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He was lying next to me; his breath falling on my shoulder. I wanted to turn around but fear of waking him up kept me still. I couldn’t believe that this had happened to me. This wasn’t supposed to happen to people like me; “Plain like me. I kept thinking about last night:

“Hey Chanelle, you wanna go out tonight?” asked my best friend Teresa. We had been friends since kindergarten but we were different in every way possible. Teresa was pretty, caramel skin, hazel eyes, and smile that could kill. I was as pale as the clouds, packing a little baby fat, and well…just plain. She was an A student, while I spent hours of studying just so that I could get a C. She was everyone boy’s dream girl…I was the girl who no boys would talk to. Everyone was shocked that Teresa would be friends with me, but the thoughts of others didn’t really bother her.

Now it was senior year, only a month to go before graduation. I was happier than ever to finally be getting out of this hell hole called high school. Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Teresa had asked me to go out. And, of course, this wasn’t the first time that I had turned her down.

“I don’t think I can tonight, we have that test on Monday and my parents will kill me if I get another D.”

Chanelle, you say that all the time. You can study over the weekend. Its Friday night, the year is almost over, its time for you to, finally, have some fun. Please, please, please come out with me.” I wanted to resist Teresa begging, but the puppy dog look on her face wouldn’t let me.

“Fine, let me just call my parents. Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.” She smiled at me.

“Teresa, just tell me, I have to tell my parents or I won’t be able to go.” A small part of me was hoping that she would back out; not wanting to tell me what was going on.

18, Chanelle; it doesn’t make sense that you still have to tell them your every move. Just say that we’re going to the movies.”

“Fine, if I get caught-

“You wont, just go. We need to go get ready at my house.


Teresa pulled me into her bedroom. She went into the closet and started throwing clothes on the bed. “Here, try this on.” It was possibly the shortest dress I have ever seen.

“No way, not in a million years Teresa. No one wants to see my fat ass in that,” I stared at the dress, astonished that she would want me to wear something like that.

“Will you shut up?! You’re not fat. I hate you saying that about yourself. Just go put it on and let me see how it looks.”

After changing, I shyly walked out of the bathroom; holding my arms across my stomach. “You look AMAZING. Here, put on these shoes.” Teresa had already changed into a jean mini skirt and a halter top that showed off almost every thing she had to offer.


I couldn’t believe what was going on when her came and picked us up in a black Mercedes. She got in and kissed him. I sat in the back trying to figure out where the hell she was taking me in this dress made for a slut.

Much to my surprise, although at that point I shouldn’t have been surprised about anything, we pulled up in front of one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. My mouth dropped open and Teresa just looked back and smiled at me.

She marched right up to the front of the line, like she had done this before, and put on a cute grin for the bouncer who let us right in. “Babe, I’m going to go get ready,” said her mystery guy before making his way backstage.

“Come, now.” I pulled Teresa into a corner. “What the hell…why are we here?” I whispered hurriedly. “Who is that guy?”

worry about it. Look, you’re going to have a good time. Things are just getting started.” Teresa was excited enough for the both for us. I was a bit apprehensive, not used to being thrown into situations such as this one.

“Okay everybody,” announced the DJ. “Now time for what you all came here for. Please put your hands together for Eyes in />
Once again, I felt my jaw drop. Eyes in Darkness was one of the best bands EVER. I eyes got even wider when I saw Teresa’s mystery guy jamming out on the drums. I should’ve known; why hadn’t I recognized him before. This was surreal. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming; yup…I was wide awake.

My eyes stayed glue to the stage as Teresa pulled me to the front of the crowd. Her mystery guy looked at her and grinned before tuning back into what he was doing. this an amazing surprise?” I didn’t even have time to answer that one before the first set ended and Teresa was pulling me again. This time, though, she was pulling me back stage.

Everything was chaotic. The band members didn’t seem to notice though. The mystery guy stood up and kissed Teresa, pulling her onto his lap as he sat back down.

take a seat.” No, that couldn’t be right. The lead singer definitely was not asking me to sit down. be scared, I don’t bite.” Everyone laughed. I only managed a small, nervous, smile as I made my way over to an empty spot in the sofa.

