Weekend away with stacy – part 2

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As Stacy began to awake she was a bit confused. Why was she naked and laying on the beach in full view for anyone to see? After a moment it all began to come back to her. The fake contest her brother had invented as a way to get her alone. The private, secluded beach they would be spending the weekend on. His three rules of no cloths, always together, and no one could say no – anything goes. And, of course, how he had eaten her pussy to a long, mind blowing orgasm so intense she actually passed out!

“How long was I out?” she asked. “Not long, only maybe 15 minutes. Just long enough for me to carry you down to the beach” Andrew replied. Looking at her brother lying naked on the large beach blanket with a major hard-on, Stacy quickly shook the cobwebs out of her head. “Let me take care of that for you”, she said as she leaned over and took his dick into her mouth.

Andrew groaned as she began sucking on his cock. He was amazed at how good she was. He had been with plenty of women in his life, but no one could suck his cock like his sister! She was the first one who was ever able to make him cum from oral sex. Sure, there had been times where he would get close while fucking and then stick it in a lovers mouth when he came, but she was the first to get him off start-to-finish with her amazing mouth.

“Oh my god that feels so good, you are amazing” he told her as she continued to suck his dick. Her mouth was working its magic, and saliva was completing covering his dick and balls. The wet, slurpy sound she made while sucking him off was intense. Andrew had been rock hard for some time now, so when she started to play with his balls he knew it wouldn’t be long.

Stacy could sense he was close, so picked up the pace of her sucking, started stroking the lower part of his shaft with one hand while playing with his balls even harder with the other. Add some extra saliva and Andrew couldn’t take much more. “Feed me your cum baby, I need to taste you. I am so hungry for your load” she told him. She was working his dick like no one else could. “I’m coming Stacy! I’m going to cum down your fucking throat”. A massive load of cum began erupting from his cock, and Stacy swallowed it like it was the most precious fluid on the planet. she moaned as she drank his sperm, sucking hard on his softening dick. Stacy took her mouth of his penis and looked at her brother with a pouty face, “I want more, I need more. />
worry sis, we are just getting started. We have all weekend to explore each others bodies and believe me, we will”. “I may have a few more surprises for you!” Stacy immediately smiled and gave his cock one final suck to make sure she got every drop of cum.

“I’m going to run up to the bungalow and pee, want me to get us something to drink?” Stacy asked. “No you won’t, we have rules” Andrew corrected. “We have to stay together, and I don’t want to go back yet. Besides, there are drinks in that cooler over there”. He pointed to a small area about 20 feet from them with a large umbrella, a few beach chairs, and a cooler. “But I still have to pee” she said, trying to get him to make an exception. “We are alone on this beach, pee anywhere you want”!
Stacy said as she walked about 10 steps away from the blanket and squatted like she was going to pee. After a few second she realized Andrew wasn’t going to stop her, he really didn’t care! “This is going to be some weekend” she said as she stared to take a piss right there on the beach. Stacy looked over her shoulder mid-stream and saw that her brother watching her intensely. Was he enjoying watching her pee? She had heard of water sports, but didn’t really know much about it. Being completely naked on the beach and watching her brother staring at her as she emptied her bladder, she had to admit she was getting a little excited too. There was something freeing about it, like anything was possible.

Once she was done, she waded into the warn waters to wash off. Andrew jumped up, grabbed two bottles of water from the cooler, and joined her waist deep in the ocean. They both quickly drank at least half of their water, replenishing their bodies. Without warning Andrew pored his remaining water on his sister. “Hey” she screamed as the ice cold water created an intense contrasting feeling to the warm ocean water. Her nipples turned rock hard and she laughed as she tried to splash Andrew in response.

As they played in the water, they would pause for a moment to kiss deeply or grope each other. Andrew would suck on one of his sisters hard nipples or Stacy would cup her brothers balls. Then they would resume splashing and laughing. Each time they would get intimate it would last longer and longer, and the play time was getting shorter and shorter. While they were really enjoying their beautiful island hideaway, what they really wanted to do was fuck! Eventually the play ended and they were left making out waist deep in the ocean. Stacy had both hands on Andrews once again rock hard cock and he had two fingers buried in her pussy as they kissed deeply, their tongues exploring like it was their first kiss.

After a long moan, Stacy began to beg “Please Andrew, I need you inside me. Please, please fuck me now”. Andrew withdrew his fingers from her, took her hand and started to lead her back to the bungalow. “I don’t want to fuck you right now sis. What I want to do is make love to you.” Stacy got a huge smile and glowed with excitement and love. They stopped briefly at the outdoor shower to rinse off the salt water, which of course took longer than needed as there was more groping than rinsing.

