With death comes love

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So there Alex laid, Broken by a single hit, His body twisted in ways no body should, Too late did Lily realise why Alex had pushed her away from him, Too late did she realise the car was speeding and would of hit her had it not been for Alex, Had she known what fate was about to deliver she would of never been so insistant on Alex walking her back home, He had just saved her life at the cost of another, His very own..

So back to where it all began or shall we say where it all ended, Alex had just been hit by a speeding car, He laid broken in the middle of the road, Lily was kneeling by him while people flocked around to see the devastating accident. Lily knew that Alex was fading , His eye's were one of the big hint's, She could see them clearly closing ever so slowly, His breathing had become shallow, He was fading into nothingness yet he was still smiling, Lily on the other hand could do nothing but cry, She was watching the one person in her life who mattered slowly fade away and it was all her fault

*Don't cry, Tears don't do anything for your beauty* Alex whispered, He was using his last few breaths to try to make her feel better

*But..* Lily sobbed, The tears were flowing freely, She couldn't help crying

*No but's, I want you to always remember that you are beautiful to me, Always have been and always will be, You are the best friend I could of ever asked for* Alex again whispered as he slowly raised one hand to her cheek to wipe away a tear

*But..* Lily once again sobbed, She seemed unable to say anything else, The shock of what had happened seemed to be taking over

*Lily if this be my last breath then may I ask for one last thing, Come closer* Alex asked in a breathless tone
Lily did as she was asked, She could tell Alex's time was nearly up and for what he had done for her she would of given the world if he had asked her to at that very moment

*I love you* Alex softly whispered in her ear, Just three little words that he wanted to say for so long
Lily was a little taken back by what Alex had just said but deep in her heart she felt the same way, Since the day they had met Alex had always treat her like a princess, He always did anything she asked him to no matter how stupid it seemed, He always did anything he could to make her smile, Even now in his last moment's he had used them to try make her smile one last time

*I..*Lily cut her sentence short, She noticed Alex had closed his eyes, She could tell within a mere second that it was too late, He was gone, He had given his last breath to tell her the words she had always wanted to hear

Guess it was all too much for Lily once she heard the sirens from the ambulance nearing, She desperately wanted to run away from the scene, Run away from all the pain she was feeling, All the guilt, All the sadness, All the hurt, But she couldn't, She couldn't just leave Alex there all alone, Couldn't leave the only person who she had ever loved, She had to stay even if it was just till the paramedics took him away, She had to atleast say goodbye to him

*Okay I have to do this quick, Alex..* Lily broke down once again unable to finish her goodbye, It shouldn't of been like that for her, She shouldn't of had to be saying goodbye

Too late did Lily realise the ambulance had arrived at the scene, The paramedics were on hand within seconds trying to administer CPR to Alex to no avail, He was gone and the paramedics knew that, One paramedic stood up and walked over to Lily

*I'm sorry miss but he is gone* The paramedic said to Lily though what she heard of it is beyond any of us, She already knew he was but somehow hearing it from a paramedic seemed to make it all seem much more real to her, Kind of like until that very moment it all just seemed to be a dream

Lily screamed *He can't be*

Although she knew it to be true she still had a hard time accepting the fact, She had known for a while before the paramedics spoke that Alex was gone but been told it just seemed to make her feel angry, She felt as if the paramedics could of saved him, Should of saved him even though deep down she knew they couldn't

*I'm sorry miss but there is nothing more we can do* The paramedic said a little nervously, He seemed a little afraid of Lily, He sort of felt that she might turn all her anger on him and attack

*There must be, Please do something, Anything* Lily begged, She was on the verge of another breakdown, She was also on the verge of letting her anger take over

*There is nothing we can do, He has passed on* The paramedic said trying to keep Lily calm

*But..* Lily managed to stammer out through sobs, It was all too much at that point for Lily, She knew she would never forgive herself but at that moment there was nothing more she wanted to do than what she did, She turned away from the paramedic, Away from where Alex laid and she ran, Ran from the scene, Ran from her best friend