The singer put his arm around my shoulder; that’s right my shoulder. “So, I’ve never seen you around here before. Why is that?”

“She never goes out,” answered Teresa for me. “I practically had to beg her to come here.”

I hated her heavily right then. “Well, I’m glad you did. And that dress, Chanelle is that right, just made me more than happy.” I couldn’t stop smiling. He leaned over and kissed me on my cheek before standing back up. “Eh, time to go for the 2nd set. I’ll see you in a little while, Chanelle.” He flashed me another smile before walking away.

can’t be happening. How did you manage to get this together?” My best friend couldn’t have done this by herself.

“I’ve been out a lot. When you go out, you meet people.”

“This is my first time out. I’m pretty positive that I’m not supposed to meet people like them on my first time.”

“Well, you’re out with me.” She smiled again. We went and stood in back of the curtain, watching them from behind. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the singer.


“Shit, Teresa it’s one. I was supposed to be in the house a half hour ago.” I was on the verge of panicking. I was never late for curfew; then again, I had never had the chance to be able to be late for curfew.

“It’s okay.” Teresa was swaying back and forth to the last song.

The song ended and I started tapping my hand against my thigh, a nervous tick that I had. My stomach was turning as I thought about how late I was.

The singer walked right up to me and kissed me. Only this time it wasn’t on the cheek. It was a fully blown kiss on the lips. And just like that, my worries about being late went right out the door.

go,” he said to me. I willingly let him lead me out the door, no care in the world about where he was taking me.


We started kissing passionately right when we got into his hotel room. He came behind me and started to unzip my dress. “Are you sure? I know you’re not used to this,” he said quietly into my ear.”

“I’m more sure than I will ever be.”

He pulled down the zipper and let my dress fall to the ground. I quickly put my arms over my stomach, trying to hide my bulge. He moved them though and started kissing his way down my back. He moved he hands up my thighs, pausing only a second before letting a finger make its was inside my panties. I shuddered fast, and with that he noticed that this was my first time. “Are you sure?” he asked again.

I said, not wanting him to stop.

On my cue he took two fingers and maneuvered my panties off my body. I was completely exposed in front of him and, well, I felt free. Picking me up, he laid me down on the bed. Standing and taking in my body with his eyes.

He kissed me again and slowly let his lips make there way to my breast. He put one nipple in his mouth and started to suck on it while gently squeezing the other. I moaned and started to move; I began to shake as he started to nibble. My body felt out of control and I moved into my first orgasm. He only smiled and moved to the other nipple, continuing his work.

I thought that I would explode again but he then made his way down the rest of my stomach. He paused, blowing kisses on the top of my pussy; teasing me. Just as I felt I was going to lose it he dipped his tongue inside and moved it slowly around my clit. I quickly came again. He lapped faster and faster, tickled, nibbled, did everything he possibly could to my pussy. He let his tongue slip inside of me, moving it in and out, leading me into another orgasm.

He stood up and quickly removed his clothes. It was the first time that I had seen a dick outside of a science text book. My eyes widened and I moved closer to him; ready to take him fully into my mouth. “Not this time,” he said and pushed me back down. “Are you ready?” I nodded.

He pushed against my pussy trying to break his was in. After the initial pain, I started to love it. Just the feeling of him moving in and out of me; feeling him deep inside my walls. He picked up speed, pounding himself deeper and harder inside of me. We started shaking at the same time; our bodies betraying our want to last longer. In sync we came together; him calling out, me moaning loudly.

He rolled off of me. His breathing was heavy. He turned to me, kissed me, and said “Thank you,” before falling off asleep.

It took me a while to get to sleep but I had a smile on the entire time I remained up.


So now do you see what I was talking about? I never expected a night out with my best friend to lead to me losing my virginity to a star. When I return home today, and hear my parents rebuking me, I won’t care. Last night was the best night I had ever had. I won’t let anyone spoil that for me.

story by: redsoxocd

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Author: redsoxocd

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