ajar, exactly as how she had told him it would be on this particular night. His instincts told him ever still, to knock, call out, but he pushed the thought away, and ever so quietly through the door he went. Once inside, closing it behind him and securing the lock in place. Now it was the point of no return, he thought to himself. If she were to get cold feet and try to change her mind, he didn't know if he could force himself to back down, and respect her wishes…

One foot in front of the other, slowly he strode through the living area where electronic synth music played softly in the background. In the distance, off down the hallway he could hear the sound of a shower emanating from the furthest door; steam rolled out through the thin crack at the bottom and he could just make out a faint flickering of light. He grinned deviously, biting down on his bottom lip as he feels his cock begin to pulsate and harden in his jeans. Everything was as she said it would be, "What a good girl…" he groans softly as he finally grasps and turns the knob to the bathroom door. He enters quickly and gently closes the door behind him, not wanting to cause a stir just yet; then admiring how much steam he is now enveloped in as he gives his eyes time to adjust to the dim candle lighting. At last, he makes out her shapely figure through the clear plastic shower curtain, and he wonders if she's just pretending, or if she truly has yet to notice his presence.

He didn't care either way, there was no time like the present. He pulls off his t-shirt and throws aside the shower curtain, all in a couple abrupt and fierce moves. She let's out a genuine shriek and presses her back up against the cold tile of the shower wall. She looks as though she wants to melt away into it, and escape the predicament she had gotten herself in. Though he doesn't allow her too much time to think, for her to be stuck all too much in her head, could ruin the chemistry and flow of the raw carnal artistry that they had set out to create together. He reached over and shut off the water in the shower, and then with one heavy thud at a time from his feet, he steps into it with her. She cringes at his close proximity, and as she stands there shivering, slowly her gaze makes its way up over his bare abdomen and over his softly smirking mouth, and finally coming to rest upon his piercing eyes. She licks her lips nervously and cannot help but to feel like covering her naked form, even though she knows the motion would be absurd and futile. Suddenly her eyes are burning into his, and ever so softly she breathes, "You really came." He smiles hugely then and gives a throaty chuckle, "… but, of course."

With his expression serious now, very slowly he reaches up with both hands to her face, and she watches him warily with wide open eyes. "Shhh-" he sighs, as he lightly places a hand on either side, stroking her cheek bones, and then placing one hand beneath her chin, thumb and index finger nudging her to extend her neck, and she does so, slowly lifting her face up to his. He watches and see's the very moment in her eyes as it happens; the breath leaves her lungs in one drawn out sigh, and he catches that beautiful spark in her eyes before she closes them, as she releases the need for control; giving into desire. It's all he needed, and upon witnessing that change happen within her tangible energy and demeanor, he presses his lips against her own. Hers are soft and full, he massages them with his own, even taking a moment to tease by lightly biting down on her bottom lip, until finally he feels her tentative lick, and he moans hungrily, fisting a hand in her hair and tightly gripping her hip with the other. He pushes his tongue into her soft, wet mouth and forces her tongue to dance and entwine with his, and she did not disappoint; kissing him back with an excitement and burning hunger of her own. Though he breaks away from the kiss and pushes her back slightly, remembering why exactly he was here, in on her in this fashion…

She witnesses the expression change in his eyes, and the darkness that clouds over them sends a chill down her spine, and a taboo tingling in her groin. Then without warning he growls for her to, "Face the wall!" and she cries out as he doesn't even give her a chance to comply, instead spinning her around himself and pressing the full weight of his chest into her back, keeping her still as she utters pathetic whines of protest and squirms her hips around, pushing her round ass up and out against his concealed erection, but not making any real effort to evade. She knew exactly what she wanted, what she needed, and why she had told him to come to her like this, in the first place. He reaches into one of the back pockets of his jeans and pulls out a zip-tie, pausing only for a moment, yanking her head back by her hair with his free hand, to feast upon the soft delicate skin of her throat. He kisses and licks, nibbling and biting, at her neck and shoulders, and deeply enjoying the various sounds she makes in response to his different advances on her. Finally he brings his lips up to her ear to whisper, "Give me your hands, behind your back now." She waits just long enough to try his patience, but soon she feels his grip on her hair begin to tighten, and so she slowly brings her arms up and back, crossing her wrists behind her.

He gives a low and deep moan of satisfaction from her gift of obedience, while quickly fastening the zip-tie rather harshly around her wrists, and he then takes a moment to whisper softly in her ear, "Welcome to my realm, little one.", before spinning her back around to face him. Immediately one of his hands is pressing firm around her throat, and with his other hand he begins to explore her body. She watches his eyes ignite with a hungry passion, as he pinches, pulls, and plays roughly with her ever sensitive nipples; giving both of her tits a stinging slap one after the other, and relishing the sound of her cries, before finally his hand is wandering down her abdomen, fingers trailing through the sparse hairs of her pubic mound, and at last sliding down over and in between her second pair of lips. The air is caught in her throat as he explores her warm wet folds, teasing her clit, and ultimately, and so very slowly at first, he slides his middle and ring finger inside of her tightly quivering cunt. He feels that she is already clenching around his fingers as he pushes them in and out, searching, for that ever so sweet of a spot, when at last she shudders and moans, manically crying out, "Please; don't stop!" and he just chuckles darkly to himself and quickens the pace, plunging those two fingers into her again and again, harder, deeper.

This was only the mere beginning after all, and in his mind's eye he had so very much more planned for her…

story by: WildFlowerBlooms

Tags: coercion bondage and restriction fantasm sex story sado-masochism

Author: WildFlowerBlooms

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