Three hours Lily was on the run for, Trying to run away from her problems, Didn't work, No matter how hard she tried she couldn't do anything but hurt, She was hurting for more than one reason at that point, With everything that had happened she had used all her pent up anger and ended up punching a lampost or two, Probably not the smartest thing but I guess it is much easier to feel physical pain rather than emotional pain, Anyways three hours was getting too much for Lily, She was exhausted, Both mentally and physically, At that point all's she wanted was a warm bed and a good nights sleep, Least then she could deal with all her problems the following morning, Shame things never work out that way though

*Ugh, Why can't I sleep* Lily moaned to herself, She had made it home over an hour ago and yet there she lay, Wide awake, Unable to fall asleep

It was around four in the morning before Lily finally got to sleep, Bet she wished she hadn't though at that point, From the moment her eye's closed the nightmare began, She was standing alone in a dark room, Voices were chattering in the distance, She couldn't see anything but the body laying on the floor beside her, She didn't want to look down as she could already guess who the body belonged to but against her will she looked, Of course her suspicions were correct, The body laying beside her was none of than Alex's, The way he had looked the moment he had been hit by the car, All broken, She looked up to realise she was no longer alone, All around her were ghostly figures, They were all chattering to each other it seemed, All saying the same thing though, All saying *Your fault he died*

*No!* Lily managed to scream to the ghostly figures, Of course that probably wasn't her smartest move, Nor could she control it, She was losing control of herself

Of course the ghostly figures stopped their chattering, All eye's in one swift motion focused on Lily, Lily was pretty much frozen in place, The ghostly figures for the first time seemed to acknowledge Lily's presence, They all stared at her for what seemed an eternity before one ghostly figure stepped forward from the rest of them, For the first time Lily realised they weren't ghosts as such, They had the see through figure of a ghost but they had bones, Actual bones in their bodys

*Wh..What are you* Lily asked a little afraid of the creature standing infront of her

*What am I, I am a spirit of the damned, A lost soul who spend's eternity trapped here* The figure said matter of factly, I guess he was tired of answering that question

*But why am I here, Why is alex* Lily asked a little nervously, She was definetly afraid that the answer would be something she would hate

*But your not here, Neither is your little friend, Not yet atleast* The figure answered, He seemed to know something that Lily probably didn't want to know

Lily was about to ask the one question she was completely dreading asking, The one about what he meant by not yet atleast, The word's were almost out of her mouth when she heard a noise in the background, A faint knocking noise which sounded like it was coming from every direction

*Ahh seem's like it's time for you to part, Time for you to wake up, Don't worry though we shall meet again very soon* The figure said a little coldly, What followed next probably frightened Lily more than anything, The figure began laughing, Not a funny laugh but a cold, Evil laugh, If that wasn't bad enough the rest of the figures (The lost souls if you would like) Joined in, All with the same cold, Evil laugh

*I don't..* Lily didn't get to finish her sentence, She was waking up and her dream self was slowly fading away
A few seconds was all it took for Lily to fully wake from her nightmare, She was drenched in a cold sweat, She was shaking, Was she actually scared of a nightmare, She couldn't be could she..

A few minutes passed before Lily managed to calm herself down enough to atleast sit up in her bed, The nightmare had been too much for Lily, Atleast one good thing for her was that morning was fast approaching, A quick glance out of her confirmed that as she could see the sun slowly rising. It was another hour before Lily decided to get up and face the day, Of course from the moment she woke her mind overflowed with the memorys of the day before, She saw every little detail of the day as each and every memory slowly passed through her mind, Of course the more she thought about it the more pain she caused herself

*I can't believe he's gone* She said outloud to herself *After all this time..*

That was more than enough to cause her to break down, They had been friends since the day they had met and now Alex was just a memory, He would never be there for Lily again, One stupid little mistake had taken him away from her