Once in the bedroom Andrew laid his sister on the bed and climbed between her waiting legs. Licking his way from her knees to her lips, he gave extra attention to her clit and nipples. Stacy begged, in a tone resembling someone in pain who is asking for relief. “Please what?” he asked, “Please get inside me NOW” she screamed, running her hands the length of his back and pressing on his ass. Andrew grabbed his cock at the base and guided it into her waiting pussy. The heat was intense as he sank deep into her in a single stroke. “Ahhhhh yesssssss” Stacy hissed. Once he was fully inside her he paused to enjoy the sensation. Stacy kissed him deep, then started pushing at his hips, encouraging him to be beginning thrusting.

Andrew started with long, deep strokes at a medium tempo. “I love you Stacy” he said as he looked into her eyes. They both felt so full and complete now that they were together. “This is so beautiful Andrew, I love how you feel inside me.” Andrew pulled one of her legs back to get a deeper angle and started sucking hard on her neck just below her ear. “Cum for me Stacy. I want you to cum hard on my cock” he whispered into her ear. The new angle and sucking on her neck had already pushed Stacy close to the edge and hearing her brothers words was all it took. “Andy, you are making me cum! Please keep fucking me so I can cum all over your dick” Stacy screamed. “Aaaaaaaaaa Ohhhhhhh more, more, more, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”.

Stacy came hard and Andrew never stopped his pounding. She loved to cum this way. Her juices had already made them and the bed wet, and as she came his thrusts made more squirt out. When her orgasm ended her entire body went limp. Andrew smiled as he knew the wonderful sensation she was feeling, but he couldn’t stop thrusting because it felt so good. After a few dozen good, deep strokes he stopped his assault on her pussy and withdrew. His cock was glistening with her juices and he knew exactly what we wanted. “You made a real mess of my dick, I think you should clean it off” he said as he moved around so his cock was right in her face. She happily obliged and began licking and sucking his dick clean.

Sucking her juices off his cock made Stacy long for it back inside her. “I want more of you Andrew, you are like a drug I can’t get enough of”. “Get on all fours sis, I want you doggy style”. She quickly obliged and shook her ass at him. “Shove it in me lover”. As he settled in behind her, he ran his hand under her and wiped the entire length of her pussy. His cupped hand actually had a large puddle of her juices, which he was carful not to spill. With his free hand he guided his cock into her and again buried it into her balls deep. His dick was home, deep inside her and she loved it. After a handful of gentle strokes Stacy felt a warm sensation on her ass. Looking over he shoulder she saw him pouring the juice from his hand directly on her asshole. Once done he licked his hand clean, enjoying the taste of her. Slowly he inserted a finger into her asshole as he quickened his tempo. she hissed again “that feels soooooo gooooood”. If one is good, two is better he thought, so he slowly sank another into her tight, puckered ass. “What are you doing to me babe? That is so hot”. Andrew could feel his dick moving in and out of his sisters pussy with his fingers. He pushed the two fingers in as deep as they would go and pushed down toward his dick. Stacy felt a jolt of energy rush through her body and came instantly. meeeee” she screamed as the orgasm rolled over her.

Andrew was ready to cum and his balls ached for release. But this time was going to be special and he didn’t want it this way. More ass play would have to wait for later. He withdrew his fingers and told her to roll over. Once she was on her back he lifted both legs over his shoulder and sank his cock all the way inside her velvety pussy. “Do you love me sis” he asked as he looked deep in her eyes and started long, deep, fast strokes. “Oh she cooed as she felt yet another orgasm approaching. “Do you trust me?” he asked as he reached a fever pitch and pistioned in and out of her dripping hole. came from her lips, but honestly she was so close to cumming it was more of an automatic response.

On the verge of release he told her “Look at me and say my name”. She looked into his eyes and said slowly at the same time he said His final thrust was as deep as he could go and he groaned loudly as he released his sperm deep inside her fertile womb. He felt her pussy tighten around his dick as she had her own orgasm and it helped to milk his seed from him. They never broke eye contact and it was the most instance, sexual, intimate moment either of them had ever experienced.

Andrew knew this would only last a moment before Stacy realized that her brother had just filled her with his cum. She would quickly go from stunned to freaking out once she remembered she was ovulating.

story by: hititthick

Tags: consensual sex male/female fantasy cum swallowing incest sex story

Author: hititthick

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