*My fault, Alex I'm sorry, I need you back* She sobbed, Of course no matter how many tears she shed she knew Alex would never come back, He was gone for all of time

Lily spent the next half an hour getting sorted out for school, She didn't want to attend but she knew that is what Alex would want, He would never want her to lay around beating herself up over what had happened, He would just want her to get on with her life as if nothing had ever happened, Of course he would always want her to remember him but only the good things

By the time Lily was ready for school she was already running late, Of course breaking down every two seconds while trying to get ready is a big mistake, It took her a little longer than usual and because of that she had to miss breakfast, I guess missing breakfast wasn't the biggest thing but missing the bus was, Missing the bus just meant a nice long walk to school

*It would have to be such a nice day out* Lily moaned to herself *Doesn't seem fair with everything that has happened*

With that she was gone, She arrived over an hour late to school and ended up getting herself a nice long detention, She missed a couple of classes and to top off her bad day she ended up laying face down in the school yard as two other lasses repeatedly kicked and stomped on her, Yeah I know you think I've missed out a big part so here is what happened to get to this point

First lesson:- Missed
Second lesson:- Missed
Third lesson:- Maths

That would be the point where things went from bad to worse for Lily, By that time probably 90% of the school had heard what had happened to Alex, Of course Alex was a little popular with a few of the lasses around school, He had that bad habit of been one of the sweetest guy's you would ever have met, Every girl in the school knew of him and sooner or later befriended him, Anyways with the whole school knowing what had happened to Alex the finger of blame soon turned to the only person he was with that day..Lily, Of course as soon as the finger was pointed the whole school blamed her for his death which meant a lot of angry lasses, Well break time came and of course thats when things got a little rough for Lily, She was walking through the school yard when she was hit from behind, She tried to get up but that just ended with a swift kick to the ribs, That kept her down long enough for the real beating to begin, She felt people kicking her repeatedly and anytime she tried to move she ended up having someone stomp on her back or head, After the third stomp on the back of her head she must of passed out, When she awoke she was alone, Still facedown on the ground, She tried picking herself up a few times only to end up collapsing from sheer pain, It took her quite some time to finally get up off the ground and onto her feet, She took one step before she fell to her knee's in pain

*Wh..Why me* Lily managed to stammer out though there was nobody around to hear her, Of course at the time she was probably really glad there wasn't, She couldn't take anymore pain, Although if she ever wanted to move she would have to suffer a lot more pain

It took her a few minutes before she managed to once again get back on her feet, Of course during the time it took her to do it there was plenty of crying and silent screaming due to the pain she was in (Pretty sure there were a few curses tossed in there aswell), Once back on her feet she knew what she needed to do

An hour later she had managed to make it to the only place she wanted to be, The cliff she and Alex had once spent an afternoon looking out at the ocean, The first place she had ever really felt like she wasn't alone, The first place Alex had taken her, His favourite place to be. Of course Alex really loved places like that due to the peace he could get while been there, He would spend hours there just relaxing with his scrapbook, Drawing weird things, It was like his inspirational place, But of course Lily hadn't gone there just for the memorys, She had one goal in mind. After a little bit of back and forth arguing with herself she finally got up the courage to step to the cliff's edge, Of course she did the stupid thing and looked down, She knew anyone that fell from that height would never survive

*Don't do it* A voice seemed to come from everywhere at once asif it was travelling on the wind

Of course she had to ignore it even if it did sound so familiar, She had struggled all that way for one reason, She didn't want to feel anymore pain, She took one last look down before she finally did what she wanted to do, She stepped forward, Straight off the cliff, Too late did she realise why the voice had sounded so familiar

*Alex..* She said as a tear rolled down her cheek *Forgive me*

story by: TheDarkPrincess

Tags: fantasm non-erotic death sex story

Author: TheDarkPrincess

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